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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters


  As an Internet-based business, marketing online, it's a given that you don't
  Spam your customers. You may be bewildered at times, wondering why your
  emails get filtered out, since you are sending them to a legitimate opt-in list
  or sending emails that are not considered spam. You may have even ended up
  on a blacklist through no intentional fault of your own, since you were
  attempting to follow the rules for responsible email marketing.
  Those of us using Maximumsuccess know how frustrating getting emails out
  can be. All the issues with Yahoo, even getting emails out to partners can be a
  problem. Well, RMS deals with the same issues as everyone else in the
  internet world.
  So, what’s the answer…..We just need to educate ourselves and work smarter
  not harder.
  The problem could be Spam filters. With the increase in Spam has come
  increasingly sophisticated guardians against unsolicited emails. These email
  "watch dogs" are used by most Internet Service Providers (ISP's) as well as
  private customers. While this software does block out Spam, it can also block
  legitimate emails as well. Understanding how Spam filters work can help
  prevent non-delivery problems, or being labeled a 'spammer' unfairly.

  Increasingly Sophisticated Filters Mean Less Emails Get Through

  Many ISPs have special routers for their email domains that analyze all
  incoming emails. The router can automatically block emails that come from
  certain addresses (those on the "blacklist" of known spammers), and they will
  also filter out emails that contain certain trigger words in the subject line that
  have been frequently linked to Spam messages.
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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters

  Even if your email gets past the router on your customer's ISP, it may also
  have to get past the filter on your customer's email box. With our increasingly
  sophisticated email programs, people can tell their mailboxes to
  automatically delete messages that have trigger words in the subject lines, or
  that come from the "wrong addresses".
  How Spam filters work

  Normally, email filters examine the words in the email "subject line". This is
  the header that you see when an email shows up in your email box. A good
  subject line can encourage people to actually click on and open an email
  (more on this later), but you need to exercise care when creating your subject
  headings to prevent filtering.

  Frequently, more sophisticated anti-spam methods used by ISPs use a "point
  system" that identifies trigger phrases commonly used by Spam. If an email
  goes over the "points" it is filtered out, and is never delivered to a customer.

  Some of the more commonly used phrases that ISPs and mail clients filter out
  50% off!
  Click Here
  Call now!
  Earn $
  Eliminate Debt
  Double your income
  You're a Winner!
  Reverses Aging
  Information you requested
  "Stop" or "Stops"

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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters
  Lose Weight
  Multi level Marketing
  Million Dollars
  Cash Bonus
  Promise You
  Satisfaction Guaranteed
  Serious Cash
  Search Engine Listings

  There are other problematic phrases that can trigger some Spam filters, or
  start adding "Spam points" to emails sent out, and should be avoided. These

  Act Now!
  All New
  All Natural
  Avoid Bankruptcy
  As Seen On…
  Buy Direct
  Consolidate Your Debt
  Special Promotion
  Easy Terms

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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters
  Get Paid
  Guarantee, Guaranteed
  Great offer
  Give it away, Giving it away
  Join millions
  Meet Singles
  No cost, No fees
  One time
  Online pharmacy
  Online marketing
  Order Now
  Please Read
  Don't Delete
  Save up to
  Time limited
  Unsecured debt or credit
  Visit our web site
  While Supplies last
  Why pay more?
  Work at home
  You've been selected

  Using quotation marks, dollar signs and exclamation points in subject lines
  will frequently trigger mail filters, as well as using all capital letters (shouting).
  You should also never put a toll-free number in the subject line, since that will
  also cause your email to be filtered out by many Spam filters.

  Please be aware that the above lists aren't meant to be comprehensive, and
  only identify some of the more common words and phrases that trigger Spam

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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters
  filters. One way to check? Send an email to yourself.

  Even the most legitimate mailings may cause some customers to cry "Spam".

  By paying careful attention to subject lines, and avoiding those that trigger
  email filters, your emails have a better chance of reaching their inboxes and
  not being filtered out.
  In summary, learning to carefully choose the language of your ads will
  increase your leads as well as help you construct emails which will be more
  likely to reach all of your business partners and customers.

Use Good Grammar and Spell Check

Have you ever received an email advertisement or newsletter that was poorly
done, or contained numerous grammar errors? What did you think of the firm
that created it? Use spell check!!!

Be Polite

Which message would you rather hear: “SIGN UP NOW AND MAKE LOTS OF
MONEY!!!” or “I have something that may be a good fit for you.” The first uses
capital letters and exclamation points (considered “shouting” online) along with a
highly unrealistic promise that insults the intelligence of most readers.

Two more email filter lists

Here is a list of some 250 words and phrases from two spam filter lists. It is not complete. The
porn trigger words were left out. Most spam filters work on a point system, so that the
occurrence of just one "spam phrase" probably won't trigger rejection -- except some which

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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters
the filter considers notorious. SpamAssassin 2.43, for example, assigns default points for these
top offenders, as follows:

                    Reverses aging                                  3.37

                    'Hidden' assets                                 3.28

                    stop snoring                                    3.26

                    Free investment                                 3.19

                    Dig up dirt on friends                          3.12

                    Stock disclaimer statement                      3.04

                    Multi level marketing                           3.01

                    Compare rates                                   2.83

                    Cable converter                                 2.75

                    Claims you can be removed from the list         2.70

                    Removes wrinkles                                2.69

                    Compete for your business                       2.57

                    free installation                               2.51

                    Free grant money                                2.50

                    Auto email removal                              2.36

                    Collect child support                           2.33

                    Free leads                                      2.29

                    Amazing stuff                                   2.26

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RMS – Sending emails and Email Filters
                    Tells you it's an ad                              2.21

                    Cash bonus                                        2.20

                    Promise you ...!                                  2.15

                    Claims to be in accordance with some spam law 2.11

                    Search engine listings                            2.09

                    free preview                                      2.07

                    Credit bureaus                                    2.03

                    No investment                                     2.01

                    Serious cash                                      2.00

But even if you don't use these notorious phrases, other spam words can add up. Here are
some to be aware of in your e-mail newsletters and ads.

Be your own boss                   No catch
Call now                           No experience                   Removal instructions
Click below                        No investment                   Remove in quotes
Click here link                    No selling                      Remove subject
Click to remove                    No strings attached             Satisfaction guaranteed
Expect to earn                     Not intended                    Save $
Financial freedom                  Once in lifetime                Save big money
For free                           guaranteed                      Save up to
Get paid                           Online biz opportunity          Serious cash
Get started now                    Opportunity                     Serious only
Great offer                        Outstanding values              Take action now
Guarantee                          Please read                     Unlimited
Home employment                    Profits                         Work at home
Multi level marketing              Real thing                      Your income

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