Templates by seeme22


You can create templates from scratch or by converting an existing web page.

Easiest to start from a blank page!

Making a new template
(1) You must first have defined a site. Dreamweaver creates a templates folder
for you when you make the template.

(2) You need the Assets Panel with the templates section displayed as below.
This is where you will create the template.

Start with a blank page, but be inside your site.

(3) Click new template button and a blank template is produced. Give it a name.

(4) Double click icon for the icon (or double click in template area of panel or
click edit) to start making the template

(5) Save in the normal way from file menu SAVE. You will be warned that there
are no editable regions. If this is ok then save. Otherwise do the following.

(6) Click on area you want to be able to modify. Go to Modify menu, Templates
and NEW EDITABLE REGION and you will create a marker which indicates that
you can edit that section.

Changing pages into templates
You can convert existing documents into templates and apply template to
existing web pages.

This is very simple to do. Simply select File SAVE AS TEMPLATE.
You will need to make each region on the template EDITABLE (so you can save
changes). Select the section you want to enable as ediable and go to MODIFY
Using Templates once Created

Making a pages from stored templates

(1) Go to File Menu NEW FROM TEMPLATE.

(2) A dialogue box opens as below. If you deselect the tick box you can make a
new document based on template but totally detatched from it. Otherwise
changes in the template will be reflected in document made from it.

Applying a Template to an Existing Web Page

You can do this 3 ways

(1) Drag the template out of the Assets Panel onto the new page

(2) Select APPLY TEMPLATE TO PAGE from the Modify Menu Templates section.

(3) Select a template in the Assets Panel and click the APPLY button

All this can cause problems if there is already content on the page, so be careful.
It is easier to apply library items to pages.

Changing Editable Status of Templates

You can make existing regions editable and make new editable regions in

(1) Open the template and select the region to be made editable.

(2) Select MARK SECTION AS EDITABLE from the Modify menu Templates section

(3) A dialogue box appears. Give the new editable region a name

To make a new editable region go to he Modify Menu, Templates section and

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