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After Juliet


After Juliet

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									                                   After Juliet
                                Paper1 Unit2-Notes
Background work:
Watch Baz Lehrman’s Romeo and Juliet
Response sheet:Predict what Romeo and Juliet 2 would be about
Response sheet:From the cover and looking at the list of characters, what are our initial
reactions to the play?
Exercise 1: Response sheet:
             Frozen images re-telling the main events of the story (Photos)
                1. Set during tense aftermath of Romeo & Juliet
                2. Dead lovers Families are commanded to respect a truce; young
                    Montagues and Capulets continue to feud.
                3. Benvolio, loves Rosaline, she’s still in love with Romeo.
                4. Rosaline raids the tomb to get swords.
                5. Rosaline forces Capulets to choose between peace and war.
                 What you were doing,
                 What you thought of the text.
             Remember, you were asked to say what questions were unanswered at the end
             of Romeo and Juliet.
                 What did you gain from these frozen images?
             What are your first impressions of the play?

Exercise 2: Response sheet:
            Read the duologue between Livia and Rosaline,
                What did we notice about what they said?
                Why wasn’t it written in a way you’d say it?
                How would we talk to our friend?
            Write up the scene you devised between the two characters.
                How did you bring it to life?
                Where did you set your scene?
                What moods/emotions were you trying to show?
                What actions did you do?
Exercise 3: Response sheet: Role on the wall.-Rosaline.
            On the inside-Physical features-her walk, facial expression, tone of voice
                What did your group decide for this?
            On the Outside-What other Characters think about her?
                Does Livia like her? What does Benvolio make of her mood changes?
            Key word= Interpretation. Your own opinion or view of the character.
            Write up your opinion of the character at this point.

Exercise 4: Response:Read the scene between Rosaline and Valentine.
            Pick out 5-6 phrases, words or sentences that seem to sum up their
            relationship. Play around with how these words could be said,
            .The tone, volume and pace. What was it about these words?
            Devise a scene using only the words you have chosen, but trying to maintain
            The emotions and tension of the original scene.
             Explore how space as well as voice can help show their feelings towards
               each other.
            Write up how you acted out this scene.

Exercise 5: Response: Thought tracking as Bianca
            Devise a scene between Bianca and her sister Helena,
            How did you show their relationship?
            Who did the audience have sympathy for?
            Development: Write up the work (Story board) on dramatising Bianca’s
            Dream, the movement sequence that was videoed. Discuss how you brought
            the scene to life, with comments on the atmosphere created, how you made it
            appear like a dream.

Lesson 6    Off Text Scene Development: Devise a scene that wasn’t in the text,
            focussing on what creates the dramatic tension. Most groups worked on the
            arrest of either the Apothecary or Angelica the nurse. You could use this for
            DEVELOPMENT-It shows how you understand the text and the Characters.
            Talk about Pace-quick and slow, Contrasts-good cop/bad cop. Movement and
            stillness, Volume-quieter and loud etc. How did you bring this scene to life?
            Mention peoples facial expression-shock or surprise, how they moved –slowly
            looked down to the floor? What this meant-She was worried and ashamed.
            How you had to portray the characters of police or constables, what actions
            did you decide? Looking around for clues or staring at the criminal?

Lesson 7    Off Text Scene Development:
            Create the scene between Rosaline and Romeo, that would mirror the scene
            between Bianca and Juliet, whilst Rosaline searches the tomb for the weapons
            and finds Romeo’s body.

Lesson 8    SCRIPTED-What section did you choose? Why? How did you interpret the
            characters (What decisions did you make over how they came to life? E.g.
            what tone of voice, how did they stand or walk, why did they like /dislike who
            they were acting with and how did you show this.)
            What were the problems of acting out scripted work?

Remember-You have to write one section (2A4 pages per section-both sides) on
RESPONSE:        How you used role-play, hot seating, thought tracking, or frozen image to
help you to understand the play. You can use:
Lesson 1 Frozen images-How did these help you understand the play-What story was it
going to concentrate on? How closely did it relate to Romeo and Juliet?

Lesson 2 role-play- Rosaline and Livia- how did this help your understanding of Characters?
What was Rosaline's outlook? Why was she the way she was?-Romeo’s death. Say how you
worked on it to make it real for you. What was Livia’s view on relationships?

Lesson 5 Role-play and Thought tracking- You created frozen positions and brought them
to life as both Helena and Bianca- Helena- Does your sister embarrass you? Do you believe
her or is she just mad? Bianca- What does it feel like to have these visions? Do they scare
you? What happens to you when you are having them?- Link this work to the work on
dramatising the vision
Use the Bianca’s dream sequence to storyboard
Remember for this section you are showing how you moved the work on, by bringing
sections of it to life. Lessons 6&7 are both useful. Try and use the one you made up lesson
6, and say in detail how you brought the scene to life-Use diagrams and sketches-mention
mood and atmosphere, facial expression, tones of voice, action/movement.
Lesson 4 could also be of use. You need to show you understand how a scene is created,
how the tension is created, using pauses, or quick actions-think of ‘woman in black’ and how
they use suspense to draw the audience in.
Those of you who did lesson 8 could use that. It will show the examiner that you
understood the text and the characters.

You can use script:       Benvolio: I love you. -Benvolio paces up and down, he stops-
                          showing he is confused-his facial expression is one of dismay.

                          Rosaline: How could you?-She is standing with her back to him,
                          slowly turns around. She speaks with a violent tone of voice,
                          loudly almost spitting the words at Benvolio who steps back.

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