Street tree planting detail.cdr by ejd15426


For container trees between 300mm & 45 litre
For containers larger than the above size’s - proportion up the hole size and fertiliser

                                        TCC PARKS SERVICES TO NOMINATED THE TREE SPECIES FOR
                                        EACH SITE (Julie Roach - 47278339)
                                        MINIMUM CONTAINER SIZE OF 300mm

                                        Form and compact subsoil material into a pedestal to prevent settling-
                                        Site material is to be used to form the pedestal, this material will have
                                        1kg of Gypsum mixed throughly prior to being placed in the hole (If
                                        the site material is deemed unsuitable, ie heavy clays, a suitable
                                        landscape mix can be used)

                                        FERTILISER - AGRIFORM 21 gram tablets x 4; or
                500mm                   Slow release fertiliser to be used at
                                        manufacture’s recommended rates.
                                        Fertiliser is not to come in contact with the root
                                        ball of the plant

                                        TIMBER STAKES for trees up to 45 litre
                                        -1.8mx 50mmx 50mm - painted Heritage Green
                                        TREES 75 LITRE AND LARGER
                                        - 2.4mx 50mmx 50mm - finish to be nominated by Superintendent
                                        If stakes are required they are to be placed outside of the new trees root ball
                                        and all tie’s to be in a figure 8 configuration.

                                                           1000 Minimum                  Timber stake

                                                                            Tree trunk
                                                                   Hessian tree tie

                                        Not to exceed 150mm at highest point and no mulch is to be
                                        placed against the trunk of the plant.
                                        # NOTE: Minimum diameter of the mulch ring is 1square metre

                                        BACKFILL MATERIAL around tree -
                                        Ÿ 70 % Site material
                                        Ÿ 15 % Course sand
                                        Ÿ 15 % Organic material
                                        Ÿ Additional 1kg of Gypsum
                                        Ÿ 10% moisture
                                        Ÿ Terracottem at recommended
                                          rate for size of container
                                        Ÿ Agriform 21 gram fertiliser tablets
                                                   300ml plant - 2 tablets
                                                   45 litre plant - 4 tablets
                                                   75 litre plant - 4 tablets
                                                  100 litre plant - 6 tablets

                        DATE: 8/4/04           PROJECT: TREE PLANTING DETAIL

                        SCALE: N/A             CLIENT: TCC PARKS SERVICES

                        REF: TREE PLANTING DRAWN: PM

                        SHEET: 1 of 1          TITLE: PLANTING DETAIL

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