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                                           MINUTES 29

               Minutes of the meeting held in the Memorial Hall, Woodchurch
                          on Monday 22 September 2008 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:                   Mr A Mobbs (chair), Miss R Dewar, Mrs J Haynes, Mr M Leigh
                           Mr I McGrath, Mr C Steer and Mr J West

PARISH CLERK:              Mrs J Batt

BOROUGH COUNCILLORS:                 Mrs A Hicks and Mr P Davison

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were 8 Members of the Public present.

      Apologies for absence were received from, Mr J Robinson, (Business) and Mr P Luckett

      Miss Dewar and Mr Leigh declared an interest in Planning Application no 08/00414/AS.
      Miss Dewar’s is a family friend of Mr Leigh who lives in Cherry Orchard.

      i) Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct
         The Clerk reminded Councillors that they should update their Declarations of Interest
         with the Monitoring Officer if necessary.

      Mr Banyard handed out copies of the recent Police Forum Minutes and updated the
       meeting on the crime statistics for the past month. Our area came top of the list with
      16 x 999 calls. Mr Mobbs asked what the procedure is for dealing with abandoned 999
      calls. Mr Banyard said this was a question he would have to put to the police.

      A car was taken from the garage last month. It was very likely that it was stolen to order.

      The tennis nets were vandalised last week.

      The parking problems continue at the school. Mr Banyard told those present that no one is
      actually breaking the law, merely being selfish and inconsiderate.

      The mobile police station will be in the village on 16 December. Mr Banyard said that the
      last time it was in the village very few people visited it and it was pointed out that it tends
      to be sited in Woodchurch during the afternoon, when most people are working.
WPC MINS 22.09.08                                                                         Page 2

     It was suggested that we ask whether the police could bring it into the village on
     Wednesday night at the same time as the fish and chip van. Mr Banyard will ask the
     police if this can be arranged and find out if there would be a charge.

     The Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that
     Mr Mobbs should sign them.
     Proposed Mr Mobbs        Seconded Mr Steer

     The meeting was opened to Members of the Public from 7.50 – 8.02 for questions and

     Please see attached list.

     We have been informed that ABC has served notice of TPO No 7, 2008, Post Wood.

     Following on from a discussion during Open Forum, it was agreed that the Clerk should
     write to Mr Vink at ABC and to the Environment Agency regarding the fishing lake that
     has been re-opened at Shirkoak Park.

     We received a query regarding the Coronation Oak on The Green. Mr Robinson is dealing
     with this and the Clerk will speak to Allianz Cornhill regarding insurance.
     Please note the above was omitted from the meeting in error.

     Mr Robinson will write to Wicksteed and thank them for repairing the play area.

     Two possible sites for allotments were suggested and Mr Leigh will contact the owners.

     Mr Robinson emailed the Clerk to inform her that Mr Turner is a member of the
     Ramblers’ Association and had offered to speak to the PROW Officer to see if he could
     expedite a repair to footpath AT 231, the boundary between Glebe Field and the field
     behind Rectory Close.
     Please note the above was omitted from the meeting in error.

     KALC Parish News etc
     Government Office for the South East – The Secretary of State’s proposed changes to the
     draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the South East
     ABC Minutes of Standard Committee held 28.07.08
     KALC re Speed Restriction Review – to chair
     English Rural re Shared Ownership re-sale at Hop Garden, Appledore
     KALC Minutes of meeting held 30.07.08
     The Bulletin
     Audit Commission re change of address
WPC MINS 28.07.08                                                                       Page 3

     KCC Annual Plan
     ABC Exploring the Provision of Older Peoples Accommodation
     KCC re Kent County Council Draft Permit Scheme
     ABC Information on New Kent Homechoice
     Playsafety Ltd – to JR
     Southern Water’s Draft Business Plan/Business Plan Roadshow
     Playsafety ROSPA Inspection Report
     ABC Parish Forum – Chairman’s Report
     Charlton Athletic
     KALC Agenda for Wednesday 1 October
     Kent Police re Parish Forum
     KAPC Parish News etc
     Mr and Mrs Edwards
     South East Water
     Eastern and Coastal Kent NHS Annual Report
     KCC re SERA South East Plan
     Kent Parish Councils News
     Clerk and Councils Direct
     Kent Heritage Trees Project
     ABC re Standards Board Meeting to be held 30.09.08

     Miss Dewar was approached recently, by the Family Liaison Officer at Woodchurch
     School, who wanted to know if the parish council has any input into the decisions made on
     which local families are eligible for local needs housing. We are usually asked to verify
     that the applicant has connections to Woodchurch. Miss Dewar will pass this information
     onto the school.

     Account Balance
     The account balance stands at £

     To be paid this month:-
     PAYEE                             NET       VAT      GROSS      DETAILS
                                       £         £        £
     Mrs J Batt                        903.37      3.66   907.03     Salary and Expenses
     Mrs J Stone                       244.12      1.16   245.28     Litter Picking
     Britannic Garden Furniture        370.00    64.76    434.76     Eton 4ft Bench
     Wicksteed                         110.50    11.50    129.84     Wet Pour Repair Kit
     RBL Poppy Appeal                    25.00              25.00    Wreath and Donation
     Mr D Munday                       105.00             105.00     Removal of old bench
                                                                     and installation of new

     Councillors unanimously resolved to pass the above for payment.
WPC MINS 22.09.08                                                                            Page 4

      We have received the Annual ROSPA report from PlaySafety Ltd. As it includes some
      errors the Clerk was instructed to withhold payment and write to them requesting a
      corrected copy.

      Annual Accounts
      These have not yet been received back from the District Auditor.     .

      Mr Leigh reported that Came & Co contacted him recently querying the fact that we stated
      on our application to them that we did not have a claims history with Allianz Cornhill. It
      was suggested that he should ask them for more details.

      Bus Shelter
      Mr McGrath has been in contact with ABC regarding the change of colour. We hope to
      receive permission to erect the bus shelter very shortly.

      Mr Steer suggested that we should consider putting a shelter in at the bus stop at Brattle, on
      the southern side of Brook Street

      Neighbourhood Watch
      Nothing to report.

      Miss Dewar reiterated her request for more news items to include on the website.

      Village Hall
      Celebrate 58 takes place on 18 October. An article about the event was published in the
      Kentish Express recently. There are still draw tickets available.

      Mrs Heather Castle has been appointed as Booking Clerk. The booking regulations are to
      be reviewed.

      Mr Steer and Mr McGrath will compile a list for the Clerk to send to Kent Highways.

      Mr West asked the Clerk to order 2 new flags.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05 pm.

Signed …………………………………………………………. Dated ………………………
         Mr J Robinson, Chairman


28 July 2008 – 22 September 2008

Full Planning Permission requested – Delegated to Officers unless otherwise stated:-

08/00414/AS      Mr J Hacker re Land adj 16 Cherry Orchard, Woodchurch
                 Erection of 2 semi detached dwellings with parking and the creation of a
                 new vehicular access (amended plans)
                 Parish Council: Supported 3:1
                                  Abstentions 1
                                  Declarations of Interest 2

TP/08/00118/AS Tall Timbers, 40 Shirkoak Park, Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent TN26 3RP
               T1 Oak – Fell to ground level or 50% reduction, T2 Oak – Crown lift,
               crown reduction by 20% and T3 Oak – Crown reduction by 20%
               Parish Council: Supported Unanimous

08/01392/AS      Mr T Weeks, Great Engeham Farm, Bethersden Road, Woodchurch,
                 Ashford, Kent TN26 3PU
                 Roof Lantern: Replace existing PVC with Glass/Timber on 1st floor West
                 Elevation: Replace existing screen/door to inward opening and install
                 Juliette Balcony 1st Floor North Elevation: Replace existing rooflight with
                 new larger rooflight: Install glazed screen in existing boarded openings
                 Parish Council: Supported Unanimous

The following applications have been granted:-

08/00587/AS Mr P Ford, Willow Barn Farm, Redbrook Street, Woodchurch,
            Ashford, Kent TN26 3QR
            Erection of a ménage

08/00987/AS Mr J Hobday, Woodchurch Garage, 39-41 Front Road, Woodchurch,
            Ashford, Kent TN26 3SA
            Construction of replacement commercial garage and associated office space
            demolition of existing garage and concrete forecourt area and construction of
            2 terraced houses and 2 flats

08/01022/AS Mr A M Gray, Keepers End, Shadoxhurst Road, Woodchurch,
            Ashford, Kent TN26 3PW
            Erection of a two storey and single storey side extension

08/01172/AS Mr Larrassey, Gower Farm Barn, Susans Hill, Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent TN26 3RE
            Conversion of redundant barn into holiday let accommodation
08/01253/AS Mr C Dawes, Millands, Bethersden Road, Woodchurch,
            Ashford, Kent TN26 3QW
            Realignment of glazing/entry line to porch and sitting room and erection of
            new conservatory

The following application has been refused:-

08/00986/AS Milbury Developments re 40 Front Road, Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent TN26 3QE
            Construction of four new dwellings with associated garaging, access drive and

The following appeal has been lodged in respect of the following:-
07/02320/AS Mr and Mrs J Relf, Court Lodge Oast, Front Road, Woodchurch,
             Ashford, Kent TN26 3SD
             Glazed sunroom extension at first floor with ground floor link and addition of
             2 rear dormer windows

The following appeal has been allowed in respect of:-
07/00888/AS Mrs D Wilcockson, Orange Farm Barn, Brook Street, Woodchurch,
              Ashford, Kent TN26 3SX
              Conservatory on east wall, 2 velux windows to south and to west cat slide roof

The following appeal has been dismissed in respect of:-
07/02015/AS Mr and Mrs C Turner, Animal Farm, Brook Street, Woodchurch,
              Ashford, Kent
              Use of land for the stationing of one caravan for residential use, one touring
              caravan, the erection of a day room and a domestic kennels (retrospective)

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