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         Award Checklist

1. If an award was not competitive,
                                           6. Regardless of dollar value, if the con-
                                           tract action, including all modifications
                                           and orders issued under task or delivery
was it documented in the contract file     order contracts, is not both fixed price
as required by the FAR and Agency
                                           and competitive, does the description in
                                           the FBO award notice announcement in-
                                           clude a rationale for using other than a
                                           fixed price and/or competitive approach?
2. Was the contractor determined to        YES___NO___
be responsible and was verification                                                             Pre-Award & Award
conducted to ensure the contractor         7. Was the action reported in FPDS?
was not listed in the Excluded Parties     YES___NO
List System at                                                                             
YES___NO___                                8. Did the FPDS entry include the TAS in
                                           the Description of Requirement field in the
3. Was the award announced on              proper format?
YES___NO___                                       TAS::XX XXXX XXX::TAS
4. Is the FBO award announcement
appropriately identified by:
   - including the word “Recovery”
as the first word in the Title field (if
notices are submitted electronically
via ftp/email)? YES___NO___, or                          References
   - selecting “yes” for the field “Is
this a Recovery and Reinvestment           - FAR 4.605
Act action” on the Notice Details                                                                                       
                                           - FAR 5.704-5.705
form (Step 2) located below the            - FAR 9.103                                                   
NAICS Code field? YES___NO___              - FAR 9.404
                                           - FAR 52.203-15
5. Was a summary of the action, in-        - FAR 52.204-11
cluding a clear, plain language de-        - FAR 52.212-4
                                                                                             Recovery Accountability
scription of the required products or      - FAR 52.212-5                                    and Transparency Board
services (including construction),         - FAR 52.214-26
posted on FBO?                             - FAR 215-2                                          Washington, DC
YES___NO___                                - FAR 225-21 – 52.225-24
    Test…………………..    Checklist              4. Were all authorized small business con-          THIS NOTICE IS PROVIDED FOR IN-
                                            tracting programs considered in order to            FORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
                                            provide small businesses with maximum               THIS OPPORTUNITY IS AVAILABLE
                                            opportunities to participate as prime and           ONLY TO CONTRACTORS UNDER
1. If this is an interagency acquisition,
                                            subcontractors?                                     (CONTRACTING OFFICER INSERT
does the Interagency Agreement in-
                                            YES___NO___                                         PROGRAM/CONTRACT NAME).
clude language determining Agency
roles and responsibilities for meeting
                                            5. Does the solicitation/award comply with
reporting and posting requirements
                                            the environmental requirements of FAR               9. Is the description of the supplies
under the American Recovery and Re-
                                            Part 23?                                            and services (including construction)
investment Act (Recovery Act) and as
                                            YES___NO___                                         in the FBO notice clear and unambi-
implemented through OMB guidance
                                                                                                guous to the general public?
and the FAR?
                                            6. Was a pre-solicitation announcement              YES___NO___
YES ___ NO ___
                                            posted on FedBizOps (FBO) (required for
                                            both contracts and orders issued under
2. Does the solicitation or award indi-
                                            task or delivery order contracts (See FAR
cate which products or services are
                                            Subpart 5.704(a)(2))?
funded under the Recovery Act?                                                                     Any Recovery Act funded action
YES___NO___                                                                                        that is not both competitive and
                                                                                                   fixed price must be supported by
                                            7. Is the FBO pre-solicitation announce-
3. Does the solicitation/award include                                                             a “rationale” posted on FBO for
                                            ment appropriately identified by:
the required FAR clauses relating to:                                                              other than a competitive and/or
                                                                                                   fixed price approach. See Award
                                               - including the word “Recovery” as the
- Whistleblower Protection?                                                                        Checklist (over) and FAR 5.705(b)
                                            first word in the Title field (if notices are
YES___NO___                                                                                        for more details.
                                            submitted electronically via ftp/email)?
                                                                                                   This requirement applies regard-
                                            YES___NO___, or
- Contractor Reporting Requirements?                                                               less of dollar value or whether the
YES___NO___                                                                                        action is funded in whole or in
                                               - selecting “yes” for the field “Is this a
                                                                                                   part by the Recovery Act. It also
                                            Recovery and Reinvestment Act action”
- Special Buy-American Act require-                                                                applies to contracts, orders, or
                                            on the Notice Details form (in Step 2) lo-
ments?                                                                                             modifications to an existing con-
                                            cated below the NAICS Code field?
YES___NO___                                                                                        tract or order.
                                                                                                   This requirement does not relieve
- Expanded GAO/OIG access to con-                                                                  you of your obligations to docu-
                                            8. If the pre-solicitation announcement
tractor records?                                                                                   ment the file and obtain approvals
                                            was for an order under a task or delivery
YES___NO___                                                                                        of other than competitive or fixed
                                            order contract, did it include the following
                                                                                                   price actions required elsewhere
                                            statement in the Description field in FBO
                                                                                                   in the FAR or by your agency.
                                            preceding the actual description?