Consulting Computers by hcj


									                                         Software Used
                                         Children's Education                   731,728
                                         Education                            1,732,358
Consulting Computers                     Entertainment/Games                  3,949,990
                                         PersonalFinance/Organization           984,852
  Software Buyers                        Print/Creativity
                                         SOHO                                12,193,141
                                         Special Interest/Lifestyle           1,231,807
UNIVERSE:                    15 MM       Technical                              240,778
LAST 12 MONTHS:              6.2 MM      Utilities                             5,188,028
MONTHLY HOTLINE:              375,000
                                          Base                                $100/M
E-Mail ADDRESSES              3.8 MM
                                          E-Mail                             $ 75/M
Home Address                   60%        PC:                               8.5 MM
Business Address               40%        Mac/Apple:                          567,900
                                          Modem:                            7.6 MM
Description:                              DVD ROM:                          1.9 MM
This is an exclusive database of          I Shoppers:                       3.4 MM
computer software buyers/ sweepstake
entrantss and now they have been “E-      Mail Order/Catalog:                2.5 MM
Hanced”.                                  Fax Line/Second Line:              1.9 MM
 These purchasers have bought 50+         Selection Charges
dollars worth of software. Software       Phones                             $15/M
was purchased during a promotional        Software                           $20/M
effort at a major market retailer with    Region                               $5/M
200+ store offering a sweepstakes         SCF                                  $5/M
giveaway at point of sale. Sweepstakes    State                                $5/M
entrants mailed in sweepstakes offer      Zip                                  $5/M
with rceipt of purchase to qualify.       Credit Card Company                 $10/M
Warranty information was also             Operating Systems/MIS               $15/M
captured at point of sale.                Addressing:
Selections include a variety of           4-up Cheshire                         N/C
software products and now you can         4-up P/S Labels                   $7.50/M
target simultaneously with direct mail    Key Coding                        $2.50/M
and e-mail marketing!                     Zip Tape Set-up                      $5/M
                                          CD-Rom                         $25.00 Flat
Recommended Usage:
Computers and Software Products,          Terms
Business Services, Catalogs, Music        Minimum order is 5,000 names. Pre-pay for all
                                          first time customers. Sample mail piece required
and DVD offers, Music & Enter-            with order. Cancellations after mail date require
tainment, Video Games, etc….              payment in full. 20% discount for recognized
                                          brokers. Delivery 7 business days. This is a one-
                                          time rental only.
Software Buyers
USAGE                               CMP Publications**
                                    Image Club Graphics
---------------------               The Learning Co.**
                                    Software 2010**
                                    Reliable Corp.**
   Portal Five Software
                                    Micro Star**
   America On-Line**
                                    FCB Direct West
   WEKA Publishing
                                    Serif, Inc.
   Compu-Serve**
                                    Media Pro
   Egghead Software**
   Software of the Month Club**    Mosaic Performance Solutions
                                    Mentor Networks
   Software U.S.A.**
                                    MCI Communications
   Softkey International**
                                    Vacation Break**
   Internet World
                                    Southwestern Bell**
   Windows Magazine**
                                    Columbia House ( Canadian)
   NetGuide**
                                    All-Tel
   Home PC**
                                    NetCom**
   Supreme Software**
                                    Mircosoft**
   Tiger Direct**
   On Technology Corporation
   LaserLife
   International Discount         ** Indicates Continuation
   Televerde

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