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                                                                                               SPRING 2009 ISSUE

                                                                     2009 FSAE Competition Recap
Top: The 2007 car (top) & the brand new 2009 car (bottom)
lining up for a photoshoot at the 2009 FSAE competition.

        The 2009 Formula SAE competition in Michigan was
        one of the most eventful competitions in the 21 year
        history of the team. The 2009 car had little difficulties
        in passing the technical inspections at the competi-
        tion and weighed in at 422lbs, the team’s lightest
        vehicle yet! The main highlights of the competition
        were winning the CFDesign award, placing 29th in
        the Design, 20th in Skidpad, 31st in Acceleration and
        61st overall out of the 120 teams in the competition.
        The main reason for the poor finish was due to the
        engine and shifter failures during the autocross event.
                                                                                    Top: The 2009 team at the Michigan Formula SAE competition.
        Although this was unfortunate, all 25 members of the
        team working in perfect harmony resulted in an engine
        swap in just under 4 hours! The team also managed
        to design and build a solid linkage shifter on the spot
        in under 2 hours! In no time the car was prepared and
        ready for endurance event but due to a drive chain
        failure during the event, the team was unable to finish.
        Although these misfortunes cost us from meeting our
        target of being the top Canadian team at the competi-
        tion, the 2008-2009 season still ended in high spirits!
        The teamwork and togetherness is at an all time high
        and the experience of many younger students with the
        team provides an exciting future for the University of                      Top: Team member Peter Chan navigating the ‘09 car through the Michigan
        Waterloo Formula SAE team.                                                  International Speedway.

                        Photography by Ken Yuen             Written by Peter Chan
       A Word From Our
       New Team Leader

          y name is Tom Ngo, and as the new team leader for the
         University of Waterloo Formula SAE Team, I would like to
         thank you all for your support during the 2009 season. As
the new team leader, I am excited about this upcoming season,
both in terms of the technical aspects of the car and about the
team members getting involved with this year’s car.

I have been on the team since my first year at Waterloo, and in my
time, I have been involved with all aspects of the car, from design,
analysis, manufacturing to testing of the different components on
the car. Outside of the car, I have worked for many companies and
in many different capacities, from manufacturing at Magna Interna-
tional, to testing at Skyjack, helping to manage a Six Sigma project
and of a test prototype at Siemens Power Generation to performing
finite element analysis at Multimatic.
                                                                         Tom Ngo - 4A Mechanical Engineering
In my time with the team, I can say that this year looks extremely       2010 UW Formula Motorsports Team Leader
promising due to the mix of new members and returning members
with experience in building a Formula SAE car. Over the years,
we have built up a large team for this year consisting of 18 fourth        What’s new in 2010?
year designers, and over 15 younger members in their first or
second year of university. Through working closely with each other         • Tom Ngo suceeded as the team leader from Alex
over the past years, and especially during the intense tests of our          Berlin
determination that we faced during the competition, team chemistry
is at an all time high.
                                                                           • Team roles established for the new season
Our goals for this year are to build off of the achievements and
strengths of the 2009 car. Last year, we created the lightest car          • Research and testing has begun for developing
this team has ever built, at 422 lbs! As the competition is ever             new and refining existing technologies on the new
changing, we foresee this 422 lbs quickly being considered to be             car
too heavy, so the team has a very aggressive goal for this year of
a vehicle weighing in at 400 lbs. In order to achieve this, we have        • Visited Suddaby Public School in Kitchener as
made the switch over from the Honda CBR600 F4i engine over                   part of the community outreach program
to the Honda CBR600 RR engine, which is 6.2lbs lighter. Chief
among our goals is a more refined integration of components as
well as an increase of reliability, particularly of the oil system. We
hope to continue our history of using advanced analysis techniques
such as FEA and Optistruct to refine our mechanical design, as
well as tools like Ansys for CFD analysis and Adams/Car for the
kinematic and dynamics suspension analysis.                                2010 Events
We thank you again for all your support, and look forward to the
challenges and fun that we’ll be up against for next year. With this       • Sponsor Visits (Running car will be shown!)
newsletter, we hope to keep you informed of our team progress
and for your own interest, elaborate more into the design                  • Planning to participate in a number of autocross
techniques and theory that we use behind the car.                            events in GTA, K/W and surrounding areas

                                                                           • Local School and Community Outreach Events

                                                                           • SAE Student Night (hosted at UOIT, Oshawa )

                                                                           • FSAE Shootout at Mosport Raceway
Tom Ngo,
2010 UW Formula Motorsports Team Leader
                                                                                                                 Team Diary
    A New Engine for a New Season                                                                                            2009

                                                                                                                • Hired 4 co-op students for
                                                                                                                the 4-month Winter term

                                                                                                                • Displayed 2007 car at
                                                                                                                Canadian International Auto

                                                     Top: The new Honda CBR 600 Powerplant.

               ith many changes planned for the upcoming 2010 Formula SAE season, one of the                    March
              most noticeable will be the powerplant. The University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports
              team is transitioning to the second generation Honda CBR 600 RR motor that is lighter,            • Attended Canadian Under-
    smaller, and more powerful than last years.
                                                                                                                grad Technology Conference
    The outgoing engine that has powered the car for the last 7 years is the Honda CBR 600 F4i.                 in Toronto, Ontario
    The engine has served the team well with a fourth place finish in Michigan in 2005. However, the
    engine, first released in 1999, is old technology and has been discontinued in 2006.                        • W.T. Townshend PS Public
                                                                                                                School visit: Community out-
    The second generation Honda CBR 600 RR powerplant was released in 2007 as a completely                      reach program in Kitchener,
    redesigned model. The engineers at Honda scrutinized every component on the engine to shave                 Ontario
    off 6.2 lbs from the F4i. Most importantly, a large amount of this weight was shaved off of recipro-
    cating components that affect transient response of the engine. The connecting rods now feature
    a nutless design whereby the bolts are tapped into the rods. The elimination of 8 nuts from the
    engine shows the level of refinement that has been targeted to minimize weight.

    High tech manufacturing techniques have reduced weight by using a smaller piston that is forged
    aluminum for increased strength. The piston is then treated with a molybdenum shot process that
    impregnates the surface of the piston skirts with durable, low friction molybdenum.                         • FIRST Robotics event at
                                                                                                                UW; display to High school
    The new RR powerplant is also the most compact 600cc bike engine on the market. This is in part             students from across the
    due to a stacked gearbox design that places the gear shafts closer together in a triangle instead           globe.
    of all in a line. The overall dimensions of the new engine are several centimeters shorter in every

    A major benefit of the new engine will be recognized in terms of long term reliability. The engine
    is designed to operate at higher rpms and higher loads than the F4i. The pistons are now cooled
    from underneath by high pressure oil jets built into the crankcase, which provide a stream of oil to
    the undersides of the piston that effectively wicks away heat build-up. In addition, the timing chain       • Unveiling of 2009 racecar
    and oil pump drive chain have a more robust tensioning mechanism that prevents whipping at high
    rpm.                                                                                                        • Attended Formula SAE
                                                                                                                competition at the Michigan
    Overall, the new Honda CBR 600 RR powerplant will help the University of Waterloo Formula Mo-
    torsports team achieve its goals of reduced weight and increased reliability. In the coming weeks,          Internation Speedway from
    the engine will be headed to the dyno where we will begin tuning it for the coming season.                  May 13-16

                                        Photography by Ken Yuen & Otto Cheung      Written by Grant Unsworth
                                                                                        - Engine group leader

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