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									                 ADAPT March Meeting                                             Happy
               Thursday, Mar. 8, 2007
                                                                            St Patrick’s Day
 Dr. Dynamx Confronts Projection Meltdown                                     from ADAPT!
    Speaker:     Davis Cox
       Date:     Thurs, March 8, 2007
       Time:     8:30 AM to 12:00 PM                                          Inside this issue:
    Location:    Clark University, Framingham, MA
        Cost:    Free to ADAPT Members and First-Time Guests              A message from the ADAPT
 We’ve all experienced it! A vendor is hired to deliver a ½ day session   March calendar                  4
 to senior leadership at a cost of $4500K plus T&E. The room is set up    2006 – 2007 ADAPT Board         5
 to include an LCD projector and all of a sudden the background turns     March meeting directions        5
 yellow. The LCD projector is one that you have used many times and       Advertise with ADAPT            6
 this has never happened before. You go through the menus and             Vendor directory                7
 nothing seems to make any difference. What do you do besides find
 another projector?
 To help you avoid or recover from a situation like the one above, this
 presentation will discuss:                                               March meeting directions
           the selection of the right equipment for the right reasons          – see page 5
           the necessity of proper preparation for each use of an LCD
           projector, and
           troubleshooting those things that can happen to any of us.
 Be sure to bring those questions that have bugged you to receive a
 diagnosis from Dr. Dynamx. In addition to a dynamic presentation
                                                                            Do you have a
 including the selection and use of this most common piece of
 equipment, you will go away with a Needs Analysis to select a new
                                                                            current ADAPT
 LCD projector and a Survival Guide to assist in avoiding disasters and
 troubleshooting situations that commonly occur in training and during
 important group meetings.
                                                                             Make sure you continue to
 About our Speaker:                                                       receive all the benefits of being
 Davis Cox is founder and co-owner of dynamx.com, a technology and        an ADAPT member by submitting
 training company specializing in PowerPoint projectors, tools, and         the online membership form
 training. Davis is a member of ADAPT and a former co-chair of the
                                                                                       today at
 1995 & 1999 ITTC committees. He is also a member of the Corridor
 Nine Chamber of Commerce and former Chair of its Ambassador                 http://www.adapttrain.org
 Group as well as a member of the board of directors for the Central
 Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau.

           8:30 – 9:00 am   Registration/Networking

           9:00 – 9:30 am   Business/Introductions
          9:30 – 10:30 am   Session 1                                                                Remember:
         10:30 – 11:00 am   Break/Networking                                                 NEW and earlier
         11:00 – 11:50 am   Session 2
          11:50 am – noon   Closing                                                          Daylight Savings
                                                                                             March 11 – Nov 4

 2006-07, Vol. I, no. 7 – March 2007
ADAPT – March 2007                                                                                   Page 2

                            A Message From the ADAPT President
Des R. E .Desmond - President ADAPT 2006-2007
ADAPT President’s Message – March 2007

February 8th meeting…
The ADAPT Thursday Feb 8 meeting was held the IT Center at
Assumption College, 500 Salisbury St, Worcester MA hosted by
ITTC’s frequent participant Carmella Murphy. The facilities were
excellent and we had a great turnout. Our thanks go to Carmella and
Assumption College for being such gracious hosts.

Our speaker, Pam Conway, presented on a very timely topic, which I
                       am sure added to the attendance: New Features, New Training Challenges in Vista and
                       Office 2007.
                       The presentation was excellent and very informative on a topic we can not long ignore.
                       We are lucky to have such a knowledgeable and able speaker, not only for our monthly
                       meeting, but also as one of our valued members. Pam, in addition, has been working
                       diligently on the Vendor Exhibits for ITTC.

                               ADAPT Board Meeting
                               The ADAPT Board met, Feb 8th, at one of my old haunts from college days, The Boynton
                               on Highland St. I hadn’t been there in 30 years! (WPI 1973!). Among other things, the
                               Board discussed revisions in the bylaws, advantages and levels of membership, and our
                               NEED for a membership director and officers for next year. If anyone would like to
                               VOLUNTEER in any capacity, please let me know. We need the help and support of all
Speaker, Pamela Conway,        our members.
CompuWorks with host,
Carmella Murphy of             30 Years and Counting - Halfway thru ADAPT’s 30th year!
Assumption College. ADAPT
Feb 8th                                                                                     30 Companies 30 Years Old or Less with
                                                                                                       Year Founded
Speaking of 30 years, USA Today recently ran a list of companies 30                         (Ranked by Market Cap --(2006 figures)
years or younger (Apple snuck in - 2006 figures). It is revealing to reflect
on the changes in business in general and our field in particular since                     Cisco                     1984
ADAPT was founded in 1977.                                                                  Google                    1998
                                                                                            Oracle                    1977
                                                                                            Home Depot                1978
How many could you guess?                                                                   Amgen                     1980
                                                                                            Apple                     1976
                                                                                            UnitedHealth Group        1977
We can congratulate ourselves for surviving so long, if at the same time                    Qualcomm                  1985
we remember to continue to re-invent ADAPT to be relevant to the                            Dell                      1984
                                                                                            eBay                      1995
current business climate.                                                                   Yahoo                     1994
                                                                                            CapitalOne Financial      1993
                                                                                            Las Vegas Sands           1988
                                                                                            Gilead Sciences           1987
                                                                                            EMC                       1979
                                                                                            DirectTV Group            1977
                                                                                            Caremark RX               1993
                                                                                            Boston Scientific         1979
                                                                                            Starsbucks                1985
                                                                                            Adobe Systems             1982
                                                                                            Celgene                   1980
                                                                                            Staples                   1985
                                                                                            FirstData                 1989
                                                                                            Medco HealthSolutions     1983
                                                                                            American Tower            1995
                                                                                            Biogen Idec               1985
                                                                                            Symantec                  1982
                                                                                            Genworth Financial        2003
                                                                                            EOG Resources             1985
                                                                                            Broadcom                  1991

                                                                                            Sources: Hoover’s, Capital IQ, MSN
        From ADAPT October 30th Year Kick Off party at the Museum of
                                                                                            Money, Apple, USA Today Research,
                 Our National Heritage in Lexington MA.
                                                                                            as quoted in USATODAY Feb 3,
                                                                                            2007 Money Section 3B
ADAPT – March 2007                                                                                     Page 3

                                             Upcoming ADAPT meetings

March Meeting - March 8th Morning
Clark University, Framingham Campus
(Just off Rte 9 at the Mass Pike)

Our good friend Davis Cox will discuss problems, solutions and recommendations concerning RealWorld Classroom
Concerns about the use of LCD projectors. There is nothing worst that being set to start a class and have an
equipment meltdown!

See the ADAPT main page for more details.

April Meeting -April 12th Morning
University of Phoenix, Westborough MA

A Panel Discussion of On-line Degree Programs - Mark your calendar!

May Meeting - May 10th Morning
The Conference Center at Marlboro, Marlboro MA

In May, we return to TCCM where we will once again have ADAPT Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers,
followed by luncheon. If you were there last year, I am sure you will agree with me that the food at TCCM is the best
we have ever had! The Speaker is to be determined.

ITTC June 25-27, 2007
Pearls of Wisdom,
Newport, Rhode Island

ITTC is the major source of funding for ADAPT’s activities. The ITTC Board has been working
extremely hard and made great progress. Two Keynote Speakers have been booked along with
21 other speakers. The Vendor Expo sign up did very well with the “2006 Prices if Paid in 2006”
promotion. We have two Platinum Sponsors on board and other levels are going fast. My
congratulations and thanks go to Jay Consiglio and Jean Raymond, co-directors, and all the
ITTC Board for such a strong start.

Now it is YOUR TURN! Please register today! Bring a coworker or pass the information along to someone in the
industry who would benefit. After costs are paid off, each additional registrant almost pays for the average ADAPT
Monthly Meeting! Each one counts!

The ITTC web site is up running and taking registrations: http://www.ittconference.org. REGISTER TODAY!

Booking your hotel room, you should call the hotel directly:
    1) to be sure you get the ITTC rate (ASK FOR THE ITTC RATE!) and,
    2) to ensure that your room goes against the ITTC minimum booking.
See the registration site for more details

If you have leads for registrations for participants, exhibitors, or speakers, please, let the committee know!

               ** Vendor listings at the ADAPT web site are available! Very Reasonable Rates! **

                                          Contact our long suffering treasurer:
                                             Eric Piatt, Treasurer ADAPT
                                               c/o Penguin Computing
                                                  87 East Broadway
                                                Derry NH 03038-2019
See you all at Clark University in Framingham on March 8 !

Ralph E. Desmond, rdes@rdesmond.com (Please put ADAPT in the subject field)
POB 1626, Provincetown MA 02657, ph: 508 487-1881
ADAPT – March 2007                                                                   Page 4

March 2007
Sunday      Monday     Tuesday          Wednesday   Thursday                Friday     Saturday
Plan your 2007 dates now!                           1                   2              3
 •   ADAPT meetings; every 2nd Thursday of the
 •   ITTC 2007: June 25 – 27, Newport, RI

4             5          6              7           8                   9              10
                                                    ADAPT Mar ‘07
                                                    meeting at
                                                    Clark University,
                                                    Grad Mgmnt Ctr
                                                    8:30 am – noon

11            12         13             14          15                  16             17
                                                                                       St. Patrick’s
  Daylight                                           Beware the                            Day
  Savings                                             Ides of
Time begins                                            March

18            19         20             21          22                  23             24
                         First Day of

25            26         27             28          29                  30             31

Upcoming Training Conferences:

 •   E-Learning Guild 2007 Annual Gathering
     co-located with Learning Management Colloquium: April 11 – 13, Boston, MA
 •   LMS 2007 (Masie): April 12 &13, Las Vegas, NV
 •   Extreme Learning (Masie) Lab & Seminar: May 9 – 11, Saratoga Springs, NY
 •   ASTD International Conference & Expo: June 3 – 6, Atlanta, GA
 •   Training Directors’ Forum 2007: June 7 – 13, Chandler, AZ
 •   ITTC 2007: June 25 – 27, Newport, RI
 •   e-Learning DevCon 2007: July 16 – 18, Salt Lake City, UT
 •   Learning 2007 (Masie): Oct 21 – 24, Orlando, FL
ADAPT – March 2007                                                                                     Page 5

                                   The 2006 – 2007 ADAPT Board
President                                                     Finance Director
Ralph Desmond – Desmond Associates                            Eric Piatt – Penguin Computing, Inc.
rdes@rdesmond.com                                             epiatt@penguin-inc.com
508-487-1881                                                  603-425-7770 x77

Program Director                                              Hospitality Director
Sandy King – Staples, Inc.                                    Sue Goldberg – 'Northeast Training Group, Inc.
sandra.king@Staples.com                                       sgoldberg@northeasttraininggroup.com
508-253-7202                                                  617-469-5557

Conference Co-Director                                        Conference Co-Director
Jay Consiglio – New Horizons                                  Jean Whalen Raymond – Highland Training Consultants
jconsiglio@nhboston.com                                       jraymond@highland-training.com
781-487-3200                                                  207-646-2330

Newsletter Editor                                             Secretary
Mario Cruz – John Hancock Financial                           Fatima Elwakil – Information Technology & Engineering
mcruz@jhancock.com                                            fatima@ite-training.com
617-663-2529                                                  508-991-6959

Database Coordinator                                          Membership Director
Sandy McArthur – The Hanover Insurance Group                  Open

                                     March ’07 Meeting Directions
Directions to Clark University Graduate Management Center:
1671 Worcester Road (Route 9), Room 207, Framingham, MA 01701, ph: 508-628-9599

GSOM's Framingham campus is located at 1671 Worcester Road (Route 9 West). It is a four-story, red brick
and glass building near the Sheraton Framingham Hotel. There is ample parking behind and to the sides of the

From Mass Pike (East or West):
• Mass Turnpike (Route I-90) to Exit 12, Framingham
• Bear left after the toll; at end of ramp you will be on Rt 9 West (the Sheraton Hotel will be on your right)
• Turn right at the lights onto California Ave/Technology Park (Tin Alley Grill is on far corner)
• Take the first right into the parking lot

From 495:
• Take exit for Route 9 East
• Follow Route 9 East all the way to Framingham (approx 5 miles)
• Turn left at the lights onto California Ave/Technology Park (Tin Alley Grill will be on your left)
•   Take the first right into the parking lot
From Route 9 East:
• Reverse direction to get onto Route 9 West once you are past the Mass Pike (Framingham) entrance
• Follow Route 9 West back past the Mass Pike entrance
• Turn right at the lights onto California Ave/Technology Park (Tin Alley Grill is on far corner)
• Take the first right into the parking lot

                     Be sure to register on the ADAPT website at: http://www.adapttrain.org/mtg0307.htm
ADAPT – March 2007                                                                                            Page 6

Advertise in the ADAPT Vendor Directory
Advertise annually in both our monthly newsletter and on our website for
$125. Our website enjoys the traffic of our membership and links to and from
other industry sites. Our newsletter is published September through June and
distributed to several hundred New England IT professionals. Act now and
your message will appear in our upcoming monthly newsletter.

What do you receive?
  •    Company listing in the monthly newsletter advertising your services, solutions, and updates (up to 45 words).
  •    The same message, along with a hyperlink to your company's website, will be displayed with logo on our
       website under our vendor directory page to correspond with your monthly newsletter advertisement.
Sign up today!

Email the following information to Eric Piatt at adapttrain@adapttrain.org:
  •    Contact information (include company, URL, email)
  •    description of your services (up to 45 words)
  •    Logo (gif) for the website
Make check payable to ADAPT and mail to:
ADAPT Advertising, c/o Eric Piatt, 87 East Broadway, Derry, NH 03038-2019

* Members who wish to advertise must be current members. Dues must be paid in full for the year.
** Non-member advertising fee is $150. All advertising must be paid in full and received by the 15th of the month in order to run
in the following month's newsletter. Advertisement placement is at the discretion of our editor.

Advertise in the ADAPT Newsletter
ADAPT – March 2007                                                                                         Page 7

                                           Vendor Directory
                                           SuperHERO - Management Certification & Training. Unique focus demonstrating
                                           practical application. We provide the foundation knowledge and terminology you
                                           would expect PLUS how to apply the knowledge personally and consistently. Our
                                           methods, techniques and secrets insure noticeable improvement occurs
CertTest Training Center Inc.              immediately. 97%-99% Success rate. Will motivate change to overcome the
Maria Garcia                               challenges you face. Classes: PMI Project Mgmt, CISSP IS Security, CISA IS
817-410-8000 or 888-9-CERT-TEST            Auditor, CBCP Business Continuity Planner Current Promotion: Free airfare for
sales@CertTest.com                         Dallas classes Locations: Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, Onsite for groups.

                                           CompuWorks is your total solution for technical and application training, elearning,
                                           database and courseware development, staff augmentation and room rentals.
CompuWorks Systems, Inc.                   New England's largest independent training company, CompuWorks is proud to be
Andrew Wight, General Manager              SOMWBA certified as a woman-owned business and a Microsoft Gold Certified
781-224-1113                               Learning Solutions Partner.

                                           MIT Endicott House is a beautiful French Tudor mansion on 25 acres of
MIT Endicott House                         landscaped gardens and grounds. Featuring also a modern conference center.
Jennifer Silvia, Director of Sales         Hosting Corporate Meetings and Retreats for up to 90 people, and Special Event
Tel: 781-251-6360 | Fax: 781-326-8702      Receptions and Dinners for up to 250 people.

                                           New Horizons designs, customizes and plans enterprise training solutions on a
                       New Horizons        local and worldwide level. Our clients rely on us for high-quality training in .NET
                       Michael Baird       development, network security, and IT infrastructure. Microsoft named New
                       781-487-3250        Horizons the FIRST Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions in the Northeast!

                                           ITTC 2006 PLATINUM SPONSOR

               Penguin Computing, Inc.     Cost effective, technically superior alternatives for ClearCase®, ClearQuest® and
               Eric Piatt                  other Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Build & Release
               877-PCI-4SCM (724-4726)     Engineering (B&RE) related Training and Consulting worldwide. Customized
               or 603-425-7770 X77         Instructor-led Hands-on Training for ClearCase® and ClearQuest®.

                                           Themis Education specializes in instructor-led, on-site and public training for Java,
                                           J2EE, WebSphere, WebSphereMQ, DB2, Oracle, LINUX, CICS, Web Services,
Themis, Inc.                               XML, Data Warehouse/Design, and other systems software. Services include
Peter Ward (508) 286-0071                  Consortium, Local, Short Notice, and Immersion training. Themis is proud to be a
pward@themisinc.com                        16 year loyal supporter of ITTC and ADAPT.
Terri Albrecht (603) 489-1234
talbrecht@themisinc.com                    ITTC 2006 SILVER SPONSOR
John Caccavale (800) 756-3000

               The Training Associates
                                           TTA is the largest & oldest provider of contract and full-time Trainer Consultants
               Andrea Turner
                                           for IT and Business Skills. Our core competency is the recruiting, managing and
               800-241-8868 x322
                                           deploying of trainers for all kinds of companies worldwide. We do this better and
                                           less expensively than anyone else!

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