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									                    Brief Report: Chile Vehicle sector
                             Update as of June 2007


1. Product Classification
2. Brief Local Market Description
3. 2006 Figures: Imports Per Country of Origin
   -   Graph 1: Imports of Vehicles Per country of Origin (Jan-Dec 2006, in %)
   -   Graph 2: Imports of Vehicles Amount by country of origin (Jan-Dec 2006 in %)
3.1 Total Units Imported per Country of Origin (December 2006)
   -   Table 1: Imports of Vehicles per units by country of Origin (Jan-Dec 2006, in %)
   -   Graph 3: % Variation 06/05 per Country of Origin
4. 2007 Figures : Imports Per Country of Origin
   -   Table 2: Totals January-March 06/07 – Per Country of Origin
4.1 Main (Country) Exporters
4.2 China
4.3 India
4.4 United States
5. Most Sold Vehicles January – February 2007 Per Brands and Models
5.1 Table 3: Most Sold Vehicles (during January-February 2007)
6. Distribution Channels
6.1 Commercial Routes of main Importers of pick up trucks to Chile
7. Chilean Tariffs and Regulations
7.1 Taxes
8. Restrictions
8.1 Import Regulations
9. Market Opportunities in Chile for Thai exporters
9.1 Pick up truck segment
9.2 Bio-Combustibles
9.3 Joint Ventures
10. Associations
11. Main Importers and Representatives in local market

1. Product Classification
Harmonized Custom Code: Chapter 87/ Sub-Chapters: 8704
The following Sub chapters consider the import of Vehicles made by Chile from Thailand:

             Harmonized Custom Codes
                                               CHAPTER 87: VEHICLES, NOT RAILWAY
                        8704                   MOTOR TRUCKS
                        8708                   PARTS & ACCESSORIES 8701-8705
                        8703                   PASSENGER MOTOR
                        8714                   PARTS & ACCESSORIES 8711-8713
                        8716                   TRAILER MECHANICAL PROPEL
                        8707                   MOTOR VEHICLE BODIES
                        8711                   MOTORCYCLES
                               Source: National Custom Dept./ World Trade Atlas

2. Brief: Local Market Description
The year 2006 closed well for the local car industry in sales, and the import of new light passenger
cars experienced a positive total balance. During 2005 and 2006 the volumes of cars imported
continued to be the same (189.605 in 2006 in comparison to 189.330 units in 2005). The total
amount registered a strong growth rate of 11.6%, totaling US$1.902 million.
This is an indication that Chileans are buying car models with more added value, privileging
equipment and security features, and disregarding the cost of the car. In this manner, during 2006
the total passenger cars imported totaled 141.089 samples, which meant a 3.3% increase in
regards to the 136.537 units imported in 2005. Likewise, imports of light diesel cars totaled 50.680
units, exhibiting an increase of 2.3% annual, totaling US$631, 6 million, which meant an increase
of 17% in comparison to 2005.
Both advances in Chile counteract the world fall in the car industry. This is explained by the high
growth in the Chilean economy, and the positive attitude by Chilean consumers to purchase.
Presently, in Chile there are many financial packages aimed to suit different socio-economic
classes, additionally the price of the dollar is favorable and vehicle companies are highly efficient
in sales and customer service.
The National Car Association, which gathers more than 30 important car companies has informed
Thai Trade Center that: they project 2007 to be positive year for the car industry, with a growth
rate similar to the economy of the country, that is to say, between 5% and 6%, which will allow the
sector to reach the commercialization of 200.000 units per year.

3. 2006 Figures: Imports per Country of Origin
During 2006, the main countries of origin continue being Japan, with 51.883 units (despite its
annual fall of 7, 3%), and South Korea with 45.902 units (increasing by 17, 5% in comparison to
2005). During 2006, cars from Thailand registered a total of 8.679 units, with a total growth rate of
19, 2% in comparison to the previous year.

             Graph 1: Imports of Cars per country of Origin (Jan-Dec 2006, in %)

                         Argentina                5,0%            South
                          11,2%                                   Korea
                           Brazil                                 24,2%

                           Mexico                                Japan
                            5,4%                                 27,4%

                                      TOTAL: 189.605 UNITS
       Graph 2: Imports of Cars per Amount by country of Origin (Jan-Dec 2006, in %)

                                Other                                  Korea
                                 19,4                                   23,1


                          27                                                  Brazil
                                    France                    USA
                                      5,4                     6,6
                                      TOTAL: US$1.902 (CIF)
                         Source: National Car Association, as of 25 January 2007

During 2006, the most sold models were: TOYOTA YARIS, heading all sales (16.065 units),
followed in second place by CHEVROLET CORSA (11.295 units) and third place was taken by
NISSAN V16 (6.932 units).

      3.1 Total Units Imported per Country of Origin (December 2006)
                Table 1: Imports of Vehicles per units by country of Origin (Jan-Dec 2006, in %)
                         Passenger                                              Commercial                               Total Month                                     JANUARY-DECEMBER
 Country of         Units % Var.06/05                                       Units % Var. 06/05                      Units % Var.06/05                                     Totals in % Var.
   Origin                                                                                                                                                                Thousand   06/05
JAPAN                3.532                                -33,1                707                      -49,2           4.239                         -36,5                 514.534      0,4
SOUTH                4.122                                 51,4                717                        2,3           4.839                          41,3                 439.247     29,4
ARGENTINA              646                               -69,9                 486                       51,4           1.132                       -54,1                             194.413                    6,0
BRAZIL               1.268                                -6,0                 185                       17,8           1.453                        -3,5                             159.037                  -21,7
MEXICO                 674                               -22,6                  69                      -72,6             743                       -33,8                              15.370                   14,8
FRANCE                 626                                 4,9                   3                      -99,1             629                       -32,8                             102.268                   14,1
THAILAND                 -                                   -                929                       34,1             929                        34,1                              85.901                   25,8
USA                    655                               120,0                 161                      111,8             816                       118,8                             124.719                   33,9
INDIA                  547                                43,6                   -                          -             547                        43,6                              16.199                   83,5
SPAIN                   50                               -63,2                   -                          -              50                       -88,6                              37.562                    4,4
GERMANY                137                                -7,4                   -                          -             137                        -7,4                              75.975                   33,5
CHINA                  196                             4.800,0                   -                          -             196                     4.800,0                              10.498               23.087,5
BELGIUM                  9                               -79,1                   -                          -               9                       -79,1                              14.570                   72,8
INDONESIA                -                                   -                  30                      -44,4              30                       -44,4                               4.196                  300,4
UNITED                  26                               -21,1                   -                          -              26                       -21,2                              12.904                    0,4
OTHERS                 158                              216,0                    0                          -          158                            203,8                             35.242                  38,7
      TOTAL         12.646                              -10,1                3.287                      -23,4       15.933                            -13,2                          1.902.455                  11,6

                            Graph 3: Variation of Growth rate per Country of Origin (2006/2005)

                                                                 % Var.06-05 Per Country of Origin




                                                                                                        83,5                               72,8
                                                                                                 33,9                    33,5                                                         38,7
                             29,4                                                     25,8
                                                                   14,8 14,1                                                                                                                    11,6
               10                              6

                    0,4                                -21,7                                                                                                          0,4
                                                                                                                                                                    UNITED KINGDOM
                                                                                                                                                       INDON ESIA


                                                                                                                                           BELGI UM




                             SOUTH KOREA




                                                                 Source: El Mercurio, as of 24 January, 2007

4. 2007 Figures: Imports Per Country of Origin

During the first Trimester of this year (Jan-Mar 2007) imports of both passenger and commercial
cars have registered an important advance. In this sense, Thailand is no longer competing against
neighbor countries, such as Argentina and Brazil, due to their closeness, but rather Thailand
competes strongly against Japan and South Korea.
Between January and March 2007 a total of 50.325 units were imported, this figure increased by
9, 3% in comparison to the same period during 2006. In terms of total amounts, imports have
totaled US$ 521,7 million (up 9,6%).

4.1 Main (country) Exporters
During the first three months of this year, Japan continues being in the lead with a total of 14.250
units imported to Chile, followed second by South Korea (13.782). Thailand is well positioned in
third place with 4.441 units. In the meantime, China and India, two very popular countries in
Chile these days, exported a total of 425 and 1.556 vehicles, respectively. Finally, during January
and March, imports from Argentina fell by 50% and France which fell by 40,8%.

           Table 2: Totals January-March 2006-2007 - Per Country of Origin
                           UNITS                              In Thousand US$ (CIF)
     Country of         2007    2006        % Var. 07/06        2007       2006          % Var.
       Origin                                                                            07/06
  JAPAN                 14.250     12.005              18,7    129,766        119.710        8,4
  SOUTH KOREA           13.782     11.794              16,9    140,568        111.789       25,7
  THAILAND              4.441      1.482            199,7      44,825         13.491      232,3
  BRAZIL                 4.100      4.925            -16,.8     32,821         38.875      -15,6
  ARGENTINA              2.872      5.768             -50,2     26.510         51.137      -48,2
  MEXICO                 2.114      2.211              -4,4     16.865         16.872        0,0
  FRANCE                 1.696      2.863             -40,8     17.984         31.145      -42,3
  USA                    1.685      1.835              -8,2     31.923         35.778      -10,8
  INDIA                  1.556        511            204,5       6.287          1.844      240,9
  GERMANY                1.033        897              15,2     34.457         30.166       14,2
  OTHERS                47.529     44.291               7,3    482.005        450.806        6,9
  TOTAL                 50.325     46.056               9,3    521.716        475.830        9,6
         The totals take into consideration imports of passenger and commercial vehicles.
                              Source: La Estrategia, as of 26 April 2007

4.1 China: The Chinese have exported four brands to Chile, these are: HUNAN CHANGFENG,
CHERY, GEELY and GREAT WALL (GWC). These models are leaders in China.
During September 2006 GWC begun to export to the European market Sport Utilities Vehicles
(SUV). Presently these are commercialized in 60 countries and 30% of their manufacturing is sold
overseas. The CHERY car company, founded in 1997, offers six models with an annual
production of 400.000 units, and for year 2010 projects to manufacture one million cars. Presently,
the company exports to 53 countries, and belongs to the Provincial government of Wuhu, the
company will soon be privatized. During 2006 it sold 302.500 units becoming the number one
Chinese manufacturer of national cars.
Another Chinese model is the GEELY (famous for being chosen the First Chinese Brand in the
2006 Detroit Salon), was founded in 2002, and it already exports to the Middle East, East and
Central Europe, Africa and South America. Additionally, the company has made Commercial
Agreements with 50 countries. It has a production capacity of 200.000 vehicles and offers five
models, the main one being CK. (Source: La Estrategia, 17 January 2007)

  4.2 India: During this month (June 2007) the car sector could increase its offer as Indian brands
  will soon arrive to Chile with cars that promise to revolutionize the local market due to their price
  and quality.
  The first Indian brand to arrive to Chile will be TATA, an industrial group that commercializes cars
  in 60 countries. Hand in hand with SKBerge pretends to set up in Chile with the models: Indica
  and Indigo, and also pretends to bring pick up trucks.
  The first two models have been defined as small and ideal for the city. These cars are similar to a
  Fiat, Palio or a Corsa model, and their value is approximately 6.742 Euros and 9.712 Euros,
  respectively, aiming at middle class urban and rural customers. On the other hand, its Pick Up
  trucks have Diesel motors, with a potency of 140 CV.
  During January 2007, TATA MOTORS sold a total of 55.400 vehicles worldwide, 17% more than
  the 46.635 vehicles sold last year. Its sales total 462.892 units. Its competition in Chile will be the
  Indian company MAHINDRA, which will also arrive to Chile bringing a light pick up truck through
  AUTOMOTORES GILDEMEISTER, which presently commercializes Hyundai cars.
  MAHINDRA is a huge business holding, with activities in the Hotel and Financial services sectors.
  It also manufactures tractors, agricultural and fishing equipment. MAHINDRA is an important
  company in India, and in its local market it also leads sales in four wheel drives.
  Chilean sources from the sector have stated that the arrival of TATA MOTORS and MAHINDRA
  groups could increase sales as they both aim at a lower value class-segment where there is a
  higher concentration of consumer demand, which is different to what happened to the Chinese car
  GWC which arrived into Chile bringing its SUV model at a cost of US$20.952.- (Source: La
  Estrategia, 6 June 2007)

  4.3 United States: During October 2006, the American company FORD launched its new pick
  up truck model RANGER DIESEL, and during 2007 expects to reach a local market participation
  of 20% in the pick up segment of this model. The Pick Truck segment is expected to explain 15%
  of the general industry. Presently the Ranger Diesel is available in Chile under four different
  models and has a motor of 2.5 liters, 16 valves.
  On the other hand, the Pick up truck from SsangYong has imported the pick up Actyon Sports.
  Actyon Sports is available in the Chilean market in eight versions; it has mechanic and automatic
  transmissions, and offers both simple and double traction. It has a turbo diesel of 2.0 liters with
  138 horse-power.

  5. Most Sold vehicles 2007 (January- February 2007).
                  Table 3: Most Sold Vehicles (during January-February 2007)

         PASSENGER                                SUV                             COMMERCIAL
                         %                                      %                                    %
 Brand      Model Units Part       Brand       Model     Units Part.      Brand      Model    Units Part
Toyota        Yaris   2.568   8,2 Suzuki     Nomade         534     1,7 Hyundai    H-1           683    2,8
Chevrolet    Corsa    2.121   6,8 Hyundai    Tucson         459     1,5 Nissan     Pick Up       722    2,3
Nissan        V16     1.070   3,4 Hyundai    Terracan       449     1,4 Mitsubishi L-200         552    1,8
                                             Montero                               Luv
Chevrolet   Spark       735   2,3 Mitsubishi Sport          341     1,1 Chevrolet Dmax           499    1,6
Peugeot       206       614   2,0 Ford       EcoSport       334     1,1 Hyundai    Porter        488    1,6
Suzuki       Alto       558   1,8 Chevrolet Captiva         374     0,9 Peugeot    Partner       473    1,5
Kia       Morning       543   1,7 Daihatsu Terios           263     0,8 Toyota     Hilux         460    1,5
Mazda     Mazda3        526   1,7 Kia        Sportage       187     0,6 Kia        Frontier      375    1,2
Hyundai    Accent       514    16 Hyundai Santa Fe          170     0,5 Ford       Ranger        297    0,9
Chevrolet    Optra      505   1,6 Suzuki     Vitara         167     0,5 Fiat        Fiorino      267    0,9
6. Distribution Channels
The distribution channel depicts the commercial route used by Mitsubishi Motors Chile when they
import Thai manufactured car model Mitsubishi L-200.

                                  COMMERCIAL ROUTE

        COUNTRY OF ORIGIN                                COUNTRY OF ACQUISITION

              IN THAILAND                                                   JAPAN

                                        EXPORTED TO CHILE
                                        Via Duty Free Zone of
                                          Iquique or Port of

     CAR DEALERS                          REPRESENTATIVE                  IMPORTERS

         6.1 Commercial Routes of Main importers of Pick Up Trucks to Chile
                  COMPANY                   COUNTRY                             COUNTRY OF
                                              OF                                ACQUISITION
2    CHRYSLER CHILE IMPORT.LTDA.     U.S.A.                                 U.S.A.
3    COMERCIAL ITALA S.A.            BRAZIL                                 BRAZIL
5    FORD MOTOR CO. CHILE LTDA       ARGENTINA                              ARGENTINA
6    GENERAL MOTORS CHILE IND.A. LTD JAPAN                                  THAILAND
8    HOLDING AND TRADING S.A.        JAPAN                                  MEXICO
9    IMPORT.Y DIST. ALAMEDA S.A.     THAILAND                               JAPAN
10   MITSUBISHI MOTORS CHILE (MMC)   THAILAND                               JAPAN
11   NISSAN MARUBENI LTDA.           JAPAN                                  MEXICO
12   S.K. COMERCIAL S.A.             JAPAN,BRAZIL,THAILAND                  DUTY FREE ZONE
                                                                            OF IQUIQUE
13 SSANG YONG MOTOR CHILE S.A.                SOUTH KOREA                   SOUTH KOREA
17 TOYOTA CHILE S.A.                          ARGENTINA                     ARGENTINA
 Source: Santiago Chamber of Commerce (Jan-Dec 2006) Import Data / Elaborated by Thai Trade Center

7. Tariffs and Regulations
All new imported motor vehicles and automotive part: Must pay an import Duty of 6% and a
VAT of 19%. In the Duty Free Zone of Iquique (ZOFRI) imports pay 3.3% over CIF value.

A car is considered new if: 1) It is of current year: the model is of the last year but the importation
occurred before April 30th. 2) The vehicle has no more mileage than that required to transport the
vehicle from the factory to the point of sale and according to custom corresponds to a first
transaction vehicle (i.e. the invoice is from the distributor or the factory).

Used automotive parts: Coming from non-Treaty countries have an additional Tariff Surcharge
equal to 50% of the Tariff

Tax –Exempt new/used cars: Special laws allow tax-exempt new/used car imports.
1) Imports by Chilean Government offices and Armed forces are not subject to import duties and
2) Persons returning to Chile from exile or returning after living abroad (for one complete year or
so) for studies or work after a determined number of years.
3) People domiciled in two domestic Free Trade Zones: IQUIQUE and PUNTA ARENAS. Imports
in these two areas are exempt from customs duties and VAT.

7.1 Taxes
Value Added Tax (VAT) of 19%: Is charged on the sum of the CIF value and the amount of the
duty. This tax is chargeable to the importer, not to the foreign supplier.
Luxury Tax: Since January 1st, 2007 the tax is 0%

                                           Year     % Tax
                                          2003       85.00
                                          2004       63.75
                                          2005       42.50
                                          2006       21.25
                                          2007           0

The Luxury tax does not apply to buses, trucks, ambulances, off road vehicles, motor homes, or
other special vehicles. The Luxury tax is applied to those finished and semi-finished vehicles with
a useful weight of under 2.000 Kg

8. Restrictions
In Chile the importation of used vehicles is prohibited: Chile does not allow imports of used
ambulances, funeral hearse cars, fire fighting vehicles, street cleaning vehicles, irrigation vehicles,
towing vehicles, television projection equipment vehicles, armored commercial vehicles, workshop
vehicles, cement making trucks, prison vans, radiological equipment vehicles, motor homes, off-
road transportation vehicles and other similar vehicles for special purposes different from common
transportation vehicles.

8.1 Import Regulations
      Automotive investment: is governed by the “Automotive Statute”, which allows any car
       assembly company to operate in Chile. The Statute establishes a 13% minimum of local
       content in vehicles assembled from completely knocked-down (CKD) kits and 3% for
       vehicles assembled from semi-knocked down (SKD) KITS.
      Local Vehicle Assemblers and Part Manufacturers: benefit from Article 3 of Law
       18.483, which exempts imported auto parts and components from Customs duties if the
       importer exports parts and components of specific certified quality worth the same amount
       ex-factory. If exported alone the parts must include country value added of at least 50%. If
       they are built in Vehicles assembled in Chile and then exported: The value added
       component must be at least 70%. (This law is being replaced by a new law called Arica
       Law, which gives incentives to establish in the Arica industrial free trade zone for any
       manufacturing plant).
      Metropolitan Area restrictions:
- Gasoline powered vehicles under 2.700 Kgs. need to comply with TIER1 Federal/EURO III.
- Diesel powered vehicles under 2.500 kgs. must comply with TIER California 1/EURO IV.
- Vehicles over 2.700 Kgs., but under 3.860 Kgs. must comply with EPA 91.
- Buses must follow EPA 98/EURO III
- Trucks must abide with EPA 94/EURO II

9. Market Opportunities in Chile for Thai Exporters
9.1 Pick up Trucks Segment: In the Pick up Truck Segment competing in the local market
are: Ford Chile, Mitsubishi and Nissan. Ford Chile offers three models, these are: Ranger Diesel,
Ford F-150 and the Ranger Heritage.
During the end of 2006 FORD CHILE launched its new model RANGER DIESEL, country of
origin: Thailand, which complies with the emission regulations Euro IV, anticipating future
regulations to be applied in Chile. The Ranger has strengthened FORD CHILE´s participation in
the pick up truck segment of middle size.
                                           Ranger Diesel

9.2 Bio-Combustibles: During December 2006 the Chilean government announced that
Bio Combustible vehicles will not pay specific taxes, such as Diesel vehicles or gasoline
vehicles. These models are well accepted by the main car companies, but before importing them,
all companies want to make sure that the Chilean market offers an orderly infrastructure so they
can operate. If Chile does not offer the combustibles supply mechanism it is very difficult to import
diesel cars to Chile.
In April 2007, technical regulations changed to allow the use of bio-fuels in transport vehicles. The
Internal Revenue Service exempts vehicles that use bio-fuels from certain taxes, and CORFO (the
State development company) has placed support tools at the service of technological centers and
businesses to promote them.
Chile, imports almost the totality of the combustible it consumes, it depends on Argentine exports
of natural gas and in order to end this situation it is promoting energy projects and it is also
promoting the use of alternative energy.
The Bio-combustibles, such as ethanol and the Bio-Diesel, which are produced starting from raw
agricultural and forestry materials can be destined to be mixed with gasoline and diesel petrol,
In this sense, Thailand, The Philippines and Indonesia are making huge efforts to come up with
common bio-fuel standards that will allow them to trade and export bio-fuels with less hassle.

Several other regional initiatives, like the Greater Mekong Subregion which includes Thailand and
the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) recently strengthened Biofuels Task Force
(earlier post), are cooperating to create biofuels industries in the region. Thailand should ensure
that bio-fuels and vehicles using them were not hampered by "artificial barriers to trade":

9.3 Joint Ventures: A number of development strategies have already evolved: Joint ventures
have become the preferred route for many local and international suppliers as they gain swift
access to partners' product and manufacturing technology, as well as insight into best practice in
other key areas. In this sense, foreign investors can obtain valuable insights into local business
practices and culture and enhanced access to difficult-to-penetrate markets.

10. Associations
  1. Automobile National Chamber of                    2. National Customs Department
  Commerce (CAVEM)                                     Address:      Plaza       Sotomayor       60,
  Address: Hernando de Aguirre 159, OF. B,             VALPARAISO, V REGION
  Providencia – Santiago                               Tel: (56-32) 200 500 Fax: (56-32) 212 841
  Tel: (562) 251-2350 / 335 1241                       Website: www.aduana.cl
  Fax: (562) 251 2346                                  Contact: Mr. Karl Dietert – National Director
  E-mail: auto@cavem.cl
  Web page: www.cavem.cl (in Spanish)                  3. National Vehicle Association of Chile
  Contact:                                             (ANAC)
  Mr. Raul Dell´Oro – President                        Address: Av. Providencia 1760, Of. 1604,
  Mr. Augusto Contreras – General Manager              Providencia - Santiago
                                                       Tel: (56-2) 235 8836 Fax: (56-2) 236 9420
                                                       E mail: anac@anac.cl
                                                       Website: www.anac.cl
                                                       Contact: Mr. Mauricio Budnik - President

  11. Main Importers and representatives in local market
                    Company                             Brands                         Web sites
  1    Automotores Gildemeister S.A.     Hyundai                              www.gildemeister.cl
  2    Automotriz Nordica S.A.           Saab, Rover, MG                      www.gildemesiter.cl
  3    CIDEF S.A.                        Nissan, Nissan Diesel, Kamaz         www.nissan.cl
  4    Citroen Chile S.A.C.              Citroen                              www.citroen.cl
  5    Comercial Chrysler S.A.           Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge             www.chrysler.cl
  6    Comercial Itala S.A.              Fiat, Alfa Romeo,Ferrari, Maserati   www.itala.cl
  7    Comercial Kaufmann S.A.           M.Benz, Freightliner                 www.kaufmann.cl
  8    Com. Ditec Automóviles S.A.       Volvo, Porsche, LandRover, Jaguar    www.ditec.cl
  9    Derco S.A.                        Suzuki                               www.dreco.cl
  10   Ford Motor Chile S.A.             Ford                                 www.ford.cl
  11   General Motors Chile S.A.         Chvrolet                             www.chevrolet.cl
  12   Honda Motors de Chile S.A.        Honda                                www.honda.cl
  13   H.P.M. Motors                     Daewoo (trucks), Yutong              www.hpmmotors.cl
  14   Imp y Dist. Alameda S.A.          Mazda                                www.mazdachile.cl
  15   Ind. Aut. Francomecanica S.A.     Renault                              www.renault.cl
  16   Indumotora Automotriz S.A.        Subaru                               www.kia.cl
  17   Kia Chile S.A.                    Kia, Hino                            www.kia.cl
  18   Maco I.C. S.A.                    Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda              www.audi.cl
  19   Mitsubishi Motors Chile S.A.      Mitsubishi                           www.mitsubishi-motors.cl
  20   Nissan Marubeni Ltda.             Nissan                               www.nissanmarubeni.cl
  21   Peugeot Chile S.A.                Peugeot                              www.peugeot.cl
  22   S.A.C.I. Salinas y Fabres         Mack                                 www.salfa.cl
  23   Ssangyong Motor Chile S.A.        Ssangyong                            www.ssangyong.cl
  24   Toyota Chile S.A.                 Toyota, Dahiatsu, Lexus              www.toyota.cl
  25   Williamson Balfour Motors         B.M.W., Mini                         www.bmw.cl
                                  Thai Trade Center Santiago - Chile


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