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           MAY 2001

            June 2001
                                       Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (also known as the “Human Rights Forum”) has
been in existence since January 1998. Nine non-governmental organizations working in the field
of human rights joined together to provide legal and psychosocial assistance to the victims of
the Food Riots of January 1998.

The Human Rights Forum has now expanded its objectives to assist victims of organized
violence, using the following definition:

     “Organised violence” means the inter-human infliction of significant avoidable pain and suffering by
     an organised group according to a declared or implied strategy and/or system of ideas and attitudes.
     It comprises any violent action, which is unacceptable by general human standards, and relates to
     the victims’ mental and physical well being.”

The Human Rights Forum operates a Legal Unit and a Research and Documentation Unit.

Core member organizations of the Human Rights Forum are:

               The Amani Trust
               The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
               The Legal Resources Foundation
               Transparency International (Zimbabwe)
               The University of Zimbabwe Legal Aid and Advice Scheme
             Zimbabwe Association for Crime Prevention and the Rehabilitation of the
               Zimbabwe Human Rights Association
               Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
               Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association

Associate members are:


The Human Rights Forum can be contacted through any member organization or through the
       The Administrator, c/o P O Box 5465, Harare – email:
       The Legal Unit, c/o P O Box 5465, Harare – email:
       The Research Unit c/o P O Box 5465, Harare – email:
       Telephone/fax: 792222, 737509, and 731660


         All previous reports of the Human Rights Forum can be found on the website.

                                   Political Violence Report for May 2001
                                   Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum


      Unnamed villagers received death threats from war veterans in early May in the town of
       Beitbridge. The villagers were told that they would be killed if they attended a rally where
       MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai was due to speak.


      On 26 May, Zanu (PF) supporters who arrived in trucks attacked the homes of six
       unnamed MDC supporters in Bindura. Thousands of dollars worth of property was
       destroyed. Zanu (PF) has unleashed a wave of violence against suspected and actual
       supporters of the MDC in Bindura in an effort to prevent the party’s penetration into
       Mashonaland Central, traditionally a ZANU (PF) stronghold.

      Kelvin Mutede, a form 3 student and MDC member, was assaulted on 26 May by
       ZANU (PF) supporters during an attack on a home belonging to a suspected MDC
       supporter. He lost a lot of blood, sustained a fractured right arm and suffered blisters all
       over his body.

      ZANU (PF) supporters destroyed the shop and car of MDC member Joseph Mashinya
       on 30 May at Chidembo Shopping Centre in Bindura.

      Felix Kunaka, an MDC district chairman, was assaulted by a group of ZANU (PF)
       supporters and war veterans that included Elliot Manyika. Manyika assaulted Kunaka
       and then held him at gunpoint whilst the war veterans assaulted him. The matter was
       reported at Nyawa Police Station.

      Ian Millar and his family were held hostage by war veterans at Dawmill Farm in Bindura
       on 28 May. The Millar family is being held hostage until the demands of the war
       veterans are met. They want the release of war veterans Robert Kandato and Steven
       Makazo who are sentenced to four years imprisonment each for the attempted murder of
       Millar’s farm manager, Keith McGaw. The group has vowed not to release the Millars
       until they are addressed by Elliot Manyika, provincial governor of Mashonaland Central.


      On 16 May, war veterans and ZANU (PF) supporters abducted over 100 employees of
       Fawcett Security. The employees were forced to march through the city streets and
       ordered to chant ZANU (PF) slogans to ZANU (PF) offices on Basch Street,
       approximately 4km away. They were detained for about two hours at this location.


      Joel Sithole, the MDC candidate in the Plumtree Ward 10 council elections, was
       abducted near Brunapeg on 25 May by masked men whilst he was waiting for transport.
       He was thrown into a truck driven by a businessman who was identified by
       eyewitnesses. He was assaulted but managed to escape the following morning. War
       veterans, Tshitshi, Gwanyana, Tshingababili and one unnamed assailant were identified
       as the perpetrators. The police acknowledged the report and have said that
       investigations are underway.

                               Political Violence Report for May 2001
                                   Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum


        ZANU (PF) supporters assaulted Zerubabel Mudzingwa, a Daily News reporter, in
         Midlands, on 12 May after he was refused entry to a meeting at Mkoba Stadium. The
         assailants accused him of working for a paper that criticized the government and ZANU


        War veterans abducted the director of the Canadian aid agency CARE International,
         Dennis O’Brien, on 6 May. Canadian Ambassador James Wall was also assaulted whilst
         trying to resolve the dispute. The war veterans invaded the agency under the pretext of
         settling a labor dispute between the agency and a former worker. O’Brien was taken to
         ZANU (PF) provincial headquarters where he was held for two hours and had Z$400,000
         extorted from him. The accused have been named as Everton Gwanzura, Eric Pfumvuti,
         Billy Hlongwane, John Tembo, Givemore Chiwara, Joel Samuel Muzhamba, Macdonald
         Tome and Charles Tawazadz. Ambassador Wall lodged a complaint with the Ministry of
         Foreign Affairs and the police.

        On 10 May, Mr. Timothy Mukwenge went to the ZANU (PF) provincial offices seeking
         assistance from the labor committee set up by the party. Mukwenge is a well-known
         MDC supporter. When Mukwenge arrived at the provincial office, he was taken to a
         small room where twenty ZANU (PF) supporters indiscriminately assaulted him. He
         sustained bruises all over his body
         and was dispossessed of his personal belongings, including Z$1,000.

        About 50 Zanu (PF) supporters and war veterans armed with iron clubs and bars
         attacked youths manning a car park belonging to Resias Musunda (an MDC activist). In
         the 6 May incident, Maxwell Matobo was bitten all over his back and Christopher
         Masaruare was seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital. The days income of
         Z$6,000, a receipt book and a cell phone were taken.

        On 21 May, Edson Mukwasi was assaulted in Kambuzuma by ZANU (PF) supporters.
         He sustained a swollen eye and several bodily injuries as a result.

        Godknows Musukutwa, a security guard at MP Madzimure’s home, was attacked on 23
         May in Kambuzuma by unnamed assailants. He sustained serious injuries.

        George Slade was kidnapped from Eastlea and taken to ZANU (PF) provincial
         headquarters on Fourth Street by war veterans John Mada, David Mashakada and
         Cuthbert Magure who demanded Z$275,000 each from Slade. The three were arrested
         after a worker at the company informed the police about Slade’s abduction. They were
         charged with kidnapping and attempted extortion.

        Mr. Grace, the financial director of Load Engineering, was threatened on 15 May by
         former employee, Charles Kampwala, and two war veterans, Masimba and an unnamed
         perpetrator. They threatened to take him to ZANU (PF) headquarters and severely
         assault him or kill him if he refused to pay Kampwala Z$106,000. Kampwala was
         charged with extortion and was granted Z$1,000 bail.

                               Political Violence Report for May 2001
                              Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

   A group of MDC supporters face public violence charges on allegations that they
    assaulted former MDC members who defected to ZANU (PF). The victims were
    identified as Simon Matamisa, Kennias Makune, Wilson Mushamba, Ruzive Makumbe,
    Godfrey Mubvanyika, Constantine Mujera and Christopher Nhemachena. The assailants
    are alleged to be Edson Chifamba, Muchemwa Muzira, Moses Machakara, Trust
    Murehwa, Patrick Chakabveyo and Nelson Mataruse. The perpetrators are accused of
    assaulting the victims with whips and iron bars, and were arrested and released on
    Z$1000 bail pending trial. Two other assailants, Felix Njanji and Emmanuel Mususa
    were detained on charges that they trailed a ZANU (PF) supporter and attacked him with
    booted feet, planks and iron bars. The victim lost a tooth.

   On15 May, war veterans abducted Roy Atkinson, the general-manager of Heritage
    Clothing and took him to ZANU (PF) Harare provincial offices where he was beaten up.
    The previous week ZANU (PF) supporters had stormed the company and demanded
    that 200 dismissed workers be paid Z$200,000 each.

   War veterans, led by Eric Pfumvuti threatened Charles Chereka of Zimbabwe Plumbing
    Services and forced him to pay his employees Z$23,000. Pfumvuti has been charged
    with extortion and theft and has since been remanded into custody.

   Lovejoy Muzarengwana, Onward Chiriseri, Catherine Chauruka, Isiah Masendeke, and
    Evermary Marwa, supported by a group of war veterans, extorted Z$1.4 million dollars
    from Hossein Abdullar of Fine Print. The employees discovered that the company was
    changing ownership and extorted the money, with the help of the war veterans, as
    terminal benefits. They have all since been arrested and charged with extortion and
    theft. They have been each granted Z$2000 bail.

   War veterans John Mawewe Muzondiwa and John Alexious Makoni, extorted Z$5,000
    from each worker at Ploughboy Company, saying it would go to ZANU (PF)
    headquarters. In reality the two war veterans alone shared the Z$115,000 that they had
    managed to collect. They have been charged with theft under false pretences.

   War veteran Fabiano Muronzi, extorted Z$6,324,986 from Malcolm Boland and John
    Stewart. Muronzi claimed that the money was payment for 16 workers dismissed from
    Boland’s medical company in 1995. Muronzi has since been charged with extortion.

   War veteran Ian Toto threatened the manager of Daily Health Pharmacies and managed
    to extort drugs worth Z$35,000, a Toyota Cressida, and Z$35,000 in cash. Toto was
    charged with extortion and granted bail.
   Augustin Ngoshi, a former employee of Pathology Centre, with the help of war veterans
    made his former employer, Purchit Ramesochanra Himatil, give him a Z$65,977 cheque.
    Ngoshi has since been charged with extortion.

   Marguerite Edith Murphy, a former employee of Books of Zimbabwe, solicited the help of
    war veterans in extorting Z$165,000 from her former employer, Adrian Mark Bolze. War
    veterans threatened to close the bookshop if Bolze did not pay.

   On 23 May, in Kambuzuma, war veterans attacked the home of Willias Madzamure, the
    MP for Kambuzuma. All the windows in the house were destroyed, and household

                          Political Violence Report for May 2001
                                  Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

       goods looted. This was the second attack on Madzimure’s home, which was also
       attacked on 21 May.

      On 21 May in Kambuzuma, war veterans attacked the home of Willias Madzamure, the
       MP for Kambuzuma. Persons armed with stones, bricks, sticks, and catapults attacked
       the house. The group shouted that they wanted to kill Madzimure as they threw stones
       at his house.

      On 21 May in Kambuzuma, war veterans assaulted MDC supporter Itai Chandiwana at a
       beer hall near Madzimure’s (MP for Kambuzuma) home. The assailants moved on to
       attack Madzimure’s home itself.

Makoni East

      ZANU (PF) farm invaders, led by Nathaniel Mhiripiri, clashed with villagers legally settled
       on a local farm.


      Matthew Dondo and two other unnamed MDC supporters were abducted in the early
       days of May in the run-up to the Masvingo mayoral election. The three men were
       adducted and taken to Summerton resettlement scheme where they were threatened
       with assault and death. Their assailants were allegedly unnamed ZANU (PF) supporters.

      An unnamed ZANU (PF) supporter had his house stoned by MDC supporters in the run-
       up to the Masvingo mayoral election. The incident occurred in Macheke. Daniel
       Muchukuti, Kelvin Tichaona, Pilani Ngoniye, Joseph Chenga, July Ngwarati, Brian
       Mudavanhu, and Witness Madhuna were all arrested in connection with the incident and
       charged with public violence. They were released on Z$500 bail each.

      MDC supporters assaulted Shylet Uyoyo (Zanu (PF)), Jonasi Mare (ZNLWVA) and 13
       unnamed ZANU (PF) supporters in the run-up to the Masvingo mayoral election. Mr.
       Uyoyo received four stitches at Masvingo General Hospital and the other victims were
       treated for minor injuries.

      MDC supporters were harassed and assaulted by war veterans in the run up to the
       Masvingo mayoral elections. Zanu (PF) campaign bases had been established in each
       of the 10 wards and night meetings were being conducted where MDC supporters were
       generally intimidated and assaulted.

      Farai Tembo, a ZANU (PF) member, was abducted and taken to Targets Kopje on 11
       May after the Masvingo Mayoral election. He was assaulted and injected with an
       unknown drug, which rendered him unconscious for an hour. He was then taken to
       Masvingo General Hospital where he was admitted. MDC members Alois Chaimiti,
       Lawson Mapfira and one unnamed man were identified as the assailants. Mapfira has
       been picked up for questioning by the police.

      Collin Manyika, a member of ZANU (PF), was assaulted on 5 May after the Masvingo
       Mayoral Election by MDC member Alois Chaimiti and an unnamed assailant.

                              Political Violence Report for May 2001
                                Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

     In the run-up to the Masvingo mayoral election in early May, Shaky Matake and his wife
      received death threats from supporters of war veteran leader Chenjerai Hunzvi. The
      Matakes are MDC supporters. Nelson Ziwanai Ndiriri, Milton Mutunga, Tapera Israel
      Chaumba, Albert Manderera, Amos Mukundamhuka, Rodrick Mhungira and Vacious
      Raza. Ndiriri, Mutunga, Chaumba, Manderera, Mukundamhuka, Mhungira and Raza
      were arrested and charged with public violence. They pleaded guilty and were
      sentenced to 18 months in jail. Simon Matakza, Manuel Maulati and Thandiwe Mudzviti
      pleaded not guilty and will stand trial.

     An unnamed MDC assailant abducted an unnamed Masvingo resident in the run-up to
      the Masvingo mayoral election.

     On 12 May, ZANU (PF) supporters assaulted an unnamed female CIO agent who was
      mistaken for an MDC activist. The assault preceded mayoral elections in Masvingo.

     On 21 May, ZANU (PF) supporters and riot police injured an unnamed male Masvingo
      resident. Riot Police fought MDC youths who formed a human shield against an
      advancing ZANU (PF) group. The violence occurred in the aftermath of the Masvingo
      mayoral election, which resulted in an MDC victory.

Mazowe West

     On 16 May, war veterans invaded Mazowe Citrus Estates and demanded the immediate
      removal of employees linked to the MDC. War veterans accused Richard Chiweta of
      protecting Farastan Muzondo in the face of their orders to fire Muzondo for his
      allegiance to the MDC.

Mount Darwin

     On 7 May in Chiutsi Village, approximately 300 to 400 war veterans and ZANU (PF)
      supporters descended on the home of Mr. Taylor Chimugoti around 3 a.m. The ZANU
      (PF) supporters wore ZANU (PF) t-shirts and sang ZANU (PF) slogans. They
      demanded that Chimugoti surrender MDC cards and other MDC material as they pelted
      him with stones. Chimugoti fell, and his assailants set upon him with knobkerries and
      thick poles. The mob of ZANU (PF) supporters searched Chimugoti’s home, stealing
      some food in the process. Chimugoti was tied up and dragged him for about one
      kilometer before he fainted. Subsequently, Chimugoti’s children discovered him and
      took him home. Two assailants were identified as: Benson Suze (ZANU (PF) youth
      chair) and Shephered Kararira Chiwashira (war veteran).

     On 8 May, war veterans and ZANU (PF) supporters approached Mr. John Machaya and
      accused him of being an MDC supporter. He was abducted and taken to Katarina
      Primary School where he was beaten, slapped and forced to chant ZANU (PF) slogans.
      He was also beaten with poles and had his leg dislocated. He identified his attackers as
      local chair Abraham Chimhondoro, Beaton Chimuronga, Onias Mende, Chatara,
      Kadhongi, Martin Kapenda (ZANU (PF)), Benson Zuze (Youth Commander), Shepherd
      Karawira (District Secretary of Development) and Chiwashira. Mr. Machaya was evicted
      and does not have prospects for relocation.

                             Political Violence Report for May 2001
                                  Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

       An unnamed member of the MDC was beaten heavily by ZANU (PF) supporters and war
        veterans in Dotitto. He sustained a broken arm and rib and reported the incident to the
        police. When the perpetrators heard of this, he was beaten a second time and told to go
        and report to the police again.

       Two unnamed MDC supporters in Chahwanda were severely assaulted by ZANU (PF)
        supporters and war veterans. One collapsed and died whilst being assaulted and the
        other is seriously ill.

       An unnamed MDC supporter was severely beaten at Dotitto ZRP Secondary School by
        ZANU (PF) supporters and war veterans. Police officers at Dotito did not take any action
        on reported assaults.

       Peter Mwale and Takunda Mangwende were assaulted in Centenary District on 1 May.
        They were assaulted with stones and sticks by 30 unnamed ZANU (PF) supporters and
        were treated for head injuries at Mvurwi Hospital.

       MDC supporter Show Goriati had Z$45,000 worth of property destroyed on 1 May in an
        attack in Centenary. The attack was perpetrated by ZANU (PF) youths apparently in
        retaliation for Chief Chiweshe’s assault by MDC supporters on 18 April.

       In Centenary, ZANU (PF) supporters forced villagers to pay between $10 and $50, as
        well as donate livestock, in order to help sustain ZANU (PF) youths who were
        campaigning in the area. The villagers were forced to surrender MDC cards and t-shirts,
        red caps and cards at night rallies that they are forced to attend.


       Unidentified war veterans abducted Abednico Bhebhe, the MDC MP for Nkayi on 26
        May at a filling station and assaulted him. Bhebhe was later released and made a report
        to police before being treated and discharged from the hospital.

                               Political Violence Report for May 2001