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									St Patrick's Primary , Blacktown
51-59 Allawah Street, 2148 NSW Blacktown
Principal: Mr Kevin Mills
Phone: 9671 5577
Fax: 9622 6969
About the Annual School Report
St Patrick's Primary is registered by the Board of Studies (New South Wales) as a member of the Catholic system of schools
in the Diocese of Parramatta.

The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with fair, accurate and objective information
about various aspects of school performance and development. The report describes achievement of school development
priorities in 2006 and gives information about 2007 priorities.

This report is a legislative requirement under The Education Amendment (Non-Government Schools Registration) Act 2004.

The information in this report is complemented by other school publications such as the Parent Handbook and Bulletins that
are published each fortnight.

Message from key school bodies
Principal's Message

Mission Statement

At St Patrick's Primary our mission is to celebrate a multicultural, Christ centred community, where all members collaborate to
provide a safe environment that nurtures the holistic development of the individual.

We believe that:

    q   St Patrick's Primary is a Christ centred faith community.
    q   Teaching and learning activities need to cater for individual differences.
    q   Personal growth is the right of all.
    q   Partnership between all community members promotes holistic growth.

It is our hope at St Patrick's Primary, that the journey the children begin with us will set them on the path to happy, rewarding
lives. Together with their families we will strive to enrich their lives with faith and love, based on the gospel of Jesus. We
endeavour to foster a life long passion for learning and a strong sense of community.

Parent Body Message

St Patrick's Primary School has an active Parents and Friends Association which meets twice a term to discuss educational
and pastoral matters.

We promote activities which assist and support the school to acquire teaching/ learning resources.

We also assist in the maintenance and improvement of the amenities and facilities of the school.

Opportunities are provided for the whole school, parents, staff, children and other parishioners to celebrate and socialise as
a community. Anyone is most welcome to join us for any of these gatherings.

Student Body Message

At St Patrick's Catholic Primary school, the students strive to be successful and achieve their best in all elements of their
education. Students attend many religious celebrations and participate in many extra curricular activities that are available at
the school.

The children enjoy and experience many enriching learning journeys with the cooperation of staff and parents. Students
always work hard and try their best with the positive encouragement of teachers and fellow classmates.

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Who we are
History of school

St Patrick's Catholic Primary was established in 1919 by the Parramatta Sisters of Mercy with an enrolment of 35 students.
The school was situated in Patrick Street until 1986 when it was relocated to Allawah Street. At the end of 2000, the Sisters
withdrew from the school and a lay principal was appointed in 2001.

Location / drawing area

The school is located in Blacktown and draws on students from Blacktown and Doonside. It serves the parish of St Patrick's.

Enrolment policy and profiles

St Patrick's Primary follows the Parramatta Diocesan document Enrolment Procedures in Parramatta Catholic Systemic
Schools, January 2002. This document states that when demand exceeds number of places available, priority for enrolment
will be given to first, ‘children of Catholic families who live within the geographic boundaries of the parish (or parishes) for
which the school was established, on which the school depends OR live outside the parish geographic boundaries but
regularly attend such a parish’.

This document can be obtained from the school office or is available on our web site or the Catholic Education Office web

The total student population and grade numbers are shown in the table below:

Grade    Girls Boys   Total
Kinder   29    22     51
Year 1   23    38     61
Year 2   31    28     59
Year 3   28    25     53
Year 4   24    27     51
Year 5   18    23     41
Year 6   30    26     56
School                372

These figures show no significant changes from the previous year.

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School Review and Development
System Strategic Goal 1 – To strengthen the Catholic identity of our schools

Strategic Direction 1.1 Promote life-giving relationships among schools, parishes and the diocese
Strategic Direction 1.2 Develop a visionary direction for the evangelising mission of our schools within the local church
Strategic Direction 1.3 Implement renewed strategies for the spiritual formation of all members of our school communities
Strategic Direction 1.4 Implement strategies to better integrate faith and life in the community, culture and curriculum of our

System Strategic Goal 2 – To improve the learning outcomes of our students

Strategic Direction 2.1 Implement evidence based practices as the basis for ongoing educational improvement
Strategic Direction 2.2 Provide professional learning that improves teacher skills and knowledge in pedagogy, curriculum and
Strategic Direction 2.3 Establish resources and service models so that schools can more effectively and efficiently implement
their mission
Strategic Direction 2.4 Implement new approaches to the role and work of the teacher in the context of the contemporary
educational environment

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Annual school priorities 2006

The school priorities for 2006 were:

    q   review the school Mission Statement to ensure the promotion of the Catholic identity and the evangelising mission of
        St Patrick's Primary (SD 1.2)

The Mission Statement was reviewed by the leadership team and it was found that it is still relevant and current.

    q   build on the positive parish/school relationships referred to by the parish priest, parents and staff in the review
        process (SD 1.1)

We have continued to liaise on a regular basis with the parish priest to facilitate school parish operations and to host weekly
visits from the assistant priest. Liturgies have been co-planned and all celebrations have been discussed with the priests.
Members of the school staff have endeavoured to attend parish liturgical celebrations on important occasions and other
parish based functions.

    q   explore further courses and resources to promote the spiritual formation of the school community (SD 1.3)

Resources have been purchased and spiritual development sessions were held last year on the theme of 'Journeying'.

    q   critically reflect on the delivery of Religious Education, giving consideration to providing students with tasks relevant to
        their life experiences and opportunities to internalise their response (SD 1.4)

This is an area which will continue into 2007 owing to the extensive time spent on reviewing assessment and reporting as
part of the national agenda.

    q   prioritise the teaching of Religious Education in the classroom ensuring the centrality of Christ (SD 1.4)

Timetables were examined to ensure the correct allocation of time to Religious Education. Teachers were inserviced on
prayer in the classroom and the creation of sacred spaces.

    q   promote parent involvement in all school activities (SD 1.1)

Parents were involved in many ways including: classroom assistance; Gross Motor; forums; school starters; disco; Parents
and Friends Association (P&F); working bees and fundraising. Thank you to all parents who contribute to the life of our

    q   further the development of the children's social skills (SD 1.1)

Class based programs were initiated and an examination of bullying conducted. This will continue as a major focus for 2007.

    q   review assessment and reporting, implementing a wider range of assessment strategies (SD 2.3)

Completed in terms 1 and 2 in conjunction with Catholic Education Courses (CEO)courses.

    q   assist the staff in embedding Information Communication Technologies ICT) into routine classroom activities to
        support the diverse needs of students (SD 2.2)

Hardware and software were purchased and teachers inserviced.

    q   analyse external testing and assessment tasks to inform teaching and learning (SD 2.1)

Extensive analysis and communication to teachers on areas of strength and development were carried out.

    q   review school based programs to develop further differentiation of the curriculum (SD 2.1)

All class programs have been reviewed and differentiated to cater for students needs.

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Projected school priorities 2007

School priorities linked to System Strategic Goal 1.

    q   plan and implement the Federal Government Values Education initiative in a Catholic context (SD 1.4)
    q   further inservice teachers of Religious Education to ensure all sections of the Praxis approach are being implemented
        (SD 1.4)
    q   further challenge and develop the spiritual life of all members of our community (SD 1.3)
    q   implement a structured program of information and education sessions for parents linked to Religious
        Education, Mathematics, literacy and Values Education (SD 1.1)

School priorities linked to System Strategic Goal 2

    q   implement and consolidate programs and strategies within the curriculum areas of Mathematics and literacy (SD 2.2)
    q   research and utilize CEnet and an appropriate computer based program to maintain student data and track academic
        progress from Kindergarten to Year 6 (SD 2.4)

Catholic Identity
Major events in the prayer and liturgical life of the school included:

    q   attendance at parish masses each Friday
    q   whole school masses for significant celebrations, e.g. beginning of the school year, Ash Wednesday, Sacred Heart
    q   prayer facilitated by staff at each meeting
    q   staff reflection/prayer held twice each term
    q   liturgical celebrations held for the seasons of Lent, Easter and Advent and for the missions, Mercy Day.

Social justice initiatives included:

    q   supporting the local 'Loaves and Fishes' group in assisting the needy
    q   participating in Project Compassion
    q   supporting various missions through fund raising activities
    q   supporting local retirement villages
    q   supporting Jeans for Genes and other cancer research foundations
    q   multiculturalism embraced
    q   supporting the settlement of Sudanese students
    q   support by the school of the parish based Sacramental program
    q   staff groups prepare liturgies in consultation with the priests
    q   assistant priest regularly visits the classrooms for instruction
    q   regular communication of Religious Education matters through the bulletin
    q   suggested family prayers distributed to parents
    q   school information technology facilities available for the parish
    q   regular use of school spaces by the parish
    q   Parents were involved and assisted with groups in classrooms; in the tuckshop; in the library; on excursions; working
        bees; sporting events and fundraising activities.
    q   Parent and Friends meetings are held each term with the annual general meeting held in November. Curriculum
        issues are sometimes presented as part of these meetings.
    q   Parent/teacher conferences are held formally twice during the year and on other occasions when necessary.
    q   Parents are invited to attend all school celebrations.
    q   All children participated in a morning prayer at assembly each day.
    q   All children participated in daily prayer in the classroom.
    q   Students were given the opportunity to attend Reconciliation.
    q   Students, parents and staff were involved in liturgies and prayer celebrations for Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas and
        other feasts.
    q   Hymn singing assemblies were held regularly.
    q   Catholic symbols are displayed throughout the school.
    q   Lives of the saints were celebrated.

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Religious Education
    q   Sharing Our Story was used in each Stage with the sample pathway provided by the Catholic Education Office (CEO)
        being the starting point for each unit. Staff were also instructed in the development of their own programs by a
        consultant from the CEO.
    q   Depending on the liturgical calendar, staff and students prepared prayers and liturgies that reflected Sharing Our Story
    q   Staff are regularly inserviced in accordance with updates from the CEO.
    q   Resources are updated to assist teachers to implement the units of work.

Learning and Teaching
Student performance in state wide tests and examinations

Students in Year 3 and Year 5 participated in the Basic Skills Test (BST). The purpose of this test is to provide information to
parents and teachers about the achievements of students in aspects of Literacy and aspects of Numeracy. The test provides
a measure of the students’ performance against established standards and against other students in the state. Each year
the results are analysed by the school to inform teaching with a view to improving student performance.

Basic Skills TestBand      Year 5: Percentage of students in performance bands
range:6(highest)1          Literacy                                       Numeracy
(lowest)                   State                    This school           State                       This school
Band 5,6                    50                      62                    56                          48
Bands 1,2                  6                        8                     6                           8

Basic Skills TestBand      Year 3: Percentage of students in performance bands
range:5(highest)1          Literacy                                       Numeracy
(lowest)                   State                    This school           State                       This school
Band 4,5                   42                       34                    46                          28
Bands 1,2                  27                       32                    28                          40

It was pleasing to note that teaching and learning structures at St Patrick's Primary have led to positive growth in all areas
from Year 3 to Year 5. It is expected that student growth in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Writing should be at least one
skill band. The school showed an overall growth of one band in Numeracy and Literacy, with a very pleasing improvement in
writing of 1.5 skill bands.

The staff at St Patrick's Primary are being inserviced on teaching methods and programs to improve all areas of Basic Skills
results in the future.

National benchmarks

The Commonwealth Government sets minimum acceptable standards for reading, writing and numeracy at particular ages.
These are referred to as national benchmarks. Student performance in the Basic Skills Tests in our school is compared to
these benchmarks. The percentages of students achieving at or above these benchmarks are reported below.

              BST Yr 3            BST Yr 5
2005          88                  77
2006          81                  76

At St Patrick's Primary we have a high percentage of newly enrolled students from other countries where English is not
spoken. We continue to provide support for the ongoing challenge of our LBOTE children.

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School Curriculum

    q   Special education
        Special education teachers write individual programs for children who are funded, and implement these programs by
        working with students in the classroom or by withdrawing them. Other non-funded students are also assisted by the
        special education teachers. (SD 2.3)
    q   Literacy support
        Our literacy support teacher works with students who are not funded under Special Learning Needs grants, but who
        are experiencing problems in literacy. (SD 2.3)
    q   Language Background Other Than English (LBOTE)
        Our LBOTE teacher caters for the needs of the children who have recently arrived in Australia and have a limited
        knowledge of English. (SD 2.3)
    q   Enrichment program
        The Enrichment program targets those children from Years 2 to 6 who benefit from additional research and reporting
        on the classroom topics at a somewhat more challenging level.
    q   Tournament Of The Minds
        After a period of trials, a group of seven children are selected to take part in the Tournament of the Minds program
        which runs for six weeks in term 3.
    q   Satellite class
        We have a satellite class from the Autistic Association located within the grounds. This class had ten students from
        Kindergarten to Year 6 who are integrated into the mainstream classes for part of each day.
    q   Kids on Keyboard
        Keyboard lessons are held for interested children each week.
    q   Physical Education
        A specialist teacher teaches Physical Education for two days each week.
    q   Library
        The library serves as a resource centre for the school community and information technology is incorporated into units
        of work. (SD 2.4)

School starters program:

    q   The students participated in an eight week program of activities on Mondays or Wednesdays to have time to meet their
        classmates. This program is facilitated by a group of dedicated parents.
    q   The students attended a Kindergarten orientation day in their classrooms, met their teacher and further worked with
        their classmates.
    q   The parents attended an information session during which they received valuable information about the school and
        discussed a variety of issues related to their child starting school. (SD 2.1)

The school is involved in a number of co-curricular activities. These include:

    q   OZ Opera
    q   Musica Viva
    q   zone athletics and swimming carnivals
    q   Book Week celebrations
    q   University of NSW competitions in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling and Computer skills
    q   Voice of Youth
    q   excursion to Canberra by Year 6
    q   Year 5 camp to Blue Gum Lodge
    q   whole school sports day and fun day for St. Patrick's Day
    q   Year excursions in conjunction with units of work
    q   Kindergarten to Year 5 buddy system

Initiatives promoting respect and responsibility

The ongoing presentation of merit certificates and mission awards, particularly in the area of Personal Growth and
Partnership, promotes respect and responsibility.

The children in Stage 3 have been involved in a Bullying Awareness survey conducted by the University of Western Sydney.

The teachers from Years 5 and 6 have attended a Bullying Inservice and will implement a program with the students.

Planned a strategic approach to Values Education.

   ST PATRICK'S PRIMARY , BLACKTOWN                                                                                      7
Parent, student and teacher satisfaction

Various aspects of the school life at St Patrick's Primary have been evaluated by students, teachers and parents.

The catholicity of St Patrick's was surveyed and showed a high rating from all sections of our community.

Surveys have also revealed that there is a high level of satisfaction with our meeting the needs of our students and ongoing
improvement processes.

The staff are also supportive of the collaborative leadership style at St Patrick's Primary and the development of structured
planning processes.

The parents were inserviced at three separate sessions on the new report system and there has been wide acceptance of
the system when teachers surveyed parents at interviews.

Teacher standards and professional learning

The school has 15 full-time teaching staff, nine part-time teaching staff and six support staff. All teaching staff at the school
hold a degree or teaching qualifications from a higher education institution.

In Religious Education, 20 teachers are accredited to teach Religious Education.

In 2006, teachers undertook courses in:

    q   Mathematics (problem solving)
    q   Religious Education
    q   assessment and reporting
    q   Beginning Teacher programs
    q   anaphylactic shock
    q   Seasons For Growth
    q   gifted and talented
    q   classroom management
    q   differentiating the curriculum
    q   child protection

The whole staff furthered their professional learning through three staff development days and staff meetings which
addressed the following topics:

    q   Mathematics
    q   Religious Education
    q   Literacy - 'Jolly Phonics'
    q   spiritual reflection
    q   assessment and reporting (SD 2.2)

For the first two terms much of the staff time was spent in preparing for new assessment and reporting to parents
system. The process contributed to the professional learning of the staff and, in turn, to the learning of our students. (SD 2.2)

The average expenditure on professional development per teacher for 2006 was $1250.

Teacher attendance and retention

The average teacher attendance for 2006 was 96%. Of the 2006 teaching staff, 84% were retained from 2005.

Student attendance

The average student attendance for 2006 was 94%.

Class programs encourage students to understand the importance of attendance and punctuality to ensure continued
progress in learning.

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Pastoral Care of Students
Programs related to pastoral care

Pastoral care of students is of primary importance at St Patrick's Primary. The care and well being of students is emphasised
at all times. The children are taught to be accepting and welcoming and they are regularly made aware of the expectations
that the staff hold of them in these matters.

The students of St Patrick's Primary know that they are well looked after and feel safe and protected at school. The sense of
'community' and 'family' is a cherished characteristic of our school. Regular assemblies are held to remind the children of
classroom and playground pointers which help them to maintain a safer and caring environment at St Patrick's Primary.

A buddy system is established between Year 5 and Kindergarten students and this is extended through to Year 6 and Year 1
in the subsequent year. The buddy accompanies the younger children to liturgical events and some assemblies and assists
in the classroom with reading and craft activities.

Student management / welfare / discipline policies

The school has developed a successful Student Welfare Policy and program that focusses on the positive behaviour of the
students. The award system is based on our Mission Statement and recognises good behaviour in the areas of faith
community, teaching and learning, personal growth and partnership. It promotes a deepening of the children's faith and a
favourable attitude towards learning. Tolerance of all people, irrespective of their cultural or racial background is also

Further details of the Student Welfare Policy are available from the school.

The full text of student management, welfare and discipline policies can be obtained through the school office. There have
been no significant changes to the policy in the last year.

Complaints and grievances policies

The school has formal written protocols in place to address complaints and grievances. These protocols are in line with the
CEO Complaint Handling policy. A copy of the policy is available from the school office.

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Financial Statement
School Recurrent & Capital Income                        School Recurrent & Capital Expenditure

Fees relate to school based fees.                        This expenditure relates to payments made by the
System Contribution relates to additional support over   school and system on behalf of the schools. The
and above school based fees for general operations,      system pie chart includes the salaries, insurance,
maintenance and special needs of the school. It          levies, authority charges and other system and school
includes GST refunds.                                    costs paid on behalf of schools.
Govt. Capital refers to grants for specific
purposes. Diocesan school building levy is shown in
the system pie charts.
Other Capital refers to donations for capital and
insurance claims.

   ST PATRICK'S PRIMARY , BLACKTOWN                                                                      10
School System Recurrent & Capital                        School System Recurrent & Capital
Income                                                   Expenditure

The Catholic Education Office as a registration system   Salary refers to the total of all salaries paid by the
authority receives income and pays salaries on behalf    system.
of schools. A summary of financial information of all    Non Salary includes system contribution to schools for
current operating schools is shown below.                general operations, insurance, levies, authority charges
                                                         and other system and school costs paid on behalf of
Fees refers to diocesan school fees.                     schools.
State and Commonwealth refers to the per capita          Capital refers to payments from the diocesan school
recurrent grants received by the system.                 building levy for capital works.
Govt. Capital refers to grants for specific purposes.
Other Capital includes diocesan school building levy.

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