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					        Daily Outline 7th Grade Math
 “With self-discipline most anything is possible” Theodore
 Be Prepared: Activote (Should be on your desk, please take care of
  these), pencil, portfolio, paper, math book, good attitude
 Planner Out: copy homework assignment or anything in homework
 Review Objectives: plan ahead and have things ready that are going to
  be discussed (math book open to the right lesson, homework out, etc.)
 Portfolio Out: Write down “I can statement” on your “I Can
  Reflections”(look at standard to figure this out), make sure portfolio
  looks nice
 Bell Work: Should be done on your notes
 Correcting Lessons: Mark answers you got wrong and show
 Lesson & Notes: Include: lesson title, vocabulary, key concepts and
  any activote examples we do in class.
 Homework Time: work quietly on assignment, if you need help follow
  the four rules:
     1. Look in your book for help (example questions)
     2. Look at your notes
     3. Ask a partner (only during homework time): make sure you are
        discussing math
     4. Ask teacher
 Homework Expectations: All Assignments Must..
     1. Proper Heading & Lesson Title
     2. KWL, Vocabulary, Notes
     3. Questions written out
     4. Work shown
     5. Answers circled
 MYD: Absolutely no talking, give points and clean up area after you
  give points.