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									                                     North Carolina
                               Department of Administration
Beverly E. Perdue, Governor                                                               Facility Management Division
Britt Cobb, Secretary                                                                       S. Tony Jordan, Jr., Director

                              2009 Telephone Book Recycling Program

In the past, Wake County government has provided containers in various state government locations for the
collection of telephone books at no charge back to State government. However, they will not provide such
service this year. Consequently, North Carolina state government in Wake County has become solely
responsible for the disposal of telephone books from state office buildings. In an effort to save money, we are
taking the following actions:

    •   Those North Carolina State Government Agencies located in buildings in Wake County not
        maintained by the Department of Administration should utilize the Wake County Convenience
        Centers for the recycling of old telephone books. Convenience Centers are accepting old
        telephone books year round at no cost. Each such agency or office is responsible for providing labor
        and transportation of old telephone books to a Convenience Center. For a complete listing of
        Convenience Centers in Wake County:

    •   Those North Carolina State Government Agencies located in buildings in Wake County
        maintained by the Department of Administration: Beginning February 16, 2009, the Division of
        Facility Management will provide services for the removal of old telephone books. These governmental
        agencies are requested to submit a Recycling Request Form via email to to schedule the removal of old telephone books from the
        designated area. Each request form will need to include the type of book and quantity for pickup

North Carolina State Government Agencies are hereby reminded telephone books are “recyclable” and are not
placed in waste receptacles or office recycling bins.

All Recycling coordinators and/or Building Coordinators are requested to make this information available to all
North Carolina State Employees regarding the 2009 Telephone Book Recycling Program. For additional
assistance or information, contact Patricia Scurlock at (919) 733-3855 or send an email to

2009 - 2010 Telephone Books
In the past, North Carolina State Government offices have ordered or received telephone books from companies
such as AT&T, The Talking Phone Book, and Verizon. In many cases, duplicate and triplicate copies of
telephone books servicing the same geographical area are delivered. Eventually, thousands of old and new
telephone books must be recycled which costs the state time and money. Thus, in order to prevent duplication
and increased recycling fees, the AT&T Telephone Directory is the only telephone book that should be accepted
by State Agencies.
     The AT&T telephone book is available online at
        Employees are encouraged to use electronic versions instead of ordering hard copies of telephone
     • Contact Telephone Book Companies to remove new telephone books received in duplicate, triplicate or
        where an order has not been placed by the Department of Administration for delivery.

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