The Muncie Combine camps are modeled after the NFL

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					To High School Coaches and Athletic Directors:

The Muncie Combine and iBN Sports invite you and your student athletes to participate in our upcoming
combine season. The primary goal of our combine is to provide a proven and trusted evaluation platform by
which your student athletes can demonstrate their abilities on a level playing field in the college recruiting
process. We work closely with college coaches across all divisions, matching the right players with the right
programs at the next level and thus, help student athletes achieve their goals. We know that any road to
success for these players is paved with the help and guidance of many, and in no small part, it is through the
counsel and encouragement of their coaches and athletic director. It is a fact that student athletes who
attend and make their mark at combines exponentially increase their potential to compete at the next level.

The Muncie Combine camps are modeled after the NFL Combine, which means players will be tested to
many of the same standards utilized by the Pro Combine in Indianapolis. Players are tested for all
measurables, physically tested, and then taken through position-specific drills. We will finish the day with our
spirited one-on-one competition for strength and skill positions.

Additional benefits to the Muncie Combine:
        NCAA rule prohibits D1 and D1AA coaches from attending any event where an athlete is timed or
        measured. iBN Sports digitally captures and records the results for each student athlete and makes it
        available to coaches for review on its website
        iBN Sports simulcasts event for coaches and universities to see parts of the combine Live
        Free Parents’ Seminar during combine to assist parents in understanding what to expect leading up
        to the recruiting process, academic requirements, the application process, enrollment, rules and
        regulations, and Q&A session
        Operated by former NFL professional players and coaches, and former college and high school
        coaches… we hit all levels of expertise
        iBN Sports provides a digital page for all players to log their information on academic performance,
        standardized test scores, GPA, & transcripts

Combine participation:
      $55.00 Pre-registration
      $75.00 2 weeks prior to day of Combine (we close participation at 400 registered athletes)
      $200.00 Personal homepage of all player results that they can send to family, friends and coaches;
      with ability to upload 5-minute highlight tape (produced by the student athlete)

For registration go to: - schedule and locations are on the website.

Each camp will begin promptly at 6:00am and finish at 6:00pm. Players must be ON TIME to participate!

At the end of the camp, Coach Chuck Muncie, his staff and the media will select the “ELITE 22” from the top
performers at each camp. The Muncie Combine “ELITE 22” will be promoted nationally among media and

We look forward to seeing your student athletes soon!

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