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					                        WEB DESIGN AND COMPUTER CONSULTANT

                                 PERSONAL VISION IDEAS
    -   Focus on trial, discretion and thoughtfulness in implementations of new technologies -
         - Believe in and uphold quality-centered design with iterative communications -
             - Ultimately improve the quality of life for end users and customers -
    -   Assimilate perspectives from all persons involved while reaching expert conclusions -

   Strong object-oriented design and programming skills in C, C++, Python
   Strong software testing and quality assurance skills
   Strong communicator
   Detail oriented
   B.A. in Mathematics with an emphasis in Computer Science at Colorado College.
   Computer Troubleshooting Experience

Dell Gx260 and Gx280, Compaq, Industrial PC, RAID Enterprise Storage Servers, Laptop
hardware replacements, memory and other PC hardware installation, hardware troubleshooting

Ubuntu Linux, PCLinuxOS, Windows98/2000/XP/Vista

C and C++ with Borland4.0, GCC, Visual C++9.0, Dev-C++4.9
JAVA with JBuilder8.0 and Netbeans 6.0 using JMX
Perl, Python, PHP, Expect, Bash, MySQL
VBA with Access2003
Object Oriented Design and Analysis
VB.NET (software testing only)
Knowledge of Linux XAMPP and Apache configuration
Microsoft: (Vista and 2000) Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook, Internet Explorer
Lotus: Notes, WordPro, 123, Approach, Freelance

Front-end to back-end system testing and integration testing of hardware and software
Measuring new software and systems against legacy software and systems
Verification, validation and review
Regression and field testing of hardware and software
Verified, troubleshot, utilized and upgraded factory-level tools
Created process documentation, procedures, test plans and product documentation

System Entity Structure SES
Unified Modeling Language UML
Discrete Event System Specification DEVS

Little Blue LLC                                          
Located in Cortez, CO                                         
The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Rail Road                                  Durango, CO
Brakeman/Radio Dispatcher/M.O.W.                             June 2008 to Present (Seasonally)
 VBA Access 2003 programming to improve the dispatcher database
 VHF radio communications and track unit scheduling
 Communications research for program expansion and improvement
 Track replacement and maintenance
 Executed Dispatcher administrative functions: Filing injury reports, opening/closing
   procedures, radio breakdown procedures, contact procedures, scheduling, etc.
 Avalanche cleaning, cleaned track switches, shoveled snow
 Implemented safety and operations rules

Computer Troubleshooters of Durango                                            Durango, CO
Computer Troubleshooter                                              Feb. 2009 to May 2009
 Computer troubleshooting: hardware and software diagnosis, virus cleanup, system restore,
  registry cleanup, hard disk cloaning, etc.
 Laptop screen, keyboard, and other hardware replacements
 Performed software installation with WindowsXP images and drivers
 Troubleshot problems over the phone
 Scheduled appointments
 Issued invoices and took payments with Quickbooks

Little Blue Corporation/LLC                                                        Durango, CO
Self employed                                                              Oct. 2007 to Present
 Created Python web script to calculate statistics for social research website through
 HTML and CSS webpage design for local advertiser
 Programmed Perl webpage scripts with MySQL.
 Installed LAMPP on PCLinuxOS and configured the CGI, MySQL, and Apache server
     environment. Wrote several PHP scripts and used Bash
 Used Visual C++ and JAVA Netbeans with focus on the swing and AWT libraries. Began re-
     creating my own version of a computer game called “Lode Runner” in these environments.
 Technical writing project through rentacoder(.com), which entailed writing the text
     description of a web-based game (

Little Blue LLC                                          
Located in Cortez, CO                                         
Environmental Systems Products Holdings                                                  Tucson, AZ
Test Specialist                                                              Oct. 2005 to Oct. 2007
       Worked with teams to create test plans, documentation, and time-stamped logs of
   system software advancement testing from the front- to the back-ends. The software
   included migration of a “legacy” engine (Visual C++) into a front-end interface (VB.NET) that
   drove additional new functionalities, including support of multiple languages and new data
   gathering modalities.
   We tested remote GUI functionality with consideration of the performance integrity of the
   legacy software and additional accessories that accompanied the primary software package,
   including a custom database viewer and a custom license plate record editor that were to
   run in parallel with the primary GUI. Also ran verification-regression tests of machine device
   firmware (in C), working on a 1-to-1 basis with long-standing experts in the area of vehicle
   emissions remote sensing R&D to glean a necessary systems and software understanding
   to create, write, and execute system-level, regression, field and product test plans and
       Performed regression testing, product testing, and system testing of software. Utilized a
   bottom-up, trouble-shooting approach to test software and systems, which dramatically
   improved customer experience. Initiated and maintained communications between
   colleagues, which resulted in improved decision making. Wrote Python scripts to analyze
   system output in comma-separated version files.
       Participated in team verifying, utilizing, troubleshooting, and upgrading factory-level
   software utilities employed for product maintenance, development, manufacturing, repair,
   field service, and debugging
 We spent dozens of hours assuring the quality of migration from the legacy software to the
   new system by consulting hardware, software, manufacturing, product support, and other
   long-standing company experts and assimilated that information into results and
   recommended courses of actions
 Attempted to define a benchmark for our technology, which was not already defined (our
   cliental was not concerned with this in our industry; therefore, this hadn’t inhibited sales).
   Started to create a cross-analytical histogram to this end. Also interacted with an AZ Dept.
   of Transportation engineer to consider the feasibility of gathering required data on-the-road
   to eventually establish an initial benchmark definition for our technology (and also extend
   the testing procedure with additional stress testing)
 Hosted an international customer representative on a tour of the Grand Canyon

Little Blue Corporation                                                          Tucson, AZ
Self-employe                                                         Feb. 2005 to Oct. 2005
 Worked on a point-of-sales equipment installation at several JCPenney’s stores
 Applied for a regular job on a full-time basis
 Participated in church activities

IBM                                                                                Tucson, AZ
Technical Co-op                                                        Feb. 2003 to Feb. 2005
 Worked with a team of device adapter firmware developers. Compiled, built, regression
   tested team defects. Interacted closely with all team members to gather and update defects
   and code modules using in-house defect tracking tools. Independently (unilaterally)
   allocated additional hardware assets for the team’s development and testing efforts, which
   benefited team productivity

Little Blue LLC                                             
Located in Cortez, CO                                            
   Managed, compiled and regression tested device driver microcode (in C) for the DS6000
    and DS8000 RAID storage servers under development. Maintained an IBM external product
    website (using Lotus Notes) to promote customer updates. Streamlined internal procedures
    by creating process documentation
   Worked with a team of project managers of disk and tape storage servers; we provided
    support for customer FMR downloads and associated webpage maintenance, filling out
    shipment requests, assisting in process documentation, and finding and eliminating
    hundreds of unwanted employee hardware assets worldwide

The University of Arizona                                                       Tucson, AZ
Student                                                              May 2001 to Feb. 2003
Full-time graduate coursework and research in computer engineering on model-based
hardware/software co-design. See under “education” for details.

The University of Arizona                                                          Tucson, AZ
Teaching Assistant                                                     Aug. 2000 to May 2001
Tutored a C programming college class and ran lab sessions. Instruction emphasized top-down
structured design, structured teamwork, pre-emptive troubleshooting, compile-time bug
catching, and post-compile troubleshooting. Constructed and graded assignments and exams.
Employed various communications and learning styles to accommodate students

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Rail Road                                      Durango, CO
Brakeman                                                       (seasonal) May 1998 to Aug. 2002
Played an active role as a team member in daily operations. We exercised crowd control , public
safety and public speech: singly managed crowds of over 200 people during unusual and
uncertain situations. Rail road operations with hand and light signals, torpedoes, flares, flagging
kits, etc. Large vehicle operations.

Colorado College                                                           Colorado Springs, CO
Mail Distributor                                                         Sept. 1996 to May 2000
Distributed student mail.

Little Blue LLC                                             
Located in Cortez, CO                                            
Colorado College                                                 Colorado Springs, CO
Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics with an Emphasis in Computer Science         May, 2000

The University of Arizona                                                     Tucson, AZ
36 units towards a M.S. in Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona:
    Artificial Intelligence projects in Python
    Used DLX assembler for various computer architecture assignments
    Programmed GNU C++ in Linux
    Extended C++ program with message-passing interface to run over several nodes

Montezuma-Cortez High School                                                     Cortez, CO
High School Diploma                                                              May, 1996

 Crimping and soldering
 Equipment, computer, and hard drive setup and maintenance
 Van maintenance, monitoring, and driving
 Traffic control measures
 Anthropology and ethnomusicology
 (post-) modern and infusionist classical music composition
 Middle East cultures
 World travel: Jordan, Venezuela, Bali Indonesia, Canada, Mexico

References: Available upon request

Little Blue LLC                                       
Located in Cortez, CO                                      

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