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					                East Cheshire NHS Trust Patient and Public
                           Involvement Forum
                        Meeting Monday 20th December 2004
                  New Horizons Centre, Henderson Street, Macclesfield
                                  1.30pm - 4.30pm

Audrey Davies
Brian Jolley
Marjorie Taylor
Roy Thomas
Barrie Towse – Chair

In attendance:
Andy Harrison - Forum Support Organisation

Prior to the formal meeting Carol Seddon, Patient Services Manager for the Trust, outlined the waiting
times standards the Trust was required to meet, in particular the 17 week standard for first
appointments, and explained the process for "partial and full bookings" and explained the problems
which could arise in meeting the Patient's Charter standard that patients should be seen within 30
minutes of their appointment.

8.1    Apologies
       Apologies received from Donald Ashwood, Raymond Walker, Jude Griffiths, Pauline Stuart.

8.2    Minutes of Previous Meeting

      Minutes of previous meeting on 15th November 2004 agreed.

8.3    Matters Arising

      8.3.1   Under item 7.10, noted response from Dr Wills and members asked that leaflets
              provided by Dr Wills with his reply should be placed on the Forum library shelf at the
              FSO together with other items for members to look at. Action: Andy Harrison
8.4   NHS Trust Board Report Back

      BT reported back on the November Trust Board meeting. The main concern was that the Trust
      forecast financial position was for a £7.25m overspend by April 2005. The Board meeting was
      also concerned with a report on management of asbestos in the hospital, including where it
      existed in new areas of the building.

      Barrie had sent her apologies and had been unable to attend the December Board Meeting. It
      was agreed that in future a representative from the Forum would deputize for Barrie in
      attending the Trust Board meetings when Barrie could not attend and the Trust Board had been
      informed of this.

      Members requested that venues and dates for future Board meetings for both Trusts be obtained
      and publicised to all Forum members.

8.5   Regional Event
      BT reported that a very good aspect of this event had been the opportunity to network with
      Forum members form other areas. At the event the issue of development monies available to
      forums had been raised. Members agreed to hold a further Forum meeting on the 19th January at
      1.30pm to develop a submission for development money that would involve an investigative/
      research approach. Members asked that formats and guidelines for applications be distributed to
      members before the meeting. A venue was to be arranged as a suitable room was not available
      on this date at Henderson Street.

      Members also asked which entrance at Knutsford Hospital would be used for the meeting in
      public on the 17th January. Action: Andy Harrison

8.6   Tackling Diabetes in Cheshire
      Members noted this review report from the County Health Scrutiny Sub-Committee and the
      intention of the Committee to return to the topic in 12 months. The Scrutiny committee would
      also welcome comments on the report from Forum members.

8.7   Monitoring and Visits
      Pauline Stuart, Brian Jolley, and Raymond Walker had attended Commission training on this
      subject. Members noted Ray’s written report and that he was unhappy with the quality of the
      training he had received. Pauline had given a brief verbal comment to Barrie and said that she
      felt there had not been enough depth in the training but liked the accompanying paperwork.
      Brian had thought the course was very good especially for someone new to the subject such as
      himself. He had also liked the idea that attendees received a certificate of completion. Members
      requesting and receiving course Self Briefing packs: Barrie Towse, Roy Thomas, Audrey
      Davies, Marjorie Taylor.
      There has been no response received yet from the NHS Trust on the Forum Accident and
      Emergency Department return visit report or on the subject of maintenance at Congleton War
      Memorial Hospital.

      Members felt that the familiarisation visits to Congleton War Memorial and Knutsford Cottage
      hospitals had been very good. And members had been made to feel very welcome by staff.
      Members noted that Knutsford had a very good Physiotherapy department and that their
      patients were every old. MT had sent a thank you email to Chris Jervis for staff at Knutsford
      and Pauline Stuart had sent a letter on the Congleton visit.

      Members requested a running schedule of events/activity such as familiarization visits that
      could be regularly updated. Pauline had mentioned to MT that she would be willing to assist in
      helping to coordinate this schedule and visit attendances.

      It had been noticed during the visit to Knutsford that no engaged/vacant notices were on the
      toilet doors. Action: B.T. to speak with Lyn Bailey

8.8   Manchester Children’s Services Review
      Carolyn Ainsworth from the PCT PPI Forum had attended the Manchester Conference and
      provided written feedback. January 18th is next meeting of this review group and it will be held
      at Gateway House in Manchester. MT and BT would be attending. Action: MT and BT

8.9   Pain Management Sub Group
      Members noted the report received from JG of minutes of the last sub group meeting. It was
      agreed that any comments on PCT communications should be through the sub group. Members
      were pleased to note that a further letter to the PCT had been written seeking clarification

9.0   Future speakers
      Andy Harrison agreed to approach Karen Buckley, NHS Trust lead for Cancer Services, to ask
      if she would speak at the Meeting in Public on the 17th January. The areas Karen might cover
      included standards for cancer care, involvement with other hospitals and cancer referrals.
      Action: Andy Harrison.

      Members requested that publicity for the meeting in public be simpler with less information on
      the poster. Action: Andy Harrison

9.1   A.O.B.

      The Forum decided to move directly to A.O.B. due to time constraints and consider the issue of
      the visit to the local Dialysis unit. MT is co-coordinating this visit which is arranged for
      Thursday 6th January at 2.30pm meeting in the Hospitals Main Reception at 2.00pm. Any
      member wanting to participate in this visit should register interest by contacting MT direct or
      the FSO.
Date and Time of Next Meeting (Meeting in Public)
Monday 17th January 1.30pm – 4.30pm, Multi function Room 3, Knutsford Community Hospital.

Approved on behalf of East Cheshire NHS Trust PPI Forum by:

Chairman/Deputy Chair