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					                                         NFL Combine
                                      6 Week Prep Program
Initial Evaluation                       Pretest all combine evaluation drills

                                         Interview athlete to learn of any physical impediments and pre-existing injuries and
                                         schedule interview with chiropractor or orthopedic specialist

                                         Evaluate Athlete’s strengths and weaknesses

                                         Initial flexibility test and review with sports masseuse

                                         Individual meeting with sport nutritionist - design eating plan, discuss
                                         Supplementation, meet chef to discuss meal plans

Training Timeline
Phase I                                  Phase II                                      Phase III
Conditioning, Mechanics, Strength        Speed Development, Strength                   Overspeed Workouts, Strength
Development, and Balance,                Conditioning, Combine Drill                   Endurance Training, Position Specific
Stability, and Flexibility Training      Training                                      Drills, Combine Drill Training

Training Program                          Speed Training                               Position Specific Training
                                          Dartfish video analysis and review of        NFL experienced position coach to
                                          Running Mechanics                            develop and strengthen specific posi-
  6 total weeks of training                                                            tion technique and skill
    for optimum results!                  Improve Running Mechanics
     (Does not include time away                                                       Specific position workouts with
     for All Star or Bowl games)          Develop Speed and Acceleration               strength and conditioning specialist

                                          Overspeed Workouts

  Strength, Flexibility & Agility         Combine Specific Drills                      Wonderlic Test Preparation
  Comprehensive Strength & Endurance      Pro-Agility        Vertical Jump             Comprehensive Wonderlic Test
  Training to develop and condition                                                    Preparation
  muscle mass                             L-Drill            40 yd Dash
                                                                                       Media Interview Training
  Flexibility drills, exercises and       Develop and strengthen combine
  stretches                               specific drill technique                     Background Interview Preparation

  Plyometric Training sessions improve    Record, analyze and review drill             Mock interviewing with NFL
  body control, lower leg strength and    technique with film sessions                 experienced coaches and players
  core stability

Final Evaluation                         Review final evaluation                       Prepare for NFL combine