132 St. Patrick Street Toronto, M5T1V1 Tel (416) 393-1455 Fax (416 by fyl43660


									                                        Curriculum Leader(s): Doreen Grover and Robert Ross
       132 St. Patrick Street
                                        Contact School is a full-time academic alternative secondary school. We serve youth who
         Toronto, M5T1V1                have left high school and now want to return; we also serve students who are attending
        Tel: (416) 393-1455             another secondary school but feel they could benefit from a different kind of program. We
       Fax: (416) 393-1454              feature an emphasis on social justice and community, small classes, a free lunch program, 4
                                        intake periods in the year and a mix of full and half credits. Daily attendance is required.

                                        There is a four week trial period for new students during which attendance, work, and
        Gabi Kurzydlowski               behaviour are evaluated. Subsequent evaluations occur every four to five weeks. Staff will
                                        work to help students improve through contracts, tracking sheets, staff student conferences,
                                        guidance and counselling. We have an excellent Child and Youtn Counsellor and two on-call
                                        social workers who are available to help support students. Students participate in the life of
           Gerry McCann                 the school through a weekly general meeting and are encouraged to participate in planning
                                        field trips and special events. Students may attend staff meetings and up to four student
           Beth Hennings                representatives and one parent representative may have voting privileges.

                                        We have an excellent, flexible co-op program to help you achieve credits.

            Sharon Coke                 o    Co-op program during and after school.
                                        o    All students prepare the free lunch on a rotating basis.
                                        o    Emphasis, wherever possible, on a non-heirarchical structure, shared decision making
                                             and shared respect by students and staff in an atmosphere of open communication.
                                        o    Student participation through a weekly general meeting and participate in planning trips
                                             and special events.
                                        o    Four intake periods within the school year. Call the school to find out the date of the
                                             next information session and to check the waiting list.

                                        o   Total number of students:                                                       222
                                        o   Gender:
                                                   Female                                                                   117   53%
            Chris Bolton                           Male                                                                     105   47%
          (416) 397-3100                o   Primary language other than English:                                            42    21%*
                                        o   Students born outside of Canada:
                                                  Students living in Canada for 2 years or less                             0     0%
           Andrea Alimi                           Students living in Canada for 3 - 5 years                                 1     1%
          (416) 394-2050                * Calculation does not include students for whom language information is missing.

           Chris Spence

Contact Alternative School School Year: 2009-2010
             The Toronto District School            In addition to the regular instructional program mandated by The Ontario
             Board (TDSB), in                       Curriculum , our school offers optional programs. Details of these programs can
             partnership with students,             be found in the Choices document available on the TDSB web (TDSB.on.ca). A
             parents, teachers and all              hardcopy is provided to students and parents in January of each year to assist
             our communities, is                    them in choosing courses for the following school year.
             committed to taking
             responsibility for continuous
             improvement of schools.
             This is achieved through:              A variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the
                                                    needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as
                                                    behavioural, communication, intellectual, physical and multiple learning
                                                    disabilities. Students' exceptionalities are identified through a formal review
                                                    process undertaken by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee
             o                                      (IPRC).

                                                                                 Peer Tutoring

             o   Dramatic Arts:
                                                                             o   Fundraisers:
                 Dramatic Arts Festivals, Live Production/Play                   30 Hour Famine, Youth Philanthropy Initiative

             o   Integrated Programs:
                                                                             o   Nutrition Programs:
                 Talent Show                                                     Breakfast Program, Lunch Program, Nutrition
                                                                                 Program, Snack Program
             o   Music:
                 Music Concerts / Performances
                                                                             o   Safe & Caring Schools:
                                                                                 Bully Prevention Program, ESP: Empowered
             o   Visiting Artists:                                               Student Partnerships
                 Drama, Music, Visual Arts
                                                                             o   Social Skills:
             o   Visual Arts:                                                    Character Development Program, Conflict
                 AGO & TDSB Program Collaborations, Artists in                   Management Program
                 the School

                                                                             o   Anti-Racist Education
             o   Ping Pong/Table Tennis
                                                                             o   Assemblies
                                                                             o   Diversity Celebrations
             o   Chess                                                       o   Workshops
             o   Environmental
             o   Fitness Club

                                                                             o   Schools to Future:
             o   Lunch Monitors                                                  Pathways to Education
             o   Student Activity Council:
                 Student designed and run
                                                                             o   SPIRE
             o   Student Leadership:
                                                                             o   Transitions Guest Speakers
                 Student centred design

                                                                             o   Credit Rescue
             o   Sears Drama Festival:
                 Drama program

             o   School Based:

Contact Alternative School School Year: 2009-2010
                                           The primary purpose of student assessment is to improve learning.
   Information about the                   Assessment has the greatest potential to improve learning when it is an
   success of our programs                 integral part of classroom activities. Teachers assess student progress
   comes from a wide variety               towards achieving the expectations on an ongoing basis by using
   of student assessments.                 strategies such as projects, class presentations, homework assignments,
   These assessments are                   classroom observations, portfolios of student work, and tests.
   based on clear
   expectations for all                    Schools use assessment information and information from other sources
   learners, consistent with               to make informed decisions for school improvement planning. Schools
   those described in The                  identify areas of strength as well as areas that require improvement. Input
   Ontario Curriculum.                     is obtained from a variety of sources such as student assessments,
                                           teacher feedback, parent feedback, and community surveys. In this way,
                                           schools monitor, celebrate and improve their efforts in providing a
                                           supportive and challenging learning environment for all their students.

 Two Social Justice Days in the school year based on
 equity themes such as Racism, Gender Equity,
 Homophobia and Classism.

 Two special days focussing on building community
 and community service

 Festive Feast - whole school sit down dinner
 prepared by staff and students.

 Lunch prepared by students for students every day.

 Co-op, in-school or after school.

Contact Alternative School School Year: 2009-2010
              o    Use of the gym at University Settlement Recreation Centre.
              o    Numerous speakers from the community come to our Speaker's Hours and Social Justice Days.

Contact Alternative School School Year: 2009-2010

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