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St Patrick's College Townsville by fyl43660


									                               St Patrick’s College

                               SCHOOL REPORT – 2008
                          Data from the 2007 School Year


School Name:                   St Patrick’s College, Townsville

Location:                      45 The Strand, Townsville

Postal Address:                PO Box 5370, Townsville Qld 4810

Type of School:                Catholic Girls’ Secondary School for Day and Residential Students

Founded:                       The College was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1906

Enrolment:                     296 (August 2007 Census)

Year Levels                    Years 8 to 12

DEST Campus Number             17233

CRICOS Registration Number     01160D


Year 8

All students study the following CORE subjects: Religious Education
                                                Study of Society and the Environment
                                                Health and Physical Education
                                                Personal Development Education

In addition, THREE Electives are chosen from the following Key Learning Areas (KLA):

                                               LOTE (French or Japanese)
                                               The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama or Visual Art)
                                               Technology (Hospitality or ICTE)

Students who require extra learning support in literacy and numeracy are exempt from LOTE (Languages
other than English) and take part in further Literacy and Numeracy classes.

Years 9 & 10

All students study the following CORE subjects: Religious Education
                                                Study of Society and the Environment
                                                Personal Development Education
In addition, all students choose major and minor studies in the following Elective Subjects:

                                                    LOTE (French or Japanese)
                                                    The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama or Visual Art)
                                                    Technology (Business, Hospitality or ICTE)
                                                    Health and Physical Education (Compulsory in Year 9)

Years 11 & 12

Students requiring a Tertiary Entrance Statement study a minimum of FIVE Authority Subjects, to become
eligible to receive an Overall Position (OP).

* These subjects are Study Area Specification subjects (SAS) and do not count towards an OP.

All students study the following subjects:

                                             Religion and Ethics* or Study of Religion
                                             Mathematics A, Mathematics B or Prevocational Mathematics*
                                             English or English Communication*

In addition, students choose ELECTIVES from the following subjects:

                                                    Ancient History
                                                    Creative Arts (Dance)*
                                                    Creative Arts (Visual Art)*
                                                    Information and Communications Technology*
                                                    Information Processing and Technology
                                                    Legal Studies
                                                    Mathematics C
                                                    Modern History
                                                    Physical Education
                                                    Visual Art


SERVICE CLUBS                                OTHER ACTIVITIES                              SPORTS
St Vincent de Paul                           Annual Musical with Ignatius Park College     Athletics
                                             Constitutional & Leadership Conventions       Basketball
MUSIC GROUPS                                 Debating                                      Cross Country
Band                                         Duke of Edinburgh Scheme                      Hockey
Choir                                        Environmental Groups                          Netball
                                             Indigenous Cultural & Sporting Festivals      Soccer
                                             Reef Guardian Group                           Softball
                                             Public Speaking                               Swimming
COMPETITIONS including                                                                     Touch Football
Business, Computer, English, Languages, Mathematics, Media, Science                        Volleyball
                                                                                           Water Polo


Total Number of Teachers:      38

                             Number                               Qualifications
                               14                     Certificate
                               1                      Associate Diploma
                               12                     Diploma
                               5                      Graduate Diploma
                               1                      Post Graduate Diploma
                               37                     Bachelor Degree
                               7                      Masters
                               8                      Other


ATTENDANCE:            95%

RETENTION:             87%


   Staff Development Activities 2007

   o    QSA Syllabus Seminars/Workshops in Modern/Ancient History, Physics/Chemistry, Hospitality,
        Study of Religion, Science, Visual Art, Drama, Legal Studies, PE, Maths A/B/C, English, Geography
   o    QSA Assessment, Design and Practice Workshop
   o    QSA Quality Assurance for SAS Subjects Information Session
   o    QSA Panel Training in Drama and Visual Art
   o    QSA VET Conference
   o    QSA Principals’ Forum
   o    QSA Moderation Meetings for English, Ancient History, Drama, Visual Art, IPT & PE
   o    QCE & SET Planning Information Sessions
   o    TCEO network days for LOTE, Learning Support, Careers/VET, Counselling, Study of Religion,
        Religion & Ethics, Sports Academy, Teacher Aides, World Youth Day Activities Planning
   o    TCEO meetings for Diocesan Curriculum Committee, Environment Committee, DP/APAs and APRE
   o    TCEO Safe Person Training
   o    TCEO Middle Management Conference
   o    TCEO Beginning Teachers’ Conference
   o    TCEO Consistency of Teacher Judgement Inservice
   o    TCEO Accreditation to Teach Inservice
   o    TCEO Spirituality Programs
   o    Diocesan Principals’ Conferences
   o    Combined Townsville-Cairns Diocesan DP/APA Conference
   o    ACSSQ DP/AP Conference
   o    ASREAP Conference
   o    Mercy Secondary Educators’ Association Conference
   o    Girls’ Schools Religious Institute Meetings
   o    Leading Australia’s Schools Professional Development
   o    Cyberschool Workshop
   o    IYLP Conference
   o    Myinternet Training
   o    Get Active Accreditation Program
   o    Workplace Health & Safety Officer Training
   o    New Teachers Induction
   o    Behaviour Management Policy Input Session
   o    Website Training
   o    “Where is Mercy in Our Schools” Workshop Part 2
   o    Peer Support Facilitator Training
   o    First Steps Training
   o    Defence Force Recruiting Guidance Officer Talk
    o   Phonic Ear Inservice
    o   Dare to Lead Inservice
    o   Christian Meditation Inservice
    o   Endfire Training
    o   Student Protection Training
    o   Managing Challenging Behaviours Seminar
    o   Dance North Inservice
    o   Business Educators’ Association Workshop
    o   Caritas Talk
    o   TAFE Careers Guidance Seminar
    o   First Aid Training

School Report 2007
St Patrick’s College is a Catholic, independent school owned by the Sisters of Mercy. The School is located
at 45 The Strand, Townsville, North Queensland on the edge of the Townsville CBD, overlooking Cleveland
Bay. St Patrick’s is a girls-only day and residential school catering currently for some 300 students in the
secondary years of schooling, Years 8-12. The School provides an extensive curricular and extra-curricular
programme for students, details of which are located elsewhere on our website. The curriculum has a strong
academic focus but provision is also made for students who wish to pursue some vocational studies in the
senior years of schooling.
The School has a well qualified teaching and support staff who provide comprehensive support to students.
Professional development is an integral part of the annual programme and is linked to the strategic directions
of the School. In 2007, the key professional development priorities were enhancing information
communication technology and pedagogy to support indigenous student learning, and Mercy spirituality.

St Patrick’s College is a community where staff, parents and students work together to provide the best
quality Christian formation, education, care and support for young women from diverse cultural and religious
backgrounds. Established by the Sisters of Mercy over one hundred years ago, the school has educated
thousands of young women, responding to the many changes and initiatives in education along the way.

St Patrick’s College is an independent Catholic learning community. Firmly based on the tradition of
Catherine McAuley, there is a vision of service and a calling to social justice. All Mercy schools enjoy this
unique tradition and we are proud of its history.

The College promotes effective learning in a warm, encouraging environment to empower each student to
achieve the greatest possible development of her gifts and talents. The Curricular, Co-curricular and
Pastoral Care Programs are tailored to suit the multiple pathways for the student of today, recognising the
significant partnerships that exist between parents, students, school and community.

Religious education promotes an intelligent religious literacy and understanding within the students at St
Patrick’s College. The personal faith life of each girl is supported by a community that attempts to live out
Jesus’ call to love others and to act justly.

Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Public Speaking, Debating and Music (choral, instrumental, ensemble
groups) are all well-supported. French and Japanese are the two languages taught, with a sister school in
Japan and school visits to the target countries planned bi-annually. The College has an active St Vincent de
Paul committee, a Student Representative Council and the beginnings of an Interact Club.

The College is involved in TSSSA sporting competitions in swimming, cross-country, athletics, basketball,
netball, volleyball, touch football, water polo, softball and soccer. Students also participate in events
organized in equestrian, AFL, ten-pin bowling and rugby league. Many students represent the College
regularly in teams coached and managed by staff, parents and past students.

Student leadership is an aim of the Personal Development and Retreat programs. Students are well
prepared to take on senior leadership positions in Year Twelve. They fulfill the roles of College Captain and
Vice Captain (Day and Residential), School Leaders (Service, SRC, Health Promotion, St Vincent de Paul,
Interact, Environment, Celebrations), Sports Captains and House Captains (Dominations, Princes, Powers
and Thrones).

Pastoral Care at St Patrick’s College ensures a consistent understanding and reinforcement of Catholic
principles and beliefs. Students are divided into vertical House groupings for homeroom and there are
Pastoral Co-ordinators for each of the Year Eight, Junior and Senior levels. New students coming into the
College throughout the year are supported by a ‘buddy system’ as they find their place in the community.

A co-ordinated Personal Development Education caters for the different levels of maturity and interest of
students. Topics include study skills, decision-making, drug education, sex education and personal values.
This course of study takes the form of social and emotional learning and compliments the academic learning
that the students undertake.

Students are encouraged to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Blessed with a rich blend of many
cultures, St Patrick’s is a living example of reconciliation in action. Both within and outside the school setting
a high standard of behaviour is expected at all times. There are detailed behaviour management and anti-
bullying policies in place.


Parent Information Evenings (Year Eight, Year Nine, Year Ten and Year Eleven)
Two parent/teacher interview days per year
St Pat’s on Show – Open afternoon
Parents as guest speakers and work experience providers
Satisfaction surveys
Focus Groups
P & F meetings
Parent Volunteer workers


The average student attendance rate for 2007 was:          93.21%


                  Year 8                                        Year 12                         Years 8 – 12
                           Enrolment                                      Enrolment              Apparent
Year Commenced             Numbers               Year Finished            Numbers              Retention Rate
      2000                    63                     2004                    45                    71.4%
      2001                    83                     2005                    67                    80.7%
      2002                    71                     2006                    61                   85.96%
      2003                    72                     2007                    53                    73.6%


Total number of Senior Certificates awarded                                                           51
Percentage of OP-eligible students with OP 1 – 15                                                     68%
Percentage of students awarded Senior Certificate and awarded a VET qualification                      8%
Percentage of students awarded Senior Certificate with OP-eligibility or awarded a
VET qualification                                                                                     65%
Percentage of QTAC Applications receiving an offer                                                    92%


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