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    PAR Reliability Means a Sure Bet for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
 To its guests, a hotel is a single entity—one place to stay, meet, eat, work, and sometimes
 play. But to those responsible for its information technology, a hotel is more like a group of
 distinct, though connected, businesses.

 These “multiple personalities” mean that hotel technology often must play multiple roles,
 providing reliable performance in a variety of locations and conditions. This requirement is
                                                                                                  “The uptime has been
 true in spades at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In addition to its casino,
                                                                                                  perfect; we haven’t had
 bars, restaurants, nightclubs and retail stores, the Hard Rock stages outdoor concerts and
                                                                                                  any hardware issues at
 hosts its “Rehab” parties every weekend from April through October. These all-day poolside
                                                                                                  any events this year. In
 parties attract 2,000 to 5,000 people; food and beverage operations to serve them require
                                                                                                  addition, the fact that we
 as many as 20 point-of-sale terminals.
                                                                                                  put in about 134
                                                                                                  terminals in a couple of
                                         It’s a demanding environment, according to Rob           weeks says something
                                         Kosier, the Hard Rock’s Director of IT. “Remember        about their ease of use.
                                         that these terminals are out in the Las Vegas            Then once we had the
                                         summer sun from 8 a.m. through 10 p.m. each night,       rollout, we didn’t hear
                                         placed on mobile bars that are busy all day,” he         any feedback, which is
                                         says. “These mobile bars get pretty busy—and             good—people only call
                                         pretty messy. The terminals are being baked in the       us when things break or
                                         sun and drenched in the bar all day, and yet they        they have a problem. I
 PAR Gemini™ POS System                  continue to function.”                                   consider it a big win to
                                                                                                  change something
The need for ruggedness, reliability and performance from its technology was a major              people were accustomed
motivating factor behind the Hard Rock’s recent switch to PAR Gemini terminals, according to      to and to get very little
Kosier. The hotel tested the Gemini terminals in November 2007, and decided the next month        feedback.”
to replace all its current POS terminals. PAR deployed its Gemini terminals in February 2008,
a move that has since paid off handsomely.                                                        Rob Kosier, Director of
                                                                                                  IT, Hard Rock Hotel &
“The uptime has been perfect; we haven’t had any hardware issues at any events this year,”        Casino
says Kosier. “In addition, the fact that we put in about 134 terminals in a couple of weeks
says something about their ease of use. Then once we had the rollout, we didn’t hear any
feedback, which is good—people only call us when things break or they have a problem. I
consider it a big win to change something people were accustomed to and to get very little

Durability, Mobility, and the Right ‘Look’
Another key performance factor for Kosier was portability. He explains that the terminals PAR
replaced had been difficult to move, with a size and bulk requiring a lot of manpower to set

“We do a lot of different events in non-traditional places,” Kosier notes. “For example, we set
up our parking lot for an outdoor summer concert series that attracts as many as 10,000
people. We wanted something lightweight that was easy to install, easy to store, and that
didn’t take up a lot of space. The Geminis are easier to pull out of storage, and easier to
connect versus our old terminals. We’ve even trained the beverage staff to set up the
equipment; there’s a huge labor savings in getting the whole team involved.”
                                     Know your business better

Another benefit of the Gemini terminals has been aesthetic. “After the terminals were in place
for a while, we noticed that they fit better into the Hard Rock environment,” he says. “They
looked more modern—very sleek, clean smooth lines with a beautiful black finish. I’ve heard
multiple comments that they complement the bar, that they don’t stand out and take away
from the look. It’s like they’re at home in our venues.”

Reliability Provides a Strong ROI                                                                   “The uptime has been
                                                                                                    perfect; we haven’t had
Kosier stresses the importance of durability and consistent uptime, especially with technology      any hardware issues at
as basic as a POS terminal. “A lot of people don’t think about how important they are to a          any events this year. In
business,” he notes. “But when you don’t have one, it’s very easy for it to cost you $5,000 to      addition, the fact that we
$10,000 in just a couple of hours, and that makes a big difference to us.”                          put in about 134
                                                                                                    terminals in a couple of
PAR’s consistent performance has been a welcome change for Kosier and his staff. With the           weeks says something
technology that the Gemini terminals replaced, “there was a lot of break and fix, break and         about their ease of use.
fix, break and fix,” he says. “We got to know their IT repair guy by name, like he worked           Then once we had the
here.” Kosier gives high ratings to PAR’s service and support—though he notes with relief           rollout, we didn’t hear
that he hasn’t had to use them much.                                                                any feedback, which is
                                                                                                    good—people only call
Greater reliability also helps make Kosier’s own staff more efficient. “My team spends their        us when things break or
time working on real IT problems, not babysitting hardware,” he says.                               they have a problem. I
Meeting Needs in Multiple Locations                                                                 consider it a big win to
                                                                                                    change something
Now that PAR’s products have proven themselves, Kosier has put them to work in more                 people were accustomed
places throughout the hotel and casino. “We’ve added more terminals to some of our new              to and to get very little
venues that are opening up as the property completes its expansion, which is slated to be           feedback.”
completed in late 2009,” he reports. While Kosier is currently sticking to POS applications for
the terminals, PAR products may be part of newer technologies at the Hard Rock, including           Rob Kosier, Director of
customer-facing kiosks and gaming-area technology.                                                  IT, Hard Rock Hotel &
Asked what he seeks in a technology vendor, Kosier replies that he’s looking for proven
applications and hardware. “I like to know what we’re dealing with, and PAR brought that to
the table. I don’t care what happens in the lab or at some other property—it’s how it will work
in my environment. Also, I like a company that comes in and actually sees how our
environment works and how their application or hardware fits. I’m not saying we’re
completely unique, but we do things differently than other places. I’m looking for a vendor
that is willing to compromise and make changes if it’s something that we need, and PAR has
come through with that.

“I think a lot of technology companies don’t understand the gaming environment in general,”
he adds. “Everything is all tied together, and we have 10 businesses here, not just one, so
anything we do has to work for all 10.” PAR has met this “multiple personality” challenge,
according to Kosier.

“PAR came in with a terminal that fits our environment, looks good, is durable, reliable, and       For more information on PAR’s
doesn’t break down,” he says. “It’s able to fit the different needs we use it for, so I would say      solutions for Hard Rock,
the word that comes to mind when I think of PAR is ‘leader.’”                                         please visit us on the web:

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