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									                        Travel Plan
       Woodlands Primary School And Oak Tree Nursery

Description Of The School:

  • Woodlands was a First School within the West Salisbury Three Tier system of
     First School, Middle School and Upper School. West Salisbury changed to a
     two tier system in September 2005, at which time Woodlands became a primary
     school. The DFES number for the school remains unchanged as 865 2190.
     The Travel Plan was reviewed and updated in March 2007 by the Woodlands
     Primary School Travel Plan Committee, consisting of Mr B Oliver, Miss J
     Paterson, Mrs S Johnson, Mrs C Humphries and Mr J Meyrick, the Clerk to the
     Governors. Main points of progress noted were as follows. Improved safety for
     access to the school, by relocating car parking. Improved disabled access by
     the building of ramps to the two main entry doors. Improved facility by the
     building of a disabled toilet. The target for increased walking for 2007 was
     achieved by November 2006. Car journeys were reduced from 29% to 24% by
     November 2006, but the target of 20% by 2007 is unlikely to be met as the lack
     of cycle storage means that the 4% cycle rate has not been reached.

  • Parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire in April 2007. Action to be
     taken will depend on the response rate from the questionnaire.

  • Woodlands Primary School and Oak Tree Nursery take children aged 3 to 11.
     The Woodlands Primary School number on roll in January 2007 was 241.
     including Oak Tree Nursery which has 38 part time pupils. Oak Tree Nursery
     is an Local Authority Nursery and forms part of Woodlands Primary School,
     managed by its governing body and its Head Teacher.

  • Annex A gives numbers of children and methods of travel, based on a survey
     conducted by class teachers in November 2006. Annex A is therefore created
     from a 100% response.

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Plan Of School And Surrounding Road Network:

  •   The plan of the school is given at Annex B.

  •   Woodlands Primary School is at the end of a cul de sac, with the front of the
      school accessed by vehicles through the main gate. Car parking has been
      moved to the right of the tarmac area leading from the main gate to the front
      door, in response to a risk assessment of the previous parking arrangements.
      Apart from a small number of residential properties in the near vicinity on
      Winding Way children travelling to school on foot or by car do not interfere with
      other traffic. At the back of the school there are two pedestrian gates leading
      from footpaths, one of which is connected to a car park.

Location In Relation To Travel Facilities:

  •   Almost all children live near to the school. The use of public transport does not
      apply to local children, as the distance from home and school bus stops is
      greater than the walking distance to school for most children.

  •   For the very few children from more distant areas, such as Wilton and Barford,
      travel into Salisbury and back out to Bemerton Heath takes too long and is
      inappropriate for children of primary school age.

Current Parking Provision:

  • There is a car parking area for 11 staff and 2 or 3 visitors and all of the staff are
      parked by the time that the pupils arrive at about 8.45 am..

  •   Safety has been improved by moving the car parking area further away from the
      playground, particularly for when deliveries of books, stationery and materials
      are made at irregular intervals while children are on the playground during
      morning and afternoon play times and during the lunch break, and at the start
      and end of the school day.

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Plans For Development Of School:

   •   In order to convert the school to a primary, two new classrooms have been built.

   •   Plans have been drawn up by the architect for a Children's Centre in the school
       grounds and will be submitted for planning permission.

Existing Travel Patterns:

   •   The majority of children are local and in November 2006 some 76% walked to
       school. Most children who walk live very close to the school but some walk up
       to a mile each way. Many of the children who are brought to school are
       dropped off by parents with children at other more distant schools.

   •   Most staff live at some distance and travel to school by car. Two cycle every
       day and one or two more cycle in fine weather. Although there are no facilities
       for storing cycles at present, this is something that Woodlands Primary School
       are hoping to address through the School Travel Plan. If funding becomes
       available, a cycle storage area will be built next to the new storage block.

Mission Statement

Woodlands Primary School is working in partnership with Wiltshire County Council and
local service providers to raise awareness of sustainable travel safety issues.

We will strive to provide a basic road safety education tailored to the needs of our
pupils with the ultimate aim of promoting independence and skills which can be utilised
by the pupils so that they can live and travel safely and sustainably in their adult lives.

Through our School Travel Plan we will aim to develop strategies and initiatives
suitable for our school and appropriate to the ability and age of each child in an
environment that recognises achievements, encourages success and nurtures

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School Travel/Road Safety Policy

  •   The majority of pupils walk to and from school, the younger ones being
      accompanied by a parent or other adult.
  •   There is currently no facility for cycle storage. Now that the school is full
      primary, some of the older children would in future be allowed to cycle to school.
      Cycle storage would encourage some of the older children and some members
      of staff to cycle.
  •   All vehicles entering the school site must park in the car parking area.
  •   For school trips, including residential trips and sports fixtures, a coach would be
      hired which would have seat belts on every seat, which must be worn
      throughout the journey.

The Objectives:

  •   To improve the awareness of travel issues, and the impact of traffic on the
      environment for parents, children and the school community.
  •   To promote the effects of healthy living linked to decreased car use.
  •   To improve safety in relation to cycling, walking and public transport.
  •   To promote travel incentives to encourage pupils to use alternative forms of
      transport other than the car.
  •   To improve cycling facilities within the school grounds and encourage cycling.
  •   To build links with the whole community.
  •   To liaise with Salisbury District Council on lighting and footpaths in the Folly, the
      wooded area between the school and housing in the Valley and Cooks Close.


  •   To raise awareness through the curriculum of the links between exercise and
  •   To introduce into the curriculum links between travel and subjects such as
      geography, ICT, numeracy, science, the environment and PHSE.
  •   To offer a wide variety of incentives to encourage children to walk or cycle to
  •   To raise the profile of School Travel Plans and offer parents the opportunity to
      put forward their views by responding to the questionnaire provided by
  •   To build a programme of road safety education to fit in with the curriculum and
      each pupil’s individual needs.
  •   To seek sponsorship from private enterprises and local businesses to provide
      and promote cycle safety equipment.
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  •    To make cycle training accessible to all eligible pupils.
  •     To build a programme of road safety education to fit in with the curriculum and
       each pupil’s individual needs.
  •    To provide adequate cycle storage for use by both pupils and staff.

Measures & Monitoring:

We aim to achieve the following modal split over the first 5 years of our
Travel Plan:

  Mode             2004           2005             2006           2007                 2008

   Walk            71%            73%              75%             76%                  80%

  Cycle                            2%                  3%           4%                      5%

      Car          29%            25%              22%             20%                  15%

                   Modal Split over first 5 years

            1          2          3           4             5

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    A monitoring programme by observation and questionnaire is carried out to assess
    just how well the school is doing to achieve the above targets. Monitoring occurs :

                   2004               2005           2006                 2007               2008

            Once each            Once each                        Once each              Once each
              term                 term                             term                   term

    After the 5 years, the Travel Plan will be completely reviewed to take into account
    latest changes.

Initiatives And Implementation Strategy:

 Objectives            Action          Timescale         Target            Review by           Review Date:       Resources
                                                                                                                 and funding

To review and        Review the       March 2007      To have the          Travel Plan        Governing         Seek funding
update the           plan using                       School Travel        Committee          body agree        for cycle shed
School Travel        guidance from                    Plan agreed by                          draft April       from Wiltshire
Plan                 Wiltshire                        the Travel Plan                         2007              County
                     County                           Committee                                                 Council.

To build up a        Contact          No funds are    To build             Travel Plan        Review after      Volunteer
programme of         Wiltshire        currently       appropriate          Committee          completion of     adults after
Road Safety          County           available.      cycle and                               schemes           training
Education            Council Road                     pedestrian
                     Safety Officer                   training into the
                     when funds                       curriculum
                     become                           when funds
                     available.                       become

To promote           Create an        Ongoing         To reduce car        Travel Plan        Ongoing           No funding
awareness of the     incentive                        journeys             Committee                            available.
Travel Plan          scheme

To provide cycle     Obtain funding   April 2007      To purchase a        Travel Plan        September         Build cycle
storage              from Wiltshire                   cycle shed           Committee          2007              shed

To raise             Integrate        Ongoing         To make the          Travel Plan        Annually within   Travel Plan
awareness of the     travel issues                    Travel Plan an       Committee          the School        integrated with
links between        into the                         integral part of     and teaching       Development       curriculum
exercise and         curriculum                       the curriculum,      staff              Plan review
health and create                                     stated as such
other curriculum                                      within the
links                                                 School

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 Objectives           Action         Timescale       Target          Review by          Review Date:       Resources
                                                                                                          and funding

To publicise        Include an      Termly and    To have an         Travel Plan                        Parent
School Travel       article on      annually      article in a       Committee                          awareness
Plan updates        School Travel                 newsletter each                                       raised. New
                    Plans in                      term. Include a                                       parents
                    newsletters                   summary of the                                        informed.
                    and a                         Travel Plan in
                    summary in                    the school
                    the brochure                  brochure and
                    and on the                    website

To address road     Bring           Ongoing       To create safe     Travel Plan       Annually         Local
safety concerns     concerns to                   walking and        Committee                          councillor
raised by parents   the notice of                 cycling routes                                        informed.
                    relevant                      to school,                                            Action taken
                    bodies                        including                                             by Salisbury
                                                  seeking                                               District
                                                  improved                                              Council.
                                                  lighting to path
                                                  in Folly.


Woodlands Primary School will actively consult with parents, the school community,
local authority and other agencies in reviewing the School Travel Plan. Woodlands
Primary School also hopes to be assisted with the implementation of the School
Travel Plan by the following:

Wiltshire County Council
Salisbury District Council
Friends of Woodlands Primary School
The Parents and Governors of Woodlands Primary School.
Local Businesses

Monitoring And Evaluation:

     •    Convening annual Travel Plan Committee meetings to monitor the progression
          of the School Travel Plan
     •    Providing parents and children with regular updates on the school travel plan via
          the newsletter and other relevant information
     •    Collecting photographic evidence

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Future Initiatives:

   •   To continue to develop and raise awareness throughout the school and wider
   •   Include a summary of the School Travel Plan in the school brochure, the
       website and the School Development Plan.

Calendar Programme Of Events:

Highlight important events in the school year designed to promote walking and cycling
such as:
‘Walk to School Day/Week’
Cycle Training Schemes
Pedestrian Training Schemes
Road Safety Competitions
National Bike Week
Theatre Groups
Visits from Outside Speakers
Audit of existing routes by pupils and officers.

Chair of Governors                                          Mr B Oliver

Head Teacher                                                Miss J Paterson

Nursery teacher in charge                                   Mrs C Martindale

Travelwise                                                  Mr W Prendergast

Asst Director CEC WCC

Asst Director DCEL WCC

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                                                                       ANNEX A

           How Children Travel To School As At November 2006

Class                        Walk             Car   Cycle              Total

Nursery                       32              6                          38

Chestnut                      27              3                          30

Ash                           21              5                          26

Cedar                         22              8                          30

Hazel                         22              10                         32

Willow                        16              11                         27

Beech                         24              8                          32

Maple                         20              6                          26

                    Total    184              57       0                241

               Percentage    76%          24%          0

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                                                       Car park

                                                 Rear gate


                                                      Main gate

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