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october 2009

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Understanding the benefits of                                      are these questions
upgrading to Windows 7                                             keeping you up at
The phone rings at 1:00 A.M., waking an IT professional with
a call from the company’s key salesperson who is on the road       •   Are your employees productive wherever
in Asia. She needs access to confidential application data             they are?
stored on the server back at headquarters. It’s an issue every     •   How are your people connected from the
enterprise faces—how can people be more connected from                 road?
the road, without sacrificing the needed level of security?
                                                                   •   How many branch offices do you support?

How many times has this happened to you? What else keeps           •   How much time do your employees spend
you up at night? Businesses need technology that helps                 searching for the information they need?
people work better, but IT departments must balance end
                                                                   •   How do you protect corporate data while
user flexibility with tighter management of the infrastruc-            keeping your employees productive?
ture, data, and applications. This challenge is complicated by
several additional forces competing for your time, attention,      •   When was the last time someone within
                                                                       your organization lost critical data?
and resources: managing costs, planning for contingencies,
and ensuring compliance with evolving industry and regula-         •   How do you protect critical data stored on
tory requirements. Exactly how well companies handle these             USB flash drives?
forces in the context of their unique computing needs ulti-        •   What technology have you integrated
mately defines their efficiency, user productivity, and overall        into the business environment as a result
effectiveness.                                                         of your employees using their personal
                                                                       technology for work?
Meeting both IT and end user needs in today’s business en-         •   How do you manage costs?
vironment can be challenging. The Windows® Optimized
Desktop relieves the common tension between end users              •   How much do you spend annually on
                                                                       managing client computing?
and IT by providing the mobility and flexibility end users
want while preserving the security and control that IT pro-        •   How efficiently do you manage and deploy
fessionals need. The Windows Optimized Desktop—which                   software across multiple regions?
incorporates Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008
                                                                   •   Have you been able to make reductions in
R2, System Center, and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization              helpdesk costs?
Pack (MDOP)—helps organizations transform their desktop
infrastructure from a cost center to a business enabler by         •   How do you manage power consumption?
helping IT make people productive anywhere, manage risks           •   How do you manage compliance and risk?
through enhanced security and control, and reduce costs by
streamlining PC management.                                        •   How much do you spend on managing

The investments in Windows 7 Enterprise have been shaped           •   Have you made contingency plans for
by the evolving needs of end users and IT professionals in             unforeseen emergency events?
the enterprise.

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This paper explores the questions organizations should         29% working in branch or remote offices.1 the chang-
consider as they plan for desktop infrastructure that can      ing structure of organizations puts more pressure on
help them better address client computing challenges.          IT professionals to provide a high-performance and
First, it takes a closer look at the issues many enter-        secure infrastructure for connecting remote users and
prise organizations face today, with questions in the first    branch offices, while minimizing costs and risk. The
four sections to guide you in a desktop capability as-         Forrester Research report states, “With branch offices
sessment for your own organization. Then, later in the         supporting 29% of global workforces, it’s unacceptable
paper, you’ll learn how Windows 7 Enterprise can help          that 19% of IT managers reported that their branch of-
address the challenges you face.                               fice workers are dissatisfied with remote access to cor-
                                                               porate data and applications on the corporate network.
                                                               As a result, approximately three quarters of firms have

Are employees productive
wherever they are?                                                   “ When nearly half of IT pros in large businesses
                                                                        say they are willing to begin migrating to
                                                                        Windows 7 within months of its release, that
More companies have employees working outside of
corporate headquarters than ever before. Branch office                  is a profound indicator of its potential for
employees make up a growing percent of a company’s                      success.”
workforce, but providing branch offices with network
connections to corporate resources can be slow and                              Ed Bott, ZD Net
expensive. The number of mobile workers also con-
tinues to grow, and since these users need “anywhere
access” to corporate resources, the cost of supporting,        invested heavily in WAN optimization services to bridge
managing, and protecting mobile and remote users               the connectivity divide between branch office workers
and their sensitive data is high. Additionally, information    and those who work in the corporate headquarters. We
workers spend significant time searching for data and          discovered that 21% of firms spend $100,000 or more
documents they need to do their work. This search time         annually for WAN optimization services worldwide, and
costs organizations millions of dollars annually.              for each branch office location, firms spend an average
                                                               of $2,867.”1
How are your people connected from the road?
How many branch offices do you support?

A study done by Forrester Research and commissioned
by Microsoft states that roughly 60% of people work
outside their organization’s headquarters, with about
                                                               1    “The Costs And Challenges Associated With Supporting Today’s
                                                                    Information Workers,” Forrester Consulting, 2009 (http://download.
                                                                    Workers.pdf )

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How much time do employees spend searching                                  customer records, the breach could cost more than $3
for the information they need?                                              million.2

                                                                            When was the last time someone within your
Information workers typically spend 15-30 percent of                        organization lost critical data?
their time looking for information, and about 60 per-
cent of these users express a need to be able to find                       Theft and loss of proprietary data can be very costly to
data easier across multiple data sources. For a company                     your organization. In a commissioned study by Forrester
with thousands of knowledge workers, this can cost mil-                     on behalf of Microsoft, it was discovered that 55 PCs on
lions* annually.                                                            average are lost or stolen annually and each averages
                                                                            53GB of corporate data saved locally on PC hard drives.
                                                                            It is clear that organizations must focus resources and

How do you protect                                                          funding on protecting the sensitive data that their cus-
                                                                            tomers entrust them with as well as give them a com-
corporate data while                                                        petitive advantage.

keeping employees                                                           How do you protect critical data stored on USB
productive?                                                                 flash drives?

                                                                            Hundreds of thousands of laptops are lost or stolen
As employees become more mobile, the risk to critical                       each year. USB flash drives are even more prevalent in
business data goes up significantly. Organizations are                      the marketplace than PCs, and forecasts suggest that
seeking ways to better protect themselves from mal-                         by 2011 an average USB flash drive will hold as much as
ware and viruses that users may accidentally invite into                    32 GB of data, and cost about $25 or less. This paired
the organization through e-mail messages, peer-to-                          with the reality that employees are much less likely to
peer file sharing, or Internet downloads. As more em-                       report a lost or stolen USB flash drive—if they even re-
ployees work on the go, they carry sensitive data with                      alize it is missing—makes removable storage devices a
them on PCs, portable hard drives, and USB flash drives.                    primary potential threat to the security of sensitive data
Organizations are constantly challenged to enable em-                       for organizations worldwide. Securing corporate data
ployees to work remotely, while guarding their critical                     using point solutions can cost more per user if remov-
files from the growing risk of data loss. Depending on                      able devices are included.
the profile and regulatory requirements of an organiza-
tion’s industry, the cost per record of a security breach
can range from $90 to $305. This means if a national
bank employee lost a laptop with 10,000 unsecured

                                                                            2    “Calculating the Cost of a Security Breach,” Forrester Research,
* All dollar figures stated in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted.              Collin Park (April 10, 2007)

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What technology have you integrated into the                   How efficiently do you manage and deploy
business environment as a result of employees                  software across multiple regions?
using their personal technology for work?

                                                               New operating system deployments can carry huge
Many people experience new technology first in their           costs associated with image engineering, deployment,
personal life, and then bring it to work. This ‘consum-        and management. Because of the time and expense as-
erization’ trend is especially true for mobile technology,     sociated with common deployment approaches, more
as more workers ‘mobilize themselves’ by purchasing            organizations are looking for ways to reduce the num-
personal devices they use for work. The challenge is en-       ber of images and streamline ongoing image manage-
abling people to choose the technology they like, while        ment and updating through the lifecycle of the operat-
ensuring their use of corporate resources and data is          ing system in their organization. With offices located in
appropriate and secure.                                        multiple countries, many enterprises also need the flex-
                                                               ibility to support multiple languages used by clients and
                                                               employees throughout the company, while streamlining

How do you manage costs?                                       operating system image management.

                                                               Have you been able to make reductions in
Now more than ever, organizations are seeking to re-           helpdesk costs?
duce downtime and leverage existing infrastructure,
hardware, tools, and training investments. Improving           Helpdesk management can become costly and unpro-
desktop management practices and optimizing the IT             ductive for many large organizations that have thou-
and desktop infrastructure have proven to help enter-          sands of users to support. A helpdesk professional can
prises achieve cost savings of hundreds of dollars per         spend significant amounts of time, while on a user sup-
PC per year.                                                   port call, just trying to find out what happened and col-
                                                               lect information, which can increase the cost of incident
How much do you spend annually on managing                     resolution. With decreased budgets, organizations need
client computing?                                              to reduce these costs, enable efficiency, and maximize
                                                               the strategic value of helpdesk professionals. With the
Client computing costs can vary widely from company            right tools, helpdesk professionals can access issues
to company, from a few hundred dollars up to $1,300 or         quickly and prevent common problems from happen-
more per machine per year, according to multiple stud-         ing, reducing the number of support calls as well as the
ies. As many organizations expect their IT budgets to          average time it takes to resolve issues.
remain the same for the next several years, IT organiza-
tions will continue to face increasing pressure to identify
and manage costs.

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How do you manage power consumption?                           Have you made contingency plans to keep your
                                                               IT infrastructure operational and your employees
                                                               productive in case of an unforeseen emergency
Power generation is a leading producer of CO2 in the           event?
world.3 Many organizations are exploring ways to re-
duce their power consumption and thus create a posi-
tive effect on the environment while saving on electric-       Every business can experience a serious incident that
ity bills. Using centrally-managed power settings is one       could potentially prevent the organization from con-
way organizations can help lower power consumption,            tinuing normal operations. From a flood or fire to a
and as a result, reduce energy costs and emissions. To         serious IT malfunction or information security incident,
encourage these trends, many national governments              IT organizations must be able to recover from such in-
are considering renewable energy targets and creating          cidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum
incentives for energy efficiency that could multiply the       disruption, and at minimum cost. More companies are
cost-savings of reduced IT power consumption.                  preparing for what-if scenarios with careful planning to
                                                               help them stay adaptable and flexible.

How do you manage
compliance and risk?

How much do you spend on managing

Businesses are spending more on compliance annually,
and many are expecting this spend to continue grow-
ing. In addition to the financial issues of compliance,
corporate governance can be at odds with other it
trends, such as consumerization in the enterprise, as
IT administrators may require a higher level of control
for information entering and exiting the company. With
new regulations contemplated in many industries cop-
ing with the fallout of the financial crisis, managing com-
pliance is expected to become even more challenging
in the coming years.


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Windows 7 Enterprise
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Windows 7 Enterprise

As an integral part of the planning process for Windows
7 Enterprise, Microsoft conducted extensive research
with close to 4,000 customers from developing and
emerging markets. This research helped identify their
                                                                    Windows 7 Enterprise:
top areas of concern: risk management, compliance,                  Focus on Fundamentals
and mobility. In the research, Microsoft confirmed that:

                                                                    Businesses use the Windows operating system
•   Over half of the organizations (56 percent) said
    they needed help protecting corporate data on
                                                                    because of the value they get from its capabili-
    laptops.                                                        ties. Although each user derives value from a
                                                                    specific set of features, all users benefit from
•   Even more (61 percent) were concerned about en-
                                                                    the overall Windows experience that Microsoft
    suring that people install and use only authorized
    applications for fear of security breaches from
                                                                    refers to as the fundamentals.
    unauthorized applications.
                                                                    Fundamentals are broadly outlined as quality

•   Nearly half (49 percent) were eager to make it
                                                                    improvements in software and hardware com-
    easier for remote workers to access corporate                   patibility, reliability, performance, battery life,
    resources.                                                      and security. Microsoft has taken a comprehen-
                                                                    sive approach to driving quality investments
Windows 7 Enterprise is the result of this research, de-
signed to meet the evolving needs of both business
                                                                    throughout the Windows 7 development cycle,
users and IT professionals. With its exclusive features             and focused specifically in three broad areas to
tailored to address enterprise requirements, Windows 7              enhance the fundamentals: a) Engineering pro-
Enterprise can help drive total cost of ownership lower
                                                                    cess improvements, b) increased focus on bet-
by making users productive anywhere, enhancing data
and network security, and simplifying PC management
                                                                    ter partnering with software and PC hardware
across the organization. Microsoft Desktop Optimization             vendors, and c) investing in platform innova-
Pack (MDOP) integrates into Windows 7 deployments,                  tions in Windows 7 to improve dimensions of
enhancing application delivery and compatibility le-
                                                                    quality instead of focusing solely on individual
veraging virtualization technologies, and increasing IT
responsiveness and user uptime through diagnostics,
monitoring and policy management tools. MDOP is
a subscription available for Client Software Assurance
customers and consists of six products.

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Make people productive                                                    Sporton International, a leading testing and
                                                                          certification company, is using BranchCache to
anywhere                                                                  delay the need to expand bandwidth, saving
                                                                          costs.1 “Taking advantage of the BranchCache
                                                                          feature… we can spend $20,000 rather than
Windows 7 Enterprise helps keep branch workers con-                       $50,000 per year on bandwidth by postponing
nected to headquarters and lets organizations en-                         our expansion schedule,” says David Feng, IT
able and enhance mobile worker productivity. With                         Director at Sporton International.
BranchCache™, employees at branch offices can access
data from servers at a main office as easily and securely                 1
as if they were accessing a server at their branch, with-
out negatively impacting network bandwidth utiliza-
tion. Along with Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows 7
                                                                         The IT firm Getronics expects time and finan-
Enterprise offers an alternative to alleviate the problems
                                                                         cial savings from using DirectAccess. “With
of slow connectivity to the branch. Copies of files are
                                                                         Windows 7, we hope to reduce the cost of sup-
cached locally, so when other users access that file, they
                                                                         porting remote users by over 2,000 hours an-
access the local copy instead of the corporate head-
                                                                         nually,” says Kris Bries, Infrastructure Manager
quarter version.
                                                                         at Getronics.1 That’s 2,000 hours spread across
                                                                         16,000 computers, which could free up an IT
Windows 7 Enterprise and other networking features in
                                                                         administrator for almost a year to focus on the
Windows Server 2008 R2 provide a technology solution
                                                                         critical IT needs of the organization.
that enables users to seamlessly access corporate net-
work resources from anywhere on the Internet, without                    1
having to create a VPn connection. using Directaccess,                        aspx?CaseStudyID=4000003981

file shares, intranet Web sites, and line of business ap-
plications remain accessible to users wherever they go,             introduces search advancements, including Federated
so they can get more done from almost anywhere.                     Search and Enterprise Search Scopes, which enable us-
                                                                    ers to search remote document repositories including
Convergent Computing (CCO), which offers IT consult-                Microsoft SharePoint® sites, databases, and Web sites
ing services to help organizations implement and man-               supporting the OpenSearch protocol, all through the
age their networks, is using Directaccess to save about             Windows desktop they’re already familiar with. People
$40,000 a year by eliminating its VPN and all its associ-           can find the files and folders they need, fast, by easily ini-
ated hardware, software, licensing, and carrier charges.      4
                                                                    tiating the search from Windows Explorer and getting a
Since a Windows 7 Enterprise PC can always be con-                  consistent view of search results. With Enterprise Search
nected to the corporate network, it’s also very manage-             Scopes, IT administrators can also use Group Policy
able, even when on the road. Windows 7 Enterprise also              to deploy links to the users’ Start Menu or Windows
                                                                    Explorer that put enterprise file share searches at the
4         user’s fingertips.

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                                                                          “With enhanced connectivity and a
The IT consulting firm Installers has found that employees                 seamless experience in using corporate
save two to three minutes each time they turn on their com-                collaboration tools in a mobile
puters, thanks to the operating system’s rapid resumption
                                                                           environment, users are empowered to
from sleep mode.5 Employees are also reclaiming another
five minutes a day using the Windows 7 Enterprise search
                                                                           make our company more successful. We
functionality. This adds up to approximately 20 minutes saved              are a knowledge company, and human
each day for each employee, or an increase in production ef-               capital is critical to our success.”
ficiency of 3 percent annually.
                                                                           Petter Wersland
Organizations can gain additional benefits from the Microsoft              Leader of the Windows Ecosystem at
Optimized Desktop Pack for Software Assurance (MDOP)                       StatoilHydro
by deploying Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V),
which enables users to have on-demand access to the right
applications from anywhere without requiring installation or
reboots. Virtual application and user settings are preserved
when users are online or offline. Likewise, Microsoft Enterprise          “Employees don’t have to worry about
Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), gives users seamless access
                                                                           manually synchronizing their data—it’s
to legacy applications they may need to perform their job
by creating a managed virtual environment that runs these
                                                                           now synchronized automatically, and
legacy applications.                                                       users have access even when they are
                                                                           disconnected from the network. This is a
                                                                           big win for our users.”

                                                                           Dieter Reichert
                                                                           Program Manager of Workplace Solutions, F.
                                                                           Hoffmann-La Roche

                                                                          “The technologies in Windows 7 give us
                                                                           the ability to improve our networking
                                                                           capabilities—this is important with so
                                                                           many branch offices.”

                                                                           Sorin Marinescu
    aspx?CaseStudyID=4000004141                                            IT Director at Transelectrica

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Manage risk through
                                                                   Getronics, a provider of information and com-
enhanced security and                                              munication technology solutions and services,
control                                                            expects to strengthen desktop security and
                                                                   reduce downtime with its rollout of Windows
                                                                   7 Enterprise. “We are using the BitLocker To
Windows 7 Enterprise builds on the strong Windows
                                                                   Go feature to protect corporate data when it
Vista security foundation, adding advanced capabilities
                                                                   leaves the network on a USB data stick, which
for IT to protect corporate data and help attain better
                                                                   is an increasingly popular means of transfer-
compliance. Windows 7 Enterprise helps IT administra-
                                                                   ring data,” says Harald den Houter, Principal
tors keep the network safe from unauthorized applica-
                                                                   Technical Consultant at Getronics. “We have
tions, while protecting against lost or stolen company
                                                                   better control over our desktop configurations
data. With AppLocker, Windows 7 Enterprise improves
                                                                   using Group Policy and BitLocker™, which en-
the productivity and effectiveness of the IT department
                                                                   ables us to make faster, better decisions about
with powerful application control policies that make it
                                                                   security changes.”
easy to restrict unauthorized software and allow only
approved applications. This capability provides a flex-
ible mechanism that allows administrators to specify          Deploying MDOP can help organizations achieve com-
via Group Policy exactly what is allowed to run on their      pliance goals, as well. The Asset Inventory Service shows
systems, and gives users the ability to run applications,     which software licenses have been deployed in an envi-
installation programs, and scripts that administrators        ronment and helps IT Professionals distinguish whether
have explicitly granted permission to execute. In addi-       all software is compliant with license agreements, key
tion to protecting the organization from attacks due to       industry standards, and corporate policies. Likewise,
unwanted software downloads, AppLocker can help en-           Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) helps de-
sure that task workers, for example, stay more efficient      fine user roles so IT Professionals can control who can
by only having access to the applications they need.          edit and deploy Group Policy Objects more easily.

Windows 7 Enterprise also helps organizations to en-
able richer collaboration through the power of por-
                                                                   “The built-in security enhancements in Windows
table data while ensuring users avoid putting critical
                                                                     7 help assure us that our information is
organization or customer data at risk. Today, more than
twice as many USB Flash Drives enter the marketplace                 protected.”
than PCs and analysts forecast that by 2011, the aver-
age USB flash drive will hold 32 GB of data and cost                 Andreas Viehauser
less than $25. With BitLocker To Go™, users can conve-               Head of Client and Software Management, Raiffeisen
niently store and share data using encrypted USB drives              Informatik
and minimize the risk of exposing sensitive data if those
drives are misplaced or stolen.

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Reduce costs by streamlining                                  that can reduce the amount or length of calls to the
                                                              helpdesk, making the helpdesk more efficient, more or-
PC management                                                 ganized, and better equipped to tackle user challenges
                                                              when they arise. Windows PowerShell 2.0 provides even
                                                              further efficiency by enabling IT professionals to auto-
IT organizations are looking for ways to help their com-      mate common or complex tasks, including scripting
panies cut costs and get more business value from             Group Policy settings ranging from power management
their IT spend—especially in today’s economic climate.        to Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 configurations.
Improving desktop management practices and opti-
mizing the IT and desktop infrastructure have proven          Organizations can also reduce their power consump-
to help enterprises achieve cost savings of hundreds of       tion with Windows 7 by deploying power management
dollars per PC per year. Windows 7 Enterprise makes           policies. Additional power management features, such
managing and deploying desktops, laptops, and virtual         as automatically turning off the display and enabling
environments even easier, while enabling IT profession-       sleep after a period of inactivity, can help reduce PC
als to use the same tools and skills they use today with      energy expense and the associated environmental im-
Windows Vista. New scripting and automation capa-             pact. Enhanced diagnostics and support for Wake on
bilities, based on Windows PowerShell 2.0, reduce the         LAN for Remote Management also help IT professionals
costs of managing and troubleshooting PCs. Windows            identify and resolve PC power management problems
7 Enterprise also helps businesses more easily maintain       in the enterprise.
virtual machine images, and provides a richer user ex-
perience when accessing those virtual machines run-           Because Windows 7 Enterprise works on the hardware
ning on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V™ over re-              many businesses are using for Windows Vista now, and
mote connections.                                             can be deployed seamlessly using the same processes
                                                              used to deploy Windows Vista, organizations can get
To help reduce IT management costs, Windows 7                 even more value out of existing IT infrastructure and
Enterprise supports up to 36 different languages (as          deployment training—helping to keep deployment
language packs within the operating system) and pro-          costs low.
vides tools for streamlining deployment and enabling
multiple languages within a single Windows image. With
advanced deployment tools, Windows 7 Enterprise can
save hundreds of dollars per PC per year, offering tools           “Using the integrated management tools in
for offline image servicing for both physical and virtual           Windows 7 is a lot simpler. And simpler is
images that allows IT workers to more easily set up and
                                                                    almost always better and cheaper.”
manage computers throughout the organization.

                                                                    Tom Basham
Windows 7 Enterprise offers powerful self-support and
                                                                    Manager, IT Architecture and Planning
helpdesk management tools such as the Problem Steps
Recorder and the Windows Troubleshooting Platform

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NTx BackOffice Consulting Group of Vienna, Austria,         MDOP provides additional manageability benefits for
has upgraded its 30 client computers to the Windows 7       the organization. Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery
Enterprise operating system to help consultants connect     Toolset enables administrators to quickly recover un-
to corporate systems more easily and to better secure       usable PCs and rapidly diagnose the root cause of
computers. Employees save 30 minutes a day through          PC problems so end users get back to work quickly.
improved connections, and the IT staff saves at least       System Center Desktop Error Monitoring (DEM) helps
seven hours a week in easier document encryption and        administrators centrally monitor all application and sys-
software deployment. NTx can also offer customers new       tem errors to proactively address trouble drivers and
solutions with Windows 7 Enterprise. IT professionals       applications.
conducting the deployments are also realizing desktop
management time savings with Windows 7 Enterprise.
Deploying the new operating system takes two hours
less per computer than Windows Vista required.

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Start your deployment now                                  Addressing application
Windows 7 Enterprise reflects a continued focus on end
user productivity, security, and manageability, in addi-
tion to a strong emphasis on fundamentals and efforts      As organizations begin their pilots and start testing
to help enterprise organizations get the most out of       Windows 7, many have questions about application
their technology investments. By optimizing desktop in-    compatibility. Listening to customers and working with
frastructure to make users more productive anywhere,       them to understand these requirements, Microsoft has
managing risk by enhancing security and control,           created a comprehensive set of tools, guidance, and re-
and reducing costs by streamlining PC management,          sources to help organizations address application com-
Windows 7 Enterprise with MDOP gives organizations         patibility as part of their Windows 7 deployment.
better tools to more efficiently handle the challenges
of today’s client computing. As the pace of business       Will my mission-critical applications work on
keeps moving forward, it’s time to address the needs       Windows 7?
of the organization without sacrificing the needed level
of management and security of the infrastructure. The      Organizations that tested and remediated their appli-
phone doesn’t have to wake you at 1:00 A.M. anymore.       cations for Windows Vista can leverage these invest-
The time is now for your organization to begin your        ments and will be well prepared for their Windows 7
Windows 7 Enterprise and MDOP deployment.                  migration. The vast majority of the applications that
                                                           work on Windows Vista will work on Windows 7. Since
                                                           the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has been fo-
                                                           cused on addressing application compatibility issues for
                                                           customers, working together closely with independent
                                                           software vendors to ensure smooth application migra-
                                                           tion with Windows 7 today.

“We are committed to cost management, but not at the expense of future value. That’s
 why we continue to invest in upgrades to our operating systems. Microsoft products are
 the core components of our infrastructure, and we expect to continue building on the
 robust foundation of Windows 7 for years to come.”

 Jim Thomas
 Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Pella Corporation
                                                Page | 14
Building on the security enhancements of Windows                How can I take advantage of the virtualization
Vista, Windows 7 is now the highest quality client op-          technologies to ease application migration?
erating system available. The significant investments
Microsoft made in advancing the security of Windows
Vista, however, had a compatibility impact on some ap-          The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software
plications at the time. Windows Vista included profound         Assurance (MDOP) includes two key products which can
architectural changes compared to Windows XP In con-            help mitigate application compatibility issues. Microsoft
trast, Windows 7 does not include deep architectural            Application Virtualization (App-V) can help reduce the
changes compared to Windows Vista.                              time-consuming regression testing for application-to-
                                                                application conflicts, by isolating applications from each
How we can scope application testing and                        other and the rest of the operating system. Microsoft
migration efficiently and are there any best                    Enterprise Desktop Virtualization MED-V), helps to miti-
practices we can learn?                                         gate application-to-operating system compatibility is-
                                                                sues by providing an integrated virtual environment for
For guidance on how to scope an application compat-             legacy operating systems. This allows incompatible ap-
ibility testing project and best practices, view Getting        plications to run seamlessly for users. To learn about le-
Started with Application Compatibility in a                     veraging virtualization technologies, view the Microsoft
Windows Deployment:                                             Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP):           
dd835539(WS.10).aspx                                            bb899442.aspx

What tools and guidance does Microsoft offer to                 For information on over 100 Microsoft Solution
help us with application testing and migration?                 Integrator partners worldwide that can help organi-
                                                                zations remediate in-house line of business applica-
To learn about conducting an inventory and assessment           tions, learn more about the Microsoft Application
of applications for compatibility and for tools to help fix     Compatibility Factory Program:
incompatibilities, view the Application Compatibility 
Toolkit (ACT):                                                  bb510132.aspx

For additional guidance and best practices, explore the
Windows 7 Application Compatibility Center:

                                                         Page | 15
Begin your pilot and testing                                 Use the Microsoft Application Compatibility
                                                             Toolkit 5.5
                                                             The Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
                                                             version 5.5 contains the necessary tools and documen-
Learn more about Windows 7 Enterprise:                       tation to evaluate and mitigate application compatibility
Windows 7 Enterprise Web Site                                issues before deploying Windows 7, Windows Vista®, a                  Windows Update, or a new version of Windows Internet
                                                             Explorer® in your environment.
The Windows Optimized Desktop
tions/default.aspx                                           playlang=en&FamilyID=24da89e9-b581-47b0-b45e-
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for
Software Assurance Web Site                                Get step-by-step Windows deployment guidance
Windows 7 Case Studies                                       for IT Professionals:
Search_Results.aspx?Type=1&ProTaxID=3478                     For a comprehensive description of all the tools and
                                                             deployment methods, see the Windows Automated
Springboard Series Technical Resources for Windows 7
                                                             Installation Kit (Windows AIK) User’s Guide. This docu-
                                                             ment demonstrates a basic example of how to config-
                                                             ure and deploy a Windows image. At the end of this
Contact your Microsoft Account Team
                                                             process, you will have a valid answer file, a bootable
Your Microsoft account team is ready to help demon-          Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) CD,
strate the value of the Windows Optimized Desktop,           and you will have deployed your first custom Windows
discuss deployment and licensing options, and help you       image. After creating this basic answer file, you can
with a Proof-of-Concept. Contact your account team           modify it to include additional customizations. You can
today for more information and take the next step to         also automate parts of the process by scripting some of
the Windows Optimized Desktop                                the manual steps in this scenario.
Start a Windows 7 pilot deployment:

The time is now to start conducting a Windows 7 pilot
deployment and explore the new networking features
like BranchCache and DirectAccess, security features
like AppLocker and BitLocker, and manageability capa-
bilities including power management and PowerShell.

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