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									FUNCTIONAL ROLES                                                                1413 Cilantro Drive
   Project Coordinator
                                       Jimmy Webb                            Flower Mound TX, 75028
                                                                     Mobile:                   (972) 839-8287
                                                                     Home:                     (972) 355-4469
BUSINESS SOLUTIONS                                                   Email:
   Internet/Intranet                                         
   E-Commerce
   Enterprise Resource Planning   Mr. Webb has developed a depth of experience and professional
    (ERP)                          versatility, over more than seventeen years in the technology industry.
                                   He possesses extensive experience architecting, designing and
   Microsoft Windows NT Server    implementing technology systems in a wide range of industries
   Linux                          specializing in leading and mentoring technical efforts on large-scale
   Unix
   Microsoft SQL Server           technology projects. His solid experience in web development and
   Oracle 8i                      web server management combined with ERP development and
                                   administration experience gives Mr. Webb a unique blend of talent
   Order Management               and experience.
   Enterprise Portal
                                   SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE
   Contributor Relations
   HRMS                              Ten years PeopleSoft experience, eighteen total years IT
   Payroll                            experience.
   Management                        Installation and upgrade of PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal and
   Inventory                          Enterprise Resource Planning modules. Management of
   Benefits Administration            database, web and application services for large and small scale
   Billing                            technology efforts.
   Accounts Receivable
                                      Data architecture and data modeling efforts to organize disparate
   Payables
                                       processing systems. Produced data model proposals to be used
   Supply Chain Management            for the framework of systems integration plans.

                                      Coordinated and led technology efforts for a variety of PeopleSoft
                                       modules and industries.
   PeopleSoft Application
    Upgrader                          Specialized in custom PeopleSoft development to enhance and
   PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8           supplement business process requirements. Reengineering of
                                       business processes to establish creative, common sense
INDUSTRIES                             solutions that fill the gaps of need and delivered functionality.
   Higher Education                  Team member on several development efforts to implement
   Retail                             PeopleSoft modules and custom development. Member of record
   Manufacturing                      setting PeopleSoft HR/Payroll v.4 implementation.
   Oil & Gas                         Technical experience spans mainframe, client/server and Internet
   Global Ministry                    platforms and evolving relational database technologies.
   Telecom                            PeopleSoft tool proficiencies include PeopleCode, SQR,
   Healthcare                         Application Engine, Data Mover, PS Query, Integration Broker as
                                       well as database and server administration.

                                   PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
                                      B.S. Computer Science/Mathematics-Central State University,
                                       Edmond, Oklahoma

                                   PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS
                                      Advisory Board New Day Counseling
                                                         JIMMY WEBB

 WEBBDESIGNS, INC.                                                                    DECEMBER 2003 - PRESENT
 Owner, operator, independent consulting services company offering PeopleSoft solutions.

 Environment                         ELK CORPORATION – Dallas TX                        JUNE 2004 – JANUARY 2005
 Windows 2000 Server                 The client is implementing PeopleSoft 8.4 Supply Chain Management including
 MicroSoft SQL Server 2000           Order Management, Billing, Inventory, Receivables and Manufacturing.
 BEA Weblogic
                                         Produced statistical analysis sales reporting for executive officers using SQR.
 Application Software
                                         Built Budget system, which uploads budget information for use in statistical analysis
 PeopleSoft SCM 8.4
                                          sales reporting.
 Development Tools PeopleSoft
 Enterprise Toolset                      Modified online pages, with PeopleCode according to given specifications.
 PeopleCode                              Worked with functional experts to build custom SQR and application engine
 SQR                                      processes.

 Environment                         BEN E. KIETH – Fort Worth TX                        DECEMBER 2003 – M ARCH 2004
 Windows 2000 Server                 Support effort for go live effort of PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable module.
 Sun Solaris/Unix
 MicroSoft SQL Server 2000               Assisted go live effort by handling modifications and tasks as assigned.
 BEA Weblogic
                                         Modified delivered AR/Billing pagelets to enforce row level security.
 Application Software                    Migrated development and programs to test and production environments.
 PS Accounts Receivable 8.4

 Development Tools
 PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset
 Crystal Reports

CIBER ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS                                              NOVEMBER 2002 – NOVEMBER 2003
Senior Consultant assigned to Portal practice. CIBER Enterprise Solutions is a leader in providing
application and business expertise to clients in a wide range of industries, all over the world.

Environment                      UNIVERSITY OF N. TEXAS – Denton TX                       M AY 2003 – JULY 2003
Unix                             University interested in Implementing PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal to host other
Oracle                           PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications.
BEA Weblogic
                                        Assisted configuration and troubleshooting of server environments to stabilize
Application Software                     systems for PeopleSoft Portal application installation.
PS Enterprise Portal 8.8
                                        Installed and configured PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.8 on Oracle/Unix platform.
PS Learning Solutions 8.18
                                        Trained and mentored PeopleSoft administrator on installation techniques and
Development Tools PeopleSoft             procedures during Installation of PeopleSoft application modules.
Enterprise Toolset Application

Environment                      ACADEMY OF ART – San Francisco CA                                 M ARCH 2003 – M AY 2003

                                                      JIMMY WEBB

Windows 2000 Server Microsoft    Elite art school interesting using PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal to host PeopleSoft
SQL Server 2000                  enterprise applications.
BEA Weblogic
                                    Created project plan and directed project for the Enterprise Portal implementation.
Application Software                 Led resources for a coordinated effort to meet goals defined by project plan.
PS Enterprise Portal 8.4            Installed and configured the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal. Established links to use
PS Learning Solutions 8.18           student self-service and instructor self service from the Learning Solutions
                                     PeopleSoft module.
Development Tools
PS Enterprise Toolset
Application Upgrader
Portal Toolset

Environment                      OXFORD UNIVERSITY – Oxford UK               DECEMBER 2002 – FEBRUARY 2003
Windows 2000 Server              Student Administration marketing and sales effort. Technical support for
Sun Solaris/Unix                 PeopleSoft demonstration to University administration.
MS SQL Server
BEA Weblogic                        Setup and upgrade of PeopleSoft Student Admin module in preparation for system
Application Software
                                    Maintenance and migration of databases with demonstration updates, to servers at
PS Enterprise Portal 8.8             corporate headquarters for international access.
PS Learning Solutions 8.18
                                    Assisted in demonstrations of PeopleSoft Security, Workflow and Server
Development Tools PeopleSoft         Administration.
Enterprise Toolset Application      Fielded all technical questions during demonstrations.

Environment                      BUTLER UNIVERSITY – Indianapolis IN           NOVEMBER 2002 – DECEMBER 2002
Unix                             PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal post go live clean up and stabilization.
BEA Weblogic                        Support for PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.4 in Portal post go live effort.
                                    Tuned Application and Web Servers for maximum performance by optimizing server
Application Software
PS Enterprise Portal 8.8
PS Learning Solutions 8.18          Tested and troubleshoot portal functionality.

Development Tools PeopleSoft
Enterprise Toolset
Portal Toolset

WEBBDESIGNS, INC.                                                         MARCH 1998 – SEPTEMBER 2002
Owner, operator, independent consulting services company offering PeopleSoft solutions.

Environment                      PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY – Dallas TX               JUNE 2002 – SEPTEMBER 2002
Windows 2000 Server              National fraternity interested in using PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal and
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 BEA    Contributor Relations to facilitate and manage the fraternities’ endowment.
                                    Installed and upgraded PeopleSoft systems to 8.41 Toolset, as well as patches and
Application Software                 fixes. Application server and web server setup, configuration and maintenance.
PS Enterprise Portal 8.4            Setup PeopleSoft security and              system     administration    for   Enterprise
PS Learning Solutions 8.17           Portal/Contributor Relations go live.
                                    Set up and maintained single sign-on linking Contributor Relations to the Portal.
Development Tools

                                                     JIMMY WEBB

PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset      Implemented CyberSource credit card processing via PeopleSoft Integration Broker
Application Upgrader                using Business Interlinks/Java 1.2 with secure socket layer.
Data Mover                         Enhanced Contributor Relations and Portal with custom page and online
PeopleCode                          development.
Java 1.2

Environment                     HEALTH NET DENTAL AND VISION – Irvine CA               DECEMBER 2001 – M ARCH
AS400                                                                                                        2002
Sybase                          National Healthcare company interested in bringing several systems together into a
Informix                        HIPPA compliant data model.

Application Software               Produced Data Architecture plan to consolidate multiple disparate data structures.
Visible Analyst
                                   Built Functional Decomposition, Data Flow and Entity Relationship Diagram
                                    documents of existing systems to support recommendations.
                                   Worked closely with HIPPA experts to incorporate compliance into design.

Environment                     S.W. ILLINOIS COLLEGE – Belleville IL      SEPTEMBER 2000 – OCTOBER 2001
Windows 2000 Server             Small community college that implemented PeopleSoft HR/Payroll, Financials and
MS SQL Server 2000              Student Administration.

Application Software               Led gap analysis for the Student Administration module implementation PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft Payroll 7.6              version 8 including analysis of infrastructure effect and interfaces including the use
PeopleSoft Financials 7.5           of business interlinks and components.
PS Student Administration 7.6      Supported university’s PeopleSoft HR/Payroll v7.6 go live and production support.

Development Tools                  Supported University PeopleSoft Financials 7.5 go live and production support.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset      Led design and execution of student records conversion processes and procedures.
SQR                                Worked with business user to determine functional requirements.
SQL                                Generated SQR programs with Convoy Interface Tool to convert data into
Convoy Interface Application        PeopleSoft Student Administration module.
                                   Designed and developed automated scripts to run SQR conversions for complete
                                    Student Records conversion process.
                                   Assisted with maintenance and support of application servers and databases.
                                   Rewrote university GL interface from payroll to fulfill GL reporting requirements.
                                   Assisted in accumulating data from legacy and PeopleSoft systems used to begin
                                    the new Budget fiscal year.
                                   Designed and developed custom online PeopleSoft change management system
                                    with workflow.
                                   Applied PeopleSoft patches and fixes combined with backup DBA responsibilities.

Environment                     NEC – Dallas TX                                       APRIL 2000- JULY 2000
Unix                            Cisco’s Integrated Commerce Solution was implemented giving NEC the ability to
Oracle                          communicate directly to a Cisco for order management and supply chain
Application Software
PS Order Management 7.5            Designed data architecture for API interface with PeopleSoft and Cisco ICS.
Cisco Integrated Commerce-         Constructed PeopleSoft development to facilitate validation and submission of Cisco
Solution API                        purchase orders from within PeopleSoft via ICS API definitions.
                                   Developed and implemented custom sub release system for OM release schedules
Development Tools                   in PeopleSoft OM.

                                                    JIMMY WEBB

PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset      Architect for business process to validate and submit purchase orders through ICS
PeopleCode                          API.
SQR                                Project coordinator responsible for technical development timelines and object
Visual C++                          migrations.
Java 1.2                           All PeopleTools development involving online interaction.

Environment                     NEC – Dallas TX                                  DECEMBER 1999 – APRIL 2000
Unix                            PeopleSoft Financials post implementation support of Accounts Receivable and
Oracle                          Billing.

Application Software               Assisted senior staff member of Global Technology Corporation with any and all
PeopleSoft Financials 7.5           problems occurring in PeopleSoft AR/Billing.
                                   Application Engine error detection and correction.
Development Tools
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset      Payment predictor performance adjustments.
Work Flow                          Monitor activity of ARUPDATE and Load AR Pending.
Data Mover
Application Engine                 Troubleshoot errors occurring in AR from Vantive Interface.

Environment                     KENNETH COPELAND MINISTRY – Ft. Worth TX          APRIL 1999 – OCTOBER 1999
Unix                            Global ministry implementing PeopleSoft Order Management. Interested in custom
Oracle                          order entry to fit their unique needs.

Application Software               Designed and developed custom online order entry.
PS Order Management 7.5
                                   Developed seamless integration into PeopleSoft Order Management and Billing
Development Tools
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset      Order entry system integrated with the letter receipt and transactional response
PeopleCode                          system.

Environment                     SNELLING & SNELLING – Dallas TX                       APRIL 1998 – M ARCH 1999
Unix                            National placement and temp worker employment corporation that implemented
Oracle                          PeopleSoft Financials and HR/Payroll. Interested in combining payroll and billing
                                functions into logical processes.
Application Software
PeopleSoft Financials 7.0          Enhanced existing PeopleSoft Payroll and Billing modules to incorporate data
                                    collection from offsite locations.
Development Tools                  Designed, developed and implemented the Payroll interface.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset
Data Mover                         Documented, managed and migrated objects.

COOPERS & LYBRAND, LLP                                                        MARCH 1996 – MARCH 1998
Senior Consultant assigned to PeopleSoft practice. Coopers & Lybrand provides industry-focused
services for public and private clients.

Environment                     BURLINGTON RESOURCES – Dallas TX                         JANUARY 1998 – M ARCH 1998

                                                     JIMMY WEBB

Unix                            Gap analysis for PeopleSoft Asset Management for oil and gas business
Oracle                          structure.

Application Software               Documented and designed gap analysis for the Asset Management module.
PeopleSoft Financials 7.0          Performed as the lead technical resource for development changes to the Asset
                                    Management module.
Development Tools
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset
Work Flow

Environment                     PIER 1 IMPORTS – Dallas TX                             AUGUST 1997 – JANUARY 1998
Unix                            PeopleSoft HR/Payroll upgrade to version 6.0.
                                   Maintenance and trouble shooting of HR/Payroll modules during and after a 6.0
Application Software                upgrade.
PeopleSoft HR/Payroll 6.0
                                   Corrected any and all systems issues that arose from the upgrade.

Development Tools                  Completed development as needed to facilitate go live effort.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset

Environment                     C&L AUDIT SUPPORT TESTING – Dallas TX          FEBRUARY 1997 – AUGUST 1997
Lotus Notes                     Coopers & Lybrand in-house custom Lotus Notes auditing/accounting system.

                                   Primary point of contact for testing team.
                                   Tested all aspects of the system to report problems and enhancements for version
                                    iteration development process.

Environment                     PIER 1 IMPORTS – Dallas TX                  M ARCH 1996 – FEBRUARY 1997
Unix                            PeopleSoft HRMS implementation for HR/Payroll, Benefits and Compensation
Oracle                          module for over 10,000 active employees.

Application Software               Created processes which interfaced PeopleSoft to an external interactive voice
PeopleSoft HR/Payroll 5.0           response (IVR) system. Benefit updates received triggered processes that would
                                    automatically update benefits; generate verification letters and insurance carrier
Development Tools                   interface adjustments. Current benefit data was delivered back to the IVR system
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset       that required complex eligibility calculations.
PeopleCode                         Developed time and attendance interface system that interfaced into PeopleSoft
SQR                                 payroll, including yearly bonuses for special off cycle payroll.
                                   Developed other Payroll interfaces for insurance carriers, ACH institutions, and
                                    investment tracking as well as technical payroll reporting and paysheet creation from
                                    interface files.
                                   Statistical analysis payroll reporting on conversions from legacy mainframe systems.
                                   Developed primarily in Unix environment, also scripting and event processing that
                                    facilitated automated processing.

OU HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER                                                        MARCH 1989 – MARCH 1996

                                                    JIMMY WEBB

Employee, Development Specialist, Administrative Computing Services for OU Health Sciences
Center in Oklahoma City.

Environment                     PeopleSoft HRMS V 4.0 implementation for University system. Implemented
Open VMS (DEC Alpha)            Payroll, Benefits, and HRMS for over 5,000 active employees. Record setting
Oracle                          implementation time of 3 months.

Application Software               Led the development team responsible for development and implementation of
PeopleSoft HR/Payroll 4.0           custom fit modules.
                                   Using SQR and online development, built interfaces to legacy financial systems as
Development Tools                   well as internal and external Payroll system interfaces.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Toolset
                                   Using SQR, build interface to state capital for paycheck creation and GL interface to
Import Manager
                                    legacy system for PeopleSoft payroll funding.
SQR                                Committee member on the University’s Client/Server Migration project responsible
SQL                                 for enterprise software selection.

Environment                     Design, development, implementation and support of OU Health Science
Burroughs Mainframe             Center’s administrative computing systems; HR/Payroll, Benefits and Budget.

Development Tools                  Eliminated nightly processes to update HR/Payroll by creating real time, online
COBOL ANSI 88                       process for HR/Payroll functions.
                                   Designed, developed and implemented University’s Cafeteria Benefit plan system,
                                    Budget system, Direct Deposit system, Flex Benefits system.
                                   HR/Payroll, Budget system 24 x 7 production support.

OU FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION                                            MARCH 1987 – MARCH 1989
Employee, Program Analyst, University/Government contract to produce training material for the Air
Traffic Control Academy in Oklahoma City.

Burroughs Mainframe             Worked with aviation material experts to design, develop an implement
                                Computer Based Instruction courseware for air traffic control training academy.
Development Tools
Micro Tutor


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