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2009 School RepoRt to the community
                                                                   St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                                  2009 School Report to the Community

Welcome to our School                                    Highlights of the Year
Welcome to St Patrick's Parish School, Cooma!            Schools are constantly changing environments and
                                                         that has been the keynote of St Patrick's in 2009.
The vision statement for our school is ‘A School with    The long awaited building program has finally come
Altitude’ and this is reflected in the opportunities     to fruition with the relocation of the previous Infants
available to our students in a Christ-centred            Campus from Cooma North to the main school site
environment across all years from Kindergarten to        in early Term 4. This coincided with an extensive
Year 10. We aim to develop the whole child through       refurbishment program of the Stage 2 and 3
spiritual, academic, social and physical enrichment.     buildings and the main administration and staff
Our students are able to aim to reach their full         amenities area on the Secondary Campus.
potential in a supportive, pastoral environment          Subsequent to this was the erection of shade
which is guided by qualified and dedicated staff         structures and landscaping through the federal
members.                                                 Building the Education Revolution program.
The school ethos is evident in our strong links with     Technology updates have occurred throughout the
the St Patrick’s Parish through such activities as the   school with a new computer lab on the Secondary
sacramental program, Masses, liturgies and               Campus and new interactive whiteboards and
community outreach. The religious education              computers in Primary.
program ’Treasures New and Old’ forms the basis          Student involvement and extension have been
for religious instruction in our school.                 evident consistently during 2009 in a broad diversity
Academic rigour is a feature of St Patrick’s and this    of areas. These have included:
is reflected in the very sound results achieved by       •          Strengthened parish links through the
our students in external and optional testing            sacramental program
regimes. The majority of our NAPLAN results are          •          Southern Region Public Speaking (Stage 2
above national average and our School Certificate        and Stage 3)
results are outstanding. In the Primary school we        •          Catholic Youth Ministry
have staged classes up to Year 6, and in the             •          Targeted pastoral programs
Secondary school we have a broad range of core           •          Premier’s Reading Challenge
and elective subjects to satisfy Board of Studies        •          Tournament of Minds (Primary and
requirements. An integral part of the academic focus     Secondary)
is the presence of rigorous plans in literacy and        •          Values in Sport forum
numeracy. Our recent targeting of numeracy across        •          Primary Archdiocesan Netball and Soccer
the whole school has seen our NAPLAN numeracy            carnivals
results being above national average in all of Years     •          Interschools Snowsports, Gymkhana and
3, 5, 7 and 9.                                           Athletics
The holistic education delivered at St Patrick’s aims    •          ACT debating competition
to develop each child’s gifts and talents and this is
significantly enhanced by our extensive extra-           Our students have many opportunities to compete at
curricular program. Our students are challenged to       a local, regional and national level thanks to the
aim for their best in areas as diverse as traditional    commitment and encouragement of a dedicated
sporting activities, public speaking, debating, visual   staff and the support of a wonderful parent body.
arts, lateral thinking, snowsports, gymkhana and
academic competitions, to name but a few.

                                                                        St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                                       2009 School Report to the Community

Principal's Report                                             School Community
2009 has been a most eventful year in the history of St        The School Board for 2009 had a membership of
Patrick’s Parish School, Cooma, with the                       12 comprising the Principal and Deputy Principal, a
amalgamation of the previously decentralised                   teacher representative, Parish Priest and 8 parent
campuses around the one central site, adjacent to St           representatives including a P & F Delegate. The
Patrick’s Parish Church. Buildings and refurbishments          Board had 5 meetings with an attendance record of
have led to contemporary learning environments that            approximately 82%. This high attendance rate is
will stand the school in good stead for years to come.         considered a testimony to the dedication of the
As part of this transition process the closure of the          members.
Infants Campus at Cooma North was an emotional                 During 2009 Mr Phil Stubbs, our Acting Principal,
and eventful experience, with many previous teachers           was successful with his application for the
and ex-students in attendance.                                 permanent position as Principal. The School Board
The reuniting of the school around the church is               is delighted Mr Stubbs has been appointed and
significant in that it is our spiritual base. Our links with   remains as the leader of our school. He has the
the parish are active and real; through our involvement        Board’s full support and confidence.
in the parish sacramental program, class Masses and            A highlight of the year was the completion and
liturgies, as well as classroom visits by our Parish           occupation of the new and refurbished infants and
priest , Father Paul, we have continued to nourish the         primary campus. The project is the culmination of
faith dimension in our children. This has been                 much hard work by past and present principals,
reinforced in the classroom through our religious              deputy principals, parish priests and parents. It will
education program ‘Treasures New and Old’.                     be a great asset to the ongoing viability of the
Pastoral initiatives have been a keynote of 2009 with          school.
programs targeting the development of resilience and           St Patrick’s continues to be in a strong financial
mutual respect, particularly amongst the secondary             position.
students who undertook the 'Boys to Men' and                   Through the year the School was host to many
'Butterfly Effect' courses.                                    events including a visit by the Director of the
As a ‘School with Altitude’ our commitment has been            Catholic Education Office, Mrs Moira Nadjecki and
to challenge every child to achieve their best and the         the Southern Regional Principals’ Conference with
means of doing this have been many and varied,                 catering provided by the P & F. The School Board
whether through the academic focus in class or                 recognises the success of these functions and fully
involvement in the vast range of extra-curricular              supports them as they are considered to lift the
activities available to our students. Our external             profile of St Patrick’s, Cooma within the
performance in national tests and competitions                 Archdiocese.
continues to be very sound and allows our students to          A new Parish Council has been formed by the St
moderate their performance against other students              Patrick’s Parish family and we thank Fr Paul
around Australia. Extra-curricular options for students        Huthnance for his continued participation and
have been broad and varied throughout 2009 and for             contribution to the School Board and for providing
this we must thank our dedicated staff for their               an active link between the Parish and the School.
generosity of time and guidance. The exciting events
of 2009 augur well for the future of St Patrick's as a         Bernard A Sullivan
continuing centre of excellence in 2010 and beyond.            Chairperson

                                                                     St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                                     2009 School Report to the Community

Student Achievement
The following tables show the school’s results in the national testing of literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN) in 2009.

School and National Mean Scale Scores

                                                                          Grammar &
              YEAR 3          Reading         Writing        Spelling                      Numeracy
              National           411            414            405             420            394

               School            408            422            386             412            399

                                                                          Grammar &
              YEAR 5          Reading         Writing        Spelling                      Numeracy
              National           494            485            487             500            487

               School            487            478            480             502            493

                                                                          Grammar &
              YEAR 7          Reading         Writing        Spelling                      Numeracy
              National           541            533            540             540            544

               School            549            544            544             560            560

                                                                          Grammar &
              YEAR 9          Reading         Writing        Spelling                      Numeracy
              National           580            569            576             574            589

               School            611            589            593             610            637

The above tables show that, in the majority of areas, we are performing above the national average, and in many
areas in Year 7 and 9 significantly so. Our 2009 focus on numeracy across Kindergarten to Year 10 is evident in
the fact that all our numeracy performances are above the national average.

                                                                         St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                                      2009 School Report to the Community

Proportion of students at or above the National Minimum Standard

                                                                            Grammar &
               YEAR 3         Reading         Writing        Spelling                       Numeracy
              National          94%             96%            92%             93%             94%

               School           100%           100%            100%            93%             96%

                                                                            Grammar &
               YEAR 5          Reading         Writing        Spelling                      Numeracy
               National          92%            93%             92%            92%             94%

               School            93%            95%             93%            98%             95%

                                                                            Grammar &
               YEAR 7         Reading         Writing        Spelling                       Numeracy
              National          94%             93%            93%             92%             95%

               School           97%            100%            100%            100%           100%

                                                                            Grammar &
               YEAR 9          Reading         Writing        Spelling                      Numeracy
               National          92%            88%             90%            90%             95%

               School           100%            98%             95%            98%            100%

The above tables show that the proportion of our students achieving above the National Minimum Standard was
higher than the national average across all year levels. In many areas tested, all of our students are achieving at
or above the National Minimum Standard.

                                                             St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                         2009 School Report to the Community

Proportion of students in each Achievement Band

                                                                Grammar &
             YEAR 3       Reading       Writing   Spelling                    Numeracy
             Band 6         15%          19%        4%             11%          15%

             Band 5         19%          26%       22%             26%          19%

             Band 4         30%          41%       26%             41%          26%

             Band 3         22%           4%       30%             11%          30%

             Band 2         15%          11%       19%              4%          7%

             Band 1         0%            0%        0%              7%          4%

                                                                Grammar &
             YEAR 5       Reading       Writing   Spelling                    Numeracy
             Band 8         5%            5%        0%              5%          5%

             Band 7         25%          15%       28%             25%          28%

             Band 6         20%          38%       25%             43%          30%

             Band 5         38%          20%       30%             15%          23%

             Band 4         5%           18%       10%             10%          10%

             Band 3         8%            5%        8%              3%          5%

                                                                Grammar &
             YEAR 7       Reading       Writing   Spelling                    Numeracy
             Band 9         5%           10%        3%             23%          5%

             Band 8         23%          18%       13%              3%          24%

             Band 7         33%          18%       51%             41%          45%

             Band 6         28%          49%       28%             23%          26%

             Band 5         8%            5%        5%             10%          0%

             Band 4         3%            0%        0%              0%          0%

                                                                      St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                                   2009 School Report to the Community

                                                                         Grammar &
              YEAR 9         Reading         Writing       Spelling                     Numeracy
              Band 10           5%            10%            13%            10%            20%

               Band 9          33%            18%            15%            20%            30%

               Band 8          28%            25%            28%            38%            40%

               Band 7          30%            20%            25%            20%            8%

               Band 6           5%            25%            15%            10%            3%

               Band 5           0%             3%             5%             3%            0%

The above tables show that, in Year 3 in all areas except Spelling, we have a large proportion of students
achieving in the top two bands. In Year 5 most students have achieved results in the middle and upper
achievement bands. The proportion of students in the upper two bands in Numeracy in Year 5 is greater than that
in other areas.

In Year 7 and Year 9, results for Reading, Writing and Grammar & Punctuation in the top two bands indicate
students have performed very well. In Year 9, the Numeracy results are outstanding with half of the cohort
scoring in the upper two bands. Scores in the top two bands were achieved by more than 25% of Year 9
students in every area.

                                                             St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                             2009 School Report to the Community

Student Wellbeing and
The positive, affirming environment of St Patrick's is of
paramount importance at our school. Our school motto
is ‘Strength in Gentleness’ and we aim to reflect this in
the way that we relate to each other, both as staff and
students. Every school community is unique and ours
is no different:
• we have an equal gender balance across the school
• we have no recorded indigenous enrolments
• our multicultural base is such that very few students
come from a non-English speaking background
• wide socio-economic variability is evident through
the school and local community

Classroom teachers are responsible for behaviour
management within their own room. Students who are
actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences
will rarely need disciplining. In maintaining positive and
cooperative behaviour, teachers have two aims: the
establishment of acceptable behaviour and the
reduction of unacceptable behaviour. Our teachers are
familiar with contemporary methods of behaviour
management and we have recently extended our pro-
active approach to student welfare by involving our
students in programs such as Boys to Men and the
Butterfly Effect
Pastoral care is the responsibility of every teacher and
the size of our school is conducive to effective
management in this regard.

                                                                        St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                                       2009 School Report to the Community

Priorities and Targets
The strategic priority for 2009 was the centralisation of the previously decentralised school campuses around the
one site adjacent to St Patrick’s Parish Church. This has been effected and the resulting transition has been
advantageous for both staff and students alike. Part of this centralisation process was the total refurbishment of
the K-6 Primary Campus. Teachers now have contemporary and aesthetic learning environments that can only
enhance student outcomes. The funding available through the Building the Education Revolution program has
allowed the acquisition of shade structures and this has produced whole-school benefits.
The integration of technology continues at St Patrick’s with some key features evident in 2009:
• the Secondary Computer Laboratory was completely re-equipped with 24 computers under the Digital
Revolution program
• the Primary Learning Technology Centre was equipped with 24 PCs and 3 iMacs through funding provided by
the Parents and Friends Association
• most Primary classrooms now have an interactive whiteboard
• teachers have had access to Country Area Program professional development activities to develop digital
technology awareness and practice

Teaching and learning have been targeted through our literacy and numeracy plans in 2009. The focus on
numeracy is particularly evident whereby all of our school performances in numeracy were above the national
averages in the 2009 NAPLAN tests. The priority for 2010 will be to maintain literacy as a key focus and that
teacher professional development is ongoing to ensure they have the latest pedagogical skills.

A further priority in 2010 will be the emergence of the K-10 identity of the school; preliminary work has been done
in this regard with the aim of looking at school protocols that improve the practice and product across the whole
school community. This will involve a renewed ‘house’ system and structured peer interaction as a starting point.

Literacy and Numeracy
1. Our 2009 NAPLAN results indicate the success of our focus on numeracy across all years. This will be
augmented in 2010 by an increased focus on literacy, combined with appropriate teacher professional
2. The value of a K-10 school can be seen in the recognition of the improvement in student performance from
Year 3 to Year 9. By Year 9 our growth in numeracy and literacy is significant and this is facilitated by tracking the
development of students in the same educational institution. This practice will continue in 2010.
3. The appointment of a K to 10 Coordinator in 2010 will improve the targeting and benchmarking of students
across all years and will facilitate a common approach to implementing best classroom practice throughout the
4. Gender performance will continue to be addressed with the current pattern of boys performing below
expectation in the lower years through to exceptional male performances in the secondary years.
5. The Quality Teaching Framework will continue to be embedded in teaching and learning practice as this will
directly impact on literacy and numeracy enrichment.

                                                              St Patrick‘s Parish Central School
                                                             2009 School Report to the Community

 School Contact Information

 Address:                           Murray Street, Cooma   NSW      2630

 Principal:                         Mr Phil Stubbs

 Parish Priest / School Chaplain:    Father Paul Huthnance PP.
                                      Mrs Lou Mackay (Chaplain)

 School Board / Council Chair:      Mr Bernie Sullivan

 Telephone:                         02 6452 1721

 Fax:                               02 6452 3974


 Web site:                

This report was prepared by:

Phil Stubbs


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