THE PARADE MARCH 14TH                          WEARIN' O' THE GREEN
                                                White Caps and Green Vests
           THE                                      with FSSP embroidery
    ST. PATRICK’S DAY                               Available in all sizes!
                                                        Hats     Vests
         PARADE                                      Be Properly Attired!
The North County Friendly Sons of               For St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Saint Patrick have always been the
                                                See Ed Forbes at the meeting
highlight of the Parade, so don’t miss
out. Let John Strayer, this year’s              or call him at (760) 730-3865
                                                  But, don’t let your lack of ‘attire’ keep
Chairman, know if your planing to              you from all the fun, be there, to be with the
walk or ride, ( we have to plan on the         best entry in the Parade.
autos ).                                            ( Call or see Ed at the Meeting. ) and
                                                     ( Let John Know, – walk or ride?. )

                                                                   You can ask any ‘Parade
                                                                    person’ where the North
                                                                   County Friendly Son are
    If you’ve ‘been there’ before, you                                   are gathering, but I
know how much fun it is, and if not,                                    suggest that you get
this is your first, you can expect to                                     there early, as the
have a fun-fun-fun time.                                                  streets around get
    There will be more information in                                   very busy, and hard
the February Blatherskite, as to                                             to find parking.
when, where, parking and where we
will meet, but John has to know how
many cars and ‘what’ before hand.

     He’ll be watching, so please, we’ve got                                    Have a good
to plan, let us know if you want to ride or                                      Parade, and
walk. ALSO DON’T FORGET THE BASH.                                                   enjoy.
                        of the
 of North San Diego County
    17405 Plaza O tonal
    San D iego, CA 92128-1817

                                  FOR M ARCH
                   G e n e r a l M e e t i n g , F r i d a y M a r c h 1 3 th
                   W hen:           N o o n tim e fo r L un c h
                                    (( O r so o ner if yo u want ))
                   Where:   Jolly Roger, Bay Room
                            1900 Harbor Drive North
                              (( in Oceanside ))
                  Happy St. Patrick’s Day on the 17 t h
                    INSIDE YOU’LL FIND
                   IN FO R M A TIO N O N TH E B A SH
                   ON THE PARADE, St Pat, AND
                   MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE

                                                                                President                Jerry M artin
           ST. PATRICK                                                          1 st V i c e P r e s .   Shawn Kelly
                                                                                2 nd V ic e P re s .     J o h n S t r a ye r
         NORTH COUNTY                                                           Secretary                Ed Forbes
                                                                                Treasurer                B ill B oyle
                                                                                Ed Blatherskite          Jim Fitzgerald
    THE BOARD FOR 2007                                                                                   A nd Pat Q uigley
                                                                                At Large                 Phil Walsh
  (( God Help them, and watch over them ))                                      At Large                 Dick Erhardt
        [[ they’re going to need it ]]                                          At Large                 Tom Mitchell
          {{ Please pry for them }}

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