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Dramatic ADHD Study With Pycnogenol
Today I'd like to address the topic of ADHD, at-      tor coordination, and concentration; whereas, there
tention deficit hyperactive disorder. As most of      were no positive effects noted in the placebo
you know this is a huge problem in today’s youth      group. Treatment was not significantly effective
(mostly with boys) and often involves the use of      for girls in contrast to boys, but there were only 6
prescription drugs that have serious long term side   girls in the pine bark extract group.
effects. Perhaps even worse than the side effects
of medication are the young minds that are wasted     According to the study, Pycnogenol works by bal-
on mundane tasks because they can’t pay atten-        ancing stress hormones, which in turn lowers
tion. They get bored, fidgety and ultimately push     adrenaline and dopamine, thereby improving
whatever boundaries they can for excitement or        children’s attention and reducing hyperactivity.
recognition.                                          Stress hormones were measured in the children
                                                      before, during, and after the treatment. Adrenaline
                                                      was reduced by about 26 percent while taking Py-
There can be many contributing factors to this        cnogenol, and dopamine by about 10 percent.
type of behavior in kids: sugar overload which
cause B vitamin and mineral deficiencies; heavy       Dropping adrenaline by 26% is pretty amazing
metals short-circuiting neurological functioning,     because children with ADHD have dramatically
adrenal stress, and mineral imbalance; EFA defi-      elevated levels of stress hormones known to in-
ciencies creating shortage of healthy hormones,       crease heart rate and blood pressure causing ex-
and neurotransmitter deficiencies. The list goes      citement, arousal and irritability. The authors of
on and on. I’ll get to these in a moment.             the study were quoted to say that their findings
                                                      demonstrated a significant stress hormone lower-
A colleague of mine recently sent me a copy of a      ing effect for a nutritional supplement for the first
VERY exciting new study done on ADHD. Ac-             time.
cording to an article in European Child & Adoles-      Of course this is all very exiting if you know
cent Psychiatry pine bark extract (or Pycnogenol)     someone dealing with ADHD. One of the down-
has been shown to be effective for treating AD-       sides of the study is that one month after the pine
HD, at least in boys.                                 bark extract treatment ceased, patients had recur-
                                                      rence of symptoms. This shows a need for a more
In this double-blind trial, 61 children with ADHD     holistic, long term treatment.
received either pine bark extract or placebo for 4
weeks. The average age was 9.5 years. The pine        Pycnogenol should be just one part of a compre-
bark extract group had a significant reduction in     hensive protocol that addresses many of the possi-
hyperactivity and improved attention, visual-mo-      ble contributing factors to ADHD. I would start

with a Pycnogenol product I could really trust. I     Problem # 2: The wrong fats. These can
know that Biotics uses the same French maritime       cause a sluggish metabolism, cell membrane
pine bark extract used in the study in their prod-    sludge and cellular energy inefficiency. It’s
uct called Bio-Cyanidins. Because of Biotics in-      critical to stop all hydrogenated fats. I mean
house phytochemistry lab, we can be assured the       really, if we think about it, do we really want
quality is consistent batch after batch.              to eat foods that are one molecule away from
If you want to radically change a child’s life for-
ever, you really need to add some things to the       We can change the oil in our cell membranes
Bio-Cyanidins. Here’s how I see it. There are 3       by using Optimal EFAs or Mixed EFAs. I
major problems and a bunch of minor ones that         like the Mixed EFAs because the oils are
may fix themselves if we fix the major ones. We       tasteless and provide healthy cell membrane
have to fix the basics WHILE we use the high          support. Mixed EFAs can be added to vegeta-
tech supplements. If the basics aren’t fixed, the     bles or fruit smoothies with little resistance
high tech stuff may not even work due to the          from the young lads. The Optimal EFAs are
bodies over compensation mechanisms used to           higher in omega 3’s and come in capsules or
deal with the dietary stresses.                       liquid.

The 3 problems to address mostly center around        Problem # 3 is actually the cell and organ sys-
bad brain fuel. Problem # 1: Too many refined         tem stress precipitated by the diet mentioned
processed foods, especially simple sugars which       above. A diet high simple sugars and bad fats
deplete essential minerals and vitamins which         causes the adrenal glands to compensate; and
can cause poor energy utilization and as a side       as the pattern continues, the adrenal glands get
effect allow many unwanted heavy metals or            extremely stressed. This is usually greatly
minerals accumulate. For example, sugar laden         helped as the patient changes to a nutrient
diets can cause a zinc deficiency which leads to      dense diet and with the addition of Bio-Glyco-
excess copper storage. Increases in copper can        zyme, Bio-Cyanidins and the healthy oils.
cause inflammation and aggressive behavior.
It’s critical to address diet with these kids.        In summary, use a trusted source for Pycnog-
                                                      enol like Bio-Cyanidins to reduce elevated
We can fix problem #1 by eating foods that are        adrenaline and dopamine levels; make sure
nutritionally dense. These are foods that will        the patient is off all refined sugars while using
digest slowly and not cause glycemic energy           Bio-Glycozyme to help balance blood sugars;
swings. Foods higher in fiber, healthy protein,       and avoid all hydrogenated oils and add in
and good oils. Give the parents a copy of the         some good oils. This is a nice protocol that
Food For Life CD. We can also add a product           should go a long way toward downshifting
by Biotics Research Corp called Bio-Glycozyme         that racing engine.
which will provide phosphorolated B vitamins,         Thanks for reading, and be sure to check in
trace minerals and neonatal glands to help bal-       next week for another Tuesday Minute.
ance blood sugar and stabilize energy.