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Importance of Effective Communication - Amazing Effective Skills

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									                                 Communication is a two-way
                                 process involving an exchange of
                                 ideas. It can be frustrating if it
                                 becomes a one way
                                 communication and eventually
                                 frustrate the other person. You
                                 may also frustrate yourself, if you
                                 read the other person’s lack of
                                 verbosity as disinterest in the
                                 conversation, rather than an
                                 inability to get a word in.

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The essence of effective communication is the coherent verbal
projection of your ideas, so that your listener receives the
message that you intend to send. Now you see that the
importance of effective communication is needed to have a
successful conversation. Successful in the sense that you have
delivered the message clearly and the person you are talking to
understand the message that you are trying to tell him.

Although communicating effectively does not come easily to every
people but through a lot of practice, there is no reason to say
that you cannot make it. Before sharing an idea you must first
organize your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts creates a
pattern for your listener, allowing him or her to grasp the larger
picture intuitively. This allows the listener to focus on the details
of your message, without struggling to understand how you went
from one topic to the other.

During a conversation try to introduce your ideas nicely, provided
it is relevant to what is being talked about. Communication is in
some ways like a dance; each partner plays off the other, basing
his or her steps on the other person's, while simultaneously
maintaining a certain amount of individuality.

The importance of effective communication becomes more
apparent when dealing with members of the opposite sex. Be
more confident because this is the attitude of the person who
knows how to listen well and knows how to convey their message
to others. This skill will strengthen your relationships, minimize
the risk of misunderstandings and improve your self-confidence.

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