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By Malcolm Wilson, subscriber support manager, FPAL

Have you ever had to burn the midnight oil                    For this to work though, it is extremely           multiple and repetitive HSE audits. Suppliers are
putting together a response to an Invitation to            important that suppliers have an up to date FPAL      audited once by FPAL and the results, which are
Tender (ITT) document? Most suppliers will                 profile that purchasers can rely on to provide        valid for up to two years, are then shared amongst
have experienced the frustration and effort                accurate and comprehensive supplier information.      a group of 26 key oil and gas purchasers including
required to ensure that their response meets               This can directly affect a Purchaser’s decision-      organisations such as BP, Shell, Talisman, Total,
the individual requirements of their potential             making when short- listing suppliers for new          Nexen, Wood Group, Technip and Amec.
customer.      The    problem      of    a   lack     of   contract opportunities. For example, the new ITTs        Over 130 suppliers have already been
standardisation of ITTs adding extra cost has              state that the quality and quantity of a supplier’s   audited under the Verify scheme and the full
now been addressed with the launch, at the                 FPAL Performance Feedback will be used to             results of these audits are now visible to the
November Share Fair, of a suite of template                evaluate   potential   bidders.      Performance      26 purchasers. Having the Verify certificate
ITTs. Model ITTs have been produced for each               Feedback will also be used to monitor a Supplier’s    saves suppliers the time and cost of being
sector and are available on the FPAL Website               performance once a contract is in place.              subject to repeat audits and it also effectively                                                  The widespread adoption of these new ITT           distinguishes them from their competitors. FPAL
   The major benefit for those who follow the              templates by key operators and main contractors       auditors use a consultative approach to auditing
standard framework is the time and cost saved by           will be rolled out over the coming months and         and assist suppliers in constructing their own
eliminating duplicated information which is already        FPAL are encouraging suppliers to ask their           ‘Supplier Improvement Plan’. This plan is owned
available as part of a supplier’s FPAL record. Ian         customers to adopt them as soon as possible.          and managed by the supplier and can be
Donaldson, Chair of the Oil & Gas UK Supply                                                                      updated as soon as improvements are made.
Chain Forum which developed the templates, said:           Verify                                                This allows purchasers to see that their key
‘We envisage approximate savings of £25,000 to                The new ITT templates make extensive               suppliers are actively following the continuous
£50,000 per bid and given the volume of spending           reference to FPAL’s Verify HSE shared audit           improvement path. Suppliers who are interested
across the industry this will translate into savings       scheme. The Verify scheme is designed to              in gaining the Verify certificate should contact
running into millions of Pounds annually.’                 overcome the problem of suppliers being subject to    FPAL for advice.   I

 46 Energy International December 2007                                                                                                         Advertising Feature
Companies in the News

SmartPlug™ services for
decommissioning of platform
By Gordon Blair, sales manager UK, TDW Offshore Services AS.

June 2007 TDW Offshore delivered                          “About 14 days of down-time was saved
services for a decommissioning project in             because the gas was kept in the pipeline in
the North Sea. The company isolated the               stead of flaring. Of course this is also the
Norpipe pipeline and made it possible to              environmental friendly solution” says Bernt
create a bypass of the H7 booster                     Andersen, manager customer solutions in
platform at the German sector of the North            TDW Offshore Services.
Sea. By use of high pressure isolation
plugs,     SmartPlug™,        the     job     was     The isolation project
performed within much shorter time than                   Two Smart Plug™ isolation trains were
conventional methods.                                 pigged and set into the pipeline, upstream and
                                                      downstream from the H-7 platform. The plugs
Keeping the pressurized gas                           are designed to seal and hold high pressure. In
in the pipeline                                       this particular project the plugs were holding
   To be able to assemble the new bypass              back gas pressure of 60 bar (870 psi) while the
pipeline the ongoing gas transportation               pipeline was cut and hyperbaric welded for the
needed to be temporarily stopped. This                new bypass pipeline.
could either be done by flaring the gas or                Following the cutting and removal of the
use    plugs    as   isolation      against   the     redundant section of pipeline and tie-in of the
pressurized parts of the pipeline. The latter         new bypass section, the SmartPlug™ trains
solution was chosen and the SmartPlug™                were released and propelled by product gas
technology again proved savings for the               to the Norsea gas terminal at Emden, where
customer.                                             they were retrieved from the line.   I

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