A few kind words from DrBo

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A few kind words from DrBo

“I have been in and around what‟s loosely referred to as „the music industry‟
for several blue moons… always with my own writing and playing on the go -
well, nearly always - but earning a crust through various odd projects behind
the scenes. I represented „the recording studios‟ on the UK‟s National Music
Council; I contributed to a government (DCMS) report on the digital revolution;
I‟ve produced awards shows and exhibitions; I helped arrange transcription of
Jimmy Page‟s guitar solos and compiled songbooks of classic sixties pop.”

“It‟s just as well my daughter Maddie has joined the band. Our voices work
together very nicely. Plus, she‟s written a hit, so we had to rope her in! Maddie
and our amazingly cool drummer, Bryn, who‟s only eighteen, help to bring
down the band‟s average age quite dramatically – to something like 37! There
are five of us, so you work it out!”

“Fit for purpose, that‟s what I like. Something that‟s ridiculous is a pair of
shoelaces that don‟t work. No kidding, this is a rant about shoelaces! The
point is: someone decided they would participate in the shoelace business.
They, or their appointed agent, selected some string-like material that is too
damn slippery to hold a knot and then they went through the whole process of
manufacturing, packaging and distributing what purport to be shoelaces but
are actually completely useless for the job. Other idiots bought them. I have
some! These laces will undo themselves even when you‟re just standing still!
Don‟t tell me about double-bows, I‟ve tried everything. All the technology and
centuries of civilization behind us, and some bunch of twerps gets shoelaces
wrong. What kind of progress is that?”

(At this point in the conversation men in white coats arrived and DrBo was led
gently away)

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