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How Does NoNo Long Term Hair Remover Work

NoNo Long Term Hair Remover is based on a new and
exciting advancement in hair removal technology called
Thermicon. Thermicon uses the scientific principles of
thermal transferance to conduct a gentle pulse of heat to the

One of NoNo Long Term Hair Remover’s unique
innovations was the development of a thermodynamic wire
to transmit the heat to the hair. The patented
thermodynamic wire and built in safety mechanisms has enabled Radiancy to adapt
this professional hair removal technology to a home use product.

Why You Should Choose No!No!

NoNo Long Term Hair Remover is an exciting new concept in professional hair
removal - And one that empowers you to make your own decisions. No longer will
you find yourself at the mercy of painful treatments and expensive salons with no!no!
you finally have a choice.

The first professional hair removal treatment designed for use at home, No!No!
treatments are easy to apply and pain-free. Instead of a razor blade or tweezers no!no!
relies on a newly developed thermal technique that gently rids you of unwanted hair.

NoNo Long Term Hair Remover is not a miracle cure for unwanted hair it is
however, a serious technology solution for an age old problem. Professional results
take time and patience.

If this is a commitment you’re ready for then no!no! can help you make the dream of
less unwanted hair a reality. Made for everyone, NoNo Long Term Hair Remover
works on all hair and skin types and colors; coarse or fine, light or dark.
3 Simple Steps To Using NoNo Long Term Hair Remover

The following are 3 easy steps on how you can use this NoNo Long Term Hair

Step #01 - Choose Tip

Choose the thermicon tip for either long or short hair.

Step #02 - Heat Removes Hair

Glide NoNo Long Term Hair Remover over the skin and the heat energy from the
thermicon tip gently and easily removes your hair.

Step #03 - Exfoliates

Finally, the patented buffer exfoliates the skin while it buffs away crystallized hair,
leaving your skin smooth and soft.

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