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									                                                                       Appendix C

                               COUNCIL MEETING

                                 16th March 2009


(1)     From Councillor Willetts of the Portfolio Holder for the

Can you explain (i) why Kier Street Cleansing have over the past 3 weeks or
so been engaged in a very time consuming (by hand) grass verge edging
detail instead of carrying out scheduled daily street cleansing?, (ii) is it in Kiers
contract to carry out these duties?, (iii) why are Kier operatives not fully
equipped e.g. with RACE, ATEM (automatic turf edging machine) to carry out
these duties in a more cost effective & timely fashion?


(i)     They haven’t been.

(ii)    No.

(iii)   I would imagine because turf edging machines are not particularly
        helpful to clean the streets with but haven’t asked.

(2)     From Councillor Willetts of the Portfolio Holder for the

With regard to Mr Owen’s complaint Enquiry Nos. 3425244 parking
obstruction in Sevenoaks Way both sides of the junction at Springvale Way by
lorries who await access onto Paul’s Cray Hill Park. From Council publicity 'we
are always keen to hear about matters of concern affecting residents' Mr
Owen wonders whether he is being ignored. Other than an automated, can
you explain why after 3 weeks he has still not received a formal response
addressing his concerns on this issue.


Following Mr Owen’s enquiry of 13th February and chaser dated 1st March, Mr
Owen was written to by officers on 2nd March and 4th March acknowledging
the unresolved nature of his enquiry, on 6th March further apologising for their
delay in replying, then finally on 10th March by Recreation & Renewal’s Mr
John Gledhill with a substantive reply.

(3)     From Councillor Willetts of the Portfolio Holder for the

Can you explain why some salt bins in Cray Valley West ward still remain
empty as of week ending 8/3/08?


If Cllr Willetts, or any other Ward member has a salt bin that needs to be re-
filled, they should advise Mr Alistair Berry who will I know be delighted to
oblige them.

(4)     From Councillor Russell Mellor of the Leader of the Council

I would be obliged if the Leader of the Council could advise me as to when the
full answer to my previous question laid before the Council on the 16th
February, question No: 4 page 21 of the Minutes, Appendix B, can be


Further explanation will be provided to the Executive and Resources PDS
Committee on 6th April 2009.

(5)     From Councillor Tom Papworth to the Portfolio Holder for the

o How many Fixed Penalty Notices were issued against owners of dogs who
  fouled the pavement during 2008 within each ward in Bromley borough?
o How many of these were paid?
o What action was taken to chase up non-payment?
o What action was taken with regards repeat offenders?


(i) The measures contained within the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment
Act allowing the Council to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling were
adopted in November 2008 and as such, no fixed penalty notices were issued
against owners of dogs who fouled the pavement during 2008.

As a result of having adopted these powers, the Council’s Highway
Enforcement Officers will now be issuing notices to any individual they
observe not cleaning up after their animals.

I personally wish to see the use of these powers extended to and used by the
Borough’s hundred plus Police Community support Officers and have asked
my friend and colleague, the Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, Cllr Colin
Bloom to investigate the possibility of them doing so with CSI Griggs.

Their participation would be a most welcome development and serve as a
powerful message to the anti social minority of dog owners who behave in this
manner that their behaviour is increasingly viewed by the rest of us as being
totally unacceptable.

In addition, I shall be investigating the possibility of the greater use of existing
Council and Contractor staff for the same purpose, but do need to be further
guided by officers as to what might be possible at law.

As a point of further interest to Members, we are also in discussions
concerning the possible delegation of these powers within the Borough’s
parks to our parks security contractor, Ward Security.

(6)   From Councillor Simon Fawthrop to the Portfolio Holder for Public
Protection and Safety

Sex Offenders in Bromley.

How many people are on the sex offender register in the London Borough of
Bromley? Can this be broken down by ward, age ranges and sex?

i.e. Petts Wood & Knoll      Male                 Female

        under 25
        Over 40


The number of people on the sex offender register in the London Borough of
Bromley amounts to 116 individuals in the financial year 2007/2008. The level
of detail relating to gender, age and Ward of residence is not routinely
available. To provide context, the Borough with the smallest number was City
of London with 3 registered offenders and the Borough with the highest
number was Lewisham with 190. The number of registered sex offenders in
London per 100,000 head of the population is 45.

(7)     From Councillor Fawthrop of the Chairman of the Development
        Control Committee (to be asked at each subsequent Council

What pre-application meetings have taken place since the last full Council
Meeting between Council Officers and potential planning applicants? Can
these be listed as follows:-

The name of the potential applicant, the site address being considered.’


There have been 24 pre-application meetings between 16th February and 12th
March 2009. 12 of those concerned residential proposals for either new units
or extensions and alterations to existing properties. The remainder concerned
development for non-residential proposals for various types of commercial or
public facilities. Details of the individual applicants and sites at present is
exempt information and not disclosable in response to a council question.

(8)           From Councillor Nicholas Bennett JP of the Portfolio Holder for

To ask the Resources Portfolio Holder if he will give the following information
for each of the past three years;

        i. Number of staff vacancies (including new posts)
        ii. Number advertised and the cost of advertising
        iii. How many were filled internally and externally?


                                       2006/07         2007/08         2008/09
(i)          Staff Vacancies           519             465             516
(ii)         Number of vacancies       409             383             422
             Advertising costs         £290,649.14     £289,840.39     £178,087.31
(iii)        No of vacancies filled    95              111             124
             No of vacancies filled    230             248             245

The above table sets out the information requested. The following factors
regarding the recruitment process should be noted:

        a)       Staffing budgets have a vacancy factor built in to them and
                 managers must be mindful of this when undertaking the recruitment
        b)       The recruitment process for some vacancies will span two financial
                 years e.g. Some appointments in one financial year will relate to
                 vacancies advertised in the previous financial year.
        c)       Appointments on a ‘seconded basis’ are included in the internal fill
                 rate figures

(9)           From Councillor Nicholas Bennett JP of the Portfolio Holder for the

What is the destination and means of disposal for each of the following waste
products collected by the Council?

        i.     Glass

       ii. Plastic
       iii. Paper and cardboard
       iv. Food waste
       v. Garden waste
       vi. Electrical goods
       vii. Clothing/rags
       viii. Wood
       ix. Batteries
       x. Metal
       xi. Shoes
       xii. Building rubble
       xiii. Oil including cooking oil
       ixv. Rubber
       xv. Tyres
       xvi. Nappies


The material destinations are:

i.        Glass. Initially, this is sent to the Veolia MRF (Materials Recovery
          Facility) at Rainham. It is separated out from the other recyclables and
          sent to Day's Aggregates in Charlton, where it is processed as road

ii.       Plastic. . Initially, this is sent to the Veolia MRF (Materials Recovery
          Facility) at Rainham. It is separated out from the other recyclables and
          sorted into the various polymer types. The bottles are reprocessed at
          Closed Loop Recycling, a new plant in London which utilises them to
          manufacture new bottles. Other polymers are used to make a variety of
          products, from garden furniture to guttering, dependant on polymer
          type and quality.

iii.      Paper and cardboard. This is currently sent to Aylesford Newsprint in
          Kent. They utilise the newspaper and magazines to manufacture
          newsprint. The cardboard and packaging is sent on to the Smurfit
          paper mill in Kent, and used to produce cardboard packaging.

iv.       Food waste. This is currently sent to an In-Vessel Composting plant at
          Rainham, Kent, where it is utilised to make compost.

v.        Garden waste. This is sent to TJ Composting in Cookham Lane,
          Bromley, where it is used to make compost.

vi.       Electrical goods. These are sent to MDJ Light in Lewes, an
          Environment Agency approved facility for stripping down electrical
          goods into their primary components. These are then forwarded to a
          wide variety of reprocessors for re-use or recycling.

vii.    Clothing/rags. These are currently collected by Scope. The materials
        are either re-used where possible, or recycled into cleaning products
        (such as the large cloth rolls used in workshops).

viii.   Wood. Initially, this is sent to the Veolia MRF (Materials Recovery
        Facility) at Rainham. From there, it is sent to a variety of reprocessors,
        where it is cleaned and processed to remove contaminants. Uses
        include landscaping, mulching, surfacing and animal bedding.

ix.     Batteries. As above, these are sent to MDJ Light in Lewes. The metal
        elements are recycled.

x.      Metal. This is sent to European Metal Recycling Ltd in Croydon. The
        various metal grades are separated, and sent to a variety of steel
        manufacturers as raw material.

xi.     Shoes. These are collected by the European Recycling Co Ltd in
        Croydon. They are reused where possible.

xii.    Building rubble. This is currently utilised to manufacture roadways or
        provide daily cover at landfill sites. We are exploring opportunities to
        send it to plants able to process it into graded materials for the building

xiii.   Oil including cooking oil. This is sent to Eco Oil in Gwent. Following a
        decontamination process, it is utilised as a low grade fuel in furnaces.

xiv.    Rubber. We are currently exploring markets, but at present this
        material is sent to landfill or incineration.

xv.     Tyres. These are sent to Hogarth Tyre Shredders in Rochester, Kent.
        Post processing, they are used to provide energy in the cement making
        industry, with the metal content incorporated into the cement.

xvi.    Nappies. Nappies are collected along with the general refuse, and are
        thus sent to landfill or incineration. We do heavily promote reusable
        nappies, but these are washed at home, with the contents simply
        flushed away.

(10)    From Councillor Nicholas Bennett JP of the Portfolio Holder for

What would be the saving of a 10% reduction in overheads across the Council?


The council does not structure its budgets in a manner which differentiates
between direct service delivery costs and "overheads". There are many "front
line" service units which include activity that would constitute an
organisational overhead. Indeed, there are many individual posts which

deliver both direct service and undertake administrative tasks that are defined
as overheads. Officers have reviewed the options that exist to analyse our
financial information. Unfortunately, to do so would require highly arbitrary,
and potentially misleading, assumptions to be made about the distinction
between overheads and direct costs, and so it is not considered feasible to
produce a robust figure in response to this question.

(11)    From Councillor Julian Grainger of the Leader of the Council

In respect of each of the oral and written questions submitted to this Council
Meeting, please can the Leader state:

a) when each question was received by the responding officer? (to the
   approx. 1/2 hour)

b) How long did it take the responding officer to gather the information for the
   answer (approx. working hours)

c) How long did it take for the responding officer to complete his draft for the
   responding Member (to the approx. 1/4 hour)

This question to be asked at each and every subsequent Council meeting.


Charts containing the information requested are attached at the end of this
document. These charts do not, however, include the time spent in Legal,
Democratic and Customer Services and other departments in coordinating the
responses. This would amount to approximately 10 hours.

(12)    From Councillor Martin Curry of the Portfolio Holder for

What affect would a freeze on business rates in 2009/2010 have on Bromley’s
budgeted income for 2009/2010?


The business rates collected by Bromley are not retained by the Council - they
are paid to central government. Business rates are returned as part of the
formula grant received by local authorities. The level of formula grant paid to
local authorities is not dependent on the actual rate income received by
central government. In 2007/8 we collected £73m in NNDR and received back
£49m as a component of our formula grant. Any variations in rates collected
are made good from other central government funding sources. In recent
years there has been a redistribution to local government of growth in NNDR
that arises from the increase in number and value of properties. This is called
the LABGI scheme. It is not yet clear what, if anything, will be received by
Bromley from this scheme in 2009/10 and it is not possible to forecast the
impact on this of a freeze in the NNDR rate.

(13) From Councillor John Getgood of the Portfolio Holder for the

How does he intend to respond to the concerns of West Beckenham
Residents Association and residents of Kings Hall Road regarding the traffic
calming scheme installed last year?


The traffic calming scheme in Kings Hall Road is under review at the present

A questionnaire seeking residents views is due to be distributed in April 2009.

(14) From Councillor Peter Fookes of the Portfolio Holder for Public
     Protection and Safety

At the last Council Meeting, he promised us some good news within the next
week re gating orders for the Royston Estate in Penge. When is he going to


This matter is continuing to be progressed with the Crime Analyst and the
Safer Neighbourhood Team. As these alleyways are private it will still be
necessary to ensure that the owner of every property served by the alleyways
is an agreement regarding gating. Once this has been established it is
proposed that an application be made to the Safer Neighbourhood Fund to for
assistance in carrying out the necessary works.

(15) From Councillor Peter Fookes of the Chairman of Development
     Control Committee

What is our current policy on consulting residents on planning applications?


The level of consultation depends upon the type of application. For
householder or smaller scale commercial developments etc., there is a
statutory requirement to publicise locally by either the display of a site notice
or individual notification of any adjoining owner or occupier. For this purpose,
‘adjoining owner or occupier’ means any owner or occupier of land adjoining
the land to which the application relates. The Council’s normal procedure is to
notify individual occupiers in the immediate vicinity of the site and also to ask
the applicant to display a non-statutory notice of development. This therefore
exceeds the statutory requirement.

In respect of major applications and other significant applications (such as
those involving a departure from the UDP or affecting conservation
areas/listed buildings), there is a statutory requirement to display a formal site
notice and advertise locally in the press. In addition to fulfilling this
requirement, the Council normally carries out local notification and therefore
exceeds its obligations.

In addition to the above, the details of each application are published on the
Council’s website and a weekly list of applications received is available to
Residents’ Associations.

(16) From Councillor Peter Fookes of the Portfolio Holder for the Local

What monies are there in the pot for Christmas lights in Penge for 2009?


Officers are currently investigating costings for lighting schemes across all of
the Borough’s town centres and, as of yet, no costs have been identified
separately for Penge High Street for 2009.


                                                                                                      Appendix 1 – Reply to Question 11

                                                                                                      Time      Time to  Time to Total Time
                                                                                                     Passed     gather    draft      for
                                                                                    Date Passed      HH:MM        info  response response
                   Cllr           Issue (Question headline)         Passed To       DD:MM:YYYY       (24Hr)    HH:MM:SS HH:MM:SS HH:MM:SS
1      Cllr Colin Willetts        Cotmandene Crescent               Env Services        12/03/2009     12:42      0:15:00     0:15:00      0:30:00
2      Cllr Russell Mellor        Remote surveillance               ACS                 11/03/2009     13:23      0:30:00     0:15:00      0:45:00
3      Cllr Tom Papworth          Personal Information Promise      LD&C Services       11/03/2009     13:29      4:00:00     6:00:00     10:00:00
4      Cllr Simon Fawthrop        Sex Offenders                     ACS                 11/03/2009     13:36      0:30:00     0:15:00      0:45:00
5      Cllr Nicholas Bennett      Waste Minimisation                Env Services        11/03/2009     14:07      0:15:00     0:15:00      0:30:00
6      Cllr David McBride         Foots Cray Civic Amenity Site     Env Services        11/03/2009     14:13      0:15:00     0:15:00      0:30:00
7      Cllr Julian Grainger       Information on Questions          LD&C Services       11/03/2009     14:35      0:00:00     0:00:00      0:00:00
8      Cllr Peter Fookes          Kent House Road - Traffic speed   Env Services        13/03/2009     09:57      0:15:00     1:00:00      1:15:00
9      Cllr Colin Willetts        Recycling Bins                    Env Services        12/03/2009     12:42      0:15:00     0:15:00      0:30:00
10     Cllr Russell Mellor        Wage Bills                        Resources           11/03/2009     14:19      7:00:00     1:00:00      8:00:00
11     Cllr Simon Fawthrop        Police Bonuses                    ACS                 11/03/2009     13:36      0:00:00     0:15:00      0:15:00
12     Cllr Nicholas Bennett      Fly Tipping                       Env Services        11/03/2009     14:25      1:00:00     0:30:00      1:30:00
13     Cllr Peter Fookes          Litter - CPA Comments             Env Services        13/03/2009     09:57      0:30:00     0:15:00      0:45:00
14     Cllr Colin Willetts        Ticehurst Close                   Env Services        12/03/2009     12:42      0:15:00     1:00:00      1:15:00
15     Cllr Russell Mellor        Red Ink                           CYP                 11/03/2009     14:45      0:30:00     0:15:00      0:45:00
16     Cllr Nicholas Bennett      Layers of Management              Resources           11/03/2009     14:39      0:15:00     0:15:00      0:30:00
17     Cllr Peter Fookes          Footway Maintenance               Env Services        13/03/2009     09:57      1:00:00     1:00:00      2:00:00
18     Cllr Pauline Tunnicliffe   Dovetail                          ACS                 13/03/2009     15.46      0:00:00     0:15:00      0:15:00
                                                                                                     HH:MM       16:45:00   13:15:00      30:00:00

                                                                                                       Time   Time to       Time to      Total Time
                                                                                                       Passed gather        draft        for
                                                                                      Date Passed      HH:MM info           response     response
          Cllr                    Issue (Question headline)           Passed To       DD:MM:YYYY       (24Hr) HH:MM:SS      HH:MM:SS     HH:MM:SS

      1   Cllr Colin Willetts     Verge Edging                        Env Services        12/03/2009     12:49    0:15:00      0:15:00       0:30:00
      2   Cllr Colin Willetts     Parking - Sevenoaks Way             Env Services        12/03/2009     12:49    0:15:00      0:15:00       0:30:00
      3   Cllr Colin Willetts     Salt Bins                           Env Services        12/03/2009     12:49    0:15:00      0:15:00       0:30:00
      4   Cllr Russell Mellor     Total Employees & Grades            Resources           11/03/2009     11:36    5:00:00      5:15:00      10:15:00
      5   Cllr Tom Papworth       Dog Fouling FPNs                    Env Services        11/03/2009     12:17    0:15:00      0:30:00       0:45:00
      6   Cllr Simon Fawthrop     Sex offenders                       ACS                 11/03/2009     12:27    0:00:00      0:00:00       0:00:00
      7   Cllr Simon Fawthrop     Pre-application Meetings            R&R                 11/03/2009     14:51    1:15:00      0:15:00       1:30:00
      8   Cllr Nicholas Bennett   Staff Vacancies                     Resources           11/03/2009     12:34    8:00:00      1:30:00       9:30:00
      9   Cllr Nicholas Bennett   Disposal of waste products          Env Services        11/03/2009     12:39    0:30:00      0:30:00       1:00:00
     10   Cllr Nicholas Bennett   Overheads                           Resources           11/03/2009     12:47    0:00:00      0:30:00       0:30:00
     11   Cllr Julian Grainger    Time taken to deal with questions   LD&C Services       11/03/2009     12:53    0:15:00      3:00:00       3:15:00
     12   Cllr Martin Curry       Business Rates                      Resources           11/03/2009     18:57    0:15:00      0:15:00       0:30:00
     13   Cllr John Getgood       Traffic - Kings Hall Road           Env Services        13/03/2009     10:04    0:15:00      0:15:00       0:30:00
     14   Cllr Peter Fookes       Royston Estate - Gating Orders      ACS                 13/03/2009     10:08    0:30:00      0:15:00       0:45:00
     15   Cllr Peter Fookes       Planning - Consulting residents     R&R                 13/03/2009     10:12    0:30:00      0:30:00       1:00:00
     16   Cllr Peter Fookes       Penge Christmas Lights              R&R                 13/03/2009     10:14    0:00:00      0:15:00       0:15:00
                                                                                                       HH:MM     17:30:00     13:45:00     31:15:00

                                                                                Time      Time to  Time to Total Time
                                                                               Passed     gather    draft      for
                                                              Date Passed      HH:MM        info  response response
         Issue (Question headline)             Passed To      DD:MM:YYYY       (24Hr)    HH:MM:SS HH:MM:SS HH:MM:SS
     1   Sam Webber - Empty Retail Units       Resources          12/03/2009     13:10      0:30:00   0:30:00   1:00:00
     2   Stephen Jenkins - Dawson's Avenue     Env Services       12/03/2009     13:16      0:00:00   0:45:00   0:45:00
     3   James Mack - Anerley Road Cleansing   Env Services       13/03/2009     09:48      0:15:00   0:15:00   0:30:00
                                                                               HH:MM        0:45:00   1:30:00   2:15:00


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