14-Day Touchback Process Script by krl73146


									                        14-Day Touchback Process Script
                                             September 30, 2009

14-Day Touchback Process
 1.   Describe touchback process
 2.   Review three-week work search progress
 3.   Review other responsibilities progress
 4.   Prepare applicant for eligibility interview appointment
 5.   Summarize / close call

  Process                       Rationale                            Suggested Script
  1. If returning a call to a                                        I am calling in response to your
  client wishing to                                                  request for your 14-day touchback
  proceed with 14-day                                                request. The process will take a
  touchback, query the                                               few minutes, is this a convenient
  client to ensure this is a                                         time to review?
  convenient time to have
  the conversation.

  2. Describe 14-day            Confirm applicant is contacting at   Note: The ministry must be proactive
  touchback process             the 14-day point. If contacting      in identifying any immediate need.
                                early, advise them of the date       Any time an applicant’s
                                they should be reconnecting.         circumstances change, then the
                                Explain steps involved in            ministry should consider whether a
                                touchback.                           reassessment is required.

                                                                     This is your 14-day touchback
                                MIS: Refer to date from PA file.     session for confirming that:

                                                                         All adult applicants are
                                                                         continuing with their ministry
                                                                         directed work search
                                                                         All adult applicants have
                                                                         completed the ministry
                                                                         orientation session
                                                                         Review other responsibilities
                                                                         Complete Family Maintenance
                                                                         Prepare eligibility interview
                                                                         appointment (intake)

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Process                Rationale                              Suggested Script
3. Review three-week   Review the results of the work         You may be scheduled for an
work search progress   search, as per the agreed upon         eligibility interview once you have
                       activities on the PA HST screen.       completed a satisfactory work
                                                              search. You may be denied an
                       Use the Three-Week Work                interview if your work search is
                       Search Review (HSD3116) to             unsatisfactory.
                       assist you in determining a            (Review progress to date.)
                       satisfactory work search.
                                                              If three-week work search is
                       Advise that if not completed, it       satisfactory:
                       may result in delay or denial of an    It appears that you have completed
                       eligibility interview.                 all of your work search activities as
                                                              directed by the ministry. We can now
                       Decide whether or not the work         schedule your eligibility interview
                       search is satisfactory.                appointment. In the meantime, you
                       (Note: Consider if the applicant       are still required to search for work.
                       has a disability or other mitigating   If you do not contact us or attend
                       circumstances that may affect the      your appointment, we will assume
                       work search.)                          that you no longer require
                                                              assistance. If at anytime you would
                       CTS/MIS: Comment relevant              like to cancel your appointment,
                       details on the PA file.                please advise us so we may
                                                              schedule someone else in your

                       Note: Discuss the gaps in the          If three-week work search is
                       work search activities and then        unsatisfactory, but an attempt has
                       instruct the applicant on what         been made:
                       further activities are required in     Although you have completed some
                       the final week to ensure that the      (many) of the activities on your three-
                       three-week work search is              week work search, you are not on
                       satisfactory.                          track to complete all the required

                       Note: Worker to consider if            Is there anything that affected your
                       applicant has any limitations          ability to complete the work search?
                       which may impact an effective
                       work search.                           If three-week work search is
                                                              unsatisfactory and little to no attempt
                                                              has been made (few or no activities
                                                              A satisfactory work search is
                                                              required in order to proceed with an
                                                              application for income assistance.
                                                              Please explain why you were unable
                                                              to complete the activities?

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Process                Rationale                          Suggested Script
                                                          (If explanation is unreasonable,
                                                          advise applicant of the three-week
                                                          work search requirement and
                                                          reschedule a 14-day touch back
                                                          session. Offer applicant a written
                                                          decision and advise applicant of the
                                                          right to reconsideration.)
4. Review other        Confirm orientation number.        Please provide the confirmation
responsibilities       Check validity using Web           number you received after
progress               Orientation Validator (if          completing the web orientation?
                       applicable).                       What date did you do this on? (If
                                                          they do not have this, ask them to
                                                          submit it before the interview date to
                                                          avoid delay.)

                       If applicant was advised to        If previously advised to access other
                       access other income, ensure that   income: Earlier in the process the
                       appropriate steps have been        need for you to apply for [other
                       taken.                             income source] was discussed. Can
                                                          you please provide the status of your
                                                          efforts to date?

                       Review progress with obtaining     Did you have success obtaining
                       documentation required for 2-      documentation to prove that you
                       Year Independence Rule.            meet the requirements of the 2-Year
                                                          Independence Rule?

                       Ask if Direct Deposit Request      Have you completed your Direct
                       form HSD2648 has been              Deposit Request form?
                                                          Note: If not, review benefits of direct
                       Direct Deposits Benefits           deposit with applicant.

                       Direct Deposit Brochure

                       CTS/MIS: Comment relevant
                       details on the PA file.

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Process                    Rationale                              Suggested Script
5. Prepare applicant for   Explain upcoming eligibility           Please confirm that you intend to
eligibility interview      interview process                      continue with an application
(intake)                                                          appointment. (If no, exit process.)

                                                                  The purpose of eligibility interview
                                                                  appointment is to determine your
                                                                  eligibility for assistance. We will
                                                                  gather additional information and
                                                                  review documentation that you are
                                                                  required to submit at the time of the
                                                                  interview. Please be aware that any
                           CTS/MIS: Comment relevant              missing documentation may delay
                           details on the PA file.                your application.

                           Review some of the more                In order to help you collect the
                           commonly forgotten documents           information, I will explain some of the
                           from the Information /                 documents that will be required at
                           Documentation Checklist                that appointment. Any items that do
                           (HSD3034).                             apply to you are required for your
                                                                  eligibility interview, to enable the
                                                                  ministry to make an eligibility
                                                                  decision. (Review some commonly
                                                                  neglected items.) Some of these
                                                                  items may not apply to your situation.

                           Ask any questions that have            We have had various reports run
                           arisen out of 3rd Party Checks         since your last contact with us:
                           (Note: This is for information         Equifax, ICBC, BC Assessment
                           gathering purposes and not to          Authority, Personal Property
                           make a final eligibility decision.)    Registry, and Canada Revenue
                           Client questions around eligibility    Agency. I now have some questions
                           should be deferred to the EAW          to clarify…..
                           completing the final interview.
                                                                  Your eligibility interview appointment
                           Book an eligibility interview – the    will be on (Stage 2 appointment date
                           PA file indicates the first date the   from PA file indicates first date the
                           applicant is eligible for an           applicant is eligible to have an
                           interview. Book an interview on,       appointment). Please try to arrive
                           or the first available space after,    early for your appointment. If you
                           that date.                             are late, you may be forced to
                           CTS/MIS: Comment relevant
                           details on the PA file. Refer to
                           PRE screen to establish date.

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Process                Rationale                          Suggested Script
6. Summarize / close                                      You have now completed the 14-day
call                                                      touch back session. In the
                                                          meantime, please ensure you
                                                          continue your work search. If you
                                                          are still in need of assistance at the
                                                          time of your scheduled eligibility
                                                          interview, then please come fully

                                                          If, in the meantime, your
                                                          circumstances change and you have
                                                          an immediate need for food, shelter
                                                          or urgent medical attention, please
                                                          come back and we will do a
                                                          reassessment as to whether you
                                                          must complete the rest of your three-
                                                          week work search.

                       Discuss service options with       You have the option to reach us by
                       client (remote or face-to-face).   phone or in person for any future

                                                          If you do not wish to attend the
                                                          eligibility interview to complete your
                                                          application process, we ask that you
                                                          contact the ministry to cancel your
                                                          appointment, so we can schedule
                                                          someone else.

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