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Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture About the Author


									Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture
There are many different types of materials from which furniture that goes outdoors in the garden can be made. Although teak is not only one of the
most expensive materials from which outdoor garden furniture can be made it is also one of the most popular. In this article we look at some of the
reasons why teak outdoor garden furniture is so popular.

Reason 1 - Teak wood has a large amount of rubber in its structure and this makes it naturally resistant to what the elements are likely to throw at it
from wind, water, heat and frost. Also because it has its own natural oils inside the wood this makes it resistant to damage by insects as well. This is
a very durable wood and can cope with all kinds of weather and won't need much maintenance over the years.

Reason 2 - Teak outdoor garden furniture unlike other wooden garden furniture needs no oils or polishes to be applied regularly to retain its original
appearance. However, if allowed to stay outside over time the wood's color will change and to prevent this from happening some people like to apply
a good quality teak oil to theirs.

However over extended periods of time the natural oils within the teak wood does become depleted and this may result in the surface becoming rough
to the touch. Plus cracks may begin to appear in the wood and which can lead to mildew and fungus growing within it. So although you may not feel
that yours needs to be maintained if you want it to last for many years to come you should do so. Below we look at how you should care for your teak
outdoor garden furniture.

Reason 3 - Teak wood has the properties that when it comes into contact with metals it won't cause them to rust or corrode. It is for this reason people
are now coming up with garden furniture designs that allow them to combine these two materials together, so that they have some completely unique
and stylish for their garden.

Reason 4 - Caring for your teak outdoor garden furniture is far simpler. All that needs to be done regularly is for it to be washed down using a
scrubbing brush and some mild warm soapy water. However, if the furniture is rather large then one can opt to use a high pressure water sprayer

Teak wood which has not been properly maintained and becomes weathered and mildew allowed to develop on it can only be returned to its former
glory using a specialist cleaning product. These contain chemicals that will not only remove the dirt but kill off the fungus and mildew that has
developed on the wood. To use them you need to be wearing a good pair of protective gloves, do the work in a space that is well ventilated and away
from areas where it can do damage or where people are like to be.

After you have been able to remove all the dirt etc. and the wood has been able to dry out completely it is advisable to apply a teak sealer to the wood.
There are many different ones around that are suitable for using on teak outdoor garden furniture. Some can be applied using a foam brush whilst
others come in a spray form, but both types allow the wood to absorb as much of the sealer as they need. Two coats need to be applied and this
should be done on the same day and any excess should be removed by wiping with a clean cloth following the second coat being applied.

About the Author
As you can see there are many advantage to choosing teak outdoor garden furniture instead of other materials such as plastic. You may also wish to
consider buying a shed so you have some storage space for your furniture should it be needed.


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