Explanation of Project Templates by seeme22


									                         Explanation of Project Templates
                                UW GIS Certificate Program
                                   Geography CP_300

Project Charter: Brief document (usually 5 pages max) created during the Initiation Phase of
the project. It defines the problem to be addressed or the opportunity to be realized. Project
goals (what project hopes to achieve) and objectives (specific interests to be met in the project
listed by stakeholder) are stated. Governance and sponsorship of the project is also documented.
Finally specific roles are assigned, and contact information provided for all stakeholders.

Statement of Work: This document focuses on the scope of the project; it clarifies what is in
and what is not in the project. The Statement focuses on what is to be accomplished (the
outcome, or product scope), and how stakeholders will know if they get what they need and/or
pay for. Customer Acceptance Criteria (how customer will determine acceptance of final
deliverable), and Project Success Criteria (results that need to be observed for the project to be
judged a success). Project Assumptions, Risks, and Deliverables (project scope) are also
outlined in the statement. The Project Management methodology is also clearly documented.

Software Requirements & Specifications: The purpose of this document is to list the
requirements of the proposed system in enough detail, and to a level of completeness that a
software engineer can design a system that meets these requirements. It is assumed that the list
will be complete enough that if the designed system meets these requirements, it will be a
suitable and acceptable solution to the business problem.

Project Plan: The purpose of this document is to provide a roadmap for the launching,
execution, and completion of an IT/GIS project. The project plan summarizes the resources,
documentation, deliverables, and support processes required to sustain and complete the project.
It identifies roles and responsibilities for project team members and outlines the development
process. Preliminary work breakdown, time, and budget estimates are provided. As development
proceeds, plans and estimates will change, and new decisions will be made. This information
should be captured on an ongoing basis in this project plan.

Monthly Status Report: Regular report outlining project status, current phase,
accomplishments, things not accomplished, project risks, issues, and change requests.

Sunset Review Questionnaire: A project sunset review allows a project manager and team
to step back and review the things that went well and the things that needed improvement during
a project, project stage or development of a key milestone. Reviews highlight the most effective
processes, cover processes that need adjustment, and provide action items that will improve
future projects

Sunset Review Report: A report documenting lessons learned on the project, including
areas that went well, areas that could be improved, and recommendations/action items.

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