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					                         Capital Deaf Social
                            Hosted by Capital Deaf Seniors

                         St Patrick Day Dingo
                        Saturday, March 13, 2010
                                  10 am to 6 pm
              Pleasant Garden Community Center
                        5024 Alliance Church Road
                        Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

                              From 11 am to 1 pm
                           Sloppy Joe on Buns
            Cole Slaw, potato chips, baked beans, pickles
                          with drinks
                        Admission with meal - $10
                        Admission only - $5
                        Admission for child under 10 yrs old - $3
Deadline: March 6, 2010 Mail to: Wayne Goforth, 4730 Hopewood Dr, Graham, NC 27253

                             Dingo Game - $10
                              Starts at 2 pm
            $$$$$$$$      Cash prizes after game              $$$$$$$$

                        Door opens at 10 am - Social all day long!
                              Air Conditioned inside
                        Come on and bring your friends and family!
                                     Have a good time!!

                  Support Capital Deaf Seniors
                        President, Wayne Goforth             VP 336-525-7063
                        Vice President, Willie Shockley      VP 336-223-8084
                        Secretary, Joel Marcus               VP 919 324-3774
                        Treasury, Wayne Goforth              VP 336-525-7063
                        Committee, Barbara Goforth           VP 336-525-7063
                                    Sandra Blanks            VP 919-324-3780
                                    Bob Lewis                VP 919-324-3773
                                    Nancy Lewis              VP 919-324-3773
                                    Nancy Brantley           VP 919-585-5436