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Possible sales scripts for book, Little Moments Big Magic

All Staff Messages: (email)

   1. Initial notification of book release-
      Dear Staff,
      As you might already know, the book, Little Moments Big Magic – Inspirational Stories
      of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Magic They Create was released this past June
      and is now available to the general public.
      This “chicken soup for the soul” type book includes 100 stories of long-term matches
      throughout the United States. <Insert here the page number, photo, and a short synopsis
      of local story included in the book when appropriate>
      We now have the opportunity to use this wonderful tool to locally recruit and raise
              Please refer this website to your contacts (Bigs, Parents, family, friends, etc)
       For every book sold in our service area, we will receive $7 per book!
       Thank you for your support!

   2. Secondary messages to staff- Regarding Corporate Leads:
      Dear Staff:
      In an attempt to invite our corporate partners to enjoy our book and pass it on, we are
      implementing a “Lobby Campaign.” We would like to get a copy of our book in every
      viable corporate lobby where we have a friendly contact…so, if you have a volunteer or
      contact at such a corporation, please send their name and number to
      _________________. We’ll handle the rest and keep you posted on the “Lobby
      Campaign” success.
      Thank you for your support.
      Remember to send book customers to littlemoments.org

   3. A flier template to staff is also attached… remember that it is customized for the
      BBBSAZ agency, so please make modifications to meet your local needs. (entitled:
      azflier for staff)

Board Member Messages:

       1. Initial message
          Dear Board Members,
          We have a treat for you! Our 100 th anniversary of the Big Brothers Big Sisters
          movement is being celebrated through a newly released “chicken soup for the soul”
          type book, Little Moments Big Magic – Inspirational Stories of Big Brothers and
          Big Sisters and the Magic They Create. This book is a phenomenal compilation of
          100 amazing matches throughout the U.S.
                     We invite you to order your personal copy at littlemoments.org
   By ordering this book and making it visible at your place of employment, etc. you will
   be increasing awareness of our mission as well as making a contribution to our local
   agency! For every book sold in our service area, $7 will automatically be donated
   back to us! It’s a win-win situation.
   So thank you for supporting us once again – and don’t forget to pass the good news

2. Board Member Holiday Campaign
   Dear Board Members,
   With the holidays knocking on our back door, we would like to suggest that you and
   your colleagues consider sending copies of our book, Little Moments Big Magic to
   those on your gift list!
   Should this idea appeal to you, call _<internal contact__ at _phone #___ to arrange
   ordering, delivery, etc.
   *** Note to agency: you can negotiate here on price of book – remember you have a
   margin of profit to work around depending on how much you want to make off each
   book… if you order at wholesale ($12.95 and turnaround and sell the book for any
   amount over that price, you are still making money…
   *** Note to agency: this program can be fun if you offer to get a group of volunteers
   together to do the wrapping and delivering of the book!

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