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                                   of St. Patrick

      Published for Pelham’s Saint Patrick Community
                        Winter 2009
                                                   Dear friends of St. Patrick School,
           SPIRIT                                  As our school year continues on the course of success, we
                                                   hope that this edition of SPIRIT magazine demonstrates
                Winter 2009                        both the effort and the fun that our staff invests in the
                 Volume 2                          children of St. Patrick School, providing them with first-rate
                  Issue 1                          learning experiences. Although the recent weather patterns
                                                   and the failing economy continue to present us with
                                                   on-going challenges, our mission to give our children the
                                                   best keeps us steadfast, focused and grounded.

                                                   The fall and winter programs that are featured in this edition
                                                   have equaled in success to the programs of past years, and
                                                   these unique types of meaningful offerings continue to
SPIRIT is published three times a year by the      attract new students and families to our school at all grade
Advancement Office and is mailed free of           levels. Even in this difficult economic time, St. Patrick
charge to alumni, families, and friends of Saint   School remains a magnet to families in the surrounding
Patrick School.                                    towns who value Catholic education, and we, as a
                                                   community of faith, remain committed to helping these
We encourage your feedback! Please send            families have Catholic education become a reality for their
all correspondences to:                            children.

            Advancement Office                     Once again, as you review this issue of SPIRIT magazine,
            Saint Patrick School                   please accept our appreciation for your continuing
              16 Main Street                       contributions to our school. Every donation is used to
            Pelham, NH 03076                       support our tuition structure. Your donations and
                                                   sponsorship help to keep the per pupil costs for our families
                                                   at an affordable rate.

                                                   Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers
                                                   throughout this year, and have a great winter season!

            School Principal
                                                   Roger G. Dumont
             Roger G. Dumont                       Principal
         School Advisory Board

          Ken Eaves, chairman
       Laurie Hogan, vice-chairman                       ON THE COVER
             Sandi O’Connell
               John Berard                                                   Chris Gamble, Anthony Bazzinotti,
            Pamela McCarthy                                                  and Alicia Bilsky work at the new
             Robin Letendre                                                  computers in the library.
              Therese Soucy
              Winifred Annis                                                 New computers in the library are
              Kevin Kelleher                                                 among several recent physical
                                                                             improvements at Saint Patrick
                                                                             School. See pages 3 and 4 for the
                                                                             full story on Saint Patrick School’s

1 SPIRIT Winter 2009
                                     LEFT: An annual event, Kids Go
                                     Shopping offers students an
                                     opportunity to shop for Christmas
                                     gifts for their parents, siblings,
                                     grandparents, and other loved
                                     ones in the safety of Saint Patrick
                                     School’s library. Students like
                                     Madison and Kayla Laurent enjoy
                                     the independence of shopping
                                     without their parents and the
                                     responsibility that goes along with
                                     handling money.

                                                                           ABOVE: Steve Toscano and the
                                                                           Saint Patrick School’s boys soccer
                                                                           team qualified for the Tri-County
                                                                           League Championships after
                                                                           several exciting upsets. These
                                                                           included victories against Henry W.
                                                                           Moore Middle School from
                                                                           Candia (7-5) and Wilton-
                                                                           Lyndeborough Cooperative School
                                                                           in Wilton (5-2). The squad
                                                                           completed the regular season with
                                    ABOVE: Under the direction             a 5-5 record and then fell in the
                                    of music teachers Carol Yetto          first round of the playoffs.
                                    and Robin Lamoureaux,
                                    students at Saint Patrick
                                    School presented Magic in
                                    the Toy Shop in December.

RIGHT: Saint Patrick School’s
Winter Enrichment program runs for
five weeks in January and February.
On Mondays, students in grades 3-8
are dismissed early to participate in
special activities that include skiing
and snowboarding, cooking, bowling,
learning to play the recorder, playing
basketball, or reviewing movies in the
library. Shown here are students in
Gael Ouellette’s cooking program.

                                                                                    Winter 2009 SPIRIT 2
A Time For Change
Saint Patrick School has undergone a transformation over the past couple of
years. New windows and casings throughout the school; fresh paint; new
desks, tables, and chairs in many classrooms; brand new computers in the
computer lab, library, and classrooms throughout the building; and a host of
other physical improvements have contributed to Saint Patrick School’s
growing popularity.

RIGHT: Saint Patrick School’s grounds also have been improved over the
past few years, as students have been asked to participate in beautifying the
property. A garden near the front entrance of the school is maintained by the
eighth-grade class. Each class is responsible for maintaining an assigned
section of the school’s immense campus.

                                ABOVE: Dawn Pavlini’s warm and welcoming kindergarten classroom is decorated
                                with palm trees and beach balls, serving as a nice contrast to the snow and ice outside
                                her windows, which were installed in 2005 and 2006.

3 SPIRIT Winter 2009
“It is like an extension of my
home. The yard is welcoming,
with no chain link fences and
lots of trees and green grass.”
          -Maria A. Moujaes
         Mother of Ilian and Michael

            ABOVE: Recently, through
            generous gifts by the DeMoulas
            Foundation, the Saint Patrick
            School PTO, and Lieutenant
            Colonel and Mrs. Shawn
            Houlihan, the school installed a
            new circulation desk. The next
            phase of the library improvement
            project is to purchase new
            bookcases. Shown in the photo
            are students Joe St.Cyr, Brian
            Razzetti, and a parent volunteer,
            Celeste Simpson.

            LEFT: Over the past few years,
            Saint Patrick School’s library
            has experienced several
            significant changes. First, new
            windows and casings were
            installed. Then, tables and
            chairs were purchased, where
            students like Alyssa Eaves and
            her classmates are able to study.
            Last summer, a new automated
            cataloging system and new
            computers were added.

                    Winter 2009 SPIRIT 4
Alumni Profile

                                      Caitlin Yankowskas

         Caitlin Yankowskas (c ’04)
and her skating partner have
qualified for the 2009 U.S.
Championships in Cleveland, Ohio.
         In November, she and John
Coughlin won the Midwestern
Sectional Championships. Their
first-place finish in the short program
(54.86) and second-place finish in
the free skate (83.30) gave them
138.16 points and gold medals.
         The pair was featured in the
November 3 issue of Sports
Illustrated. The two-page spread
shows Caitlin and her partner
performing a twist during their short
program at the Skate America
competition in October.

5 SPIRIT Winter 2009
                                                                LEFT: Saint Patrick Parish and School raised $10,500
                                                                at this year’s auction, thanks to the hard work of
                                                                committee members Krista Bassett, Linda Constantin,
                                                                Kathy Jean, Christine Raby, Bill Scanzani, and Therese

                                                                The parish and school auctioned off 91 items that were
                                                                donated by parishioners, school families, local busi-
                                                                nesses, and other friends of the parish and school.

                                                                The night also featured a bead game, where guests
                                                                competed for a 2-night stay at the Rhumb Line Motor
                                                                Lodge in Kennebunkport, ME.

                                                                This year’s theme, The Triple Crown, A Night at the
                                                                Races, also provided lots of opportunities for laughs, as
                                                                guests bet on horses ridden by various members of the

Peter Denio and Aaron Dumont were masters of ceremony for the event, which included a roast of Carol Blazon, the
“heart and soul of Saint Patrick School.”

The event was held at Lenzi’s in Dracut and raised $10,500 for the school and the church.

        RIGHT: Zachary Bassett, an eighth grader at SPS, recently placed
        third in the 14-15 age division at the regional NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass
        and Kick competition, which was held at Gillette Stadium during a
        New England Patriots game. Zach qualified for the competition by
        winning local and sectional competitions.

                                                                                            Winter 2009 SPIRIT 6
Harvest Feast 2008

         An annual event at Saint
Patrick School, Harvest Feast gives
second- and third-grade students the
opportunity to particiapte in a
reenactment of the day that we often
refer to as “The First Thanksgiving,”
when the Pilgrims feasted with the
Native Americans after their first
harvest in 1621.
         Third-grade students, dressed
in Native American costumes, canoe
down Beaver Brook, where they are
greeted by the second-grade Pilgrims.
After a welcoming ceremony,
everybody shares a traditional
Thanksgiving meal that includes
turkey, corn bread, and cranberry

7 SPIRIT Winter 2009
                                                        LEFT: Principal Roger Dumont is joined
                                                        by Peter Denio, Holly Askins, Aaron
                                                        Dumont, and Gael Ouellette.

                                                        BELOW,LEFT: The third-grade class poses with
                                                        their teacher, Gael Ouellette, prior to the event.

                                                        BELOW, RIGHT: Third-grade student Matthew
                                                        Ferrara enjoys his Thanksgiving feast.

ABOVE, LEFT: Tyler Berard, Kayli Keenan, A.J. Caggianelli, and Cameron Michel feast together.

ABOVE, MIDDLE: Second-grade student Kylee Jedraszek is an adorable Pilgrim!

ABOVE, RIGHT: Jack Frey and Austin Wentzel (background) are preparing for the big day.

                                                                                    Winter 2009 SPIRIT 8
Saint Patrick Spirit Fund
   The Saint Patrick Spirit Fund - the annual giving program - is the primary vehicle by which alumni,
   families, and friends help to finance the school's operating budget, which far exceeds the revenues generated by
   tuition. If we ask students and parents to bear the full weight of these costs in the form of tuition and fees, then
   an education from Saint Patrick's will become unaffordable to more and more families. By participating in the
   Saint Patrick Spirit Fund, alumni, families, and friends have an opportunity to allow Saint Patrick's to achieve its
   mission of providing students an excellent and affordable education in the Catholic tradition. We invite all
   members of the Saint Patrick community to invest in our future by making a gift to the Saint Patrick School
   Spirit Fund.

   In 2008, Saint Patrick School was able to complete several important initiatives while maintaining affordable
   tuition costs for its families through the generosity of many alumni, school families, parishioners, members of the
   Pelham community, local businesses, and other friends of Saint Patrick School. SPS thanks you for your
   support of its annual giving program in 2008. Please consider supporting The Saint Patrick Spirit Fund again in

   Thank you to the following individuals for their recent donations:

   DeMoulas Foundation - $2,500
   Saint Patrick School PTO - $1,500
   Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Shawn Houlihan - $1,000
   Steven and Anne Marie Caruso - $250

                Please accept my gift and include me in the next issue of Spirit in the following category:

                                                         Knight ($500 or more)             Visionary ($250 to $499)
                                                         Leader ($100 to $249)             Benefactor ($26 to $99)
                                                                                           Friend (up to $25)

   Name_________________________________________________________ Enclosed is my check for $_________.

   Address___________________________________ City_______________________ State_______ Zip _________

   Telephone _____________________________________________________ Email__________________________

9 SPIRIT Winter 2009
          Saint Patrick Memorial Fund
 Following are memorials that were received between September 15, 2008 and January 15, 2008. Each
 donor is listed following the name of the person in whose memory the contribution was made. We try to report
 our donations without error. However, if you notice an omission or spelling error, please notify us.

 Many donations are received               Anita Boule
  without prompting; however,                     Roland and Theresa Soucy
 friends often make Memorial                                                                Ray Lagasse
gifts when invited to do so. In            Dan Coughlin                                            The Deveau Family
the event of death of a relative,                Steve and Donna Deveau                            The Tully Family
     please consider that the
    following message in the               Harry F. Gorman                                  John Mara, Sr.
 obituary provides a welcome                      Saint Patrick School Staff                      Saint Patrick School Staff
      opportunity to make a
 meaningful and thoughtful gift:           Adam Horan                                       James McDermott
                                                 Dumont Family                                     Saint Patrick School Staff
  “The family suggests that
 memorial donations be made                Pat Keegan                                       Tom O’Connor
 to the Saint Patrick School                      Roger and Patricia Dumont                       Steve and Donna Deveau
      Memorial Fund.”                             Sean and Colleen Tully

  The Saint Patrick Memorial Fund was established to offer a way for individuals to honor the memory
  of departed friends or loved ones. The memorial serves as a meaningful tribute, while helping the many
  students at Saint Patrick School. By participating in the Memorial Fund program, you offer an expression of
  care and concern that will benefit you in two ways. First, you will offer a prompt expression of sympathy.
  Second, you will support a comprehensive educational program that helps our youth prepare for tomorrow.
  If you wish to make a memorial donation then you may use this form. Each gift is acknowledged in several
  ways. You will receive a card, while the family of the deceased is sent a card notifying them of your
  thoughtfulness (The amount of the gift is never disclosed to the family.). Furthermore, future issues of
  Spirit will list memorials from the previous four months. Finally, memorials will be especially remembered
  in the daily prayers of the students and teachers of Saint Patrick School and at a special memorial Mass
  that is celebrated annually.
                Name of Donor                       Address                                                    Zip
  I am enclosing a gift of $_________ . This gift is made in the name of _____________________________________________.
                                                                        Full Name of Person Being Honored or Remembered

  Please notify ______________________________________________________________________________.
                  Name of Family/Friend of Remembered Individual               Address                           Zip

To order additional Memorial Donation Coupons, please check here: _______
                                                     (Coupons will be mailed to address of donor above unless otherwise requested.)
                                       Checks should be made payable to Saint Patrick School.
                          Mail to Saint Patrick School Memorial Fund, 16 Main Street, Pelham, NH, 03076.

                                                                                                       Winter 2009 SPIRIT 10
Catholic Schools Week 2009

                                                         January 25-31
          Office of Advancement
                                                               NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
          Saint Patrick School                                    U.S. POSTAGE
          16 Main Street                                               PAID
          Pelham, NH 03076                                      PELHAM, NH 03076
                                                                   Permit No. 4

If this is addressed to your son or daughter who does
not live at home, please forward this issue and report
the new address to the advancement office.

Address Service Requested

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