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					     Finding the Right Summer Program for
                                  Your Child:
             Questions and Considerations

      •    Talk to Regional Center Service Coordinator about funding for camp and/or
      •    What is the staff: camper ratio?
      •    What are accessibility accommodations, specific to your child’s needs?
      •    What is daily schedule/structure of day?
      •    Is there a half day option?
      •    What are food and snack provisions (i.e. kashrut policy, allergy concerns)
      •    Does staff receive training prior to camp in working with special needs’
      •    What is staffs’ prior experience with working with children with special
      •    What is the average age of counselors?
      •    Is there ongoing supervision throughout summer?
      •    Does staff receive CPR/First Aid training?
      •    Is there an emergency medical plan?
      •    Will staff/counselors Communicate with parents on a regular basis?
      •    Will you have access to Director if needed?
      •    Will children have choice of swim instruction vs. free swim?
      •    Is there integration of typical children with special needs children?
      •    Is there integration of therapeutic companions with camp staff? Can they
               attend trainings and staff meetings?
      •    Can you schedule a visit to the camp with the child prior to opening day to
               begin the acclimation process?
      •    Remember to explore field trip options and alternatives for your child on
               field trip days

          More questions: Call HaMercaz, 866/287-8030 or email at


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