Botcherby Neighbourhood Forum
                      Monday 15 June 2009 at 7pm
                    At Botcherby Community Centre

1. Welcome and Introductions
   Councillor Robert Betton introduced himself as the new elected member for
   Botcherby and thanked residents for their support. He welcomed everyone
   to the Forum.

2.   Apologies
     Apologies were received from Cllr Terry Scarborough, John Nutley, Susan
     Slater, Mary Richardson and Maureen Pennington.

3. Councillors’ Declarations of Interest
   Cllr Boaden declared an interest in the Healthy Living Initiative grant
   application and Cllr Betton declared an interest in the BRAG grant

4. Notes of the last meeting and matters arising

     Ms Thomas asked that it be noted that residents have requested at
     previous Forums for the one way sign at Geltsdale Avenue to be removed.
     Residents are unhappy that the sign was put there as it is a private road.
     Paul Carrigan will follow this up and contact Mrs Thomas with a progress

     Residents requested that the bus shelter be put back where Edgehill Road
     meets Pennine Way. It was removed 2 years ago and never replaced. Cllr
     Robert Betton supports this request and has been in correspondence with
     Cumbria County Council regarding this issue. He also stated that Carlisle
     Rural Tenant Federation were concerned.

     A resident stated that they had not yet received a new fire which was to be
     included in Riverside Carlisle’s rolling programme. The resident was asked
     to leave their details with Anne Quilter from Riverside Carlisle at the end of
     the meeting and she would follow this up.

     Cllr Robert Betton informed the Forum that he referred the issue of the
     poor lighting on the footpath alongside Freshfield Court to Carlisle City
     Council and it is in the process of being attended to.

5. Local Issues/Police Matters/Fire Service updates

     Fire Service
     There was no attendance by the Fire Service
Cumbria Police
PCSO Chris Bardini gave an update which included the following: -

      Shed break – ins are still an issue, leaflets on garden safety and
       shed alarms can be provided by the police for residents who are

      A number of allotments have being broken into in the Botcherby and
       Durranhill area and garden furniture stolen.

      There have been problems with anti social behaviour in the woods
       at Durranhill. Youths are setting up dens, littering drink cans and
       lighting fires. If residents see this happening can they contact the
       police so that they can take appropriate action.

      PCSO Bardini confirmed that there was no evidence to suggest that
       a man was behaving suspiciously in the woods at Durranhill.

      Police are aware that mini motos are being used on Melbourne Park
       and if residents have any further information that may assist the
       police please can they pass the on the details.

Residents raised the following concerns: -

A resident reported that a car driving too fast round a bend had damaged
the railings at Kingfisher Park. PCSO Bardini will investigate this and
contact the resident with an update.

Residents who live at the top end of Durranhill at Montgomery Court
reported that they do not see a lot of police presence in that area. PCSO
Bardini explained that more police are using push bikes and that police
attendance will increase in that area. If residents do have concerns then
they can contact PCSO Bardini directly.

Residents at Durranhill, in particular Cumrew Close, would like to see traffic
calming measures in place as they are concerned about cars speeding.
PCSO Bardini explained that a speedwatch could be possible. Cllr Robert
Betton asked that this issue be referred to Richard Hayward, Highways
Engineer, and a response to be sent out to residents.

Cllr Robert Betton asked PCSO Bardini to give an update to the Forum with
regards to the speedwatch for Carlisle North and East which include the
Botcherby area. The funding has been secured for the speed guns and the
necessary signs are ready to be ordered. There are leaflets for volunteers
and residents can collect them from the Community Centre of from PCSO

Inspector Mark Gilroy addressed the Forum with the following information: -
PCSO Chris Bardini has been successful in his application to become a
Police Officer and therefore will no longer be a PCSO for Botcherby.
Inspector Gilroy thanked PCSO Bardini for his hard work and commitment
and said that he will be greatly missed. There was full agreement from the
residents and a round of applause given.

Riverside Carlisle expressed their personal thanks to PCSO Bardini. They
contribute £60,000 a year towards the role of the PCSO.

There is an experienced drug team now working in the Botcherby area who
are very proactive and receiving lots of intelligence. The police are taking
the drug problem in Botcherby very seriously and encourage residents to
report any information to crimestoppers.

Local Issues
The following issues were raised: -

A resident expressed their concern about the general untidiness of the
Warwick Road area in Botcherby. They feel that it gives a bad impression
to visitors in the city. There is rusted railings and litter issues that need
addressed. Cllr Betton agreed that the Green Space Team should be
notified . Paul Carrigan will refer this issue and keep in contact with the
residents as to the progress made.

Concerns were raised about the bus service in Durranhill. Residents at
Montgomery Court have to walk from Cumrew Close if the use the bus
after 6:30 p.m. There are a high number of people living at Montgomery
Court who have disabilities or are elderly and therefore are restricted by the
current bus service. Cllr Betton has looked into this and Cumbria County
Council’s response was that they would need an extra driver and there was
not sufficient time for the bus to run that route. It was highlighted that
residents could use the bus service that travels to Scotby however
residents said this bus was too small for wheel chair users and has high
steps for individuals who have mobility issues. Phil Smith, Operations
Director from Stagecoach, will be invited to a future Forum to listen to
residents concerns.

Jonny Bulldogs Lonning was again highlighted by residents as an issue.
Fly tipping, dog fouling and problems with the gate being wide open are still
unresolved. Cllr Betton has contacted the Environment Agency and written
to Council Officers asking for appropriate action to be taken and has yet to
receive a response. Cllr Betton would like the matter referred to Local

The path that runs through Melbourne Park leading to the Metal Box from
the River Petteril Bridge requires attention as there is a hole on the left
hand side. Cllr Betton was informed that the mounds of earth would be
used to fill in the dips. Paul Carrigan will follow this up an update the
residents at the next Forum.
  Residents asked if the £12,000 is still allocated for parking at Cumrew
  Close as they have not had any correspondence. (Cllr Glendinning
  response councillor’s capital)

  Residents from Geltsdale Avenue wanted to know why they still have not
  received any correspondence from the Highways department asking what
  residents want in relation to the resurfacing of the road. Residents feel
  they have waited far too long and during this period the road is getting
  worse with heavy lorries parking. Cllr Betton agreed that residents have
  been waiting long enough and suggested that Richard Hayward, Area
  Highways Engineer, come to the next Forum to answer any questions
  residents have.

  Residents feel that the road sign is responsible for the additional damage
  to the road as heavy lorries are using it.

  Residents asked if they will receive a date as to when the work will be
  done. Paul Carrigan will contact Richard Hayward and inform residents as
  to whether they will receive a letter.

  An e-mail from a resident was read out to the Forum with regards to
  vehicles parking on double yellow lines at Durranhill Road near Sinclair
  Court. This is obstructing visibility for drivers and is very dangerous. Cllr
  Betton agreed that this was important and asked Paul Carrigan to go back
  to the resident to clarify what action they would like.

  Residents feel that the traffic lights at the crossing on Eastern Way /
  Warwick Road are very confusing and therefore could be dangerous for
  pedestrians. Cllr Betton asked Paul Carrigan to refer this issue to
  Highways and update the residents as to the outcome.

  Residents on the Durranhill estate would like a play area in that location as
  the nearest park is across a busy road. Paul Carrigan will refer the matter
  to Phil Grey, Carlisle City Council, and will update residents.

  Overgrown trees are obstructing visibility at Sctoty Road end of Durranhill.
  Vehicles have to pull out into the middle of the road to see if there are
  oncoming vehicles. An update will be provided at the next Forum.

  Cllr Betton highlighted the issue of waste and rubbish at Borland Avenue
  and Holywell Crescent. Riverside Carlisle take fly tipping very seriously
  and therefore carry out regular patch walks and respond to any issues
  quickly. They will follow up this issue.

6. BMX Botchery Track

   Paul Carrigan updated the residents on what is happening with the BMX
   track in Melbourne Park. The Healthy Living Initiative run a Youth Group
   and they requested a BMX track. It was decided that a temporary BMX
   track would be created from mounds of earth and the usage would be
   monitored to see how popular it was. There is a constructed session on a
   Monday evening that is proving very popular with youths. If they decided
   to create a permanent BMX track then a full planning process will be
   carried out allowing residents to raise their concerns.

   It was commented by a resident that a whole estate should not be dictated
   to by youths and that everyone should be consulted. The Forum is an
   opportunity to discuss such projects and be used as a consultation process
   with residents.

   Some residents commented that the BMX track was a positive move if it
   helps to keep youths off the streets.

7. Riverside Housing Association
   Anne Quilter and Deborah Earle gave a brief presentation to the Forum
   which included the following: -

         They are now known as Riverside Carlisle

         There is a rolling out programme to update kitchens and bathrooms
          in the Botcherby estate

         They are running a pilot in Botcherby on external works to property
          to improve the appearance of houses. This includes roofs, doors
          and fencing and is having an immediate impact

         They are compling a document for the Botcherby strategy and
          holding meetings with agencies and residents asking what they
          want. Issues include dog fouling, litter, fly tipping and green spaces.

         As part of the strategy they are working in partnership with Carlisle
          City Council and Cumbria County Council looking at entrances to
          parks, green spaces, local people and social enterprise.

         This is not a short term fix.

         They have received feedback from tenants including having a wider
          range of colours to choose from and are responding to these

         They are working closely with the Probation Service and 6
          individuals will be working in the Botcherby neighbourhood doing
          weeding and refurbishing small gardens to train in an NVQ level 1
          qualification in Grounds Maintenance.

      Residents asked the following: -
                  Can they include the little garden at the 1914 Monument as part of
                  the project?

                  This will be looked at.

                  Can they turn the land at the back of Penine Way into Community

                  This is part of the strategy.

         8. Grant Applications
            The following grants were agreed

Botcherby Resident Association Group                                                            Yth68         £
This grant is to contribute towards the cost of a fun day for children aged between 4 yrs and 12 yrs
in the Botcherby area.

Community Projects Carlisle                                                                    Gen48          £
This is a charity organisation in Carlisle that works with young people aged between 16-25 years
who are homeless or experiencing housing related issues. This application is towards funding for
office related items, a cordless phone, renewal of the website and non perishable food items which
will benefit the young people. This application will be taken to all Forums across the Carlisle area.
                                                                                                        :            £

Botcherby Community Centre                                                                      Yth76         £
This application is for funding towards purchasing soft footballs for youths in the Linden Terrace
and Beverley Rise area. This will help to reduce anti-social behaviour, particularly damage to
vehicles and homes, and help to increase the confidence in residents.

         9. Any Other Business
            Age Concern reminded residents that the digital changeover will be
            happening on 24th June 2009 and they run a scheme to help residents over
            the age of 75yrs and people with disabilities. Residents should have
            already been contacted but if anyone needs assistance then contact Age

         10. Date of Next Meeting

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