Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Village Mill Swim Team

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					      Village Mill Neighborhood Association                                              www.villagemill.org
      February 2007                                                                      Katie Frame, Editor

Welcome to the new year! If you have any news or
information, please let us know. This will be a fun
                                                             VMNA Home Tour Coming
and exciting year. On Page 2 we have listed the              this April
new board members for VMNA and VMCI and the
meeting schedule if you would like to attend. Both                                   Please save the date
Anthony Moussouri (VMCI) and Melanie Gracey                                          for the VMNA Home
(VMNA) would like to extend an invitation to any-                                    Tour. It is scheduled
one that would like to participate. Please contact                                   for Friday, April 20th.
them with any questions regarding the boards or                                      We’ll have more
the meetings.                                                                        information on the
                                                                                     times and homes in
                                                                                     coming newsletters.
 Swim Team Sign-Ups                                                                  VMNA plans to use
                                                                                     the tour as an
                                                                                     additional fundraiser
 Save the Date!! Swim Team Registration will be                                      for neighborhood
 Sunday, March 4th at the Pool Pavilion. See                 improvements. If you would like to participate
 Page 2 to learn more details…..                             or volunteer, please contact Tricia Casey at

                            Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Village Mill
                             We are excited, excited, excited about the 2007 VMCI social calendar that
                            will kick off with a St. Patrick’s Day Party that you will not want to miss.
                            Gather your shamrocks, mark your calendars for Saturday, March 17th, and
                            keep an eye out for further details in your mail
 boxes regarding the event, including the highly regarded yet currently
 undisclosed venue. Our new social chairs, Liz Anthony and Sue Hall,
 have been secretly collaborating for months and have many social
 surprises in store for all of you Village Mill party goers. So dust off your
 party shoes and we’ll see you on March 17th.
VMCI Board                                                              Reminder….
I am looking forward to having a great year. Here are the names of      VMCI dues will be mailed to all
the members of the VMCI Board and here is the schedule of               members in early March. Payment
meetings for 2007. We are meeting the second Sunday of each             will be due on or before April 1,
month at 7:00 p.m. Please feel free to call any of us with any          2007. If you have any questions or
                                                                        concerns about your membership,
questions or suggestions. Thanks, Anthony Moussouri
                                                                        please contact Terri Gouldman.

President                        Anthony Moussouri
Vice President                   David Frame
Treasurer                        Marshall Ford
Secretary                        Archie Wannamaker
Pool                             Andrea Hughes/Tricia Casey
Social                           Sue Hall/Liz Anthony
Tennis                           Tony Lamb
Grounds/Webmaster                Brian Toms
Membership                       Terry Goldman

VMNA Board
President                        Melanie Gracey
Vice President                   Paula Friedman
Secretary                        Courtney Lamb
Treasurer                        Cathy Tapp
Newsletter                       Katie Frame
Directory                        Julie Smith
Neighborhood Reps                Katie Moussouri & Gene Schuh
Welcome/New Neighbor             Erin Smith / Stephanie Etheridge
Holiday Open House               Ginger McLaughlin
Easter Egg Hunt                  Ann Hehir/Denise Pruitt/Kitty Turner
Book Club                        Jean DeVeer
Ghost Patrol/Halloween           Wendy Puckett/Nancy Ford
July 4th Parade                  Paula Friedman/Collette Lorden
Candles and Bows                 Susan West
Entrances                        Dora Biven
Neighborhood Watch               Marie Keith
Garage Sale                      Joanne McClelland
Strawberry Festival              Janey Hoag
Education Representative         Carol Mulford
Kindergarten Party               Katie Moussouri/Clare Eanes
Ladies Luncheon                  Sarah Smith

VMNA meetings are open to all members. Meetings are held at 7:30pm
on the second Monday of each month.

Monday, February 19th at Melanie Graceys house
Monday, March 12th at Cathy Tapp’s house
Monday, April 16th at Katie Frame’s house
Monday, May 14 at Paula Friedman’s house

Village Mill Tennis
The Village Mill tennis program is in great shape, Linda King has left some big shoes to fill. I don't plan any
major changes, but I am open to any suggestions anyone may have. Please keep me posted on any
problems that may arise at the courts & remember to lock-up after you're done playing. I have had to fix the
wind-screens on the upper courts & just noticed the lower court screens have been torn down, so I will get
those back-up asap. If anyone knows anything about this, I'd love to have some help in catching the culprits!

We plan to build a backboard on the side fence of the upper courts, closest to the woods, before doing so, I'd
like to hear from any concerned neighbors so we can talk about it in advance.

Tony Lamb, 770-598-5699

Reminders of the Village Mill Tennis Rules:

   Please reserve courts on the bulletin board near the bridge over the creek.
   ALTA teams are entitled to two courts, unless given permission by the
     Tennis Chairperson. One court must be left open for neighborhood players
     during ALTA matches.
   All guest members playing on an ALTA or USTA team must pay a guest fee
     to their captain prior to the start of the season.
   Members have priority over non-members for teams. Captains must confirm
     that no current members have been overlooked before inviting a non-
     member to join their team.
   Guest members may only use the courts during team practice and
   Team captains must submit a roster and schedule to the Tennis Chairper-
     son before the season begins.
   Tennis shoes are required on the courts.
   No activity, other than tennis, is permitted inside the court area.
   PLEASE lock the gates when you are finished.

 Swim Team Sign-Ups
 Thinking about swimming this month? BRRRRR!!!!

 Come join the Village Mill Polar Bear Club, I mean SWIM TEAM and be ready for a fun season!
 Mark your calendars for SUNDAY, MARCH 4th! We’ll be at the pavilion from 2:00-4:00 with team swimsuits to
 try on (BRR!!) and will be registering swimmers for the 2007 season. The cover will still be on the pool so we
 won’t be able to swim that day… instead, we’ll begin afternoon practices on May 14th…

 The Village Mill Vipers Swim Team provides a friendly, relaxed environment for each child to pursue his/her
                                      swimming interests. We focus on developing good technique while
                                      having fun and enjoying the water. Practices are scheduled every
                                      morning Mon-Fri with optional afternoon practices for those unable to
                                      make the mornings or just wanting to swim more. We have five weekly
                                      swim meets beginning the last week of May and ending the last week of
                                      June. Every team member is encouraged to participate once the
                                      coaching staff feels they are ready. Children are initially grouped by age
                                      for practice times, however there is some flexibility to move between
 groups. Six and under must be able to swim 25 yards (1 length) unaided, with whatever “stroke” they please,
 while Junior Swim Team members aren’t expected to know how to swim, but need to be ready to learn. Look for
 more information to come! Have questions? Call or e-mail Ginger Heidbreder at 770-551-0241/
Neighborhood News                                        Neighborhood Watch
Congratulations to                                       There were two burglaries in the area in December.
Kay and Leon Smith on the birth of their 13th            On December 21st, homes on Olde Village Lane and
grandchild and the birth of their 9th great-             Vermack Ridge filed police reports. Also, between
grandchild. And Happy 95th birthday to Leon!             January 5 - 7, 2007, at least ten mailboxes in the
                                                         general area were pulled up out of the ground.
Liz and Greg Bankston on the birth of their son
Aidan on December 24, 2006.                              BEWARE and ALERT!
                                                         Please report anything suspicious by calling 911 or
Linda and Jeff McJunkin are proud parents of             your local law enforcement agency.
baby girl Jenna Renea on October 21, 2006.

Welcome New Members                                       Coyotes and Foxes, oh my!
William and Blythe Koss
1880 Vermack Court                                        We have quite a collection of local fauna, spe-
Dunwoody, GA 30338                                        cifically, a coyote and a fox that have been
770-671-8350                                              spotted frequently in Village Mill. Please be
Elsa June Koss (2003)                                     aware of natural neighbors and take
Matthew Frederick Koss (2005)
Drayton William Koss (2006)                               precautions with garbage and house pets.

Ginger Martin
5191 Vernon Ridge Drive
Dunwoody, GA 30338
Chandler Martin (1995)                                   Thank You to...
Adam and Lyndsie Viente
2194 Peeler Road                                         The Casey family for getting and hanging the new
(770) 395-0550
                                                         Village Mill sign at the entrance.
Best Wishes to
Matt Royal as he recovers from surgery following a       Dear Neighbors,
car accident                                               Nancy has made a good recovery from her recent
                                                         heart surgery on Oct. 31. Our family wants to
Sympathy to                                              express our heartfelt thanks to each of you for your
                                                         many expressions of kindness. Your e-mails, your
Dora Biven and her family on the death of Carl           cards, your flowers and good food were greatly
Biven.                                                   appreciated. Most of all, thank you for your prayers.

Nancy and Rick Wamsley on the death of Nancy’s           Gratefully, Bill, Martha, and Nancy Ozmint

Mark and Kimey Reed on the death of Mark’s
mother.                                                    Next Newsletter
VMCI Resignations                                          News deadline for the March issue is
Sarah and Kevin Oats
                                                           Feb 27, 2007 .
Jim and Laura Strange
Dave and Debbie Nungesser
Mark Synderman & Vaughn Dunnigan                           Email news to: newsletter@villagemill.org or call
                                                           Katie Frame at 770-512-0480.