This letter must be printed on official letterhead and signed by the Chair of the Committee on
Ministry or appropriate substitute such as the Conference Minister, Associate Conference
Minister, Registrar, etc. Use Conference, Association or Church letterhead. Try to leave space
in the upper right hand corner for the UCC stamp.

Please do NOT mail the letter to APC even though it is addressed to them. Mail instead to Dick
Sparrow. Include: 1) Letter of Endorsement, 2) UCC Application (all 7 pages) filled out by
Applicant, and 3) all supporting documentation listed in the application and supplied by the
Applicant. Mail all three in one packet to:

Rev. Richard O. Sparrow
Minister and Team Leader for Parish Life and Leadership Ministry Team
Endorser for Professional Organizations
United Church of Christ
700 Prospect Avenue East
Cleveland OH 44115-1100

Please note, if someone else is typing this letter for you, please give the typist these instructions
so the letter is mailed to Dick Sparrow and not the APC. Most typists will mail a letter to the
address on the letter unless told otherwise.

Dick Sparrow will review the letter of endorsement and all papers included in the packet to make
sure the proper procedure was done. If the process was followed properly, he then stamps the
letter with the official stamp and forwards the original to APC. APC will not accept the letter
without the stamp. We will in turn send a copy of the stamped letter to the applicant and a copy
of the stamped letter along with supporting documentation to the Chair of the Committee on
Ministry or the Association so that the applicant’s materials can be filed in one folder at the
Association’s files.

The letter follows on the next page. Please fill in the appropriate name or information requested
within the parentheses. Be sure to remove the parentheses when filling in the name of the
applicant, Association, etc.

If you have questions concerning the typing, content, or instructions for this letter, please contact
Kathleen Sattler, Endorsement Secretary, at sattlerk@ucc.org or call toll free at (866) 822-8224,
ext. 3850, and she will be glad to assist you.

Ms. Josephine Schrader, Executive Administrator
Association of Professional Chaplains
1701 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 400
Schaumberg IL 60173

Dear Ms. Schrader:

The Committee on Ministry of the (Association) of the (Conference) of the United Church of
Christ met on (date) to review the credentials of, and to interview (name). As a result of that
meeting, (Association) has granted Ecclesiastical Endorsement to:

                              (Proper Full Name)
                              (Home address, not work address)
                              (City, State, and Zip Code)

as (specify level: Associate Chaplain, Provisional Certified Chaplain, or Board Certified

This endorsement means that (Minister’s Name):

   a. Is a fully (choose: ordained or commissioned) minister in the United Church of Christ
      and is in good standing.
   b. Has professional qualification in Clinical Pastoral Education and Counseling.
   c. Is engaged in the full time pursuit of (his/her) Christian vocation in accordance with the
      accepted standards of the United Church of Christ, and has fulfilled the required years of
      active professional and qualifying experience.
   d. Has the confidence and commendation of the United Church of Christ for appropriate
      consideration by the Association of Professional Chaplains for the level of (choose one:
      Associate Chaplain, Provisional Certified Chaplain, or Board Certified Chaplain).


Signature of the Chair

(Type Chair’s name below signature or name of substitute signer such as Conference Minister)
(Title such as Chair, Committee on Ministry or other title such as Conference Minister)
(Name of Association/Conference)
(Email address and phone number of Chair or signer, if not already on letterhead)

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