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									                                 BETA GAMMA SIGMA
                         Student Leadership Forum Winter 2010
      Please email this form to on or before December 15, 2009.

Registrant Information – Please type or print
Registrant’s full name:
Preferred name for name badge:
Street address (No PO Box):

Permanent Address (if different from above):

Cell Phone (may be distributed to all Forum participants):
Email (the one you use daily):
Date inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma:
Expected Graduation Date:
Shirt Size (please circle one):                      S       M           L         XL           XXL
Hotel Room Assignment Information
Beta Gamma Sigma will make room assignments based on double occupancy. Please provide the
following information so that assignments can be made.
Please Note: All Renaissance Hotels are entirely Non-smoking
Male:                             Female:                          Special diet requirements:

Arrival date:                                                    Arrival time:
Departure date:                                                  Departure time:
Emergency Contact Information
Please provide 1-2 unique characteristics about yourself that no one else at the Forum would know about
you and that you don’t mind having shared with the group. This may be used in an icebreaker exercise.

General Information
The host hotel for the conference is the Renaissance Tampa Hotel International Plaza. The hotel phone
number is 813.877.9200. The hotel is 1.5 miles from the Tampa International Airport. Complimentary
transportation from the airport to the hotel is provided by the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza. Taxicab
is an alternative to the hotel shuttle. The fare would be approximately $10.00 plus tip one-way.
Attendees/chapters should make their own arrangements to fly into the Tampa International Airport. Arrival
should be scheduled to allow enough time for hotel and Forum registration prior to the opening session.
Registration begins at 4:00 pm and the Forum begins with dinner at 5:30pm Thursday, February 4, 2010.
Departure times from the hotel should be scheduled no earlier than 12:00 noon, Sunday, February 7, 2010.
                                   BETA GAMMA SIGMA
                                      Student Leadership Forum
                                       Student Information Sheet
Date & Times:
        Thursday, February 4, 2010
            o Registration opens at 4:00pm
            o Dinner served at 5:30pm
            o Opening session begins at 6:00pm
            o Arrive early enough to register at the hotel and at the Forum registration desk

        Sunday, February 7, 2010
            o Forum ends at 12:00 noon
            o Plan to depart the hotel no earlier than 12:00 noon

Please note: Breaks and limited free time are built into the schedule. Attendees are expected to attend and participate
in all meeting sessions. Our program is planned to keep the participants busy morning to night, so if you hope to do
some sightseeing while in Tampa, you should plan to arrive a bit early or stay a bit longer.

        Renaissance Tampa Hotel International Plaza
         4200 Jim Walter Boulevard
         Tampa, FL 33607

        Lodging arrangements for the nights of Thursday, Friday & Saturday, February 4, 5, & 6 will be made by Beta
         Gamma Sigma. If you have additional lodging needs, please contact the Central Office. All lodging
         arrangements for the Renaissance Concourse Hotel must be made by Beta Gamma Sigma.

        Lodging based on double occupancy (room assignments made by Beta Gamma Sigma)

        Hotel facilities/amenities include fitness center and indoor & outdoor pool at no cost. High speed internet access
         available in sleeping rooms at $12.95 per day.

Airfare Discounts:
        Discounted airfare (5% off published fares – deeply discounted fares do not apply) from American Airlines is
         available to all participants. This discount is available for flights into Tampa between February 1-10, 2010. To
         receive this discount, the following authorization code should be used (A2120AH). The code can be used when
         making arrangements both by phone and online.

Ground Transportation: (to/from Tampa International Airport)
        The Renaissance Tampa Hotel Shuttle is available to/from Tampa International Airport. This Shuttle is a
         complimentary service provided by the Hotel. The shuttle runs every half hour between 5am and 1am daily. When
         arriving at the Tampa Airport please follow signs to baggage claim/ground transportation. There you will find a
         kiosk with various hotels listed and a direct dial number (Renaissance Tampa Hotel is 45) that will connect you to
         request the shuttle.

        Taxicab is an alternative to the Renaissance Shuttle. Average fare to the Renaissance Tampa Hotel is $10 from
         the airport one-way plus tip.

What to bring:
        Camera
        Shirt/T-shirt/Sweatshirt with your school logo/name (for group photo)

What to wear:
        Casual clothing-nice jeans, khakis
        Lightweight jacket

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