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Rising fuel costs


									   ISSUE 8                    offering quality and choice
                                                                                                 topics                       WINTER 08/09

                                                                                                             NEW products…
      Rising fuel costs
            make people look for

Responding to a massive increase in domestic demand for logs, we have
now made them available in “dumpy” bags thereby simplifying
collection by customers.
Commenting, Retail Manager, Nigel Puddy
said: “With the forecast of further increases                                                                Cottage Sanctuary
in the cost of gas, electricity and oil,
consumers are looking to reduce their                                                                        Providing a cosy shelter for drinks and
dependency on conventional fuels. Over                                                                       al fresco meals, or simply somewhere
recent weeks we have seen orders for logs                                                                    to sit during the heat of the day, the
increase by over 60% and we see this trend                                                                   Cottage Sanctuary will fit into almost
continuing”.                                                                                                 every garden with its pleasing, three-
Logs are a far more sustainable source of                                                                    dimensional appearance.
energy being carbon neutral and obtained                                                                     W: 1830mm L: 1830mm H: 2400mm
from renewable sources. We have led the way                                                                  Highest Point 2700mm
in the use of alternative fuel – our on-site kiln    The Somerlap dumpy bag costs £58.50                     Price, including furniture as shown
that provides a heat treatment facility in the       inclusive of VAT and contains 1 cubic metre of          £793.13
production of pallets for export is fired by         logs. Customers will no longer need to have             inc vat
reclaimed scrap timber. Pallets damaged              orders filled by hand and the bag will provide
beyond repair and offcuts from production            a convenient storage container helping keep
lines are passed through a chipping                  the logs dry and free from contamination.
machine and the reduced-size pieces fed              Kiln dried logs are also available by
automatically into the kiln.                         forward order only.                                     Bin
                                 Somerlap Charity of Choice                                                  Practicable,
   Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) is a registered charity dedicated to the provision                   transportable
   of hospice care for life limited children and their families living in the southwest.                     and robustly
   Presently the charity has two centres, Little Bridge House in North Devon and Charlton                    made, the Somerlap Bin Hidey will
   Farm in North Somerset – each costing some £3 million a year to run. Efforts are now in                   provide the answer to the problem of
   hand to raise some £6 million to establish a third centre in Cornwall.                                    keeping the refuse area tidy.
   CHSW is Somerlap’s charity of choice and staff will be contributing                                       Available in two different styles, all fixings
   throughout the year through a variety of schemes. We shall also be                  A total of            are of zinc and the timber is treated with
   contributing products and supplies towards the installation of a
   “Sunken Retreat” garden for the children designed and constructed                   £500
                                                                                  was raised fo
                                                                                                             brown Cuprinol to provide long life.
                                                                                Children’s Hos r the
                                                                                                             Bin Store W: 850 D: 730 H: 1180-1260mm
   by award winning local gardener, Mark Walker.                                              pice at
                                                                                   skittles match
                                                                                                  in Se
                                                                                                         a   £193.88 inc vat
                                                                                        arranged by pt       Palisade W: 820 D: 720 H: 147mm
                                                                                   Somerlap em
                                                                                                             £99.88 inc vat (as illustrated)
ISSUE 8 • WINTER 08/09

                                          Garden furniture sales
                                                    are good
                                          Despite the poor summer weather, sales
                                          of garden furniture to pubs and
                                          restaurants have been remarkably good
                                          which implies that in terms of design,
                                          build quality and price, we have got it just
                                          about right.
                                          A typical customer is the Malt Shovel Inn at
                                          Cannington who enhanced their garden area
                                          with a round table, bench seats and
                                          Sales to schools have also been good notably
                                          Pucklechurch CE VC Primary who, in addition
                                          to a run of fencing, took three Omega Top
                                          Arches with seats, three Kingston benches
                                          and a Studland gazebo.

                                                                                               Chris O’Liss
                                                                                         Chris O’Liss was the name
                                                                                         Of a grubby little tyke

                                    Novel use of                                         Who always knew that one day he
                                                                                         Would be somebody I’d like

                                        fencing                                          He stayed in bed all day long
                                                                                         With curtains fully drawn,

                                         panels                                          Dreaming of the way he’d look
                                                                                         In the clothes he’d never worn

                                                                                         And then at last his moment came
                                                                                         He emerged one sunny day
                                                                                         And fluttered by as a butterfly
                                                                                         And took my breath away
Debbie Hancock, owner of the              Nine Omega Lattice panels have been
Oaktree Leisure residential and           mounted on castors to provide not only
holiday caravan site at Edithmead         effective and attractive screening between
near Highbridge, has come up with a       tables in the club dining room, but also a
novel application for our decorative      system that can be easily manoeuvred to
fencing panels.                           meet a specific seating requirement.

                   just a click away
 In 2009 we will be making a series of offers
 on various products.
 For information and up-to-date listings click on: - garden products
 (Don’t worry if you don’t have a computer –
 just ring us for details).
                                                                            come with concave and convex lattice tops. Close board fencing is
                                                                            a more expensive but much stronger and more durable method
                                                                            where vertical slats are affixed to horizontal top and bottom
                                                                            arris rails.
                                                                            Panels are best installed using slotted concrete posts into which
                                                                            the panels slide. In extreme winds the panels may be forced out
                                                                            but without causing damage to the entire structure of the fence.

                                                                            Concrete posts are the most trouble-free, but if you want to use
                                                                            timber, be sure to use pre-treated posts that have been
                                                                            impregnated with preservative - and remember to protect the top
                                                                            where the damp is most likely to soak in with a cap or finial. Posts

                                                                            should be concreted into the ground to a depth of between 18"-
                                                                            24". A post size of 4 x 4" is best for fences of 6 ft high and over and
                                                                            3 x 3" for anything under 6 ft.
                                                                            Alternatively, Easypost spikes may be used, driven into the ground
                                                                            with a sledge or club hammer. Easypost bolt-downs are also
                                                                            available which, as the name suggests, are bolted to a concrete
                                                                            slab, brickwork or decking.
   By far the most common type of domestic fencing is made from             Where fencing panels may come into contact with the ground,
   timber, being both economical and easily installed compared              gravel boards will prevent moisture rising and damaging the
   to a brick or stone wall.                                                panel, and an annual coating of wood preservative to the timber
   To provide a simple division from a neighbour’s garden, or               will enhance weather resistance as well as protect against fungal
   sections within your own garden, open palings are an economical          or wood boring insect attack.
   solution. Together with “hit-and-miss” fencing they offer little         Finally, you will save time – and your patience – if you pre-drill nail
   resistance to the wind and are therefore also ideal for exposed          or screw holes in trellis and fencing to prevent the wood from
   locations.                                                               splitting, and paint posts before fixing the panels.
   Where privacy is required, standard panel fencing offers easy            Further advice on any fencing matter is freely available on request
   erection and flexibility. The Somerlap range includes Horizontal         and the Somerlap range is illustrated both on our website and in
   Waney and Feather Edge panels – both types pressure treated to           our general catalogue. We are also able to advise and
   ensure long life – as well as a wide range of decorative panels that     manufacture to order on any special fencing need.

Our pallet-manufacturing capability has
been expanded with the installation of two
new pieces of specialised manufacturing
Firstly, a Champion automated pallet machine
has been added – this being the 600th
machine to come off the Viking production line
in the USA and, to mark the occasion, Rick
Autey, Equipment Sales Manager, and Mark
Mitchell, Regional Sales Manager, travelled
over from the USA to present a                                                                             Mark Mitchell, John Swift, Kevin Bond and Rick Autey.
commemorative plaque.                              machine makes life easier for the operators”.
Commenting, Somerlap M.D. Kevin Bond said          The second piece of equipment is a Proficut       to the machine and an out-feed conveyor to
“We are impressed with the robust                  X50® high speed crosscut saw, supplied by the     automatically deliver off-cuts into skips for
construction, lack of “over the top technology”,   West Bromwich-based specialist, Conway Saw,       recycling. A fully computerised setting system
and the machine’s output. The new line will        and replaces a 20-year old Wadkin machine.        will work out how many units can be cut from
produce between 500 and 600 pallets a day,         Ease-of-use and safe operation are key features   each piece of timber and what waste there will
is one-man operated and has a quick                of the design together with an in-feed            be thereby enabling the single operator to
changeover capability. All in all, the new         conveyor to deliver the raw materials directly    maximise the yield.
ISSUE 8 • WINTER 08/09
     Children’s                                  Here is a chance for
                                                 budding artists to show
                                                 what you can do –
                                                                                                   Father &
     ‘Paint a Shed’
                                                 and maybe win a prize.
                                                 All you have to do is paint
                                                 or crayon a picture that
                                                                                                  son bikers
                                                                                                A 23-year-old son’s Suzuki RM 125
                                                 includes a garden shed. It
                                                 can be in a garden, with
                                                                                                motocross bike and a visit to a practice
                                                 flowers around, under a                        track was enough to re-awaken Andy
                                                 tree, whatever you think                       Watts’ love of biking. Within days of being
                                                 will look best.                                cajoled by son Ben to go with him to the
                                                 The competition is for three age groups:       track he had bought himself a Honda
                                                 • up to six years old                          CR125 and for the rest of the year father
                                                 • six to ten; and                              and son spent most Sundays travelling
                                                 • eleven to thirteen.                          miles to practice together.
                                                 The winner of each age group will receive a    Sporting Somerlap colours, both are in their
                                                 bird nester from our Wildlife range as well    first full season of Motorcycle Enduro
                                                 as a £25 M&S voucher. We also hope to          competition now riding larger 250cc
                                                 feature the prize-winning paintings in the     machines – that is to say, up until the 13th
                                                 next edition of our newsletter.                August when both were stolen from Andy’s
                                                 Entry to the competition will close            home. At the time of going to press a
                                                 31 January 2009. Send or deliver your          desperate search was on to find replacement
                                                 entry to our Mark office.                      machines in time to take part in the last race
                                                 The judges’ decision will be final.            of the season.
                                                                                                Both Andy and Ben are members of Midwest
                                                                                                motorcycle club and compete in the club’s
Joe “lifts” off                                                                                 National Cross-country championship. This is
                                                                                                an eight race series which takes place at
                                                                                                venues in Somerset, Gloucestershire, and
Our forklift lads are facing something
                                                                                                Wiltshire. Each race is 3 hours long, and can
of a challenge and will need to be on                                                           be anything up to about 8 miles in length
top form now that Somerlap has an                                                               through woodland and farmland. The object
enthusiastic and fully qualified female                                                         being to complete as many laps as possible in
forklift driver.                                                                                that time.
Joe Edmondson joined us just eighteen
months ago to work in our busy sales office
but, always ready to face new challenges,
volunteered for forklift training. Now, having
passed the test, Joe is a reserve driver and
ready to show the lads what she can do
whenever the need arises.
So, watch it lads,
Joe has got you in her sights!

                                                 sponsor                                         DID YOU KNOW…
                                                                                                 in a typical season: the tyres will need

                                                 Wells Ladies’                                   to be changed at least once; the
                                                                                                 sparkplug is replaced after each race; a
                                                                                                 new piston and gaskets fitted and an oil
                                                 Netball Team                                    change after every third race; and a new
                                                                                                 air filter fitted after six races. Plus
                                                 The Wells Ladies’ Netball Club is well          repairing any accident damage or failed
                                                 established and currently has three             components between races. Each bike
                                                                                                 uses about 10 litres of fuel per race.
                                                 teams with players’ ages ranging from 16
                                                                                                 There are no special qualifications to
                                                 to the mid 50s.                                 race, all you need is a suitable bike and
                                                 We are pleased to sponsor their new strip       the best boots, helmet, and body-
                                                 which will carry the Somerlap name and logo.    armour you can afford.

                                                 SOMERLAP FOREST PRODUCTS LIMITED
                              Wells Road, Mark, Somerset TA9 4NR Telephone 01278 641671 Facsimile 01278 641629
                                               e-mail web

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