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Stackpole VC School by sofiaie

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									 Stackpole VC School

    Annual Report


Ysgol Wirfoddol Stacpol

 Adroddiad Blynyddol


It gives me great pleasure to present the Annual Report for the academic year 2006-07
for Stackpole VC School. Once again, the report is a clear indication of the high
standard of teaching provided by the school, but also to the rich and stimulating
environment that it offers to our children.

It probably takes the reading (or writing) of a report like this really to appreciate all that
has been going on in our school in the past school year. I am well aware that it is a lot of
reading, but I hope you will find it interesting and rewarding.
The new classroom structure with two year groups in each class is working well. The
same two-year cycle is reflected in the structure of topics and subjects. Teachers and
support staff work well together to ensure the best possible outcome for our children.
They all deserve our thanks for their hard work!

I would also like to thank my fellow governors for their support throughout this
academic year. The Governing Body as a whole carries the ultimate responsibility for the
school; being a governor is not an easy task, but can be immensely rewarding. Two
positions for Parent Governors become vacant at the end of the year; if you are
interested, put your name forward to County Hall by 8 November. If there are more
candidates than vacancies, an election will be held.

Last year’s Annual Governor-Parent Meeting (AGPM) was not very well attended. For
that reason, we have not scheduled a meeting for this year. However, if a sufficient
number of parents requests that such a meeting be held, it will be called. Please let us
know in writing by Monday, October 22nd 2007 if you would like an APGM.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me or Mr Phelps.
The School Open Day on Wednesday, 7th November will provide an opportunity for

Charlotte Pattenden
Chair of Governors


                               SCHOOL NUMBER – 3051

                 ANNUAL REPORT TO PARENTS 2006-2007

Membership of the Governing Body

Chair of Governors          Mrs. C Pattenden
                            Windsor House
                            SA71 5HN
                            Tel. 01646 661355

Clerk to the Governors      Mr. G. W. Davies
                            Director of Education and Community Services
                            Education and Community Services
                            County Hall
                            SA61 1TP
                            Tel. 01437 775860

The full list of Governors for 2006-2007was as follows:

NAME                                    STATUS
Mr. N. Thomas                           Community Governor
Cllr J. Phillips                        Additional Community Governor
Mr. K. Phelps                           Head Teacher
Mr. E. Nicholas                         Foundation Governor
Rev R. Jones                            Foundation Governor
Mrs. A. Howells                         Foundation Governor
Mr. P Goodfellow                        L.E.A. Governor
Cllr J Allen-Mirehouse                  L.E.A. Governor
Mr D Wilkes                             L.E.A. Governor
Mrs. C Pattenden                        Parent Governor
Mrs. P Simon                            Parent Governor
Mr. C. Rowlands                         Parent Governor
Mr. N. Lewis                            Parent Governor
Mrs. M James                            Staff Representative
Mrs. I. James                           Teacher Representative
Canon D.Evans                           In Attendance
Mrs. L. Thomas                          Bishop’s Visitor

Chair 2006/ 07                           Mrs. C Pattenden
Vice-Chair 2006/7                        Mrs. P. Simon

There have been some changes in the composition of the Governing Body: Cllr Jeremy Phillips took
over from Cllr Robin Neath, Mrs Ishbel James replaced Mrs Elizabeth Thomas as the Teacher
Representative, Mrs Lorna Thomas is the new Bishop’s Visitor, and Mr Don Wilkes’ term of office
finished on 15 May 2007; in line with the imminent reorganization of the Governing Body (12 instead
of 16 members), his position is not being filled. A big thank-you to all departing members for their hard
work and support over the years.

Resolution from 2006 Meeting
An insufficient number of parents attended the AGPM in 2006 to form a quorum. Therefore, no
resolution was passed.

The staffing of Stackpole School in September 2007 was as follows:

Teaching staff and Learning Support Assistants.
Mr. K. Phelps (Headteacher)
Mrs. I. James (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs. H. Rich (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs. S. Bryant (Early Years Co-ordinator)
Mrs. M. James (N.N.E.B/HLTA)
Mrs. D. Jones (L.S.A. Level 2 – ‘High Level Teaching Assistant’ qualified.)
Mrs. C. Brace (L.S.A. Level 2 – ‘Dyslexia Awareness and Training’ qualified.)
Mrs. J. Evans (Playgroup Leader)
Mrs. L. Goodfellow (LSA)
Mrs. K. Blunsden (LSA)
Mrs. L. MacKenzie (LSA -supporting pupil with physical challenges, one-to-one)
Miss K. Richards (LSA -supporting pupil with physical challenges, one-to-one)

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs. A. Garlick (School Meals Clerical Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor)
Mrs. J. Evans
Mrs. L. Goodfellow
Mrs. K. Blunsden

Breakfast Club Supervisors
Mr. W. Edge
Mrs. J. Watts

Administrative staff
Mrs. J. Jelley and Mrs. A. Morgan.

Caretaking and Cleaning
Mr. W. Edge(Caretaker)
Mrs. J. Watts (Cleaner)

Kitchen Staff
Ms. J. James (Cook in Charge)
Mrs. D.Rowlands (Catering Assistant)

Teaching Staff Responsibilities
Mr. K. Phelps (Headteacher) – Assessment and Target Setting, School Self Evaluation, History,
Geography, R.E., P.S.H.E, Welsh, School Council, INSET and Staff Development, Performance
Management, Leadership and Management.

Mrs. I. James (Assistant Head, plus 1 Management Allowance) – S.E.N.C.O., I.C.T. and
Numeracy, Year 6 Transition.

Mrs. H. Rich (Assistant Head, plus 1 Management Allowance) – Literacy, Science, P. E.,
Education for Sustainable Schools (ESD) and Healthy Schools.

Mrs. S. Bryant – Foundation Phase / Playgroup Co-ordinator, Art, Design Technology and Music.

Staff Changes in 2006-2007

We extend a very warm welcome to our new members of staff:

       Mrs. Alayne Morgan (Admin. Officer – Fridays only).
       Mrs. Karen Blunsden (Learning Support Assistant)
       Mrs. Katie Richards (Learning Support Assistant)
       Mrs. Lisa MacKenzie (Learning Support Assistant)
       Mr. Wayne Edge (Caretaker and Breakfast Club Supervisor)
       Mrs. Davina Rowlands (Catering Assistant)

Mrs. Alison John and Mrs. Ann McGahey left Stackpole School at the end of the Summer Term 2007.
We wish them well and thank them for their wonderful contribution to Stackpole School over the
They both received gifts and cards from all parents, children, governors and staff at a special assembly
held at the end of the school year.

Continuing Professional Development
We have a dedicated staff at Stackpole School committed to Continuing Professional Development
(CPD). Our extensive training programme is planned carefully to ensure consistent school
improvement in line with our School Development Plan and the professional development of all staff
The Performance Management process has been carried out effectively with professional objectives set
for the following year. (2007-2008).

Please see ‘Appendix 1’ for a full list of staff training completed in the academic year 2006-2007.

Pupil Attendance
The average attendance for the Autumn Term 2006, Spring Term 2007 and Summer Term 2007 was
95%. This matches the Welsh Assembly Government target on attendance of 95%. We are very
pleased to reach this target and are very grateful to parents for their continued support in ensuring the
good attendance of Stackpole pupils. There was no unauthorized absence.

Please note that the maximum amount of term time holiday in any academic year that may be
authorized is ten days. Any holidays over this period are classified as unauthorized absence.

No. on Roll.
There were 90.5 F.T.E. (Full Time Equivalent) pupils on roll in January 2007.

Term Time and Holiday Dates
Please find the term times and holiday dates from September 2007 to August 2008 at the end of this
report in the Appendices (Appendix 4).
Please note that teacher training days are not included in this calendar, these will be given at a later date.

School Prospectus
The School Prospectus has recently been updated. Copies of the prospectus are given to all new
parents and are available on request from existing parents. They contain a copy of the Home/School
agreement which lays out expectations of the school, parents and pupils.

Times of School Sessions
The times of the school day are as follows:

Nursery & Infant:      9.05 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.    (Breaktime 10.30am – 10.50am)
                       1.00 p.m. – 3.20 p.m.     (Breaktime 2.00pm – 2.15pm)

Junior:                9.05 a.m. – 12.05 p.m. (Breaktime 10.30am – 10.50am)
                       1.00 p.m. – 3.20 p.m. (Breaktime 2.00pm – 2.15pm)

Financial Performance 2006/2007
Formula Funding 2006/2007                        £309, 154

Additional Funding                               £2,500

Statement/Banded Funding                         £1,183

Surplus Brought Forward 01/04/2005               £22,261

Total Funding Available 2006/2007                £335, 098

Net Expenditure 2006/2007                        £308, 616

Surplus Brought Forward at 01/04/07              £26,482

Curriculum Developments
Self-Evaluation – As part of our ongoing review of performance, this year standards of teaching and
learning in Literacy, PE, Welsh and Bilingualism and SEN have been closely monitored throughout the
Strengths were recognized and areas for development have been identified, these will be built into the
next School Development Plan.
Design Technology Week – After staff discussion it was decided this year to block the DT work each
term. This allowed the planning, constructing and evaluating process of the children’s models to be
completed in an intensive DT week for all the classes throughout the school.
The children thoroughly enjoyed these construction weeks and the standards of learning were very
Handwriting – Mrs. Rich has completed our new handwriting policy and scheme of work and
presented it to all the staff. It has been agreed and is now being implemented throughout the school.
The effectiveness of this new scheme of work will be closely monitored. Thanks to Mrs. Rich for her
commitment to this important area of learning.
Development of Maths Curriculum – After evaluating a number of commercial schemes of work, it
was decided after staff discussion to purchase the Ginn Abacus Maths Scheme.
This was largely funded by the PTA to whom we are very grateful.
This scheme is comprehensive and provides workbooks, textbooks and assessment guidance to be used
throughout the whole school with built in continuity and progression.

Foundation Phase – The new approach to teaching Early Years and Key Stage 1 children to be
known as the Foundation Phase is to be implemented in all schools by September 2008. It is based on
an active ‘learning through play’ approach and has a far greater emphasis on pupils developing skills to
work independently.
In preparation for this, all staff have attended a presentation by Foundation Phase adviser, Mrs.
Heather Cale and our Foundation Phase team have received further input into the planning process.
We are currently working towards developing our practices in line with this new approach in
preparation for September 2008.

Health Promotion – As part of our Health Promotion work Mrs. Rich led staff discussions to review,
update and agree the following policies:
            Substance Abuse, Sex Education and Health Eating.

Mrs. Rich has also co-ordinated our application to receive the Phase 5 Health Promotion Scheme
Award. The assessment was carried out by LEA advisers, Mr. Alistair Birch and Mrs. Lynne Perry.
We are delighted to announce that we were successful in our assessment!
To reach Phase 5 is quite an achievement. Special thanks to Mrs. Rich but also thanks to the children,
staff and parents who have all readily embraced our health promotion philosophy.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Mrs. I. James continues to be the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (S.E.N.C.O.). There are
currently 18 children on our special needs register.

There have been a number of important developments to our provision for children with Special
Educational Needs this year.

Our special needs teacher, Mrs. Ann Dobson, resigned her position at Stackpole School. She has been
replaced by Mrs. Caryl Brace, who is specially trained in dyslexia awareness and supporting children
with Special Educational Needs.
Mrs. Brace follows a carefully planned timetable to provide specialist withdrawal support to children
who are at the School Action Plus stage of the school’s SEN register. The room in which Mrs. Brace
and these children work has been redecorated to provide a stimulating and attractive working
However, all teaching and support staff are qualified in teaching and supporting children with SEN and
make a very valuable contribution to our SEN provision.
We have excellent relationships with all outside agencies and have worked closely with them
throughout the year.
Children identified as having special needs are provided with an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
These contain targets for the children’s further development and planned activities to help these targets
to be reached. These IEPs are created after lengthy and in-depth discussion between SENCO, class
teachers, learning support assistants and external agencies (if necessary). A copy of the IEP is also given
to the parents who are welcome to come and discuss their contents with staff as part of our ‘Open
door’ policy.

Parent Consultations – We have introduced twice yearly (Autumn and Summer Term) consultation
meetings for the parents of all children on School Action Plus of the school’s SEN register. These
meetings were attended by the Parents, Mrs. Brace, Special Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs. I. James),
Learning Support Assistants and any other involved members of staff.

The aim was to inform the parents fully of the provision their child is receiving, the personnel involved,
ways of supporting the child’s learning at home and progress of targets within the IEPs. ‘Parent
Information’ handouts were also provided.
We received very positive feedback from parents who attended these consultation meetings.
Special thanks to Mrs. Ishbel James for her hard work in organising these consultations.

SEN Monitoring – as part of our Self Evaluation timetable, SEN procedures and processes were
closely monitored by Mrs. I. James in June 2007. Strengths were recorded as well as areas for
improvement resulting in targets being set which are built into the School Development Plan (SDP).

Medical Room - A new Medical Room, funded by the LEA, has been developed to cater for the needs
of a pupil with physical challenges. The room has a medical changing bed, fitted toilets and sink, a
purpose built medical cupboard and has been appropriately decorated in a child friendly fashion. Our
thanks to Mrs. Stella Rees for making the curtains and cushions for the Medical Room.

Disability Equality Duty (DED) and Access Plan – In the Spring Term we reviewed our disability
equality provision and access plan. This involved an extensive consultation process. Parties consulted
             Parents.
             Children through the School Council.
             Staff directly involved with dealing with children with disability.
             Parents directly involved with dealing with children with disability.
             The Stackpole Community Council.

The outcome was an extensive Stackpole School Disability Scheme and Action Plan and Access Plan
for the Years 2007-2010 which has been ratified by the Governing Body and approved by the LEA.

Basic Skill Provision
Our staff is committed to improving the Basic Skills of all our pupils.

The definition of Basic Skills is : ‘The ability to read, write and speak in English and use Mathematics
at a level necessary to function and progress at work and in society in general.’
We are very aware that without good oral and written communication and numeracy skills people are
disadvantaged and children may find it difficult to access particular areas of the wider curriculum. For
this reason we have made the commitment as a staff to raise the standard of Basic Skills of our pupils.
Stackpole School is a Basic Skills Quality Mark accredited school awarded by the Basic Skills Agency.

In February 2007 we underwent a rigorous assessment by LEA adviser Mr. Chris Palmer to gain our
third Quality Mark award. We were required to show clear evidence of further improvements and
developments in our basic skill provision since the last award in 2004.
Our assessment was successful and we were awarded the third QM award in March 2007. This award
highlights our commitment to Basic Skill development and provision. Congratulations and thanks to
the staff for this achievement.

Other School Developments
Breakfast Club – The Stackpole School Breakfast Club continues to flourish. It runs from 8.00am -
9.00am every morning and the children are fully supervised by two breakfast club supervisors. A
healthy breakfast is prepared by the catering staff.
The Breakfast Club is extremely popular with an average of 20 children attending every morning. There
is no charge for the Breakfast Club. It is funded entirely by the Welsh Assembly Government.

After School Club – The After School Club is very successful with the number of children on the
attendance register increasing all the time. The children thoroughly enjoy coming to the ASC and have
the opportunity of doing many fun and interesting activities. There is a real family feel to the club.
The ASC leader is Mrs. Debbie Jones with Miss Katie Richards supporting. They both do an excellent
job in creating such a successful club.

If anyone is interested in joining the club please see Mrs. Debbie Jones or Mrs. Karen Blunsden (ASC
Committee Chairperson).

Special thanks also to the ASC Committee for their commitment and hard work in making this such a

There is a large banner advertising both the Breakfast Club and the After School Club; this is displayed
on the wall in the school yard.

Stackpole School Council – Our School Council organization has been reviewed and updated. There
are elected representatives from every year group (Year 1 to 6) on the School Council and they carry
forward issues, concerns and ideas from their Class Council meetings to the full School Council
ensuring that every child at Stackpole School is given a voice.
The School Council meets once every half term.

So far the School Council has campaigned and achieved the following:
             More wet play activities, board games etc.
             New carpet in Mrs. Bryant’s classroom.
             Re-decorating and painting of the children’s toilets including the installation of mirrors.
             Developments in our Health Promotion Scheme.

Bilingualism – Bilingualism is on the increase at Stackpole School which is constantly a challenge in
South Pembrokeshire, a predominantly English speaking area. The staff are committed to increasing
bilingualism and are making every effort to do so.
Bilingualism is increased in the following ways:
             Using bilingual labeling throughout the school.
             Introducing a phrase a week to the children.
             Rewarding attempts to speak Welsh.
             Using incidental Welsh – commands, instructions, greetings etc. whenever possible.

French Club – As a way of expanding our extra-curricular programme we have set up a French Club
that runs Wednesday lunchtimes. We are very grateful to school governor, Mrs. Lorna Thomas, who
does a wonderful job in running this club.

Sustainable Schools – We have further developed our work on recycling. We now not only recycle
paper as before, but also plastics, cardboard and glass. We are also composting all suitable materials in
compost bins in the school garden.
Our thanks to Mrs. Helen Rich for co-ordinating our recycling and composting project.

Building Developments
There has been a number of building developments and improvements to the school environment this
year. These include:

1. New Mobile Classroom (Portacabin) – Stackpole School was successful in its campaign to receive
a new mobile classroom. The new classroom, which came form Ysgol Preseli, arrived and the old one
was taken away just before Christmas. It was very exciting for the children and staff to see the new
classroom arrive by crane.

Mrs. Rich’s Class, Years 3 and 4 finally moved into their new classroom in after the February half term.
It was fully furnished, painted and carpeted and provides a very attractive classroom environment for
both staff and children.
Our thanks to Mrs. H. Rich, Mrs. D. Jones and the children for their patience whilst the new classroom
was being installed and decorated.
The project has been funded entirely by the LEA and has involved no direct expense from the School

2. Conservation Area/Outdoor Classroom - We have developed a Conservation Area and Outdoor
Classroom in an overgrown area of our School Grounds.

We received a great deal of funding and donations to help us with our work. This includes:
    £1000 funding received from Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVs).
    £500 donation form Chevron.
    £100 worth of trees donated by the National Trust.
    Large donation of materials from Kingswood Engineering and Dean and Dyball. Thanks to Mr.
       Clark James for the donation from Kingswood Engineering and to Mr. Chris Purchase from
       Dean and Dyball.
    £3000 funding received through an application to Community Focused Schools.

A lot of the development took place in the Spring Term 2007. When the following work was
       A large pond area created with paths and barked areas around the pond.
       A vegetable patch which was planted with beans, courgettes and pumpkins by the children.
       A log circle for story telling and circle time activities.
       Various habitats created for wildlife studies.

This area was further developed in the Summer Term 2007. New developments included:
    A fence built between the school field and the Conservation Area.
    Fence painting.
    A hexagonal bench built around an apple tree.
    Grass and wildflower areas have been planted with paths mown through for access.

This area is already providing an excellent curriculum resource and will continue to be developed in the
future as part of our Forest School philosophy which we are currently developing.

We are very grateful to everyone who has worked hard to help develop this area. We have a team of
dedicated parents who have given a great deal of time and effort in helping developing this wonderful
curriculum resource.

3. Medical Room – This room has been specially prepared to accommodate a child with physical
challenges and contains a special changing bed, toilet, sink, carpet and other facilities. It has also been
attractively painted and decorated in a child friendly way. Thank you to Mrs. Ann McGahey for
painting this room.
This development has been funded by the LEA with no cost involving the School Budget.

4. After School Club Sink Area – A new sink and kitchen units have been built in the After School
Club room for use by the After School Club. These are built in line with stipulations laid down by the
CSSIW. We are very grateful to Mr. Simon Hagan for his hard working and expertise in installing the
sink and cupboards.

New wooden storage cupboards have also been built in the Playgroup and After School Club
classroom providing much needed storage facilities.

5. Re-decorating – The children’s toilets have been re-painted and decorated with attractive ‘sea life’
stencils, mirrors have also been placed in both toilets. This refurbishing of the children’s toilets has
been as a direct result of a request by the children through the School Council.

Other building and premises developments include:
    Interactive Whiteboard installed in the portacabin complete with broadband internet access.
    Interactive Whiteboard set up and operational in the Nursery/Reception Classroom.
    Drainpipes and guttering replaced at the back of the school building and at the front entrance.
    Painting the Playgroup fence and all wooden furniture in the School Garden.
    New carpet and built in storage cupboards in the infants classroom i.e. Mrs. Bryant’s class.
    All garden furniture repaired and painted.

Health and Safety
Traffic Management on the School Site – The Headteacher attended a training course entitled
‘Managing Traffic Safely on the School site’ in the Autumn Term 2006. As a result of the course Mr.
John Gobi, The County Road Safety Officer visited Stackpole School to assess our traffic safety
Using the feedback and advice from Mr. Gobi the Governing Body was able to prepare the following
documentation after consultation with parents, children, staff and the Stackpole Community Council.

              Traffic Safety Risk Assessment at Stackpole School.
              Stackpole School Traffic Safety Action Plan.

This documentation has been sent to the Health and Safety Department at County Hall.

Fire Safety – Regular fire drills have been carried out successfully throughout the year.

The Mid and West Wales Fire Officer, Mr. Rob Bellaby conducted a thorough fire inspection at
Stackpole School in the Spring Term 2007. He was very impressed with the fire safety procedures at the
school but has recommended a number of jobs that require attention. These have now been completed.

All staff received Fire Fighting Equipment training on June 18 th 2007 at 3.45pm.
The training was provided by UK Fire.

Risk Assessments – Risk assessments have been completed for all areas in and outside the school
building following guidelines by the Health and Safety Executive. Risks have been identified and
appropriately minimized.
Mr. Phelps has attended training on the effective completion of risk assessments.

Home-School Links
Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - We have a thriving PTA and are indebted to them for all their
support and hard work towards fund raising and developing home-school links at our school this year.
We have gained charity status this year and as a result have reorganised our PTA committee structure.
We now have 8 elected members serving on the PTA., although all parents and members of staff are
very welcome to all meetings and their contributions are deemed as very valuable.
Elected PTA officers this year were:
     Mrs. Karen Davies (Chairperson)
     Mrs. Lisa MacKenzie (Secretary)
     Mrs. Cath Griffiths (Treasurer)

Mrs. Lynne Goodfellow and Mrs. Joanne Rowlands resigned from their posts as Chairperson and
Secretary respectively.
We thank them both very much for their great contribution to the work of the PTA over the years.

We are very grateful for the work of the PTA in all the fundraising activities they have undertaken this
year. The Christmas Fayre and Summer Fun Evening were particularly well supported and were great
fun for all ages as well as raising considerable amounts of money. Thank you to everyone for
supporting these events.

Other Home-Links - We have continued to develop our curriculum ‘Home-School Diary’ links in
Key Stage 1 and ‘Termly Topic Webs’ in Key Stage 1 and 2 this year.
They have allowed parents to support their children’s learning and gain a greater understanding of the
work the children are covering in the curriculum so that school and home are able to work closely
together for the good of the child.

The Parents Evenings held this year were very successful and well attended.

Church Links
Throughout this year we have continued to benefit form regular visits from the local clergy – Rev Rob
James, Rev Roger Jones, Mrs. Anita Howells and Rev Tony Turner – who have regularly led assembly
and collective worship as well as contributing in so many other ways to the life of our school.

We were pleased to welcome Mrs. Jean Voyle-Williams, the newly appointed Diocesan Schools Officer,
to Stackpole School in October 2006 and we look forward to working with Mrs. Williams in the future.

Harvest – We held a very enjoyable Harvest Service at School in October 2006. Each class performed
a ‘Harvest’ item and many of the children brought into a school a variety of produce to lay on our
Harvest Table. The produce was later distributed to several Residential Homes in Pembroke and
Pembroke Dock.

Bishop’s Visit – It was a pleasure to welcome Bishop Carl Cooper together with Canon Derek Evans
to School in October 2006. A special assembly was held followed by a tour around the school.

Christmas – The true meaning of Christmas was celebrated in many ways including:

      Choir performance at the Stackpole Church Community Carol Service.
      Early Years and Infants Christmas Concert and Coffee Morning.
      The Junior Christingle Service at Bosherston Church.

The Wedding – As part of their work in Religious Education in the Autumn Term 2006, the Year 1
and 2 pupils planned, organized and conducted a full wedding ceremony at Stackpole Church where
pupil, Ffion Blunsden ‘married’ Theo Davies. It was a wonderful and memorable day enjoyed by
A big thank you to Mrs. Sandra Bryant for all her hard work in organizing this special event and to
Reverend Rob James who conducted the service.

St. David’s – Gwyl Sant Dewi – The Festival of St. David was celebrated in many ways including:

      A whole school Eisteddfod where all children were invited to enter musical, art and poetry
       recital competitions to score points for their houses. It was a great day culminating in Alice
       Lilley (Year 3 pupil) being crowned Bard of the Ceremony. Special thanks to Mr. Lynn Childs
       and Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas for adjudicating on the day.

      A Winners Assembly for the parents to celebrate all the items that gained first place at the
       School Eisteddfod.

      A wonderful St. David’s Day Assembly performed by the Early Years and Infant Classes.

      The St. David’s Day Service at Warren Church.

Easter – Easter was celebrated at Stackpole School through a number of special assemblies led by the
clergy and depicting the Easter Story. Palm Crosses were presented to all the children on the week
preceding Palm Sunday, with thanks to Reverend Roger Jones.
Easter topic work was covered by all the classes as part of the RE curriculum.

Bishop’s Visitor – We welcomed our new Bishop’s Visitor, Mrs. Lorna Thomas who succeeded
Reverend David Reed after his retirement.. Mrs. Thomas has already made a huge contribution to our
school by running a weekly extra-curricular French Club.

Charity Work – This year Stackpole children, parents and staff raised the following monies for charity
fulfilling our mission as a church school.
      £65.00 for the RNLI by holding a non-uniform day.
      £100 donation to the Forrester’s Fund and raised over
      £500 for Comic Relief through a variety of fun activities organized by Mrs. Sandra Bryant.
      £55.00 for the Barnardos fund. Mrs. Iona Needs from Barnardos attended an assembly to talk
         about the valuable work of Barnardos.

Leavers’ Assembly - Finally, we ended our school year with the ‘Leavers’ Assembly’. We said our
farewells to thirteen Year 6 pupils who went to Pembroke School, Milford Haven Secondary School or
Sir Thomas Picton in Haverfordwest.
In the Summer Term the Year 6 pupils benefited from an excellent transition programme formulated
by the Secondary and Primary Schools working in partnership.
This special Assembly provided the opportunity to thank the Year 6 children for their contribution
towards the life of Stackpole School and to say prayers for their future happiness and success in
Secondary School.
Special awards were presented to all the Year 6 children by Mrs. Angela Burns AM and announced by
Mrs. Charlotte Pattenden, Chair of Governors.

Community Links
We are very proud of our close links with the local community. Such links are very important to
broaden the experiences of the children. We feel that both the school and the local community benefit
from this close relationship.
Please see ‘Appendix 2’ for an extensive list of our community links for 2006-2007.

Sport and Physical Education
Stackpole School has enjoyed great sporting involvement and success this year.
We are a real ‘Have-a-go’ school and are represented in most local sporting competitions and events
often enjoying a great deal of success for a moderately sized school.

Some of our sporting highlights include the following:

Swimming - Our swimming team gained second place at the Pembroke and District Junior Schools
trophy at the Inter-Schools Swimming Gala.

Junior pupils visited Pembroke Leisure Centre for swimming lessons every Tuesday afternoon and they
competed in the Stackpole School Swimming Gala at the end of the Summer Term.

It was arranged for six junior pupils who needed extra tuition to visit Pembroke Leisure Centre for
extra swimming lessons every Tuesday afternoon this term. This has been really helpful to their
development and we are very grateful to Mrs. Helen Rich and Mrs. Trina Bowen of Pembroke Leisure
Centre for arranging this.

Several Stackpole pupils entered in the Urdd Area Swimming Gala at Pembroke Leisure Centre. Patrick
Bunker (Y6 pupil) went onto the Welsh finals where he gained 1 st place in the Breaststroke. We are very
proud of his achievement.

Rugby –
Stackpole School Rugby Teams were represented in the following competitions:
     Tag Rugby Festival Years 3 and 4 –Narberth RFC.
     Tag Rugby Festival Years 5 and 6 –Pembroke Dock RFC.
     Tag Rugby Festival Years 3 and 4 – Pembroke RFC.
     Tag Rugby Festival Years 5 and 6 – Haverfordwest RFC.

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 visited Haverfordwest RFC to watch the Scarlets training and had the chance to
meet the players and receive signed posters.

Six children entered a follow-up competition and were successful. As a result they were invited as
special guests to Stradey Park to watch the Scarlets v Munster game in December. We were very proud
of their achievements.

    Stackpole School Football Team played against Golden Grove School in the Pembrokeshire
      Schools Cup narrowly losing 2-1.
    They entered the Greenhill School Football Competition.
    We played against Cosheston and Narberth in the Pembrokeshire Schools Plate Competition.
      Stackpole beat Cosheston and narrowly lost to Narberth.

Special thanks to Mrs. Ann McGahey for helping to coach the team.

Netball - Our Netball Team showed great talent when they beat Cosheston School Team 11-0. They
then narrowly lost to Narberth but played exceptionally well.

We are very grateful to Mrs. Karen Blunsden, our Netball Team coach.

Cricket - The Stackpole School Cricket Team performed very well at the Pembroke Schools Cricket
Festival at Pembroke Dock Cricket Club.
We are very grateful to Mr. Lynn Childs who visited school every Tuesday morning through the
Summer Term to teach cricket skills to the Year 3 and 4 pupils.
Special thanks also to Mrs. Caryl Brace, our School Cricket Coach for training the team in the after
school cricket club.

Cross – Country - Selected children participated in the Cross Country Primary School Competition in
Oakwood in October 2006 with many very good performances.
Stackpole pupils also competed in the Primary Schools United Counties Cross-Country Championship
at the showground, Carmarthen.

Sports Day – Very successful Sports Days were held in the Summer Term with all children
participating and having fun competing for their houses. The winning house was the Greens (Cawdor)
who were presented with the ‘House Cup’ which was received by their house captains.
Sports Day was very well supported by parents, grand parents and friends of Stackpole School.
Our special guest on the day was Mrs. Ray Prout, our former Chair of Governors.

Extra- Curricular Clubs - Football, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Rounders and Dragon Sports extra-
curricular clubs were held after school throughout the year and were very well attended. We are very
grateful to everyone who contributed towards this extra-currcicular programme.

Outdoor Education – Year 4 and 5 pupils visited Llangrannog Urdd Camp and Year 6 pupils visited
Pendine Outdoor Education Centre. Both trips were residential experiences and the children benefited
from taking part in a wide range of outdoor pursuits and team building activities.

Special thanks to Mrs. Ishbel James, Mrs. Helen Rich and Mrs. Caryl Brace who accompanied and
supervised the children on these residential visits.

In addition….

      Many junior pupils entered in the ‘Tesco Great School Fun Run’ running along a specially
       marked out track in our school grounds.

      Mile Challenge – A large number of pupils entered the Mile Challenge where they ran
       regularly around the school field and accumulated their distances. Some pupils eventually
       reached the 30 mile target and were presented certificates in Achievement Assembly.

      Mrs. Bryant worked alongside Mrs. Kay Reynolds, PE Adviser as part of the PESS (Physical
       Education in School Sport) Programme to develop gymnastic teaching knowledge and skills.

       Year 5 and 6 children competed in the Rounders Festival at Pembroke Dock Cricket Club and
       the Rounders and Cricket Transition Festival for Year 6 pupils.

School Orchestra
The Stackpole School Orchestra has had a busy year. It has 19 dedicated orchestra members and the
leadership has been taken over by Mrs. Rebecca Whitehurst who also leads the Area Orchestra. The
orchestra has performed at the following venues:

      Bosherston Church during a Stackpole School Christingle Service.
      In the foyer at Asda in Pembroke Dock at Christmas time.
      St. David’s Day Service at Warren Church on March 1st playing two pieces, ‘A Welsh Medley’
       and ‘King Tut’s Strut’.
      At the Year 6 Leavers’ Service in July.

School Choir
We are very grateful to Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas who has led our School Choir on a voluntary basis
throughout this year. They have had an extremely successful year.

As winners of the Pembroke and District Male Voice Choir Schools competition in 2006 the Stackpole
Choir were invited to sing with the Pembroke Male Voice Choir at a very special service held in
Monkton Church at Christmas.

Our School Choir won the Pembroke and District Male Voice Choir Competition again in 2007. As
winners they were invited to perform at the Christian Aid Service at St. Thomas Chapel, Pembroke
Dock and their performance was outstanding. They fully deserved their success and were presented
with a cheque for £75.

We are very proud of their achievements and thankful for the hard work and ability of Mrs. Thomas.

The choir also performed beautifully at the following events:
    Harvest Service and Community Christmas Carol Service at Stackpole Church.
    The Christingle Service at Bosherston Church and at Asda at Christmas time.
    St. David’s Day Service at Warren Church singing a number of very catchy Welsh songs
       alongside Cosheston School Choir.

The Choir enjoyed the wonderful experience of performing with a number of special guests including a
live band at the ‘Summer Evening of Song’ held in the School Hall in June. It was a brilliant evening
and the choir thoroughly enjoyed performing to a packed audience.

Peripatetic Music Service – Approximately 37 children (over 60% of our Junior pupils) receive music
tuition weekly through our peripatetic music service, receiving either drums, brass, woodwind or violin
lessons. We have welcomed a number of new students this year.
Special thanks to our peripatetic music teachers: Mrs. Whitehurst (Violin), Mrs. Walker (Drums), Mrs.
Pyart (brass) and Dr. Evans (Woodwind) for their dedication and commitment.
This year the children have been offered the chance to have piano tuition with Mrs. Rosemary
Mrs. Richards teaches the piano on a Monday and a Thursday and currently teaches 13 children.

Some special musical performances and events throughout the year include:
       A Stackpole School Eisteddfod held on March 1 st 2007 where many school musicians had
          the opportunity to perform to a large audience.
       The Chevron Primary Musical Festival where we had a strong representation from
          Stackpole School
       A number of Stackpole School pupils gave excellent performances at the Pembroke Prom
          Concert in July.
       As usual a large number of children sat and passed a range of music exams. These were
          presented during our ‘Achievement Assemblies’ on Friday mornings.


The Governing Body of Stackpole School would like to thank the pupils, staff, parents and members of
the Stackpole local community for their support and valuable contributions throughout the year to help
create such a busy, thriving and successful school.
We are very proud of our success in creating a happy, relaxed and caring learning environment where
every child is treasured, valued and very special.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Annual Report.

      Appendix 1: Training courses attended in the academic year 2006-2007.
      Appendix 2: Links with the local community (2006-2007).
      Appendix 3: Teacher Assessment Results (2007).
      Appendix 4: Term Dates 2007-2008.

Appendix 1:
Training courses attended in the academic year 2006-2007
PE/ Gymnastics Mentoring Programme.
Professional development training.
2 Simple for you – IT software programmes.
Teaching Reading Strategies.
Primary Quality Mark Renewal Training.
Creating Effective Learners in Pembrokeshire – CELP conference.

First Aid Update course.
Healthy Schools training.
Administrative staff networking meeting.
Mental Maths for Key Stage 1 and 2.
Integris Training.
Teaching Welsh.
Introduction to Numicon Course.
Managing Traffic on School Sites.
Music Co-ordinator’s Training.
Dyslexia Course.
Dyslexia Training.

November and December
Continuing Professional Developments – Effectiveness and new developments.
Primary Headteachers Induction Programme
Food Hygiene Course.
Sustaining Young Children’s thinking.
LSA training for effective Early Years practice.
Assessment of Science.
SEN Seminars.
Primary School Leadership Course.(Part 1)
High Scope at Tavernspite School.
Health Promotion Training.
Managing Traffic on School Sites.

Spelling can be fun KS1 & 2.
Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship
Teaching Welsh Course.
An Introduction to Forest Schools.
Primary School Leadership Course. .(Part 2)
Child Development
Catheterization Training.
Performance Management.
Maths Numicon Training

Primary School Leadership Course. .(Part 3)
Teaching Welsh.
ICT Transition Project.
Health Promotion Networking.

Bilingualism in the Early years
Sustainable Schools Networking.
Foundation Phase Training.

April and May
The use of the Pembrokeshire E-Portal.
Physical Education and School Sports (PESS).
Primary School Leadership Course. .(Part 4)
Speech and Language Training.
Early Years training course.
Forest School Cluster Group.

June and July
Using the Optional Assessment Materials.
Skeleton Writing Frameworks training.
Welsh for learners.
Primary School Leadership Course. .(Part 5)
Pembrokeshire Sustainable Schools networking day.

Outdoor First Aid course re. Forest Schools.
Foundation Phase in Action – visit to Mount Airey school.
Primary School Leadership Course. (Part 6)
Purchase Card training.
Health Promotion end of phase assessment with Lynne Perry.

Appendix 2:
                         Links with the Local Community
Autumn Term
     Ken Vaughan's theatre Production 'Star Quality' – performed to the whole school.
     Angela Richmond from the National Trust visited to work with junior pupils in a range of
      woodland activities.
     Year 6 attended Crucial Crew workshops as part of the PSE curriculum.
     Years 1, 2 5 and 6 visited Scolton Manor as part of their History studies.
     Family Portrait evening was held in the School Hall by Bluestone Studios.
     Welsh Bird of Prey visit and demonstration to all children.
     Kirsty Donoghue from the Road Safety Department visited to talk to Years 5 and 6 about
      ‘Junior Road Safety Officers’.
     Pastor Peter Morgan – Thomas Memorial Congregational Chapel, Saundersfoot visited school
      and led our collective worship.
     Konflux Theatre performed Midsummer’s Night Dream with the Upper Key Stage 2 pupils.
     Four School Council pupils attended an Anti-Bullying Conference.
     PC Elaine Bendle Police Liaison Officer visited Stackpole School.
     The whole school visited the Torch Theatre to watch the pantomime ‘The Snow Queen’.
     Many pupils contributed to the Harvest and Christmas Services at the local churches.

Spring Term
     Year 3 and 4 went on a ‘Woodland Walk’ with The National Trust to Stackpole Woods.
     A Non Uniform Day was held to raise money for the RNLI.
     Rotary Club performed and anti-drug presentation (Theatre Forum Cymru) for Years 5 and 6.
     A number of Year 6 pupils attended an ‘Anti bullying Conference’ at the Youth Centre,
      Pembroke Dock.
     Year 5 and 6 went on a ‘Woodland Walk’ with The National Trust to Stackpole Woods to
      locate bat boxes.
     Janie Pridham, Sustainable Schools Officer organized and delivered sustainable schools
      workshops for Year 3 and 4.
     Parents, Governor and Staff presentation about Global Citizenship by Janie Pridham.
     Stackpole Community invited to ‘Bat Box Building Day’ organized by the National trust during
      half term.
     Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed a wonderful drama about National Service and performed by
      Trinity College, Drama students.
     Fairtrade Workshop for Years 3 and 4 by Jamie Pridham.
     Fire Safety Talks by Lee Simmons, Mid and West Wales Fire Service.
     Poetry Workshop for Years 3 & 4 by Literacy Advisor, Mr. Chris Stephens.
     Road Safety and Speed Gun Demonstration by Road Safety Officer, Kirsty Donohue.
     Police Liason Oficer (PC Bendle) presentations–
          o Rights and Wrongs Years 1 and 2.
          o Anti-bullying Years 3 and 4.
          o Anti Social Behaviour Years 5 and 6.

     Year 6 pupils enjoyed a wonderful performance of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’
      performed by pupils at Pembroke School.
     Pupils enjoyed a National Trust Workshop Day - Bat box building, bird box building and
      workshops about insulation and keeping warm.

     Year 6 pupils had a memorable week at Pendine Outdoor Education Centre. Special thanks to
      Mrs. Ishbel James and Mrs. Caryl Brace who accompanied the children.Trip year 6.
     Pupils participated in the United Counties Cross Country Championship at the Showground in
     Chevron Primary Schools Instrumentals at Sir Thomas Picton School.

Summer Term
     Road Safety Officer worked with the School’s Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSOs).
     Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a workshop with the National Trust building bat boxes.
     Year 5 pupils took part in a safe cycling course by Road safety Officer, Mr. John Gobbi.
     Mr. Richard Owen from Tavernspite School led a special assembly re. Read a Million Words
     Year 5 and 6 took part in a Road Safety Hunt with the JRSOs.
     Some Year 2 children attended a ‘Buzzling kids’ morning at Lamphey School.
     PC Elaine Bendle Police Liaison Officer gave a series of presentations throughout the school –
      Year 1 and 2 (Medicines), Year 3 and 4 (Smoking) and Year 5 and 6 (Drugs).
     Mr. Steve Morbey, Environmental Health Officer gave a presentation to the Year 3 and 4
      pupils about Noise Pollution to coincide with Noise Pollution Week.
     Damien Golding visited the Year 6 children as part of the transition process.
     School Nurse visited Stackpole School for health screening.
     PE workshops for Year 5 and 6 pupils by PE adviser, Mrs. Mandy Johns.
     Junior Road Safety Officers visited Pembroke Dock Community School.
     Year 5 and 6 enjoyed health, fitness and well being workshops in the school hall.
     Year 6 spent a day at the Pembroke Dock Youth Centre.
     Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went pond dipping with the National Trust by the Hidden Bridge.
     Several Pembroke School pupils visit Stackpole School for a week’s work placement.
     Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a ‘Butterflies and Moths’ workshop by the National Trust.
     A very successful ‘Summer Fun Evening’ was organized by the PTA.
     The Stackpole School French Club presented an excellent French Assembly to the rest of the
     PC Elaine Bendle Police Liaison Officer gave a series of presentations –
      Year 1 and 2: People who help us, Year 3 and 4: Friend or Foe.
     Year 6 attended a ‘Welcome day’ at Pembroke School and Sir Thomas Picton.
     Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed a wonderful school trip to Castell Henllys.
     Drugs Awareness presentation workshop was held for parents and led by PC Elaine Bendle and
      Rachel Wilson, Alcohol advisory service.
     Year 1 and 2 enjoyed pond dipping with Kiri Howell from the National Trust.
     An Open Day was held in the Nursery and Reception Class.

 Appendix 3:
                                Teacher Assessment Results
The targets and actual results of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment for 2007 were as follows.

These results are compared with the results across Pembrokeshire and Wales for the previous year.

   KEY STAGE 1            English           Maths            Science       Core Subject
   Targets Set by
  Stackpole School          88%               88%             100%              88%
      for 2007
   KS1 Stackpole
      Teacher               88%               88%             100%              88%
    Results 2007
      Teacher               85%               90%              91%              82%
    Results 2006
      All Wales
       Teacher              83%               87%              89%              81%
     Results 2006

These figures show the percentage of children who reached at least Level 2 in their Teacher Assessments taken at
the end of Year 2.
Level 2 denotes the standard a child can be expected to achieve at the end of Key Stage 1.
The Core Subject Indicator is the percentage of children attaining at least Level 2 in English, Mathematics and
Science in combination.

The targets and actual results of Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment for 2007 were as follows.
These results are compared with the results across Pembrokeshire and Wales for the previous year.

   KEY STAGE 2            English          Maths         Science         Core Subject
   Targets Set by
  Stackpole School          92%             100%           100%               92%
      for 2007
   KS2 Stackpole
      Teacher               92%             100%           100%               92%
    Results 2007
      Teacher               83%             84%            88%                84%
    Results 2006
      All Wales
       Teacher              79%             81%            86%                74%
    Results 2006

These figures show the percentage of children who reached at least Level 4 in their Teacher Assessments taken at
the end of Year 6.
Level 4 denotes the standard a child can be expected to achieve at the end of Key Stage 2.
The Core Subject Indicator is the percentage of children attaining at least Level 2 in English, Mathematics and
Science in combination.

Target Setting
Attainment targets have already been set for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 for the 2008 Teacher Assessments which
take place at the end of Year 2 and 6.
These targets are based on the child’s progress and attainment at the time of target setting.

Key Stage 1 targets for pupils attaining Level 2+ (2008)

       English                Maths                Science            Core Subject

         93%                   93%                  100%                   93%

 Key Stage 2 targets for pupils attaining Level 4+ (2008)

       English                Maths                Science            Core Subject

         73%                   82%                  82%                    73%


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