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Insurance Synopsis

              POLICY DOCUMENT
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Recognised by the Sports Council as the Governing Body for TaeKwon Do in the United Kingdom
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Insurance Synopsis

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   This presentation and documentation is for information only.

   It is only intended to be a summary.

   The rights and terms of your benefits are determined by the existing policies held that govern
   the cover and can be amended from time to time.

   In the event of any discrepancy, the overriding policy will prevail.


          Unfortunately accidents do happen.

          Last year we had 15 registered claims of which 15 were acceptable for compensation

          13 liability claims were made against Instructors, some of these are still ongoing.

          Damage to premises during training, 1 claim paid.

          Competition liability cover is required for both competitors and spectators safety.


The B.T.C. as a recognised Governing Body for the Martial Art of Taekwondo acting on behalf
of its total membership is in a stronger position to negotiate an effective economic insurance

The Governing Body membership scheme providing this cover can cost substantially less than
an Association/Club making its own independent arrangements. To this end it is important that
Instructors who run Clubs be in membership of an Association that is in membership of the

It is the sole responsibility of the B.T.C. to strive to maintain that they get the best cover at the
best price for its members and to inform members of any changes in legislation or incidents,
decisions that may have an impact on their activities and practices. All members will be given
guidance on all incidents reported or otherwise which could effect safety in their activities.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Whilst injuries in Taekwondo are not quite common place as in other contact sports, these can
at times be so serious as to dramatically affect the injured party or even result in death. The
natural reaction in such cases is to seek compensation.
To provide immediate compensation the B.T.C. have personal accident insurance in respect of
all their members. This should ensure that in the event of death a sum is available to members
direct dependents but were permanent total disablement, such as loss of eye, limb or total
inability to pursue an occupation occurs higher compensation is called for.
Weekly benefits to assist but not replace for the loss of wages is also insured, although this
particular benefit only applies to people in waged employment. The British Taekwondo Council
considers this fact relative to the ages and employment conditions of their membership and to
this end a small degree of assistance is given to students and junior members.

The benefits are as follows;
Death                      £5,000 per Insured Person of under 16 years of age
                           £15,000 per Insured Person over 16 years of age

Total and Irrecoverable loss of one eye                                 £30,000

Total and Irrecoverable loss of sight in both eyes                      £30,000

Loss of two limbs                                                       £30,000

Loss of one limb                                                        £30,000

Total and Irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye and
loss of one limb                                                        £30,000

Permanent Total Disablement
(Other than total loss of sight of one or both eyes, or loss of limb)   £25,000

Temporary Total Disablement
£80 per week per Insured Person over 16 years of age in full/part time employment.

Entitlement to this benefit is dependent upon loss of earnings incurred to a maximum of £60.00
per week                                                      Maximum sum payable £3000.00

Injury Assistance and Inconvenience Benefit
This section is intended to provide cover for additional expenses that are incurred subsequent
to the accident

To qualify for any of these benefits you must have been absent from employment or studies for
a period of more than two weeks and proof of absence and loss of earnings will need to be
supported by official paperwork i.e. Medical Certificates. The cover is for 52 weeks excluding
the first two weeks.

 Please note that this does not cover compensation claims, private health or any other type of
                                assistance not stated herewith.

 All Insurance cover is only available to British Nationals and students who have resided in the
                                 U.K. for longer than six months.

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Liability Insurance
Injury to a third party or damage to property of others could almost automatically result in a
claim for damages, such claims and their associated expenses should the case go to court can
be very costly. In the absence of adequate Liability Insurance, members will find themselves
financially responsible for any damages and costs awarded, to this end included in the
membership insurance of the British Taekwondo Council is a Third Party Liability Insurance for
all its members.

Benefit is as follows;       Limit of Liability                        Member            £2,000,000
                             Registered Instructor with Professional Indemnity           £5,000,000

Members Professional Indemnity
As a Taekwondo student regardless of grade at some time you may be requested to assist the
Instructor and train junior grades within the lesson. To this end in order that you can do this
officially the BTC has included in its membership insurance Indemnity cover to the sum of

Instructor Coach Indemnity
It is right to expect that instructors and coaches in Taekwondo holding the required Governing
Body qualifications should be able to rely upon insurance protection under the policies arranged
by their respective Governing Body, but special care and attention needs to be paid to this
Coaching obviously involves professional advice, is quite deliberate and can, due to neglect,
errors or omissions in training or treatment , lead to accusations that injuries have developed
gradually over a period of time rather than a single accident of occurrence. As an instructor it is
necessary to act at all times with reasonable care to avoid causing damage or injury and being
found negligent.
It is the policy of the British Taekwondo Council that every instructor must hold Instructor Coach
Indemnity and this is available from the British Taekwondo Council.
Instructor/ Coach Insurance available for the sum of £2,000,000 £5,000,000 and £10,000,000
cover and can be obtained by applying to the Head Office of each individual Association, not
direct to the BTC.

    It is compulsory within the B.T.C. that all Instructors / Coaches to hold a minimum of
     £2,000,000 Indemnity and any who officiate teach outside of the U.K. a minimum of
     £5,000,000 cover is required.
           Cover can be obtained by applying to the Head Office of each Association.
           All Insurance cover is only valid in the U.K. and European Community.

Tournament Insurance
It is the responsibility of all Associations to ensure that they are covered for their liability at law
for damages and claimants costs or expenses in respect of injury to any person, damage to
property during the course of any Tournament , Grading, Seminar, Demonstration etc.

Cover for the above is now included in the Instructors Professional Indemnity Insurance. Only
tournaments registered on the official BTC registration forms and organised by Instructors with a
valid Indemnity Insurance will covered.

This cover is only available for tournaments held within the UK.
Limit of Liability £5,000,000.

NB. All Insurance cover is only valid in UK and European Community.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Officials and members at all levels could find themselves held personally responsible for court
costs and damages awarded were action has been brought against the Governing Body or
member Association, it is essential that Liability Insurance is held to cover such consequences.
It should also include Liability arising our of errors or omissions in advice which result in injury or
financial loss along with Liable, Slander and Fraud Liability. This cover should also include any
event held by the Governing Body. To this end a policy renewed annually is held by the B.T.C.
to make sure adequate cover is available for all its Officials and Officers.

Claims Procedures

   All Instructors must register any injury / incident that could eventually lead to a
   claim in their Accident Book and request that the student and a witness sign it.

   In the event of a claim the Instructor must inform the Association Head Office
   and request an Insurance Claim package to be forwarded to the Instructor or
   the student.

   Once the student has completed the Claims form, this must be validated by the
   Instructor and returned to the Association Head Office.

   Association Head Office to retain a copy and forward the original form with any
   other certification to B.T.C. Insurance Officer.

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