SAMPLE OF AN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Executive Summary

Climb Kenora Co. is a business idea developed by Ryan Morin. Climb Kenora Co. will
be part of the adventure travel industry, dedicated to people who are more on the
adventurous side. The company will be operating as a part-time venture from mid May to
mid October weather permitting, while Ryan is pursuing a university education. Climb
Kenora Co. will operate as a home based business from #16-1445 Rothesay Street, in
North Kildonan.

The Service

Climb Kenora Co. offers a service that is currently unavailable in Manitoba. Climb
Kenora Co. would take a group of 12 people out for a weekend of climbing in the
Kenora region. Climb Kenora Co. will supply all the necessary gear for climbing and the
overnight stay. All the food would be supplied and prepared for the customer, as well as
transportation to and from the cliff. A pre-weekend climb is offered for all participants.
This allows the client to get a feel for climbing before the weekend. Customers would
need to supply their own sleeping bag and personal items. Unsupervised more relaxed
activities will be available for those who cannot handle the strain of a second day of
climbing on Sunday. These activities would include fishing, swimming, and just relaxing
under the sun. The participant to staff ratio would be 3-1. Each tour is a weekend in
length, which allows the customer a break from everyday life.

Service Benefits

Climb Kenora Co. offers a no hassle, convenient, all-inclusive tour. The tour keeps you
active and allows you to exercise while having fun in a safe enjoyable atmosphere. Each
tour also allows the client to get outdoors and away from the city.


Climb Kenora Co. will require $33,825 to start. Financing will come from Ryan Morin
who will contribute $10,500. Immediate family will provide $7,200 and extended family
will supply $3,125. A bank loan of $13,000 will also be required.
1.0    Executive Summary

Your Mix is a business idea developed by Kristin Thomas. Your Mix will be part of
the music sales industry, dedicated to music fans who are in need of a more efficient way
of employing their favorite songs. The company is a part-time venture which will begin
in addition to Kristin pursuing a university education. Your Mix will be a home based
business, located at 359 Bonner Avenue in North Kildonan.

The Service
Your Mix offers a service that is currently unavailable in Winnipeg. By using CD
writers, Your Mix allows listeners to customize their own mixed CD from the CD’s they
currently own. Each CD holds up to 74 minutes of music, which provides between
thirteen and sixteen songs. The CD’s and cases are labeled and personalized with a
variety of designs chosen by the customer.

Service Benefits
This service reduces the amount of CD’s that customers have to search through to get the
songs they want to hear. By having their favorite songs on one CD people with CD
players in their car can enjoy a less hectic and much safer ride since they are no longer
searching for the songs they want to hear. By reducing the amount of CD’s lying in the
car, it also reduces the risk of theft. Your Mix offers the convenience of a mixed tape
with far better sound quality and no annoying rewinding. In an age where people are
constantly searching for a way to relax, one CD of favorite songs takes away the hassle of
music and makes listening to it much more enjoyable. A personalized CD also makes a
unique and original gift for anyone special because only the songs that are significant to
the customer are included.

Your Mix will cost $8,068 to start-up. Financing will be provided entirely by the owner,
Kristin Thomas. A loan from the bank will not be required.

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