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February 2005


									                                          February 2005

                    NEWS for NOMADS
           November Board Meeting Highlights
The NOMADS Board of Directors met in November 2004 at our new headquarters at Sacramento
Methodist Assembly, in Sacramento, New Mexico. They covered a lot of material during several
days. Some of the highlights:
 Board reviewed membership complaints.
 GBGM’s payment was reduced to $16,000 this year. Future funding uncertain.
 Board approves dues increase. Effective MARCH 2006.
 Membership grows to 1,063. 104 members dropped for lack of dues payment.
 Alumni membership growing - stands at 80 members.
 Materials Fund budget increased to $21,000 for 2005.
 Agencies to receive letter outlining liability issues including work that NOMADS will not do -
   asbestos removal, lead paint removal, mold/mildew problems and steeply-pitched roofs.
 Memorial service at annual meeting to recognize NOMADS “who have passed away” with a
   candle lighted for each of them. One single candle will then be lighted for family members of
   NOMADS who have passed.
 Newsletters will be published winter, spring and fall. September project list will be a separate
   mailing. June “reunion” newsletter will feature personal interest stories handled by the
   Newsletter committee.
 Oasis will be used as a year-end report to agencies and contributors.
 Investigating the possibility of using a web link for the roster, projects, team list, etc.
 Budget for 2005 set at $94,000. Expenses: Administrative $55,000. Materials fund $21,000.
   Board $10,000. Miscellaneous $8,000.
 Promotions committee to be made up of board members. Committee to focus on recruitment
   and NOMADS A’ Building program.
 Reviewed 2004 York reunion report. Great report from Dorothy Emblidge.
 NOMADS Board and Administrator are totally removed from any tax information given out at
   the 2004 NOMADS reunion. (See your personal tax preparer)
 2005 Reunion preparations on schedule.
 2006 Reunion will be hosted by the NCJ. Possible site - DuQuion, IL.
 Jurisdictional Reps. committee formed to recommend scheduling reunions starting with the
   2007 reunion.
 Ron and Barbara Unangst will be handling the NOMADS scrapbook.
 The program year was changed to coincide with the fiscal year Jan.1 - Dec.31.
 Changes to By-Laws being proposed by board members and members at large.
 Process developed for the treatment of project evaluations including the need for
 Board created a Leader Training Team. Don will develop materials and Carla will recruit
 Project assignment oversight committee will continue to address and refine sign-up
Thoughts for NOMADS                                                                              By: Carolyn

Outside my window sings a mockingbird that never tires of singing! He wants to dominate the birdfeeder
even though he has trouble feeding from it himself. We watch him as he chases off other small birds that fit
the size of the feeder better than he does. Sometimes he just sits on a nearby branch watching like a guard
dog watching his home. He apparently has no interest in inviting others to dine with him. But he sings such
beautiful melodies.

I know that mockingbird has a place in God's world even though some of his habits annoy me! Romans 12:6
"We all have different gifts, each of which came because of the grace God gave us." There are people too in
this world that annoy us but God has them here in this world for a reason. Perhaps the annoyance that I/we
feel is my/our problem. Perhaps I/we need to develop more understanding, patience, or tolerance.

It still annoys me that the mockingbird will not allow the other birds to join at the feeder! Mr. Mockingbird,
I read to you from Luke 14:112-14 "Then Jesus said to the man who had invited him, 'When you give a
lunch or a dinner, don't invite only your friends, your family, your other relatives, and your rich neighbors.
At another time they will invite you to eat with them, and you will be repaid. Instead, when you give a feast,
invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. Then you will be blessed, because they have nothing
and cannot pay you back. But you will be repaid when the good people rise from the dead.'"

We put the feeder out for all and occasionally when the mockingbird is not around others do get to feed. We
did not put a sign up for only certain birds. Besides everyone knows that birds don't obey signs! Guess we
need to be more tolerant of all! Lord, help us to see the worth in everyone and to be open to all of your
people and creations.
Grace and Peace,
Carolyn Morris

                 Items of Interest for NOMADS
                      Problems recently reported to the Board
 NOMADS should not get involved in solicitation of funds for specific projects.
 NOMADS individual contributions should be channeled through the NOMADS office which becomes
  part of the NOMADS funds.
 NOMADS must not arrive at any project prior to Friday before the start date (unless directed by leader).
 NOMADS must not depart a project early, unless for emergency, or by agreement with the
  Administrator. If there is a disagreement between a leader and a NOMAD and one decides it is best to
  leave, the situation MUST be discussed with the Administrator or the General Concerns Committee.
 Must be a dues paid NOMAD in order to stay with the team.
 Must not join a NOMADS project team without being assigned to that specific project by the
 Young children requesting to look in your RV (without parents) should be politely turned away. Just one
  of them could claim sexual abuse.
 Please review the project description prior to signup to be sure you are able to perform the work
Please review your NOMADS Statements and Guidelines document from time to time.

                  REUNION 2005 in HOPE, ARKANSAS
   Join us in Hope for great fellowship. Dates for the reunion are Tues., June 21st through Thurs.
morning, June 23rd, 2005. The hookups are 30 amp and we have reserved two air-conditioned
meeting areas near the RV sites.
   Hope is approximately 30 miles from the Texas/Arkansas border off I-30 and 112 miles from
Little Rock, which is the home of the newest Presidential library and the home office for Heifer
   The complex at Hope is available for camping from Sat., June 18th until Sat., June 25th with
time for tours. On Thursday afternoon we will have a group tour of Old Washington, which was
the Confederate States Capitol during part of the civil war. On Friday we will tour the diamond
mine and everything you find, you can keep! The Fairpark complex has a swimming pool and
room for other exercising. It’s a great place to bring the grandkids. A local church will set up a
concession stand on the grounds and will serve breakfast and lunch Mon.-Thurs. Hope is an
interesting town with a long history and is the birthplace of former president Clinton.
   We have workshops, singing, devotions, a catered dinner of catfish and chicken, pot luck,
gospel group and talent show planned. This is the first Reunion hosted by the SCJ. Come enjoy
our Southern hospitality! See reunion registration form insert.

                                   NOMADS Budget in brief
Reported by our treasurer, Dorothy Bondurant
NOMADS Budget for 2005
Operating Fund
Dues                     $22,000
Churches                  30,000
GBGM                      16,000
Individuals                5,000
Materials Fund
Churches           $15,000
Individuals           6,000

Administrative Services $55,000
Board                    10,000
Material Fund
Distribution             21,000
Committee & Misc.         8,000


                                   Thanks to our Terrific Volunteers
The NOMADS headquarters would like to thank the many NOMADS and other local volunteers for their assistance in
keeping this office running on all cylinders. We could not do it without you!

During the November NOMADS board meeting held in Sacramento, we appreciate the assistance we received from
NOMADS Terri Althouse, Martha Bulkeley, Wayne Bondurant, Jeannie Coe, Jackie Conaway, Dort Halsted, and
Ruth Ann Outcalt.

From Grace UMC in Alamogordo, we’d especially like to thank Shirley Foster for her work in scheduling volunteers
for us. We’ve had multiple visits from Jessie Britt, Jeannine Irby, Dick and Terry Kondo, Jack and Marcie Marek,
Ginger Morgan, Dorothy Thomas and Alice Wilson. Shirley and husband Bob Foster also volunteer with these groups
and have made newsletter mailings a breeze. They are a blessing!

The NOMADS headquarters and the Sacramento Methodist Assembly are interested in having NOMADS drop-in to
assist us if you find that your travels will bring you near. We are located in South Central New Mexico, approximately
2.5 hours North of El Paso, Tx. Please call to check on availability for our full hookup sites and about our current need
for assistance. We appreciate the NOMADS!

NOMADS Contact Info:
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 63
Sacramento, NM 88347
Toll Free:
Phone: 505-687-3041
Fax: 505-687-4219

                                              NOMADS WEBSITE
   Please visit the NOMADS website for information on project openings, drop-in sites, reunion and rallies, prior
                 newsletters, how to join, project details and stories, agency camping guide and more!

                                              News for NOMADS
                                             distribution schedule

                                                Winter: February
                                                  Spring: May
                                                Summer: August
                                                 Fall: November

                                   Project list will be mailed separately!
                                  NOMADS Board Committees
If you are interested in serving NOMADS, please review the board committees to see if you may be able to volunteer
your services!
Agency: Don 815-382-4018
Finance: Bill Conaway-comprised of Board members only
General Concerns: Barb Hinegardner-comprised of Board members only
Newsletter: Virginia Lee— 320-558-6394
Nominating: Barb Hinegardner, Don Levans, Dick Bulkeley,,
Promotions: Dorothy 970-227-6494
Reunion: Carol 214-287-0140
Sunshine: Jane 217-935-9865
Agency Selection Committee This Committee is staffed by extremely dedicated and hard working NOMADS who
are working with prospective and current agencies. We prepare the agency for NOMADS and assist Leaders with
preparations for the team’s arrival. Committee members assigned to specific areas of the country use other NOMADS
for visits to specific agencies. This winter/spring we offered 142 projects and NOMADS filled 122 of them. (That
means that we had to cancel 20 needy projects). Thanks to: Dick and Martha Bulkeley (West), Jeannie and Rob Coe
(TX), Cliff and Lerene Schornick (SW), Barb Hinegardner (SE), Butch and Dort Halsted (NC), Charles and Lois
Chase (NE) -- Betty and Don Levans (Chair), Carla Kinsey (Admin).

Sunshine Committee Purpose: To communicate prayer requests, concerns and praises of NOMADS so that they may
be upheld with prayer and with personal contacts from fellow NOMADS. To send requests for prayers or to be added
to the list of Sunshine participants contact: OR call: Jane Waddock at
217-454-0159 until April 3rd, then 217-935-9865. Additional members are needed to help develop a better plan for
non-email users to participate in the Sunshine program and to evaluate other areas of service. The results of prayers
lifted up in response to NOMADS requests and personal contacts by card, letter, phone and email continue to be an
integral part of NOMADS. We thank the Lord for the power of prayer!

Newsletter Committee News for NOMADS is published quarterly. The February, May and November editions are to
be primarily “fact oriented” for the information of the NOMADS membership. The August edition will carry
personal-interest stories, and its primary focus will be the recent June reunion. The NOMADS also publish NOMADS
Oasis each January. It goes to our host agencies, contributing individuals and churches and jurisdictional volunteer
coordinators. This committee currently has four members. Their main duties are to promote awareness and use of our
publications as informational and promotional tools for the NOMADS. Materials for either publication should be sent
to the NOMADS Administrator, PO Box 63, Sacramento, NM 88347 or by email to
Deadline is during the month prior to the next publication.

Promotions Committee PROMOTIONS, what is it? What is the IMPORTANCE of it? Who does it?
PROMOTIONS has two parts: 1) Human Resources: the identification and recruitment of people to be involved in
mission service through NOMADS. 2) Development: The involvement of persons in mission by supporting
NOMADS financially. PROMOTIONS is important because both of these aspects are vital if NOMADS is to
continue to exist as an organization and is to increase our outreach of service. We need each of you to be actively
involved, not only as willing volunteers on projects but also as PROMOTERS. Each of us needs to be in touch with
our local church to enlist volunteers and financial support. We are investigating a new organizational structure and
will be in contact with State Coordinators soon. We are seeking Coordinators for the following: AL, MS, Eastern NC,
VT, NH, NY, PA, TX, NM, KS, MO, NE, AZ, UT, CA, NV, ID, OR, and WA. Also, the Committee is seeking
someone who would be willing to take on the responsibility for articles and advertising in national UM and RV
publications. If interested, please submit a resume to Dorothy using the contact info above. JOIN PROMOTIONS

                                  Board Seat to be Filled
Attention NOMADS! We need your participation in our organization. We have one seat on the Board of
Directors available in 2005. Please prayerfully consider whether you could fill this position. Send a letter
of application with information about yourself to Vicki Aldridge, Secretary, at or to
22912 N. Cherokee Lane, Sun City West, AZ 85375. Your responsibilities would be as follows:
 Provide encouragement, counsel, direction and evaluation of NOMADS staff
 Set a budget
 Establish NOMADS policies and procedures and interpret these to NOMADS members
 Interface with General Board of Global Ministries
 Negotiate and enter into staff contracts and/or employment arrangements
 Provide a framework and personnel for NOMADS committees
 Provide for future planning and visioning
 Provide a framework for reunion agendas
 Serve on committees as assigned
 Attend board meetings
 As a Jurisdictional Rep., be a liaison with jurisdiction
                                           NOMADS Scrapbooks
Barbara Unangst has agreed to become the “keeper” of the NOMADS scrapbooks, taking over for Dorothy Wildemuth, who has
done a wonderful job. Please forward articles to Barbara at: 1810 Meadow Lane, Edwardsville, IL 62025. or
phone 618-656-7945.

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