II. Chain Templates by alllona


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II. Chain Templates
Many times one event leads to other events. There are court dates to watch,
statues of limitations that take effect and other dates to track. If you have events
that always spawn other events or todos or even the creation of documents,
chain templates are for you.

A. Creating a Chain Template
   1. Go to File – Features Setup – Chain Templates

                                                              2. Click on Add to create a
                                                              new template. You can also
                                                              Change and Delete chains.

                                                              3. Give your Chain a name
                                                              by filling in the Template
                                                              Name field in the next box.

                                                              4. Add items to your chain
                                                              using the Add button. You
                                                              can Delete and Change too.

                                                              There are various kinds of
                                                              information that you can add
                                                              to a chain template. Items
                                                              that can be automatically
                                                              added include: Events,
                                                              Todos, Documents, notes,
                                                              phone messages, etc.

                                                              5. Give the first item in your
                                                              chain a description. This will
                                                              appear in Items in Chain.

                                                              6. Choose the correct
                                                              Calculate Date From choice
                                                              Normally first use Base Date

                                                              7. Specify the record type to
                                                              use from this area. Click on
                                                              the desired record type.

                                                              8. Click on the OK button
                                                              when you are finished.

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                                                               9. Fill in the Event Form
                                                               with the information that
                                                               you require. Starting from
                                                               the Base Date means that
                                                               this event starts when
                                                               the chain is activated.

                                                               You can use
                                                               Classification Codes and
                                                               Autoentry forms for these
                                                               chain items as well by
                                                               changing the Code field.

                                                               Note that it is possible to
                                                               use an AutoEntry form if
                                                               you desire to by clicking
                                                               here and selecting the
                                                               form that you want.

                                                               10. Click Save & Close .

                                                               11. You are now ready to
                                                               add another item to the
                                                               chain. Click on the Add
                                                               button again.

                                                               12. This time we will add
                                                               a document to our chain
                                                               so put in an appropriate
                                                               Item Description in.

                                                               13. The document is
                                                               created after the Initial
                                                               Interview so use that in
                                                               our Calculate Date From

                                                               14. Specify the Record
                                                               Type as Document by
                                                               selecting it from the list of
                                                               options below.

                                                               15. Click on OK .

This will bring up a document form to fill out, which can be applied to a document
to be generated, and so on. Add as many events and items as you like to the
chain, to automate your work. For this chain our third item might be a phone call
that is made to the client when the Will is completed. A fourth event might be a
final consultation and signing of the will with witnesses present, and so on.

Bear in mind that items can be calculated from any point in the chain. This
means that one item can spawn a number of events. The Date button on the
forms menu allows us to specify more specific periods of time that items are
scheduled for:

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                                                16. Click on the Date button
                                                and up will come the Set
                                                Date Calculation dialog box
                                                to set item times.

                                                17. Enter a Count Number
                                                which reflects the number of
                                                calendar units that this item
                                                will be using for scheduling.

                                                18. Specify what is being
                                                used as a calendar unit.
                                                This can be a day, week,
                                                month, quarter, year, etc.

                                                19. Specify how the days
                                                are calculated. There are
                                                very powerful options here
                                                to ensure correct scheduling

                                                20. When done, click on OK

                                                21. Click Save & Close

                                                22. When you are satisfied
                                                with the final product, click
                                                on Close.

                                                Modifications can be made
                                                to your Chains just by
                                                double-clicking on an item in
                                                the chain and changing the
                                                information there.

                                                After double clicking on an
                                                item in the chain, clicking
                                                the OK button, will bring up
                                                the supporting form for the
                                                chain item. This can also be
                                                modified as desired.

                                                Remember Clicking on the
                                                Date button, changes the
                                                date the item is active.

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