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					                                                KURT W. HOWARD
154 Green Street, Warrenton, VA 20186                       540-650-6743                             email:

                                                                                                   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Herndon, VA 20170                                         2007-2009                               TECHNICAL SUPPORT ANALYST II
Provides live chat and phone support directly to customers of Network Solutions E-mail, hosting, and related products and services.
Provides phone support to Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support representatives regarding the prioritization of escalations.
Provides e-mail support by resolving customer escalations, specializing in e-mail services and the Website Building tools.
Provides team support by offering advice, suggestions, and experience by way of e-mail updates, chat, and one-on-one interactions.
Analyzes e-mail escalations, input from customers, and call centers to identify trends so they can be resolved and lower call volume.
Work closely with Engineering and Operations to clearly identify issues and develop short term and long term resolutions.
Assists with the tool and process training of new employees.
Proactively became subject matter expert of new Business Mail product and how it interacts with Outlook via the Oxtender plug-in.

Herndon, VA 20170                                          2003-2007                           SYSTEMS MANAGER / WEBMASTER
Designed the artwork and architecture for a new Web site for our national trade association. (
Coordinated and maintained the content and temporary branding of legacy Web sites when our association merged with another.
Researched and negotiated a new vendor for a content-managed Web site.
Developed and coordinated with Web site vendor the additions and improvements of Web site functionality.
Designed and created Web site for a new Green Industry Safety Initiative list serve. (
Designed, created, and maintains a Web site for The Green Associations Water Conservation Council. (
Manage a network of 4 servers and 26 workstations and 4 VPN connections.
Coordinated the moving of equipment and furniture and the transfer of T-1 service providers when relocating to new office suite.
Researched and negotiated a new vendor for a Web-based career center.
Develops Web based marketing strategies as part of the Marketing team.
Designed and created all electronic newsletters and email marketing templates.
Designed and created still and animated banner ads for use on our Web site and others.
Oversees and ensures current content, smooth functionality, and brand consistency of the Web sites.
Creates and modifies graphics and documents for use on the Web site.
Administrator for list serve, electronic survey, domain name registration, Web conferencing, and other Internet related services.
Respond to email and telephone inquiries from members and vendors with IT/Web site questions or problems.
Works closely with Database coordinator to continually improve database/Web site integration.
Manage contracts and works with outsourced hardware/software companies to implement upgrades, evaluate, troubleshoot, correct
     problems and make recommendations for improvements.
Mentors staff on office software basic use as well as advanced techniques.

Herndon, VA 20170 / Dulles, VA 20166                       2000-2002                       ASST PROJECT MANAGER / WEBMASTER
Designed, created and maintained the current and previous training portals for distributing Web-based and Paper-based training.
Created standards for Web-based training templates and publishing procedures.
Designed and created proprietary Rainman pages to support Web-based projects.
Provided additional assistance with instructional design, subject matter expertise, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance.
Moved the Member Services University portal to an external server so that content could be accessed through AOL from any location.

Jacksonville, FL 32218                                    2000-2000                                 PRODUCT SUPPORT SPECIALIST
Outlined, researched, designed, and created Consultant training materials for Web-based and Simulation-based curriculum.
Provided additional assistance with subject matter expertise, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance.

Jacksonville, FL 32218                                     1999-2000                             FRAUD / RESEARCH SPECIALIST
Answered member inquiries and assisted members with credit card fraud, technical and billing issues in a call center environment.
Primary consultant for Tech, Fraud, Virus, Billing and Escalation callbacks.
Created a Web-based reference tool for all Fraud/Research representatives.
Coordinated efforts to update online areas concerning Fraud and Virus protection.

Jacksonville, FL 32218                                     1997-1999                           CUSTOMER CARE CONSULTANT
Answered member inquiries and assisted members with technical issues in a call center environment.
Assisted co-workers with technical expertise and call flow management as a mentor.
Employee of the Month - February 1998.
Sterling, VA 20164                   2000-2007                                                                     ADJUNCT FACULTY
Teaching fundamental Web page design to students of all ages using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
Teaching fundamental and intermediate multimedia creation to students of all ages using Photoshop, ImageReady and Flash.
Classes are structured to demonstrate practices and techniques with applications to real-life and business situations.

Utica, NY 13502                       1994-1997         MANAGER OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS
System administrator of an 80 terminal network running a Healthcare-related client management system.
Provided direction and support for all computer operations.
Evaluated and made recommendations for computers, software and office equipment.
Regularly taught classes in computer-related subjects to staff and clients.

Utica, NY 13501                                             1993-1994        TUTOR / COMPUTER TECHNICIAN / SUBSTITUTE
Tutored students in most courses - Specialized in math, English, business, and computer courses.
Record keeping: including materials and equipment inventories.
Performed as substitute teacher for computer courses as needed.
Created handouts, flyers, signs and instruction sheets using desktop publishing.
Created database program for tracking usage of The Learning Center.

Madison, NY 13402                                           1991-1996                                BOOKKEEPER / SECRETARY
Responsible for all government accounting functions including payroll.
Provided computer training for elected officials and performed general office duties.

Waterville, NY 13480                                        1978-1992        DEPARTMENT SUPERVISOR / PLANT ENGINEER
Performed cost accounting and textile engineering duties.
Oversaw all computer operations and evaluated all software and office equipment.
Head of quality control operation and supervised small department.
Trained all office personnel and temporary data entry operators in computer applications.
Systems administrator for all Solomon III accounting operations.
Designed and created most of the programs in use at Barclay Sportswear.
Aided the customization and implementation of an inventory and production control system on a mainframe.

                                                                                   PRIVATE CONSULTING EXPERIENCE

Trotta Traxx - 1995-1997                                                                                           New Hartford, NY 13413
Designed Web Pages for area businesses.
Designed and created logos and layouts for many graphic printing assignments.
Webmaster and Editor for Online Magazine "LAUGH TRAXX"

Town of Madison - 1987-1991                                                                                           Madison, NY 13402
Developed a Fund Interest Allocation program among other accounting related programs.

ERA Information Systems - 1986-1987                                                                                Philadelphia, PA 19019
Developed a Source to Gross Payroll program for this consulting and engineering firm.


Utica School of Commerce, Utica, NY 13501 - A.O.S. - Business Administration - Accounting and Data Processing.
Oneida-Madison BOCES, Vernon, NY - Certificate - Computer Programming I & II.
Utica College, Utica, NY - Completed Computer Science course work.
                                                                                   COLLEGE/HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES
USC Honors student - President's List - Dean's List.                     USC Service Club Member.
Recipient of the Kathleen Kaucher Memorial Service Award.                President - USC Accounting Association.
Recipient of the USC Excellence in Accounting Award.                     President - USC Yearbook Committee.
Who's Who Among American High School Students. (H.S.)                    Editor - USC Times.
Who's Who Among American Junior College Students.                        Drama Club President. (H.S.)
                                                                                                     COMPUTER EXPERIENCE
SYSTEMS                                                                   PROGRAMS
       IBM system 34 and 36, PRIME, and RISC 6000 systems.                      WordPerfect (DOS & Windows) 4.x - 8. and Suite
       Apple II, III and Macintosh, Commodore, and Texas Instruments.           dBase III+ and IV
       IBM PC's (XT, AT, 386, 486, Pentium) and compatibles.                    FoxPro 2.5.
                                                                                Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony
PROGRAMMING                                                                     Microsoft and PCDOS 2.x, - 6.22
      GWBasic, QBasic, TIBasic and many others.                                 IBM AIX 4.2
      dBase III+, IV command language.                                          Microsoft Windows 2.x - 3.11 and Win95, 98, 2000, ME, XP,
      Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony application language.                                 and Vista
      WordPerfect Macros                                                        Microsoft Works (DOS and Windows)
      DOS batch program language                                                Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)
      Assembler language                                                        DTP - Aldus Pagemaker, Corel, Printmaster Gold, others
      COBOL                                                                     Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Reader
      HTML 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 plus Netscape extensions.                              Graphic Editors - Paintshop, Photoshop, iPhoto Plus, others
      CSS                                                                       Multimedia - Flash 3, 4, 5, MX, ImageReady, others
      JavaScript                                                                Sound Editor: Cool Edit Pro
      PERL (CGI)                                                                Movie Editor: Camtasia, Pixella
      PHP                                                                       Many other programs including shareware

        iMIS (Versions up to 10.5)                                               Publishing Tools: Virtual Publishing Designer, Shark,
                                                                                 RM Grinder, CyberCoach, eSOURCE publisher
      Kintera                                                             SERVERS
      Objectware                                                                 IBM compatible Servers
      Image Café/Leap Café                                                       Windows Server 2000, 2003
                                                                                 Veritas Backup Exec 8,9
WEBSITE SERVICES                                                                 Exchange Server 2003
       Boxwood Technologies – Career Center                                      Symantec Antivirus Enterprise
       Congress Web – Legislative Contacts                                       CommTouch Anti Spam software
                                                                                 Plesk interface
INTERNET                                                                         Virtuozzo Interface
       HTML Editors - HTML Assistant Pro, Dreamweaver, others                    Shells: Telnet, PuTTY
       Browsers - Mosaic, Netscape, IE, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla,
             Chrome, others                                               MISCELLANEOUS
       Online Services - America Online, CompuServe, Prodigy                     T1 providers - Eureka, Qwest
       ISP's - borg, Earthlink, Bellsouth, NetZero, Comcast                      Web conferencing – Webex, Arkadin
       FTP – CuteFTP, WSFTP, Dreamweaver, Filezilla, others                      Firewall – Cisco, SonicWALL
       Traffic Analyzers: FunnelWeb, Webalizer, pfe                              VPN - MS, Cisco
       Web 2.0                                                                   Printers – HP, Dell

CALLCENTER/HELPDESK TOOLS                                                 OTHER EXPERIENCE
       Siebel                                                                    Systems analysis and design
       Partner Control Panel

                                                                                                          SOCIAL NETWORKING

                        MySpace       Facebook       LinkedIn (        Twitter

                                                                                                          COMMUNITY SERVICE

                            Boy Scout - Eagle Scout at age 13               American Red Cross Blood Donor

                                                                                                        PERSONAL INTERESTS

                  Create and teach Origami               Collect Internet CD’s            Create Web pages / Web sites


                                                          Available upon request

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